100X GEMS To Purchase In The NFT Bear Market! (Potential Bluechips!)

On this video I’ll discussing some NFT picks for this NFT bear market, these tasks present long run worth and I see a shiny future forward for them!

Please keep in mind to do your personal recommendation, this isn’t monetary recommendation, it’s merely my opinion!

✅ Common Joe Web site: https://www.averagejoes.world/
✅ Common Joe Discord: https://discord.gg/PzwhupQn6r
✅ Common Joe Twitter: https://twitter.com/Averagejoesnfts

🚨 Upcoming Initiatives / Listing Your Initiatives Right here: https://www.projectsniper.online

🚨 Be a part of the Coinbase NFT waitlist: https://coinbase.com/nft/announce/1QEMHD

📸 Observe me on Twitter https://twitter.com/NFTZerk
📸 Observe me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/liamevansyt

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9 days ago

LazyBunnyNFT a dope project!! 🐰🚀

Pärham Sohi
12 days ago

Wow! Seeing some of these projects prices raising since you posted are mindblowing!

Well done, once again!

Crossing my fingers for that NFT! 🙌

Teal Grenier
13 days ago

Thanks for the insight!

Chris A
14 days ago

Pls let me win reeee

15 days ago

giveawayyy, about to buy an nft

15 days ago

Great information!

Ibrahim Ahmad
15 days ago

whats up

16 days ago

Excited for the future

Matt von rohr
16 days ago

Evergrow and everrise gunna blow up

16 days ago

Am i late for the giveaway

Reginald Carter
16 days ago

Jungle freaks are racist bro don’t do it

Jango Jinnz
17 days ago

I appreciate all the infø yøu been drrøppin mane, im still super new tø this. Havent even bøught yet but im løøkin tø dø my first "mint." Still dønt knøw høw yet thø, gøtta search that up haha

Sotra Thach
17 days ago

Def grabbing a Joe , those gas price are killing it @.@

Sarah Katigbak
17 days ago

Great video! Really helpful info

Connor Dougan
17 days ago

Yeaaaah man liking these projects I’ll try jump in on a few. Like the look of cosmic labs as well it’s looking solid. Big up man thanks.

Gudbrand Tokerud
17 days ago

Blue chips!!!

Michael Adkins
17 days ago

Will absolutely be grabbing a joe when I can catch a gas dip. Will see you in the Discord!

Tony V.
17 days ago

Great time to find the underpriced gems!

James Bradley
17 days ago

Excellent video! Thanks for sharing this info.

17 days ago

You didn’t do your research. Completely skipped bears deluxe

17 days ago

Got 2 SVS Vamps 🔥

17 days ago

Svs fam lfg!!

Jason Powell
17 days ago

Good call on these

Sebastian Kreutz
17 days ago

I‘d love to win 🙂 thanks for the information in the video

Harshith Setty
17 days ago

Plsss I’ve been commenting on every video can I pls get the average joe nft

17 days ago

what do you/people here reading this think about Fat Ape Club or Divine Anarchy?

Bamidele Bode
17 days ago

SVS 🚀 🌙

Fifth Yonkou
18 days ago

Svs is a blue chip in the making!

18 days ago

flokirocket to the moon

Protean Digital
18 days ago

The best community and devs I've seen

Tamas Juhasz
18 days ago

SVS! nothing more to say, SVS

18 days ago

Helpful video. Got into crypto last year and now trying to understand and possibly create NFT's. Defo gonna subscribe

Lord Xeph
18 days ago

SVS is the best! I own 3 & will pick up more before eoy #vamp4life #onlyfangs

Mohammed Asran
18 days ago

Everything behind this channel is perfect for the average joe just starting out there journey. So glad i stumbled across your channel, thank you sir.

Quiet Storm
18 days ago

A fellow svs member! I love my vamps!

Reginald Kinsey
18 days ago

Where my Vamps at 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

Andrew Rebuck
18 days ago

Great video! Svs is an amazing nft! Very bullish on svs!

Kristian P
18 days ago

Pretty solid picks. Svs is a no-brainer. Ape in boyzzz