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Mercedes R170 SLK service/oil change reset

Most Mercedes from the mid 1990s to early 2000s are similar if not exactly the same, I know the procedure is in the owners manual, but many people for some reason don’y have the owners manual any longer . follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/fupabox

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  2. I heard a beep and saw the oil cup logo for the first time in 11 years. I was like is that the overheat light or oil so I’m here. You always pop up when I need help.

  3. Fupabox, I replaced idler pulley and reinstalled my serpentine belt and changed my oil/filter and accidentally overfilled it (that red dipstick is hard to read, unless you slide it downward on the cloth). Afterwards I started driving and noticed the engine check light had come on, I immediately returned home and did some checking. I pumped out the excess oil, but still have an engine check light. I thought I could reset it by disconnecting the ground connection on the battery for ten seconds, so now my ESP dash light is on. I have stopped driving the vehicle out of concern. Could you assist. Thank you.

  4. thank you so much haha!!! it worked appreciated 100% ( Merci beaucoup !! )this it's the first time I did it right since 2002 years now i don't need to look for my note book to see it's time to change the engine oil or not thanks you are good man (from France )

  5. And i thought my oil dip stick had broken off. so bought one already payed and everything. >.>
    Just got the car so dint know about this thnx for the help! Its already on minus :O time to change the oil.

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