REPAIR OF YACHTS, MOTOR BOATS, WATERBOARDS, laminate, wood, repair, service support, We are repairing Boats in Warsaw in Poland. Yacht repair, Water scooter service and repair. Operation and service of motor boats Warsaw.

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We provide comprehensive services for yacht owners. Our modern and technologically advanced shipyard, cooperation with various specialists and extensive experience allow us to offer our clients a full range of services, including individual yacht design, boat building, yacht maintenance, repairs and modernization.

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Since their debut at the Yachting Festival, our several-meter-long boats have attracted the attention of the entire yachting industry. The extremely compact structure has as many as four decks, on which we can find 3 guest cabins, an owner’s cabin with a balcony, 4 lounge areas, and a deck with a jacuzzi.

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Whether your boat needs to be modernized, refurbished or refurbished – Our International Yard offers comprehensive repair services for sailing yachts, motorboats and other vessels. We provide technical inspections, installation and configuration of all types of on-board systems. We also deal with hull repairs, boat building, laminating work, mechanical and assembly services.

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Marine Services & Yacht Maintenance



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We offer yacht service, motor boat repairs and jet ski service in Warsaw.

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“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


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Yacht Repair, Motorboat Service, Yachts Repair, and water scooter service and repair in Warsaw.

Yacht service in our company in Warsaw. We offer attractive prices and service modern boats. The company we create is reliable and professional. Our repair shop for exclusive boats and yachts is created in such a way that it can thoroughly service and repair large fleets of motor boats and yachts.

Our company provides full service for motor boats, large and small yachts for our clients from the business and television industries. We try to very effectively approach each client for whom we service a motorboat, yacht or jet ski.

Each client who brings his yacht or motorboat to our boatbuilding workshop can count on the professional approach of our company.

We create a very comprehensive business in Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk and Gdynia. Our offer also includes all types of motor boats, yachts and water scooters. Our company carefully checks all the elements on board the yacht and motorboat or boat that goes to our workshop in Warsaw.

Many years of experience have resulted in an appropriate approach to the topic of motor boats and water scooter repair in Warsaw. By creating the business of repairing Lodz, motor yachts, large and small and medium-sized, we understood how difficult it is to repair Lodz, exclusive to VIPs and Polish millionaires.

Our service was established in Warsaw and provides our clients with very good access to modern technical solutions in the field of yacht and motorboat repair. Warsaw is our main place where we thoroughly and effectively service yachts and motor boats.

Yacht repair, motorboat repair and, of course, jet ski service is not an easy matter. From the very beginning, we focus on a professional information service for our business clients in Warsaw.

Our company occupies the leading positions in the rankings of companies that service everything from the beginning. We are talking here about the newest yachts that cost a lot of money. We build our brand on specific marketing foundations. Our clients come to our workshop from almost every place in Poland, starting from Warsaw, ending with Gdynia and Gdańsk.

Our company carefully arranges everything to detect faults at the time of diagnosis. We create the right business to get a very good service. We have gained an advantage over the competition because we thoroughly check the servicing and repair of yachts in Warsaw.

Our clients are mainly millionaires who know exactly what to expect from our company. We have clients mainly on recommendation. The workshop we run is tailored to the needs of our clients. We want our clients to feel special. The yachts that we service in our boatbuilding workshop are thoroughly checked and serviced through documents and diagnostic systems that help us determine the cause of the defect.

The repair of luxury yachts together with modern motorboats is an increasingly desirable service in our country. The service that we create, our website is very well known throughout Poland, we take into account even the most difficult cases of cracked hulls, damaged engines or motor boats after an accident.

Warsaw as our city is carefully positioned so that there is precise access to the center of Warsaw. The service offered by our yacht and motorboat repair shop is highly praised throughout Poland and even in Europe. We run a post-warranty service for yachts and motorboats throughout Poland, we bet on virtually all major cities throughout the country. We service and repair the most modern equipment practically straight from the manufacturer because we believe in the future of our country.

Each person acting on our behalf is certified and authorized to perform work and activities related to the repair of yachts and motorboats in Warsaw.

We service virtually every yacht and motorboat model in Warsaw, Kraków, Szczecin, Gdynia and Gdańsk. Our company supports all elements in yachts and motorboats. The website we provide is effective and reliable.

Many years of experience have helped us verify the market. We create a yacht and motorboat repair service of the highest quality in Warsaw. The elements that are replaced in our company are furniture, electric motors, internal combustion engines, electronic elements and all types of external elements in the hull and the engine in a motorboat or yacht.

All components that we replace are new, unused elements. We create a business on a specific system of cooperation with our company. The service we offer to our contractor is a very good repair service for yachts and motorboats in Warsaw.

By creating our boatbuilding workshop, we are able to accurately analyze, diagnose and eliminate faults in motorboats and yachts, most of our clients are wealthy. So we rather try to be very reliable and comprehensively analyze all errors of the operating system in the yacht and motorboat.

The boatbuilding workshop we have created is adapted to full service and complete yacht service and motorboat repair. The service that we provide premium class for our VIP clients is carefully thought out and adapted to the needs of the market.

More precisely, we carry out all the tasks set for us by the yacht repair market and motorboat repair service in Warsaw and Gdańsk. Our workshop consistently implements the plan of each yacht and motorboat in Wrocław, Kraków, Szczecin and Gdańsk. We service all elements from scratch, check the deck in the yacht and motorboat. We create a modern yacht repair market in Warsaw.

We want our company to have a real impact on the life of each of our CUSTOMERS. The trust that has been built pays off today. We service hulls in motorboats, practically every model and all types of motorboats are available in the portfolio of our yacht service and repair motorboats and water scooters.

We really care about building an appropriate bond between our clients and our managers. The service that we also offer in other cities, for example in Toruń or Krakow, is just as well configured by our technicians and mechanics from the motorboat and yacht workshop.

Suitably qualified people are employed by our specialists. We create a modern yacht repair market and jet ski service. Of course, we are able to repair motor boats for every customer. Our company services and repairs each element separately. We believe in the yachts and motorboats business in Warsaw.

Additionally, yachts and motorboats are our private passion which we have been developing for many years. From the very beginning of our company’s existence, we have been trying to analyze the market, we create properly tailored services in the field of standard motorboat mechanics, advanced yacht repair services inside including plating repair, toilet service, full engine repair, we are also able to renovate the interior of the yacht and motorboat in Warsaw. We offer attractive prices with appropriately tailored services in Warsaw.

By using our workshop of motor boats, yachts and modern water scooters, you can really spend a lot of time working with your family because our company reliably approaches each task and carefully reviews every detail in yachts and motorboats.

Customers can say that we are specialists in the mechanics and diagnostics of yachts inside and outside the yacht. The service we offer is also available on site, if possible. We believe in the success of our clients and in the appropriate repair service for jet ski, motor boats and of course yachts, boats and ships.

You can trust our company because we act responsibly and effectively in every situation, starting from the acceptance of the order and the implementation of the repair plan for your yacht or motorboat, we serve the entire country.

Our company has been dealing with very modern software for many years, we also deal with engines for motorboats and all types of equipment. In Wrocław, we also repair motorboats in Kraków, of course, we repair and service water scooters in Szczecin, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz, Gdynia and in Masuria.

Just call us, talk to our technician, you will immediately know that you are talking to a competent person and a person who knows what’s going on in the grass for many years We build our business to help all customers we have many years of experience we have the right equipment we have a very large hangar which you can come to with your motorboat, jet ski or motorboat and we will be able to fully repair this equipment for you.

The service we offer is really effective and reliable so that each of our customers is satisfied with the service we offer because we have modern equipment we have many years of experience with the most modern equipment, among others, we are able to repair Hansel and a motorboat for all customers who have a very luxurious expensive yacht, we operate very much specifically, we always try to take full advantage of our experience and equipment, we are one of the few to repair electronics, electrics, all devices inside the yacht, including furniture and sofas.

Each yacht is carefully checked, we set up all management systems and we always update the drivers in the motorboat or yacht that we get on board our yacht or motorboat workshop.

The repair of luxury yachts and top-class water scooters has taught us to carefully work on each yacht repair project in our country, our clients heartily recommend us and the settings that are set by our technicians are highly praised in Warsaw and Gdańsk.

Yacht repair, motorboat repair and jet ski service in our company is the basis. We are a company that deals with full service and maintenance of all types of floating devices, we always start with the service of the smallest turbocharged floating devices, i.e. we are talking about the service and repair of water scooters that we offer for you in Warsaw. We are a company that for many years also deals with full diagnostics, repair of hull engines, electrical and electronic elements as well as external elements in motorboats.

Our company is actually divided into three basic elements: we repair water scooters, service and repair motor boats. We repair yachts and service devices inside yachts, repair yacht engines and repair motor boats.

Our company was founded many years ago, building a very reliable and effective service for our wealthy customers from the very beginning we entered the topic of repair and service of yachts, water scooters and motorboats in Warsaw because we believe that it is really worth servicing and repairing motorboats and water scooters for our customers demand the market is large because more and more people who have this modern equipment want to have their equipment repaired and ready for use for the summer.

We deal with everything, starting from the service of turbocharged motorboats and the repair of yachts with engines. We repair hulls, we are a workshop with many specialists in many fields.

Our company deals with the widely understood electrics, electronics and we repair engines in modern yachts, we repair engines in motorboats as well as service and repair all elements in water scooters.

The specialists we employ have many years of experience in the repair of yachts and motorboats, we entered this market a few years ago because we want a truly reliable and effective service to be delivered to our customers from all over Poland, we have opened a whole network of repairs and workshops for yachts and motorboats and of course very popular water scooters in Warsaw.

Our service tries to thoroughly and effectively analyze all errors, problems and breakdowns in large motor boats, starting from the very beginning, we are able to act, repair and effectively manage the entire fleet of yachts, jet skis and motorboats.

Our company Of course, we always try to approach each client very well, we are aware that our clients are looking for a good opportunity to repair their yacht or motorboat, among others, we repair motor yachts and water scooters in such cities as Krakow Gdańsk Poznań and Warsaw, Szczecin yacht repair.

The workshop we have opened is very modern, we have a lot of modern equipment and, among other things, we have diagnostic computers to check all elements in motorboats and to thoroughly check the engines in yachts and motorboats.

From the very beginning of our repair shop for yachts and jet skis We understood that the most important thing in the repair of yachts and jet skis and, of course, fast, expensive and luxury motorboats, is good customer service, so we started from the very beginning We try to approach each of our clients very well because we know that people who have motorboats and yachts are wealthy people, among other things, we repair motorboats yachts and water scooters for people such as TV stars Polish businessmen we also repair and service motorboats yachts for people from the front pages of newspapers and television We try to thoroughly repair all elements from the hull for them I checked all connected elements ending with the engine.

At the very beginning of our company, we started repairing water scooters. Because it was quite a simple and profitable business, then we slowly came to the service and repair of motorboats all over Poland, and finally we developed our company so that today we are able to repair large yachts for you. able to repair motor boats and all types of expensive luxury motorboats, we are able to repair the engine, we are able to repair all external and internal elements in yachts, we operate in virtually all of Poland, from all over Poland and all of Europe, our clients send us all types of elements for yacht repair and motor boats, for example, we are able to repair yachts for you that come straight from Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

We called our company yacht repair because at the very beginning we would like to thank everyone who visited our website and most likely in the search engine you wrote yacht repair or yacht repair, of course, most likely you also wanted to find repair options for your device and We have a very good news for you. I have been doing it professionally, reliably and effectively for many years.

Every person employed in our motorboat yacht repair and water scooter service in Warsaw is very well checked by our team.

We always try to understand all the elements that we need to repair, we start completely with the diagnosis of your yacht or motorboat when it comes to our workshop. First, you have a mechanic and an electrician checks the outside of the yacht and the motorboat checks all the elements, including the hull, the chassis of the yacht, the housing and all the elements, for example the steering wheel in the motorboat in the jet ski or in the yacht, depending on what came to us.

Later in the next stage is to check the engine if it works and on this basis we are able to check more or less how the engine works today and how it should work and tell you if it works properly. After checking the engine, we are able to diagnose all electronic components, diagnose and repair the service inside the yacht or motorboat, all electrical devices, for example, radio, we also check if there is, for example, automatic door opening or if your yacht or motorboat has electrical or electronic equipment our electricians technicians and people with many years of experience in the repair of yachts and motorboats check everything carefully and on this basis we are sure that everything works or does not work and we can check all elements.

The final element of diagnostics for which you are waiting is checking the outside of the yacht and telling you if, for example, the yacht is not damaged or if it had an engine failure, we check the engine If there is an external failure, we check all elements, among others, we check all types of chassis and external mechanical elements because they are such in motorboats or yachts.

Then, after issuing the diagnostics and checking everything, we have the clarity of the topic what is broken in your motorboat, yacht or jet ski from the very beginning.We always try to thoroughly analyze the diagnosis and check all the elements to be 100% sure that we give you an accurate and reliable description of what will be repaired in your yacht or in the motorboat you own and you want it to be repaired in our yacht and motorboat repair workshop in Warsaw.

Many years of experience in full repair and diagnostics of engines has helped us a lot in this profession because we went into the topic of full repair and service of motor boats from yacht service and jet ski service, we must be sure that we employ the best and always only take people who know very professionally motors on electric elements, electronics and motors for motor boats and yachts the best in Poland.

Our workshop carefully checks all the elements. We always try to carefully check everything in the yacht or motorboat. we take the yacht or motorboat to Zegrze because the closest one is from Warsaw and there We load the yacht or motorboat we check all the elements and only after a thorough analysis if everything works Is everything fixed Is the engine fires or the yacht is adapted to sailing then We call you and tell you Is yours the motorboat the yacht or your jet ski is repaired or not.

We are a company that is very reliable, we effectively check all the elements, we have very good opinions on the Internet and on this basis we get customers from the recommendation more and more often our customers are reliably informed about what we do because if you have a motorboat or yacht and you want to have a very good company that deals you have been doing this for many years and you really know what you are doing, you should contact us immediately because we are a company that has been repairs very well for many years, repairs yachts efficiently and cheaply and repairs motorboats in Warsaw.

Of course, we are also a company that operates in Poland and abroad, in addition to the standard place where we repair yachts and motorboats, we are able to come to your place of course for an additional fee and repair the yacht or motorboat on site, for example in Spain, Greece or Norway in depending on where you are swimming. Everything is negotiable. We are a company from Warsaw, but we travel all over Europe, helping our clients from all over Poland and Europe.

Every customer who comes to us is satisfied and we know that the customer who talks to us is sure that we are a company that really reliably approaches the repair of motorboat yachts and we have many years of experience in floating equipment.

We try to carefully analyze and update all possible systems that we use in our yacht and motorboat workshop in Warsaw. Our employees are people who have many years of experience, have experience in, among others, such elements as engine repair, hull repair in a motorboat, we also repair all elements in expensive yachts and motor boats, including the most expensive ones as available in Poland, among others, we act as a post-warranty service for engines such as Suzuki Honda.

We have created our Business for many years to help you repair and service yachts and motorboats. We will always try to help you with full service and full repair of all types of floating equipment, in addition to the usual, as we have already written, motorboat yachts and floating equipment, for example, water scooters and all types of equipment that a motor engine has, we are able to repair such elements for you like inside the yacht, sofas, all types of furniture and all the elements that are available in the yacht, for example, the floor, the wooden ceiling, will cover everything, we are able to repair service for you in our workshop, just come by a yacht or an expensive motor boat to us on a tow truck and we will work to repair it all for you.

We are aware of course that yachts and motorboats are not cheap and that is why we keep all the information we collect for ourselves.We are a company that works very positively and we try to talk to each client well, our commitment to repairing yachts, elements in motorboats and engines in water scooters is really invaluable many years of experience in this industry has helped us build the largest Polish company that deals with the service of motor boats and yachts in Warsaw.

We have a very simple communication system, you just need to call us when you call us back, you can, for example, use the green receiver at the bottom of our website and call the owner of the company directly and arrange all the details with him.If you want to talk directly to the manager or decision-maker, we invite you directly to contact us on our website, you will immediately be clear about the topic that we are a company that cares about every customer and we realize that yacht repair and service is not an easy matter and we take it very seriously.

We always try to help you with all the elements in the repair and service of jet skis, motorboats and yachts, all our employees are people who approach. in our country.

As a company that tries to create a really reliable and specific service for each of our clients, we really want the client to be satisfied with what we do for each of our clients, we know that most of our clients and people with whom we work are multi-millionaires who live in Poland or live in abroad and want their equipment to be really reliably operated by persons authorized to do so and people who have many years of experience in the repair and service of yachts in Poland.

We have been building our team for a really long time because we wanted people who are to service your motorboats, jet skis, yachts or motorboats, to have appropriate experience and on this basis we were looking for the best and most technologically advanced specialists who know how to approach the topic of repair and service of a motorboat or jet ski in Warsaw or in the vicinity of Warsaw.

Of course, we also operate at the seaside and we are a company that is able to come to you, for example, to Szczecin, Gdańsk, Gdynia, or Masuria near Warsaw. Our service also includes the possibility of towing the yacht from the yacht repair on site. If it is possible, we have all types of adhesives, paints for yacht repair from laminate, we also have elements and spare parts that we take with us. If it is possible to repair your boat or yacht on site.

We cordially invite you to contact our company directly our technicians are waiting for orders we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can talk directly with the owner of our company who will try to understand your need in the event of a breakdown of the yacht in the event of a yacht accident or in the event of an unexpected situation with your motorboat I want a water scooter We invite you to contact us and we hope that the order that comes from you will be a challenge for us because we like to really work on specific equipment with specific electronic electrical devices and yacht motors, we are passionate about this industry.

Motor yacht service and jet ski repairs take place virtually anywhere, not only in Warsaw, we operate in Gdańsk, we take water scooters from virtually anywhere in Poland, for example, we have clients who live in Wrocław in Krakow and from there we pick up motorboats or water scooters from them we repair them in Warsaw and bring them back for our client directly to his home in order to put him under the house and you have the client can immediately use the motor boat or yacht that we have serviced and repaired for him in Warsaw.

The website that we offer to you is of course not, but we are passionate about this type of business, so we can confidently inform you that we are available in Warsaw, we always try to positively approach each of our clients and we want every client who comes to us to be satisfied with the service and we will they tried to do the service for you really effectively, reliably and, most importantly, cheaply, of course, in the standards that are available for the repair of yachts and motorboats in Poland and Warsaw.

To sum up, we are a company that approaches each client very efficiently and reliably. motorboats and jet skis in Warsaw.


We service, we repair all types of elements in the hulls, we repair engines and we service all external internal elements in motorboats and yachts in Warsaw.

Our company deals very professionally with modern software, engine mechanics, repair of engines for motor boats and yachts, we are a service that operates in Warsaw and in the vicinity of larger cities, we operate in Wrocław, Kraków, Poznań, Szczecin, Gdańsk and Gdynia.

The service we offer to you is really at a high level. We try to approach each client very well. This letter we offer to you is a motor boat service, we repair water scooters, we service motor boats and we repair all types of floating equipment, from the largest floating equipment, i.e. yachts and ships to the service of smaller motor boats and the smallest turbocharged water scooters.

Experience in the repair of jet skis and motorboats has helped us develop our business to a really high level We are the largest company in Poland we service we repair the yacht after the warranty we are able to fully repair the motor boat repair the engines we check all the elements of the motor boat and yachts as a company that took it very seriously We try to operate in a very prestigious manner throughout Poland.

The service we offer you is of high quality, our company has been trying to operate accurately on the market of motor yachts and all types of floating equipment for our clients who are usually luxury guests from our country, we are able to offer a yacht or motorboat repair service in Warsaw.

Our company was established with a view to repairing motorboats and yachts in a broad sense, and of course servicing the most modern floating equipment, including Yamaha water scooters.

We have created a company for you that is very communicative. We always try to operate at a really high level from the very beginning of cooperation with our company, you will have the opportunity to repair a yacht or motorboat directly in our workshop, we have the appropriate equipment, as long as we have many years of experience in repairing a motorboat, yacht or jet ski in Warsaw.

Each client who comes under the wings of our company usually has the price of the service immediately indicated.

We service motorboats and yachts throughout Poland in our main element is the repair of hulls and engines in motorboats and yachts all over Poland. We try to meet the requirements of the Polish yacht market and motorboats after-warranty service of jet skis and repair of motor boats.

The business that we have created is intended for the rich class. If you are the owner of a modern road yacht and motorboat, you can go ahead and call our workshop, talk directly to the owner of the company who will certainly help you repair the service and all types of devices.

We always try to make very favorable prices and consult with our clients. Our company has been dealing with modern engines for water scooters, motorboats, yachts and floating equipment for many years.

We create an effective yacht repair service for motor boats and jet skis because we want our company to be one of the largest Polish companies that is able to service your yacht and motor boat in a timely manner if you are looking for a fast, good and effective yacht and motorboat service, you are on the appropriate website .

Our company deals with the servicing of luxury yachts and motorboats for our clients from all over Poland and Europe, we have the opportunity to download you and a motorboat directly from any country in Europe and repair a motorboat or motorboat yacht in our workshop in Warsaw.

We create our business because we want to deal with really reliable and effective repairs on the motorboat and yacht market, all our employees have many years of experience and many years of experience in repairing hulls, we service engines in yachts and motor boats. We are the first Polish company that is able to repair an engine in a jet ski and fully diagnose a failure or problems resulting from a broken engine in a jet ski or motorboat, or if you have a motor yacht.

We can accept rather modern motorboats and yachts because our prices are quite high.We try to operate very reliably and effectively on the Polish market, on the basis of cooperation with you, we can determine what our further cooperation with your other motorboats or yachts will look like, if you have one, because we always try to meet the requirements of the repair and service market of motor boats, yachts and jet skis in Warsaw, we can offer you a really effective and reliable service.

Each person who comes to our company will usually be really satisfied with the services we offer because we are a service that fully uses all the elements that we have in our workshop, starting from the very beginning of repairing motor boats, jet skis and all types of motor boats, we can offer you a full engine service diagnostics electronics checking all systems, including repairing the sides and hulls with engines in yachts and motor boats.

Service and repair of motor boats in which we will really build for you. It is very modern with our company, many years of experience have helped us to fully build a business that helps you repair and service modern motor boats and yachts.

We cordially invite you to contact our company directly, you will surely be interested in further cooperation when you come out to our website you will have all the information because we care about every customer, we will try to thoroughly reliably and effectively repair every motor boat that you bring to us or which the employee deviates from you in our workshop in Warsaw.

For many years, our company has been very successful in repairing motorboats in water scooters and very often customers recommend us because we are a service of modern motor boats and motorboats throughout Poland, we get orders from virtually every city in Poland.

As one of the few, we also repair me in this motorboat and in places such as Krakow and Warsaw, of course, we repair yachts and water scooters after accidents, if you have a motor boat failure, a jet ski or a yacht, you can go ahead and call our company from the very beginning, we will always try to fully diagnose all elements in your motorboat or jet ski and on the basis of this we will try to issue a diagnosis and confirm what will be broken in your motorboat yacht or from your jet ski, we operate in Warsaw and around larger cities in Poland, so feel free to call us and to talk We will be open to cooperation.

Our company, Repair of the yacht, specializes in the service of boat service, motorcyclists, so Yachts Repair is our main service and Repair of Łódź is our passion, we invite you to use our workshop.

Do you have any questions?

Call our office!

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