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Airbag Crash Data Reset

Here’s how to reset the airbag computer after a collision.

The airbag computer acts as a black box to a vehicle. After a major collision when the airbags are deployed, the airbag computer stores a hard code. The code stores information that can be used by investigators to tell vehicle speed, RPM, seat belt, pre-tensioner and accelerometer information.

If the vehicle is rebuilt, the airbag computer’s crash data must then be replaced in order for the SRS system to function. The airbag light will stay solid and diagnostic software won’t be able to read codes from the crashed computer.

This video describes an easier way to copy clean, non-crashed data to a crashed airbag computer, so it can be reused.

The airbag computer is typically located on the floor, in the middle of the dashboard. Removing it requires removing the lower half of the dash and console, and disconnecting the battery.

The EEPROM chip was programmed in circuit. 32 Gauge hookup wire was soldered to the SMD L56 EEPROM chip. The crystal has to be shorted out to be able to read and write in circuit. A home made EEPROM reader was connected to the serial port of the computer, and PonyProg was used to dump the HEX contents of the chip to the computer for analysis.

Virgin data from an SRS computer that has not had airbag deployment was copied onto the crashed computer chip. Once replaced in the vehicle, the airbag light will go out after 6 seconds as normal. Toyota’s techstream software was used to ensure there were no active faults with the SRS system after clearing the EEPROM data.

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  1. Great video! I've got a 2012 Prius that had a very low speed crash (5 mph) that somehow set the airbags off. Replaced those, can use Techstream to access SRS, found codes, cleared them, they don't come back. No problems communicating using Techstream … "No codes." But I still have the airbag light on, as you show here for the Corolla. Does this still indicate the same problem you present here, even though Techstream can read, clear, and confirm no codes? Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Can you actually replace it? An worker told me something about programming the VIN into the srs control unit. Or was it bs*? I have to replace my module and i already paid thousands for repair service, this thing always fail. Im an engineer, not an idiot. I just buy one by my own, i only dont know whats going about the vin id. My car is from 2002

  3. Excellent advice and content. It would be great to have a more detailed step by step of what to do because there are several steps from removing the unit to reading it including where to get Toyota's diagnostic software and the ponyprog etc etc. It would be great to see a more detailed vid, but great work.

  4. It will be interesting to watch and see if EV owners are imprisoned more frequently than conventional cars, due to the near-infinite collection of conditions on fully electric vehicles – we might be a less fossil fuel country for it, but as the most imprisoning nation in the world… how much is it worth to citizens from the inside of a prison cell?

  5. Mechanical cars aren't as easily monitored, it takes sensors to collect what's happening and drives up the cost – but EVs will have real-time condition monitoring on-demand for everything in the vehicle… a complete ripoff of civil liberties, the prosecutors will probably (beyond the ability of their hand selected and often under-educated jury selections) be able to make arguments too technical for jurors to disbelieve. We're already putting regular people in prison as if career criminals, at break-neck speed – for not living perfectly legally lives… at the instant of an accident, no one can think reasonably.

  6. At General Motors while I was there, we had a police station paying to put data recorders in the trunks of their officers cars – so they could monitor their activities after they drove their shifts… there is no way I'm buying one of the junk (self-driving) EV's, with every condition recorded for monitoring by whoever feels the need to assert their authority in the lives of citizens.

  7. Shameful that the auto manufacturers feel the need to capture event data probably at request of insurance companies (ie: you don't meet one of their proclaimed "safety standards" so you can't sell cars as being safe), then police and courts abuse the technology for imprisoning people wrongfully – b/c in court, prosecutors will look for any non-perfect data recorded and insert their own accussations… such that you are guilty until you can prove otherwise.

  8. I wonder what happens if the single read/write line (pin) to the eeprom is defective – like let's say it was locked into the "read" mode… such that the eeprom is never written with accident data, that would preclude this problem altogether?

  9. Why go through all that when its easier just to replace the entire system INCLUDING the airbag computer lol!! As far as I have always understood it you had to replace the ENTIRE system, the airbag computer, airbags and sensors, and anything else that deals with the airbags.

  10. Will that code tell the cops I have been drinking and getting head from my girlfriend when I got into accident?

    Please don't tell me it ain't so :o/

  11. Why is the airbag computer in a plastic condom? Good idea of demonstrating this with a Toyota and they are the worst drivers and most likely to cause a crash.

  12. I just watched another guy do essentially the same thing, (and the software to read the crash data maybe the same) however, he did it through the OBDII port without having to disassemble the dash….which is a pain.

  13. Hello, I’m new to your channel and I just watched this video. I have been looking for crash data reset classes for more than 2 years, so please can you help where can I get a help to learn this field? Thanks much

  14. I hate to say it, but people in the comments are chicken shit.. do not come at me about the dangers of playing with air bags, this aint about that. You are very skilled, but if people are going to buy a new one because theyre not comfortable doing this, THEY STILL WOULD HAVE A GOOD MODULE FULL OF CRASH DATA AND TECH THAT THEY SHOULD BE TINKERING WITH!!! Even if they broke it or never used it again, they already got a new one, why not learn the absolute basics of what they abuse on their damned phone all day long?? People just dont care enough and it bums me out. If youre being a wise-ass because its too complicated or "scary" for you, Im talking directly to you. Anyway, I am not sure if crash data is the problem on mine yet, but if it is, I am comfortable bit banging data out of stuff so you may have saved me money, and regardless, I learned something in the process. For that, I thank you.

  15. Hello –

    What is the likelihood (or is it even a possibility?) that a repair shop or other company could or would reset an Airbag Control Module in a 2017 Subaru WITHOUT CLEARING THE CRASH DATA? (I realize you can't speak for the practices of others, but I would like your opinion.)

    Is it possible that even though the hard codes have been reset, airbags replaced, etc., that the data regarding the actual crash is still lurking inside, or is that an unlikely/remote possibility? (The vehicle is not throwing any airbag or other codes and both airbags that deployed were replaced.)

    Thanks for any information you can provide!

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  17. Great video, however your success is dependent on having that 2nd spare un-corrupted unit to read from. If I had a spare I would just use that module instead of going through the trouble of transferring the data over to the defective unit. The million dollar question is how to reset the eprom without access to a spare.

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