15 Most Costly NFTs Bought So Far
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On this Alux.com video we can be answering the next questions:
What are crypto NFTs?
How do NFTs work?
What’s the most costly NFT?
Why are NFTs so costly?
Why are cryptopunks so costly?
What are cryptopunks?
What number of cryptopunks are there?
That are the most costly NFTs?
What’s an NFT?
How do I get a CryptoPunk?
Who created CryptoPunks?
Are NFTs securities?
What’s a non-fungible asset?
How do I get ethereum?
What’s NFT in Crypto?
Why is ethereum going up?
What’s an NFT token?
How do you make crypto artwork?
How do I promote crypto artwork?
How does Amazon use Blockchain?
What are NFT shares?
What’s block and chain?

00:00 – Intro
00:46 – NFT Digital Home
01:25 – CryptoPunk #2681
02:13 – Nyan Cat
03:05 – Hashmask #6718
03:48 – Genesis
04:14 – CryptoPunk #2140
05:01 – Hashmask #9939
05:43 – CryptoPunk #6487
06:23 – CryptoPunk #2890
07:06 – CryptoPunk #4156
07:53 – CryptoPunk #6965
08:44 – Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet
09:15 – CryptoPunk #7804
00:00 – CryptoPunk #3100
00:00 – Everydays: The First 5,000 Days
00:00 – Query

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