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How to Diagnose a Wheel Bearing Noise on Toyota and Lexus | DIY Repair your car like a Pro!

A Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician shoes you how to diagnose a wheel bearing noises from Toyota, Lexus and many other models with a method learned through experience.

In this video I share with you a method that accurately and easily tells you which wheel bearing is making noise without using any fancy tools or equipment.

and I also walk you through the replacement of this noisy wheel bearing on this 2004 Lexus RX330.

This method really works well on all cars especially the Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX as their wheel bearing noises can be tricky to pin point.

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0:00 Intro
0:54 Diagnosis
3:30 Bearing Removal
7:06 Bearing Installation

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39 komentarzy do „How to Diagnose a Wheel Bearing Noise on Toyota and Lexus | DIY Repair your car like a Pro!

  1. Should any front wheel bearing assembly be packed with wheel bearing grease? Gen 2 4wd Tacoma. Bought Oem, and inner bearing popped loose while handling, but put back easily. Had minimum white grease. Just doesn’t seem enough. And, I still have hum! Yes, I’m experienced mechanic, both aircraft and automotive. Retired now.

  2. I have a bearing noise front passenger side 07 camry..133k…can't tell if wheel bearing or axle carrier bearing…I don't feel nothing when holding the spring and there is no play…noise stops when turning right….thanks

  3. OK Car Nut a question I have found an answer for. As a DIY mechanic, I use anti seixe on bolts and nuts that have been more difficult or exposed to adverse environments , heat water corrosion. Why do mechanics rarely go to the trouble of using it when they are likely to disassemble the same parts in the future. It would look like it waould make your work easier.

  4. What great infos. Thank a million.
    I have a 2021 4runner 4wd with only 10kmiles on there. Now it is starting to have a shilght vibration right around 6p mph. After that, it seems fine. I have had my tires balance twice and alo ratoted the tires, but I still havevi ration.
    What do you recommend it'd be.
    Thank so much

  5. Dear AMD my matrix 09 fwd rear both sides wheel nuts get really hot to touch but no noise (gritty feel)or anything, with brakes looks fine, wondering if rear wheel bearing starting to go when it gets hot?

  6. Thanks A! I have 4 highlanders. Now. You’ve seen one of them at Road America. I have replaced wheel bearings in one of my minivans. The highlander I got back this week from my son has a slight clunk during turning. Very slight. 230k miles. I have difficulty diagnosing that. Is it a steering knuckle or what I wonder to myself. Thanks for your great videos.

  7. How about a video on Tacoma/Tundra 4×4 front bearing/hub replacement. I changed my LH side and drive axle months ago on my '11 Tacoma TRD Sport, did the RH side today. Probably not a beginner's job. I've been DIYing all my life. Great videos, keep up the good work.

    PS: I was a Chevy/Pontiac guy for years, also drove some Fords. Since owning my Tacoma, I plan on buying nothing but Toyota from here on. I'd love a GR86, might be my retirement present to me in a few years.

  8. Hello AMD. My FR wheel is missing a lugnut. I recently after passing a NY state inspection a month ago at my local lexus dealer, I took my 07 ES on a 350 mile trip. Highest speed driving was around 90 MPH, but would say averaged 55-80 MPH. I noticed especially braking at highway speed, the car front was shaking, feeling it through the pedals, steering wheel, etc. I just noticed after the trip while washing my car, the front right wheel is missing a lugnut. Did the dealership not torque my wheels down right? I have the inspection paper saying they removed each wheel. What kind of damage could of been caused? Should I contact them and demand anything to be fixed? Help! I've put on 500-600 miles since then, I don't know if I'm out of some legal range to bring it up. I can confirm it fell off within the last 100 or so miles because I have a picture showing it was still on at a certain point.

  9. Your technique of grabbing the spring to feel if the wheel bearings are shot even worked for my Can Am side-by-side four wheeler. Thanks!

  10. Do you ever wire brush the bolts on this and strut repair, to remove rust, corrosion, and crud? Love your videos, and congrats on your own shop. Keep up the good work, we have 2 Toyotas now and it helps telling our garage what is wrong with the bigger jobs…

  11. Hello,

    We feel that you are passionate about your profession and that you enjoy passing on your knowledge, in all simplicity and humility. I hope your garage is now on the right path and business is great.
    From France.

  12. Nice video thanks – Are these type of sealed bearing assemblies serviceable as part of a maintenance schedule? The same sort of bearings (sealed units) are serviced on Isuzu pick ups every 40,000KM – they are removed, cleaned and regreased. However, looking through my Toyota Hilux schedule, there is no mention of servicing these at all, nor is it listed on the dealers timeline schedule. Personally, I cannot really see the point of trying to regrease a sealed unit, but it would be interesting to know your opinion thanks.

  13. 2009 Rx350 153k miles with a clunking noise in back going over bumps. Just fully replaced strut/strut mounts (originals!!) with original springs (thanks for the advice!) what do you think it could be?

  14. My dad just bought a 17 corrolla with 25k. There is a grinding noise from left front wheel area when accelerating and turning right hard. I have a feeling it's a axle shaft noise. It doesn't do the noise to often. Mostly when taking hard right turn under heavy acceleration.

  15. I don't have a Toyota or Lexus yet, but I experienced a worn-out wheel bearing recently. I was able to diagnose that it was a wheel bearing because the noice was lower and less squeaky than my lady's voice next to me.

  16. Thank you for how to diagnose it and repairing it with details.
    Will doing the front be any different, I normally replace just the bearing but never the hub bearing.
    Need this knowledge so instead of bearing only, I am going the whole hub for the sake of mind.
    Thank you once again.

    Edit, funny as I finish typing this you mentioned about the pressed hub in the front. Been awhile doing one. Look forward to seeing you do the front to gain more knowledge.

  17. Off topic, sort of…had my 2011 Highlander Hybrid put in shop, told them I likely needed ball joints and sway bar links. They only replaced sway bar links and said they did not hear the noise I heard. Pulled away, still hear the noise. I purchased ball joints myself the day I left the shop. Anyway, daily I get a tingy clink clink clink from front driver's side when pulling from stop, and a rough clunky crunch grind when stopping sometimes, but this rarely. I also get a gravelly sound when turning. What could this be? The ball joints are clearly worn and not replaced yet, but wondering if this sounds like more or all due to the ball joints. Car has 146,xxx miles. And, idk what happened, but when loaded down to move items to storage, I stopped for stop light and heard a rough "errrr", sounded like metal to metal, but I felt it in the gearshift bc I always hold it from habit of learning on a stick…maybe a loose mount or something?? Please, I don't want to be screwed over by the shops or spend more on unnecessary parts. You're the best and have helped me tremendously with your videos!!

  18. AMD another good one. I have a question about a 2021 RAV4 hybrid limited. I noticed that when the hood is closed there is a gap between the head lights and the hood. Is this for a reason or just a Toyota thing. I used weather stripping and sealed it up to keep to keep the weather out. Thanks

  19. Perfect timing! I am getting a noisy bearing on my RAV 4 and could not locate which bearing is noisy. Never saw the hand on the spring tip. I will try that today. Thanks a million!

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