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Coolant Replacement on Toyota's New Dynamic Force Engine | DIY Without a Scan Tool

A Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician Explains Coolant Replacement Procedure on Toyota’s new dynamic force engine without the use of special tools or scan tools.

The new Dynamic force engines use a very high tech cooling system which can be intimidating and if improperly serviced can cause engine damage.

The good news is replacing the coolant is actually pretty simple once you know the process which this video will help you achieve.

Follow the process in this video step by step focusing on the 2 key things. Bleeding the coolant while filling by removing the EGR coolant line. Then revving the engine past 1500 rpm to activate coolant fill mode.

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Link to transmission fluid video

Link to Hybrid Maintenance Mode Video:

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This video applies to :
2018 toyota camry 2019 toyota camry 2020 toyota camry 2021 toyota camry 2022 toyota camry 2019 toyota rav4 2020 toyota rav4 2021 toyota rav4 2022 toyota rav4 2021 toyota venza hybrid 2022 toyota venza hybrid 2020 highlander hybrid 2021 highlander hybrid 2022 toyota highlander hybrid 2019 toyota avalon 2020 toyota avalon 2021 toyota avalon and more.

0:00 Intro
0:38 draining coolant
1:36 Filling Coolant
3:41 Bleeding Coolant
6:50 Hybrid model information
7:18 BONUS : 8 speed transmission fluid replacement
9:37 Thank you Armando

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38 komentarzy do „Coolant Replacement on Toyota's New Dynamic Force Engine | DIY Without a Scan Tool

  1. Thank you once again! Thank you to Armando! Have a 2020 Rav4 8 speed that this video applies to. Great help. Wishing you the best with your new shop AMD. Looking for things to take off!

  2. I went back and reviewed the hybrid inverter and engine coolant change video. It shows how to get into Maintenance Mode. Once in Maintenance Mode, would I use the accelerator rod to keep rpms above 1500 or does Maintenance Mode run above 1500 rpms automatically?

  3. hello, don't we need a strong big cooling fan infront of car where you are standing to simulate wind hitting the car fan on that high RPM ?
    or it's ok to do it like that without the FAN outside ?

  4. Thank you Armando. I have a 2020 Corolla hatchback with the 2.0 and CVT transmission. Can you tell me if the process is the same with that engine?. Thanks.

  5. I've been looking for used 2017-2018 Camry and I have yet to see a Coolant Change listed on Carfax reports despite Toyota 5 year maintenance interval for it — amazing how many people neglect this and also brake fluid.

  6. @Armando, HELP! I have a 2011 lexus es350 that I did a tune up on, when replacing the engine air filter I can not get the gap to close and there is a half inch space where the filter can be seen on the engine side of the air filter box. Is there supposed to be a gap? I installed and reinstalled 20 times and can't get it to seal.

  7. Hey Ahmed, I drove 8 hours from Kansas city to your shop. It was a great vist thank you very much. I did replace the front struts as you suggested and it's beautiful driving now.

  8. Thank you Amando for driving this long distance in order for AMD to provide this video for a coolant change in your 2018 Camry. This video was heaven sent. I have a 2019 toyota camry with the same engine. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Another great video AMD.

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