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Guide to Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai & Taxi Driver

Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai
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Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai

Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai. In order to become an Uber driver in Dubai. Job seekers must have a clean driving record. On the other hand, be employed by a limousine company or car service in Dubai. And meet the minimum age requirement of 21. Potential drivers must also watch a short training video. The documentation needed is a valid Dubai driving license for the United Arab Emirates and an Emirates ID or proof of residence. This allows the driver to earn money in a way that suits them.

How to Start with Uber in Dubai?

Quick Guide to Get started with Uber?

Step No.1 – Sign up online with Uber

Just to start you need only an email address and a mobile phone!. Good, now tell Uber company a bit more about yourself and your driving experience, and the company will get you started.

Step No.2 -Then Upload your ID and some information

As you suspect there is some paperwork you need to follow to continue. There are a few documents that uber company need to see before your application will be reviewed.

If you are a driver in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates:

    • You must have a valid Emirates ID
    • Valid RTA Registered Vehicle Mulkiya
  • You must have a driver profile photo and send it to Uber company.
      • Must be a forward-facing, centred photo including the driver’s full face and top of shoulders, with no sunglasses
    • Must be a photo only of the driver with no other subject in the frame, well-lit, and in focus. It cannot be a driver’s license photo or other printed photograph.

Step No.3 – Get a low engine/petrol and ready to go vehicle!

What is the best car right for you? For sure a cheap small engine vehicle. Moreover, Make sure it meets Uber requirements and standards that apply in the United Arab Emirates.

Be super smart and always remember!. That you’ll make more dirham if you keep your spending on cars maintaining at a low cost.

However, yes, you can still sign up even if you don’t have an eligible vehicle right now. Check out our Uber cars solutions.

Step No.4 – Activate your account and make Uber money!

Now, if you’ve managed to follow our guide in Dubai and finished all the above steps. You should be able to get a job in Uber in Dubai. Very soon Uber activate your account an You will be ready to activate your account most cases taking 24h up to 48h and you will definitely start making dirham.

How to become an Uber Driver in Dubai

There are many emirates jobs in Dubai. For flexibility and autonomy, Uber is probably the best choice. To get Uber jobs in Dubai, visit the Uber website. Signing up is as easy as completing the registration online. Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai some cases taking time. On the other hand, there are several hours where you will make less than minimum wages.

But you do not need to have a taxi driver licences and you can always drive for another company such as Kareem taxi in the Gulf region. So, as long as you start having some experience you will see how to make good money.

How does Uber work in Dubai?

You may wish to know how to use Uber in Dubai. Similarly to the rest of the world, to use Uber, simply download the app, search for your fare, and choose the type of Uber rides in Dubai you would like. Payment is made via the app and transferred immediately. There are three different levels of Uber in Dubai – User select is a premium service and offers luxury cars for a higher rate; Uber black which is the original Uber service; UberXL which is for large groups or simply the need for a large vehicle. This means that Uber Dubai offers a range from standard to premium travel.

Uber is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using the app, riders are able to request an Uber at any time of the day or night. The app will show the rider a picture of their driver and the details of the vehicle, ensuring the safety of both parties at all times. There is also the ability to track the driver in real time to see when they will arrive.

The average cost of a taxi in Dubai is around 44 AED (Arab Emirates Dirham) for 10 miles. With Uber, this is closer to 28 AED for the same distance. The average Uber salary in Dubai is around 30-50 AED per hour.

How to pick Uber, driver?

The Uber phone app sends your request for transport to drivers in the local area. One of these drivers then accepts the job and collects you from your destination. Due to this system, Uber is not able to match you with specific drivers. After your journey, there is the option to rate your driver by providing anonymous feedback. Uber can then use this information to make sure their service remains at the level expected. Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai it is worth it.

What is it an UberXL?

Uber having several services. One of the examples is Uber XL. This is quite separate services in Uber company.  Uber XL is an inexpensive car service that lets you drive an SUV and much larger cars than standard ones.

What is it an UberXL? It is a simple made special big brother company for uber. So as working with that company you’re will be with a bunch of people in one car that is for sure. UberXL it is simply a more spacious ride type of services that you can provide to uber customers.

You can definitely help people without burning money in the hole pocket, UberXL is the car service you can also provide. While working in Uber XL You’ll be picked up clients in an SUV or minivan. Most of those cars can fit at least 6-8 people so it is good for a party or family meeting.

Uber Xl

How is being an Uber driver?

Since its launch in August 2013, Uber in the United Arab Emirates has gone from strength to strength. Whilst information freely available online suggests that Uber are required to charge 30% more than standard taxis, other data also available online suggests that the actual fares charged by Uber are consistent with elsewhere in the world, and are cheaper than ‘normal’ taxis which is something Uber base their business model on, and are proud of.

Due to the regulation stating that Uber drivers must work for a limousine company, drivers must share their fee with their employer as well as Uber, meaning that they may not make as much as they could should this not be in place. This also means that Uber drivers are usually contracted to work as an Indian exats, and switch to Uber during slower periods. Of course, this means that Uber is not the only income they can expect, making it more lucrative for the drivers overall.

Unlike traditional taxi services, Uber drivers do not have to pay a rental price to Uber in order to work, nor are they expected to work set hours. With Uber, drivers set their own schedules and can, therefore, work as much or as little as they like.

Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai

Start Driving with Uber

Apply Here:

How to drive with Uber in the United Arab Emirates?. The Uber company is having actually a very easy way to start with their amazing services. Just sing up on their website and you can have a go!.

Uber in Dubai is a great way to be your own boss and make money on a very hard market such as the UAE. Not only you will be happy but most of the people are eligible to drive with Uber. And they are already making money with uber in Dubai. For example, Indians and Pakistani already making money by working for uber in Dubai.

In reality, you do need to know too much if you’re driving in Dubai or Abu Dhabi with Uber. And these cities are amazing places because there is almost 24h possibility to make money.


Other Companies such as Uber you should try to get a work with 

Careem Captain ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Careem Captain it is another company worth to have a look, you can work exactly as an Uber driver with Careem captain.

1. Register yourself on the website: Then complete the form at the top of the website it is very easy and apply to become a Careem Captain.

2. When you receive a phone call from their team, then you must have very basic training. After reviewing your application career captain company invites you for a training session.

3. Ride and make money in Dubai. When training is complete, you can start to earn money!.
Get started with Careem Captain today!

Careem captain

Talixo Company ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Talixo company book now your taxi in Dubai. This is what their website saying and it is definitely a true statement. With Talixo you can choose a taxi driving, economy class and business class jobs opportunities.

The good point of this company is that Talixo organisation is available in 949 cities worldwide. And that is giving you a very save start in your career as a taxi driver. What do we mean by that?. There is huge assurance that you will get your money on a time and within effective matters.

Talixo Company in Dubai

RTA Taxi  ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Well, to get a job with RTA Taxi you will need to work a little bit harder. RTA taxi it is government related company. So, working there it is quite nice and everything should be ok with wages and save jobs will be provided.

But on the other hand, getting a job with RTA taxi definitely will be quite a difficult task to achieve. But as expat guides – Dubai City Company team always encourage expats to give a call to companies and asking them for much more information.

RTA Taxi in Dubai

Taxi Corporation ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

High-Class jobs offer and best taxi services in the United Arab Emirates. Generally speaking, becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai is not the same thing as Dubai Taxi. With this firm, you will have full-time employment and in most cases amazing car to drive. The Dubai Taxi Corporation offering cars such as Tesla and Mercedes in their fleet. So, one of the points you should know: this company is top dog in a game of private travelling services.

If you are having experience in chauffeur and taxi driving. You should definitely give them a call or have a look at updated information on their websites. So far we know that company pay very good money for expats workers.

Dubai Taxi Corporation

One Road Taxi LLC

Apply Here:

One Road Taxi is Hiring in the United Arab Emirates. So, if you want to be part of our growing organisation. You should definitely talk to this firm. Management of One road taxi is looking to hire new staff executives.

The Company is always looking for new international expatriates. So, business members of all countries can work as a taxi driver in their business. However, if you are a person with passion and loyalty for helping people reach their destination on time. Please take a look at One road taxi current vacancies in Dubai City.

One Road Taxi

Safe Trans Me ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Well-positioned and super google orientated company. A lot of people are using this organisation. This company is looking forward to running a business. However, there is no way to find any career section on their website. But, generally speaking, worth to give them a call just asking if they are having some vacancies as a taxi driver.

Safe Trans Me

City Taxi AE ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

The City Taxi is a quite old company. Simple because City Taxi AE was established in the year 1983. For years of operations, the company specialized in several services such as transporting people from any place to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also abroad. The company is using a small vehicle for transportation.

Very good point for this company is that they are hiring. You can visit their website and apply directly with your CV on the website. Just visit their company or give them a call in person. Managers of City Taxi will be happy to help you to get employment as a taxi driver in Dubai.

Arabia Taxi ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Arabia Taxi is nothing to do with Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai or Abu Dhabi but we have placed this company also on our list. Because we are simply believing t will help you reach your goals of finding employment in a quite harsh job market in the UAE.

This company is a growing organisation in the UAE. At the moment they are the only company that manages to get full compliance for road transport authority in the United Arab Emirates. Arabia Taxi is a worthy company to have a look like a potential job seeker.

Arabia Taxi

Cars Taxi ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

This company not only operate in Dubai. Company it very much Arabic culture and always trying to go ahead with all rules that applying in the United Arab Emirates. Joining the organisation such as that will give you a possibility to reach much more option for your life and Arabic dreams.

Cars Taxi

Sharjah Taxi ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

A 100% Sharjah orientated taxi company. However, this firm is also operating within Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Sharjah taxi company requires taxi Drivers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But, the UAE Light driving license is a must. On the other hand, GCC Light valid license holder can apply. So, make sure you will have that in your hands.

This company pays well enough, you can earn AED. 3,000/- to AED.10,000/- per month in you are working more than 8h a day. And generally speaking, with companies such as this you can have them. Please have a look at their English website version and apply only if you are interested to work as a Taxi Driver.

Sharjah Taxi ( Dubai )

The Driver ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

The Driver company has years of experience all over the United Arab Emirates transporting. This company is providing a very innovative and unique chauffeur service to the UAE public. So, based on the description you should apply for a job with them.

A company is very similar to the uber-company in Dubai. for example, you can call the driver company. And generally speaking, they will send you a destination point. They are registered with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). So, 100% easy and save company where you can find well paid jobs offer.

The Driver Company

Tawasul Taxi ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Tawasul Taxi is a company mainly for Arabic speaking workers. However, you can find some interesting jobs offers. This company is providing standard options and you need to have a licence. You can talk to them about providing you with a new car. But with that case, you will make much less money that you can even expect. However, with your own car, it is a good company to work.


Indigo Rent a Car ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Good company to start professional driver jobs in Dubai. Indigo Rent A Car thrives on exceptional customer service. That is a fact. Indigo rent a Car company values are simple, make your customers happy and keep our employees happy. So, definitely seems like a very good company in the United Arab Emirates.

Everything Indigo company do is made for revolving around driving with customers. And for sure these objectives are the correct way to make business. Other than that Indigo rent a car company in the UAE focus on continuous improvement of Dubai taxi driving market.

Indigo Rent a Car

City 555 Luxury Transport L.L.C ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

The City 555 Luxury Transport L.L.C. Having one of the best websites. This organisation operates in 2007. And generally speaking, it’s primary activities are car luxury travel services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. People ordering their services mainly from hotel guest travel. Moreover, shopping malls and restaurants pick up in all over UAE.

The Company also co-operates with several big corporations in the UAE. So, finding employment will be a pleasure and very profitable for any expatriates from abroad or for local citizens from Emirates.

City 555 Luxury Transport

Connection Chauffeur ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Limousine, Sports Cars and amazing expensive cars. This all belongs to chauffeur company in Dubai. The company chauffeurs must be well-trained driver professional. The company takes pride in offering a truly outstanding service for its clients. So, it is really worth to give them a call or just send them an email with the job request.

This company offering a lot of services. Whether their clients need transport to Dubai Airport. Or even a business meeting in one of the Abu Dhabi hotels. Moreover, a business seminar or a well-branded restaurant, this firm helps you relax inside their limousine and will drive with you in a safe way.

Connection Chauffeur 

Private Limousine ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Another company on our list is the Private Limousine company in Dubai. The Private Limousine UAE organisation operates with a vision of Dubai. The main services have been vested developed in the last years. So, generally speaking, working with VIP companies are top-level jobs.

While working with private limousine companies. Most of the drivers will be offering exclusive chauffeured services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company provide V.I.P to its clients for more than a decade now.

Private Limousine UAE

Royal Smart Limousine ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Company with BMW Series 7 and Lexus Es350. A truly overwhelming company on the luxury travel market. Royal Smart Limousine company is a good choice to work in the luxury travel environment.

This amazing company is a member of the Rashid Al Jabri Group of Companies in a Gulf region. The company was founded in 2002 by Rashid Al Jabri. And since then they are hiring a good number of employees.

Good company to grow your career and personal experience in a luxurious travel market. This organisation is very reliable, save to work. And as well as readily available to hire much more transport workers. Of course, the companies are still growing super fast. And employs local and international expat communities.

Royal Smart Limousine

Wadi Swat Transport ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

The good company where you can have a job. Wadi Swat Transport company is not only car hire business. They are managing to get passengers and travel with them in mini busses.

Wadi transport is one of the leading bus rental businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can work with this organisation and drive the bus or minivans. But this company hire expats in the UAE.  So, if you are looking for bus rental companies in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can apply for work with this company.

Wadi Swat

Limo Car Rental ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Limo car rental company with high-class services. The company hires expatriates in Dubai. You will be having Lexus-Toyota and much more!. This company is a very interested firm that you would give them a call. The best way is just simply asking them about vacancies and get them as fast as you can.

Limo UAE

Orange Auto ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Google maps love orange auto company. You can check yourself reviews about orange auto in their google my business profile. A company generally speaking is moving very well in the UAE. Transportation companies such as this are good competitors to Uber in the United Arab Emirates. They are not a typical car hire business but still worth to apply for a job.

Orange Auto

Don’t forget about Uber Eats ( Dubai )

Apply Here:

Uber Eats it a separate part of Uber Driver jobs in Dubai. You can work for chains of restaurants for example Mc.Donald’s or Pizza Hut and deliver food to hungry people while you will make good money.

To get this kind of work you do not need to have a driving licence!. Because you can do that on a small motorbike or even on a bicycle and you will get definitely fit after a few months of work there!. So, it is another smart way to Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai.

Uber Eats Dubai

Ola Car Rental ( International )

Apply Here:

Ola is a car rental application and now a huge business. The company believe that the innovation of the travel market is quite important. Ola car rental employee embodies Ola’s larger goals and values. Especially the company is managing good business in U.K and India. Ola car rental encourages all of its employees to practice the utmost creative travel business.

As one of the world’s largest ride-sharing companies in private travel industry. Ola car rental takes pride in being an entrepreneurial, experimental and innovative business around the globe!.

Ola Cab

GoCatch ( International )

Apply Here:

The GoCatch company is Australia’s premium taxi-driving service. With this company, it is several options that you can drive your car. For example economy driver as well as taxi network driver or even premium driver. However, this company also offering a good partnership. If you are having your own fleet you can rent them out your employees and cars.

GoCatch company website features the largest fleet of registered taxi drivers with metered taxis in Australia. The company is really worth it to get employment. So, if you are looking for a kind of jobs in Uber Internationally. You should definitely apply to Go Catch website in Australia.


Kapten Drivers ( International )

Apply Here:

Kapten company operates so far in a few countries. For example, you can find them in France Paris, Lyon and Cannes. Moreover, Sunshine Portugal in Lisbon and Switzerland in Geneva. This company is operating in a very competitive market.

Their drivers are professionally trained and guided. To provide the best customers services for professional executives. While working with this company the customer service become the main point for your careers.
A local, reactive and multi-channel customer service.

Kapten Drivers

Gett Taxi ( International )

Apply Here:

Gett Taxi is a growing company and the main market for them is Israel, Russia, United Kingdom and New York. However, this company is not limited to these locations, because they are looking to grow in the future. So, you should definitely manage to apply on their career website section and have a look did they updated any new localisation, for example, Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Gett Taxi

Cabify ( International )

Apply Here:

Drive with Cabify. Super popular company around the world!.
This company is the first choice for fares, number one for safety. And very popular company who is hiring expatriates. You can help ride with people to the airport or to a work meeting and make money on the side.

Making money in this business is generally speaking helping people to get to work or back home. Cabify business is for employees, clients or candidates. Anyone is able to apply and make money.

Working at the Cabify employees are well know that businesses travel for many different reasons and making company at that level it will be just advantaged for yourself.

Drive with Cabify

Ingogo ( International )

Apply Here:

Ingogo it is able to manage for you smart card processing terminals that help you gather and exclusive bookings up to 48 hours ahead so you can plan your day on the spot. You can have repeat orders from business managers and as well as from corporate clients who pay much more money.

The company is from Australia and most of the call centre with real people to help are there for you. So, you should consider Ingogo company and start
supporting locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. We are having hope you will like their services.


iTaxi ( International )

Apply Here:

This company is a polish most popular company for drivers. You can definitely find a good company in Poland as now the economy is booming. iTaxi is free and easy to use a mobile application in Poland. And this company lets you work for them in Poland. However, you must speak the English language.

The iTaxi company is the most popular brand in Poland and operating in all main polish cities gives Krakow and Warsaw where most of the people are familiar with foreigners and English language.

This company is the only company that will give you the care to use and you will make money with this way. The iTaxi connects users only with trusted and verified drivers in a polish transportation market. So you can keep calm and do your thing while reaching the destination point. Making money in Poland and send that to your family abroad.


Drive with Lyft ( International )

Apply Here:

Lyft is an American company and very popular in the United States and Canada. However, it is not limited that this company will not move to the Middle East.

Lyft it is having a very good system for their drivers and definitely, it is a good organisation to work when they move to Dubai City. So far we know that lyft company is looking to move to the UAE but the company hasn’t confirmed the exact date.

Lyft freedom in everything in everything you do, allowing your job to be nice and comfortable. Making ground-breaking ideas and start innovation and steady advancement income in the U.S and Canada makes you a good person that for sure.

Lyft Dubai

LeCab Taxi ( International )

Apply Here:

Lecab Taxi it is a France company like Uber in Dubai. A LeCab company is the leading Parisian private driver service only for people who may live in actually only in Paris. Therefore, LeCab created a service that every Paris person love to use: comfortable, reliable and affordable.

This company was founded in 2012 and since then the company was created on a few simple ideas that helping people use services such as taxi and uber. LeCab gives Paris an alternative to taxis and personal cars. And growing extensionally also in the English language.

Le Cab

BiTaksi ( International )

Apply Here:

Very easy to ride, Bi Taksi it is a company of the future development. This company is the best taxi service in Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey. No matter where you are you can apply or even come to Turkey and make money with BiTaksi.

With a company such as this, generally speaking, you can request much more information and watch it arrive real-email with jobs offer. And your customers are able to pay by credit card or cash. The company also taking disabled customers so, you will be able to make much more money.


Didi Taxi ( International )

Apply Here:

Didi operates in several countries, Australia, Brazil, China as well as Japan and Mexico. So, this is worth an organisation to have a look. They are looking for experienced managers, university graduates and Interns.

Didi taxi is a good transportation company for expats. You should have a look at their vacancies because there is a lot of interested jobs offers.

Didi Taxi

Get ( International )

Apply Here:

This company currently moving their office to start operates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So, definitely, you should have a look on their website. We are having hope that this company will be available in Dubai very soon, so keep your application opened with

The company will be very similar such as Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai you will just pick up the message and deliver goods or physical person to a chosen destination.

Get transfer employees to understand the value of being output-focused, hardworking and passionate about private travel business. So, Get helps you definitely work towards achieving the core vision and build mobility for a billion people.

Easy Taxi ( International )

Apply Here:

Easy Taxi is much more Columbia, Argentina and Mexico company related application. However, it is worth to have a look at their pages. Simply this company can open an office in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in following years and move to the Middle East market.

Have a look at their options, who knows they may have some jobs for experienced workers around the globe. And you may even be interested to start working abroad for Easy Taxi.

Easy Taxi

Grab Taxi ( International )

Apply Here:

A Good company! Grab car hire organisation is more than just the leading ride-order application in Southeast Asia. The company is a multinational business with huge investments. The company using the latest data system and most advanced technology to improve everything from transportation to payments and logistics across Southeast Asia.

Grab company is working closely with government projects and systems. As well as their drivers, passengers and charities are happy. All seems to be in good shape to happily work in this company.

Grab taxi aim to unlock the true potential of the Asia region by helping people Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai ( kind of ) type a job.

They are solving the problems that manage overpopulation progress. If you share company vision of Driving Southeast Asia Forward, apply to join their team today.

Grab Taxi

Taxify Company ( International )

Apply Here:

Taxify is a second company just after a uber. Taxify company it is a very good competitor for Uber. Generally speaking, a lot of people actually using this company around the globe. If we taking this organizer and we will compare that to Uber company. Definitely will get a very good growing organization where you can also get a job in the United Arab Emirates. At the Moment this Company is having More Than Two-Handed localization.

Another smart idea of this Company that the action not using any Credit Card If you don’t have with you any payment options that you can generally speak, still continue to drive and pay that money later. So if we compare this company to other taxis companies we will say this is definitely a good place to start working with.
This company is based on the European Union countries in Estonia they’re having their head office there. But if we take them they are working internationally in India United States of America Canada and a lot of countries in the European Union. So if you are looking for jobs abroad this company is definitely a smart way to get employment.

Taxify Dubai

Before You Go? – Demerit Points in Dubai!

In Dubai, demerit points are marks on your Dubai driving license from offences committed whilst driving. If you are thinking about becoming an Uber driver, you will need to consider how to check how many demerit points you have. This can be done by checking your documentation or contacting the Roads & Transport Authority who issue driving licenses. Becoming an Uber Driver in Dubai with our company is much easier.

So, if you are looking for a good job site. Because even to find a driver opportunity. You should check a local jobs board. And from there find a perfect job for drivers. Good luck.

Hope you will find Driver jobs in Dubai

However, we are now recruiting for Driver Job in the UAE

Find a Job in Dubai with our company surprisingly you can find that dream employment in a fast way by uploading a resume to our company.

Simply upload the resume here and start a new Driver Job in Dubai.

Upload Resume to the Fastest Growing City on Earth! – Dubai City Company.

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Dubai City Company now providing good guides for Jobs in Dubai. Our team decided to add information for each language for our Dubai expats. So, with this in mind, you can now get guides, tips and employment in the United Arab Emirates with your own language. 

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