10 HOT Sahel Spots For All Kinds Of Food!

, 10 HOT Sahel Spots For All Kinds Of Food!
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, 10 HOT Sahel Spots For All Kinds Of Food!

As years go by, the dining game in Egypt’s North Coast just keeps getting better and better. The good old days of the “Macarona & Paneh” combo (though we still love it) are long gone. Now, all types of different cuisines and street food are on offer there to satisfy your every craving. Below, we’ve gathered our top 10 picks for you to consider on your next Sahel weekend!

Sachi By The Sea

It goes without saying, Sachi is one fancy Sahel place we just love. Whenever you have that Asian crave calling, head to Hacienda for the right fix.


We feel like not enough people know about this place, and it just makes us sad. Seecoz is a Greek restaurant right by the beach at Hacienda and they serve THE BEST Souvlaki you’ll ever have.


Up for sushi? Oriental Egyptian breakfast or a big steak for lunch? Carlo’s is the joker of all food spots. Now in Telal!


Tacos by the beach perfectly sits with us. Hey, but it’s not just tacos really. They serve poke, tacos and the juicy sushi burritos you’ve always wanted to try! Check their new Hacienda White place ASAP!

Melt By Mo

Whoever came up with this idea, we just want to say we LOVE YOU. With that out of the way, we’re happy to announce that Melt by Mo at Lake Yard is serving all kinds of cheese goodness. Get lost in a menu of many types of grilled cheese sandwiches and thank us later!


If you’re a regular at one of their Cairo branches, you’ll instantly get why we chose Ted’s to be on the list. Their menu is so diverse and the chances of making the wrong choice are zero to none. Ted’s is the master of all. Next, please. Find them at Marassi Beach Club!


We can’t forget about healthy food enthusiasts, of course. So aside from grilled cheese and pasta bowls, Lychee can offer you great alternatives like salads and power smoothies. Find them now at Sidi AbdelRahman!


Another place we fully trust with our tummies is Qahwa. We love their pasta plates, but whatever you order, they’ll never disappoint. Try their Sidi Abdelrahman branch now!


What’s summer without seafood? This seafood joint is the hottest in the area right now. Galambo is located at Hacidenda White!

Abo Mazen El Souri

Dreaming of the perfect Mano’sha or Shawarma Araby? Head to or order now from Abo Mazen at Golf Porto Marina. Because some days are Syrian food days!

Happy Summer-ing everybody!

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