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April 28, 2019
Call Center jobs in Dubai

Call Center jobs in Dubai

How to get call centre jobs in Dubai? Call center jobs in Dubai the United Arab Emirates are one of the greatest employment. Can find a very good for you while working in organizations such as call centre companies. Of course this kind of job it is not easy to manage and of course, it’s taking a lot of efforts from their employees. But in reality, this kind of employment can be done not only in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can be actually don’t mean any place in the world. Our organization is writing this article just to show you the way to get this kind of employment. We are generally speaking placing every good for a valuable guide for Poland workers and people who are actually living in the […]
April 26, 2019
Why We are charging for CV Uploading to Dubai

Why We are charging for CV Uploading to Dubai?

Why We are charging for CV Uploading to Dubai? Why We are charging for CV Uploading to Dubai?So many people asking our team why we are charging for uploading resume to Dubai?. And the other question is if it’s worth it to upload a CV to Dubai City Company. Definitely, If you are Looking to achieve Success in your life is the friendly way a Dubai City Company. A good Way of finding New employment in the UAE. Other companies are working with us to provide the workforce in the UAE. We are having our own costs and we have to follow some rules which there are not actually cheap in the United Arab Emirates. This is why we are charging people extra money that only for $4.99 just to […]
April 26, 2019
Find work in UAE with


FIND YOUR DREAM JOB IN UAE WITH The UAE is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it has managed to increase its economy by several dozen times for the last 50 years, At the early stages of its history most of the profits were received from sales of petroleum products, but now trade and small business take precedence, mostly in free economic zones. This greatly influenced the structure of the labour market and job vacancies in the UAE. The country’s population is mostly formed by expats who came to the country looking for jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other cities. About 85% of the people of the UAE are the citizens of other countries. Foreigners are assigned an essential role in economic development for the next […]
April 23, 2019
Dubai City Company Login

Gulf and Dubai 2020

Gulf and Dubai 2020 Jobs in Dubai 2020 with Dubai City Company. We are giving a helping hand to expats in the Gulf region. Now jobs in Dubai can be found with our recruitment company in the UAE. We provide a lot of free services in Emirates. The first thing to remember is free of charge for anyone to add details to our company. Because we are placing job seekers from abroad for Middle East jobs. We are always helping job seekers to start a new career in Dubai. Moreover, our company is operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Providing top rated services in the recruitment market. On the other hand, our Dubai job website helps more than 1 Million visitors already all over the world. Because getting a job in […]
April 22, 2019
Konrad Wisniewski CEO of Dubai City Company

Konrad Wisniewski CEO

Konrad Wisniewski CEO Konrad Wisniewski CEO this is my name and title ;-), and I can say I have builder one of the most liked company in the United Arab Emirates. Every day millions of people are able to see my post in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. I’m a professional Dubai manager and I can say my experience can help you become a very successful person in your professional life. From the last 3 Years, I have managed to Start Doing coaching business internationally. My life has never been so bright and nice as other successful coaches in Dubai or London. My life was full of mistakes and bad decisions. And of course, I have lost thousands of dollars while building my Dubai City Company. But you can see online […]
April 20, 2019
How to describe a practice in a CV?

How to Get a Job in Dubai in 2020?

You even either start searching or you just got some news about Dubai jobs. And you are new for the employment market in the UAE. You should hit the biggest company first. And the best employer in Dubai is still the Emirates. Dubai City Company always provides good information. This time we provide information on how to pass Emirates Cabin Crew Open Day / Assessment + Interview ( Recruitment tips + questions) Finding employment especially in the United Arab Emirates it might take some time. You must remember that people who are hiring heading around hundreds of resumes every day. And for sure people who are actually working in the Emirates company. I don’t know too much about you. So they’ll have to check your CV your experience and […]
April 19, 2019
How I build my Business in the UAE

Why build your own business in Dubai?

How to Create a Life as a Marketing Manager? How and Why Build Business in Dubai 👳 Man With Turban Konrad Wisniewski – Dubai City Company Hire or Become Growth Marketing Manager? Hello, my name is Konrad Wisniewski. I am ready to develop your company. I will help you get customers from the Internet and Linkedin!. Who is Konrad? He is a co-founder of the Dubai City Company. Significant international companies call it the leading Growth Hacker of Internet Marketing in Dubai. The most popular social networking sites claim that it is one of the top 10 marketers in the social media. Over a million people are watching social networking sites of Konrad Wisniewski. It is known for leading Facebook and Linkedin pages. This is my company and our Aim […]