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December 29, 2017
Walk in interview in Dubai
Walk in interview in Dubai ūü•á
January 1, 2018
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Automotive Jobs in Dubai ūü•á

Automotive Jobs in Dubai

Automotive Jobs in Dubai

Jobs in Dubai Automotive Opportunities

Automotive Jobs in Dubai, that is to say when you searching for a new opportunity. Our company would like to introduce to you the best companies to work for in the UAE. For this reason, have a look at our article and find out how we can help you. For candidates who have experience in the Automotive jobs industry.

Therefore if you have 3-25 years of successful experience. You have a chance to be placed as an international candidate outside your home country. Expat looking for a new employment from the Caribbean, U.S, Canada, Saudi Arabia even Asia with Malaysia and even more countries in-between. In December 2016, Dubai City Company starts recruitment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). So, it is really worth it to apply for Automotive Jobs in Dubai.

This venture with Fortune 500 companies in Dubai. Brings together two key elements of Recruitment. The automotive industry definitely transforming the marketplace. And of course is open for executives of all kind. And welcoming international candidates with UK, U.S, Asia and Middle East candidates with sales experience.

With attention to well-paid wages. Amazing bonus systems and a final destination amazing career progression opportunities. UAE especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi is not only a wonderful place to work. But an exciting and vibrant place to settle for a life with family and kids.


Automotive News Jobs and Sports Cars

As part of the rising recruitment process in the Middle East. Our Dubai City Company is partnering with some of the UAE’s largest. And best respected Automotive HR managers and hiring recruiters. The first thing to remember is that we not only partnering with other companies in Dubai. But we are currently looking for new candidates who can get jobs in an automotive industry.

We are currently recruiting for motor trade experienced managers in UAE. For example, if you have career experience as the front-line staff manager. With automotive technician experience. You can be placed on the UAE, Qatar or Saudi Arabia. However, if you searching for higher wages we can help you specifically with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Europe, U.S, and Canada experienced candidates with talent are highly rated in the GCC countries. Regarded across this area, we are trying to help experiences candidates. And delivers candidates to HR Managers of all Automotive brands.

These days is a highly competitive marketplace for every candidate. To begin we are hiring for manufacturer workers in Dubai. Also searching for performance indicators candidates. Moreover, if you have experience in finance and insurance we may get you on the board. Of course, we are looking for candidates with customer service experience. Together with manual workers for automotive engineering jobs.

Not to mention that recruiters and the dealer groups within GCC countries. Already hiring Indian and Pakistani workers. So on the other hand if you are looking for partnering with UAE companies. You should have a look what these companies can offer to you. For example, Porshe in Dubai already hired the non-Emirates staff in key management positions across their businesses. In reality, there is no excuse for you if you searching for jobs in the automotive industry.


GCC Countries and the leading Automotive Agency

The car business is rapidly growing in the UAE. At the same time, you can get benefits from it and gain the necessary experience. Honestly to be placed in a stable position in a good company. You need to have strong skills and automotive knowledge. In that case, GCC dealers and your future employers are bringing only the best candidates to their businesses.

Under those circumstances, you should start looking to partner. With leading automotive agencies in CCC countries. 2018 up to 2020 definitely become main years that bring leading companies to the table. So when you dealing with a recruiter in Dubai City. You should find their service both exceptional and well orientated. Especially for automotive sales jobs.

International talent management and motor trade executives. Consequently, bring new talent from the GCC to motor business in the UAE. You should feel free to contact top-rated automotive companies in the UAE. Upload Resume immediately to Dubai organizations for a new opportunity. You can even call them and ask them how to distinctive approach their HR manager. As a result of this career researching of recruitments for sure can help you get a new employment within car business.

GCC career how to apply for the best companies?

The opportunities in the GCC are incomparable to other countries. You can get the very active bonus every month. Moreover growing marketplace increasing your chances, of getting a senior management position. With a recognizable driving company such as Porsche or Ferrari. And on the other hand, brand new cars are available for promotion.

Every time you will be dealing with the HR manager. With one point try to impress the hiring manager as much as you can. With this in mind getting contact through the process, is a 50% of success. Try to review regular updates from HR managers. And of course search for new unique job advert in the UAE automotive organizations. Always mention that you are available to move to the UAE if you are the international candidate.

Always be active in any roles provided and pass all the interview process even over by phone. Make sure you will handle professionally every call you get from the hiring manager or recruiter. Try to be ahead of time and gather some information from the company website.

Most compelling evidence for a growing car industry is the number of employment positions. However, if you have long employment history. And strong desire to become a senior manager and leading key manager in the industry. You should drive forward and apply for the best companies. Such as Audi, Mercedes, Maserati and move your career forwards up to CEO position.

The best way to applying is following instructions below. Go through each of our companies and send your updated CV to them. Then wait for a magic to happen. The only thing stopping you to move your career to the highest level is you!.

Apply For Your New Career & Automotive Jobs in Dubai

List of the best companies and recruiters to finding a job

Apply for Automotive Jobs in Dubai 

Porsche Career in Dubai 

Dubai Porsche is one of the best companies. You can start sales consultant career, telephone operator or receptionist position. Or you can start position as Sales Consultant. Jobs in Porshe always involve marketing. Everyone one dreaming about that sports car. With Porsche, you can create an amazing career.

Automotive business creates opportunities in Dubai. And generate leads within the local market in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Porsche has an intelligence performance management team. They are all ready to help you with your career. Porsche company is much more than just an exclusive sports car manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates.

The company constantly setting new standards in the car industry. This company including one of the best sales manager and employees. If you want to build unique vehicles this company is good for you. This company always offer their employee’s something very unique. Consequently hiring new candidates and getting them to management positions.

Porsche is a fast-growing company in Dubai. On top of that, they have strong development ideas. Everyone employees do research for values and philosophy. And you should get the new job with this company. Automotive engineering jobs in UAE is a clear idea for new job seekers.

Why Porsche in Dubai City?

Dubai Porshe company allows an employee to remain true career development. The main organization principles are to meet the high demands. As has been the noted company is proud of themselves. No matter what position you are. And on what others are managing in Dubai.

Definitely, Porsche is committed to being the fastest growing company. This corporation redefining HR limits continuously in 2018. They also set new jobs in Expo 2020. As a matter of fact, the company set new standards in Dubai.

Porsche newest vehicles become quickly always something special. Porsche also expects extraordinary results from the sales team. They setting up the high sales standard when it comes to the profitability of the company. For this reason, the company trying to achieve more than the high standard. Getting a job with Porsche today and in the future is the best choice.

Under those circumstances, the company really rely on employees and managers. Generally speaking, if you working for this company. You need to always willing to go that extra mile to reach a sales target.

Apply for Automotive Jobs in Dubai – Porshe

Automotive Jobs in Dubai - Porsche Jobs in Dubai


Career Ferrari Corporation Dubai

Each of individual employee with Ferrari is the strongest asset in their business. Under those circumstances, Ferrari looking candidates who can maximize sales and profit opportunities. And managing this Italian company right.

However, if you are in management positions you can reach excellence. Ferarri is a big family brand when you working together with them you feel as a team. Not to mention prospect for new business opportunities.  You should be a person with strong communication. On top of that, you should be sharing your car business experience. And every day improving your skills together with qualifications for best results.

The company has a strong sense of recruitment structure. At the moment they are in love with the 70th Anniversary challenge. So given these points working with them make you seek continuous improvement in your career. To summarize together with good sets of skills you can daily. Run your employment success for the global expansion of Ferrari Corporation in Dubai organization.

Ferrari is the best place to work

For the most part, Ferrari is a good company to work for. Management knows the value of each employee.  Given these points, the best individual approach will help you get promoted to a management position. Company rising team performance in education and sales. So when you work for them. The only achieved deal is only when their employees feel they are in the right place, at the right time. With well-paid wages on time and the right environment to be promoted in future.

This Italian company also believes that the quality of the cars is core deal in business. Quality and Quantity of its cars cannot be separated. So good management inside company helps the people working and growing their career at the Ferrari Corporation.

That’s why the working conditions are over exceptional. And the environment inside the company is well-being for all employees. And the most important priorities are always listening. So we definitely advise you to start working in this company if you are from South Africa.

Apply for Automotive Jobs in Dubai – Ferrari

Automotive Jobs in Dubai - Ferrari

Careers in Maserati

Another brand company you should try to get a job is Maserati. Simple this company has strong Italian story. For the most part is a global icon in the car industry. In a word, elegance says all about this company. The new approach in essence to rich lifestyle. The first thing to remember you need to have solid years of sales experience. To work for Maserati in the auto industry. When you apply for a job in this company. The HR managers preferably candidates with experience in a luxury brand.

Exceptional sales and negotiation skills. And glorious heritage for the best brand making company stands out on the market. To put it another way polite manners and flexible condition with this company. Will help you to get a job. So when you apply for a position with Maserati. You should sale yourself by significantly showing that you can maximize sales and profit opportunities.

So when you working with Maserati. You need to manage new ability skills and perform in a high-pressure business, Company operates in high volume environment so this, European company car is worthy of your time. Apply for their career website and find out more about working condition with them.

Maserati has led the way in automotive business 

Can you present and demonstrate vehicles values?. If the answer is yes then Maserati is an excellent company for you. The company started operated long time ago and that was 1st December 1914. Since then company quickly become exclusive Italian car manufacturer. The first thing to remember is a company history. As an illustration of a successful company to its founder Alfieri Maserati and his brothers.

Over the time their passion for a car industry and talent on automotive business contributed to building the company core values. Senior management in the company is always saying. That innovation and excellence with new challenge build this company. Since 1914 the racing spirit builds an amazing company. So if you would like to become part of the legendary company. You need to prepare your CV and Interview at the highest level.

Apply for Automotive Jobs in Dubai – Maserati

Maserati Jobs in Dubai - Automotive Jobs in Dubai


Jobs at Mercedes-Benz Dubai

Solid Track record of successful sales experience. Generally speaking, will help you to get a job in Mercedes Benz. Company recruiting sales executives in Dubai. Mercedes at the moment has retail opportunities for you. The company motto is shaping your career like never before. So for this reason exploring career opportunities. In
general distributor and dealer network may be a wise choice. On the Mercedes website, you can browse through their current career opportunities. Under those circumstances, you can even quickly message them. And as has been noted on the website you can simply send your details to HR Mercedes Benz managers.

In the foreground, their corporate network. Simply includes thirteen automotive jobs markets. Where of course you can get a job. Mercedes Benz is a large-scale enterprise and is continually growing. Over the Middle East car dealers engineering markets. All of the Mercedes new employees are carefully selected. To begin with their amazing place and exceptional sales and negotiation team.

The Middle East automotive jobs region. Is well known for international woman expatriates. Simply because the dynamic work environment bringing jobs. In that case, the company attracts local candidates in Dubai automotive market. As well as a high number of expatriates getting a sales position in a Mercedes. To put it another way, you can start working for one of the Mercedes Benz selected partners in this region. Or you can apply for a position in Head Office.

At the same time, Mercedes-Benz will provide you. Amazing and challenging career opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. With exciting long-term career development. As a matter of fact, every new career hunter exploring the fascinating cultures of the Middle East. When they are joining this well-rated company.

Automotive Jobs in Dubai – Mercedes Benz

Jobs at Mercedes-Benz Dubai


The career in Aston Martin Dubai

In like manner, we present Aston Martin. In other words, if you are interested in working alongside the best executives. Aston Martin management team is one of the world’s most rated gentleman’s. Automotive opportunities with a respected luxury automotive brand such as Aston Martin. Will help you become CEO in the nearest future.

Another key point if you have artistic skills. You can join the Aston Martin design team. The company creates new models. And combine them with cutting-edge technology. So there is a massive option for new career hunters in Dubai. However, f you have engineering experience. You can look for meticulous craftsmanship and stunning engineering team career opportunity.

To say nothing of an executive career with an Aston Martin. You can become a manager with one of their dealerships branches. Although this may be true working with these cars every day is a true pleasure.

Above all special working environment in the United Arab Emirates. And fast-paced Aston Marin Dubai definitely rewards you with dynamic career growth. On the website, you can find current vacancies for Pakistani job seekers.

Apply for Automotive Jobs in Dubai Aston Martin

Jobs at Aston Martin - Automotive Jobs in Dubai

Jobs in Audi Dubai

There are also several vacancies with Audi in the Middle East. On the contrary, Audi in Dubai was established as a fully owned subsidiary of AUDI AG in 2005. The working environment in Audi is very good. On the negative side in Dubai. There are much more luxury brands. So when you start working with an organization. You will have a regional sales office watching your progress. But to point out the positive side with Audi. You will be based in the center of Dubai car business. And you can be promoted as a result of growing your own skills. And furthermore, you can become responsible. For the automotive Audi markets in the Middle East.

The company operate and co-ordinates all sales managers duties. Training new marketing executives and after-sales activities in the United Arab Emirates. Another key point is you can work for independent dealers in the region or in Saudi Arabia. So base on the experience your job position will be much stable.

For the purpose of helping you. In general Audi group functions inside the company such as Finance. The company serves as well as the VW division. So, for one thing, it will be much faster to sort our issues.

In the final analysis, Audi currently looking for new staff members. As has been noted if you are looking to meet new colleagues. Moreover, you would like to work on challenging tasks within a small Audi team. You should consider your career application for the following positions on their website.

Apply for Automotive Jobs in Dubai – Audi

Jobs at Audi - Automotive Jobs in Dubai


BMW Group Jobs in Dubai

After all official BMW Group. To point out they are the top importer for Dubai City. Company based in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates. Under those circumstances AGMC BMW. Generally speaking, the BMW company has entered into its 40th anniversary year in 2016. In the foreground, BMW AGMC up to the present time. The company generates great milestones and achievements in Dubai. On the other hand, the company runs business over the past four decades.

With this in mind, BMW manages in business for over 40 years. BMW AGMC has delivered premium automotive jobs vacancies in the UAE also for Indians. Jobs for sales executives in BMW makes their products and services on of the best in a market. At the same time, customers are in love with the exclusive sports cars.

BMW Group cars is a very good company. The organization established a sales team in 1976. And in reality, BMW AGMC since then has become one of the most important jobs markets providers for financial positions. And this company is licensed by BMW Group in the Middle East. On the other hand, in 2016, AGMC was fully recognized. And they get a name as the best selling dealership Internationally.

Apply for Automotive Jobs in Dubai – BMW

Automotive Jobs in Dubai - BMW


We are now recruiting for Automotive Jobs in Dubai!

Automotive Career in UAE – Jobs in Porsche and Ferrari UAE

The UAE for Automotive Jobs in Dubai

Do You Want to find a Job in Dubai? although this may be true we can help You. Simply start a new career in The UAE!. For sure you should also look at to hiring companies. Before you go, have a loo at The Dubai no.1 company and job site for recruitment in UAE. They are really worth to apply with your CV.

Upload Resume to the Fastest Growing City on Earth! РDubai City Company.

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