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Jack is not in the box

Brian, I think you're missing a key problem with purchasing NFTs as an investment. Because each NFT is unique, the average liquidity for each NFT is extremely low. That means you might be able to sell your first few NFT purchases, but eventually you will buy an NFT that end up with 0 liquidity in a couple of years when it comes time to sell. Then your funds would be locked up indefinitely, until someone shows interest in your NFT, which may never happen.

29 days ago

Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult is where it's at. Floor has doubled in the last couple weeks. Amazing project and community.

29 days ago

Man I hope thid guy blows up and becomes a politician.

29 days ago

Plus I don't come from a wealthy family struggling financially but I'm also looking for a sponsorship to move into Canada to provide a better future for my family

Jonathon Dilworth
29 days ago

Firstly, I was involved when BTC was $3 lmao, too bad I was 14 years old. Anyway, on to real talk: NFTs are great (F-NFTs are potentially even more interesting), but we do have some issues with NFTs insofar as they (typically) take a payload that points at an IPFS endpoint. You essentially hold ownership over what is an image on a decentralised network (that you could actually lose if something goes wrong). You need to be able to store the actual piece of art (or whatever it is you want to own) into the NFT payload/metadata, such that it is ON-CHAIN. As long as you have a method to reproduce what you own digitally (e.g. storing the parameters as metadata into a native token to reproduce artwork via a generative algorithm), then I do think they hold value. To be clear, I am not a financial advisor and I would only PERSONALLY invest in a project like unsigned_algorithms on Cardano, or a similar concept; because I can see how unique, scarce, generative art or images could potentially hold value (and increase in value over time).

29 days ago

Yea the rand in my country south Africa is weak is going down I want to move away

29 days ago

Love your show

Kanesha Dennis
29 days ago

NFTs are the future. Too bad many don't see it yet, we are early to the most transitional era in history👍