All ‘Fortnite’ Alien Artifact Locations For Week 7

, All ‘Fortnite’ Alien Artifact Locations For Week 7
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, All ‘Fortnite’ Alien Artifact Locations For Week 7

Fortnite has just put live another batch of alien artifacts here for week 7, so you can continue souping up your Kymera skin however you see fit.

This batch is pretty spread out and all over the place, and I’d be surprised if you managed to get more than two in a single game, but you’re more than welcome to try. Here’s the map with locations marked for the alien artifacts for week 7:

To recap, we have:

  • An alien artifact inside the gate entrance to Stealthy Stronghold.
  • An alien artifact inside a radio tower building between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks.
  • An alien artifact underneath the bridge just south of the Zero Point across the river, which may be a little more difficult to reach than usual.
  • An alien artifact in the bathroom of the radar building all the way in the furthest south west point of the map by Slurpy Swamp.
  • An alien artifact in the rafters of a warehouse on the south east island camp at the bottom of the map.

That’s your supply for this week, and should be more than enough to get you a few new upgrades, in addition to artifacts you’ve grabbed from chests and such.

We are continuing to see the spread of alien influence all over the map, and allegedly we are seeing the return of the Cube and Rift Zones some time soon. All of this appears to be leading up to yet another live event with the Mothership later in the season, something that Fortnite hasn’t done for a little while now, but it used to be a staple of each season. Not sure if I’m expecting a full-on Independence Day beam of destruction, given that the aliens have seemed content to take over the land, rather than destroy it, so what their ultimate end goal is remains anyone guess.


I am guessing we will have another three weeks of alien artifact locations to farm, though perhaps we extend beyond 10. Hard to know how long a given season of Fortnite is at this point, seeing how variable they’ve been. But make sure to farm these while you can as after this, you won’t be able to keep working on your Kymera anymore.

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