Abu Dhabi-based Erth Catering unveils new central production unit

, Abu Dhabi-based Erth Catering unveils new central production unit
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, Abu Dhabi-based Erth Catering unveils new central production unit

Erth, located in Abu Dhabi, has officially inaugurated its state-of-the-art Central Production Unit (CPU), creating a new benchmark for the region’s catering industry.

The 9,000 sqm, self-contained kitchen represents the pinnacle of professional modern cooking science. Created to operate at peak functional capacity whilst increasing efficiency by up to 50%, the team of culinary professionals can effectively source, prepare and cook up to 100,000 multi-cultural meals a day in this one of a kind facility.

With a highly qualified and diverse team of 150 chefs from over 25 countries, Erth Catering exemplifies a philosophy of accessing the best in class professional knowledge in the industry by attracting international talent whilst delivering on traditional Emirati hospitality. 

Sustainability is key to operations; the latest power-saving technology is installed, resulting in 50% reduction in carbon footprint through a 28% drop in utilities due to overall facility-wide efficiencies. The amount of leftovers produced by the CPU is also subject to strict environmental targets, with 80% of daily residue recycled along with 100% vacuum compostable waste.

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