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Could this tiny tube of metal fix our broken suspension? – Edd China's Workshop Diaries 28

Will installing thread inserts to replace stripped threads in cast aluminium suspension arms actually be strong enough to go rallying with? Well, first of all does torquing up the big bolts give us a nice click or another horrible bang?

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries 28: 2007 R56 BMW Mini Cooper S Suspension Upgrade Part 6

This week we try to fix the broken thread in the aluminum rear trailing arms using Time-Serts from Wurth with help from my mate Stephen at Langley Components (Maidenhead) but only time will tell if they survive Neil’s rallying exploits. Neil and I also get to grips with replacing the standard rusty brake pipes and squishy rubber brake hoses with far more sporty stainless steel braided brake lines and I try out a new way to cut the hoses to stop the ends splaying too much. The long haired fop, James May also roasts one of my cars and I disagree, obviously!

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25 komentarzy do „Could this tiny tube of metal fix our broken suspension? – Edd China's Workshop Diaries 28

  1. I remember when I was about 12 I saw one of those special Vixen RV's in person as someone had driven it to our church in Pennsylvania or Massachusetts. The owner said It had a Porsche engine in it. This is a very cool episode, so glad to see Ed in his element. Thanks.

  2. 13:50 Edd….that would be an olive rather than a collet. An olive goes in the inside of a hose fitting and squashed between the hose and the fitting to make seal. A collet is a type of chuck, which has fingers that hold something between them usually by tightening a tapered fitting from the outside.

  3. Top tip Ed. I’m a marine engineer and I’ve never heard of these. I’ll certainly be looking them up as people have a habit of always stripping the turbocharger drain plug threads (cast aluminium housing) and then after that snapping the helicoil used to repair them….. It’s an absolute nightmare.

  4. regarding Josh fox's problem with his inpreza a point to look at would be the wireing close to the alternator. As he puts his foot down the engine rocks and if there is a loose or broken wire (inside the insulation) then it may make good contact normally but open the circuit when the engine reacts to the torque.

  5. I spray all bolts/nuts with a cheap spray called double t. I do not dry strip anything now, spray the night before and again at the start. When finished if you have bolts likely to need extra care I use a red nail varnish from the cheapo store if I can get some "touch in paint yellow" for caution. I paint the tops of the stud/bolt for next time. Also to keep an eye on things a painted line when tightened gives you an instant check without worry over these new clever engineers.

  6. Funny story. I am in Italy. It's 4:30 in the night, and I was just working on my laptop. I have my TV in the background (no volume) and the Italian's Discovery Channel is broadcasting Wheeler Dealers season 1, episode 2 with Edd working on a Saab. At the same time I am watching this episode of Workshop Diaries online. So, there is a very young Edd's on my left (speaking in Italian, they dub him here, with his cool Italian voice), and a little more aged Edd on my right (speaking in English, with his even cooler original voice, which frankly is not so common). Life can be funny, definitely. 🙂 In a 20 years I will be probably watching an old Edd's hologram in front of me, Wheeler dealers on my tv, and a very old youtube series on my old laptop. Cheers 🙂

  7. I do not agree with the brake hose statement. If anybody ever cut open a NEW brake line, while its rubber, that will not bubble much. Super tight canvas liner inside, thick rubber. The stainless steel braided uses a thinner nylon line, so the flow is limited (hence the stiffer pedal) and lasts about half the time. I do not want hard pedal in the expense of less flow as its the fluid that makes the pad move at the end.

  8. It is so satisfying to see things breaking and not working for Edd. This is how things always go for ordinary blokes like us. I was always envious and suspicious while watching WD when He or Ant would rebuild an entire car and not one bolt would seize, break, cracks, etc. This is so good to watch !

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