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Not wasting time on useless tactics when it comes to placement is not worth it. Search engine optimization is a long-term effort, and Google rewards websites that adhere to their best SEO practices and recommendations.

The contact form on this page might help you reach us if you need help figuring out what your company's website or shop needs. If you'd like, we may talk about your specific project requirements, business objectives, and a positioning approach that works for you.

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Per Month
    • Audit of search engine optimization.
    • It's a site We require an SEO audit to get a clear picture of what needs to be done to boost your website's search engine rankings.
    • In most cases, it's a list of problems that need to be rectified on the website.
    • If we want to correctly optimize the technical website, this is where the process should begin.
Business Plan
Per Month
    • Increasing the number of backlinks
      When it comes to off-site SEO, creating links to a website is a critical component.
    • The SEO specialist can do this task if our goal is to place our website.
    • Our website might be penalized by Google if we do link building incorrectly.
premium Plan
Per Month
    • Google Maps positioning
      The optimization of Google Maps is an essential aspect of any effective local SEO campaign.
    • Being visible on Google Maps is essential if you want to attract more clients.

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    SEO – „Local Positioning in Dubai” is a phrase that means „local positioning in Dubai.”
    Whether you’re a little business or a large corporation, our solution is for you.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a (Search Engine Optimization)
    We will collaborate to increase the search engine rankings of your website. On all of your critical landing pages, I’ll assist you with everything from page layout to content placement. To the best of my ability, every title, meta description, and internal link will be optimized.

    In a search, you may use keywords to help you find what you’re looking for.
    When it comes to deciding where to put your website, keyword research is crucial since it allows us to identify the best keywords to target. I look into the phrases with the greatest competition as part of this process so that we can come up with a list of the best business keywords for the company together.

    Search engine optimization audit
    It’s a web page. To gain a clear image of what has to be done to improve your website’s search engine rankings, we need an SEO audit. In most situations, it’s a list of website issues that need to be addressed. This is where we should start if we want to optimize the technical website properly.

    Increasing the quantity of backlinks is a good idea.
    The creation of links to a website is a crucial component of off-site SEO. If our objective is to get our website placed, an SEO professional can help us with this. If we conduct link building badly, Google may punish our website.

    Positioning on Google Maps
    Google Maps optimization is an important part of any successful local SEO effort. If you want to attract more customers, you need to be visible on Google Maps.

    The SEO Consultant’s Questions
    What is the best method for positioning a firm in my industry?
    After the initial interview, a skilled SEO freelancer will have a clear idea of the options for how positioning should be done for a firm in your field.

    How often are work reports completed, and how can I tell whether they are effective?
    Reporting on positioning is not difficult. To begin, it is important to ensure that we have information such as the current quantity of traffic received by the website, the number of keywords and their positions, and the visibility of the website. Based on these findings, it is important to set a three-month work objective at the outset. Reports are delivered on a monthly basis in my case, but everyone who works with an SEO consultant has the right to contact an expert with any inquiries or concerns.

    How long do you think it will take for you to get favorable SEO results?
    In my experience, the first month is usually spent on technical issues and planning. It takes roughly a month after introducing fresh material and starts linking for new keywords and rankings to become visible. Be aware that Google’s algorithms are updated often, so you may see variations in your ranking. It’s a good idea to evaluate your job progress after three months.

    Are you collaborating with anybody else in my industry?
    Most consultants and SEO experts will tell you that a professional secret is whether or not they deal with websites in comparable sectors or with your rivals. To be honest, engaging with an SEO expert that knows and has experience in your sector is worthwhile.

    How much does SEO set you back?
    The cost of SEO varies greatly based on your requirements. After all, you’ve put aside a certain amount of money for your marketing approach. A modest local company’s placement might start at PLN 500, and an online store can start at PLN 1,500, depending on the necessities. It all relies on your industry’s competitors, which is usually identified after a preliminary campaign study. You could merely require an audit or technical fixes, in which case the working time is calculated per hour depending on the tasks completed.

    SafeSearch is a Google search function that removes websites with explicit material from the results. When SafeSearch is enabled, it aids in the removal of inappropriate photos, videos, and websites from Google’s search results. SafeSearch choices may be found in your Google Account’s „Search Settings.” Visit the Google Safety Center for additional information on how to be safe online.

    What is the procedure for enabling SafeSearch features?
    Sign in to your Google Account to enable SafeSearch. Select „Filter Explicit Results” from your account’s „Search Settings” section. SafeSearch can also be enabled by going to the SafeSearch website.

    What are the different levels of SafeSearch?
    SafeSearch is divided into three levels: low, medium, and high. You’ll get more relevant stuff in your search results if SafeSearch is low. With a moderate SafeSearch level, your search results will contain fewer relevant items.

    Is SafeSearch really that good?
    Yes, SafeSearch works to keep explicit content out of search results. It is not, however, 100 percent accurate, and some offensive stuff may still surface. You may help SafeSearch improve its accuracy by reporting any search results that include conclusive material. Visit the Google Safety Center for additional information on how to report material.

    Positioning  – a term that defines a number of activities aimed at increasing the visibility of websites in search engines. SEO activities can be divided into those related to the structure inside the website and those that lead to it from external sources. In Poland, it has been accepted that the term ’ positioning’ is synonymous with 'SEO’ (Search Engine Optimization).

    SEO for  your local business  – attract new clients in your area!

    Are you operating locally? Do you want to reach potential customers in your area? Make your website visible in the Google search engine!

    At, we deal with comprehensive website positioning. We start with a series of audits and the preparation of an SEO strategy. We implement all the changes we recommend to the website code, create valuable (both for the user and Google robots) content and we deal with link building.

    Why is it worth investing in  SEO ?

    A properly planned strategy, tailored to your individual needs, as well as consistent action and monitoring of results contribute, among others, to down:

    • increasing your visibility on Google
    • increasing the number of key phrases in TOP3 and TOP10
    • increasing website traffic
    • making the presentation of the offer more attractive by publishing valuable content
    • acquiring new customers and  increasing sales.

    Dubai City Company focus on flexibility and individual approach – we value solutions tailored to the client’s business, needs and expectations. We use professional tools such as Google Analytics, Senuto, Ahrefs and many others. We combine knowledge and many years of experience with hard data.

    We are the only company for NFT’s SEO our marketing strategy its amazing.


    We will increase the visibility of your website in the search engine!

    Visibility of the website on the Internet is an absolute must. To attract new customers, you need to rank high in Google Search.

    A properly planned SEO strategy is a guarantee of increasing website traffic and, as a result, acquiring new customers.

    Why is it worth investing in SEO?

    If you want your website to be noticed among competitors’ websites, you should take care of its high position in Google searches. Thanks to a well-thought-out positioning and optimization strategy, your website can be at the top of the Google ranking!



    all user clicks get
    the first 5 pages in the search engine.

    [Source: What is SEO, Digital marketing institute.]



    Marketers say that improving SEO is their top priority.

    [Source: What is SEO, Digital marketing institute.]



    companies that used SEO indicated an increase in ROI .

    What we do?

    As part of SEO activities, we work on the entire website – from website code, through creating valuable content, to linking. Depending on what is currently the most important for your company, we will focus on increasing website traffic, better website visibility or a higher position in the search engine.

    As part of SEO activities:

    • we conduct detailed technical audits
    • we study the effectiveness of existing content on the website
    • we create valuable content for the website, saturated with key phrases (including product descriptions and blog articles)
    • we conduct comprehensive content marketing activities
    • we analyze the quality of the website and the links leading to it
    • we obtain valuable links to the website
    • we regularly monitor and optimize our activities
    • we provide recommendations and implement recommended changes
    • we follow the effects of our work and report the results on a regular basis
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