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June 20, 2019
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12 common mistakes passengers shouldn’t make whilst on the Dubai Metro
June 20, 2019
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Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019

Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019

Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019

Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019

Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019
Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019

(Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/dubai-cityscape-city-architecture-2369948/)

Many people love to travel to Dubai because of the many attractions and sites. Many return to experience unique places and activities. There are numerous sites and things to do that you cannot experience all of them during a single visit. There are theme parks, monuments, unique architecture, malls, and fun activities.

Tips for Visiting Different Places

There are so many travel attractions in Dubai, and to make your experience enjoyable and comfortable, ensure that you choose the best hotels in Dubai. This will enable you to easily visit different sites.

Remember that the climate can be harsh, so wear a hat, sunscreen, and light but decent clothes. When visiting mosques ensure that you follow the rules and wear appropriate attire. Don’t forget to ask for permission before taking any photographs in certain locations.

Top Places to Visit

Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019
Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019

(Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/dubai-aquarium-fish-food-burj-248412/)

Whether you love architecture, food, books, adventure, or shopping, there are numerous travel attractions in Dubai to satisfy you. We have outlined the best places to visit below.

Burj Khalifa

When you plan your trip to Dubai, you have to visit the tallest building and the world’s tallest standing structure. You not only get to see the building in its glory, but you also get to observe the surrounding from the 2 observing decks. Here, you can have a beautiful view of the city between the desert and the sea. The telescopes on the 124th floor enable you to observe distant objects. If you are a photographer, visiting Burj Khalifa at night will enable you to capture unique moments because of the beautiful city lights.

Dubai Aquarium

One of the top travel attractions in Dubai is this aquarium and underwater zoo. If you love fish and marine life, this is the place to visit. The underwater zoo has a transparent tunnel, which enables you to watch aquatic animals as they navigate through the water. You can even have fun by riding on the glass-bottom boat, shark diving, and snorkeling.

Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is the largest mall in the city, and it provides the entryways for both the Dubai aquarium as well as Burj Khalifa. What puts this mall on top of the travel attractions in Dubai is the endless fun and activities.

You not only get to shop but you can engage in ice-skating, go gaming, or watch movies at the cinema. There are numerous places to eat different cuisines, whether local or foreign. Whichever time you decide to visit, there is always an event taking place in Dubai Mall.

VR Park

If you are a tech person, then VR Park is the place to experience virtual reality. This is an opportunity for you to experience real life simulated thriller situations. You can do activities that you are scared to do in real life because you won’t get hurt. For gamers, this is the ideal place to visit because you are transported into the game. However, you have to be healthy and of a certain age to play.

Dubai Creek

This is a saltwater brook that has helped Dubai in its trading activities over the years. Dubai Creek should be on top of your travel attractions in Dubai. You get to travel through the city experiencing breathtaking views. You also get to see the Deira and Bur Dubai Villages, which are known for their exceptional spice, textile, and gold souqs.

Dubai Museum

This museum was built to protect the Dubai Creek. The unique architecture makes this place an excellent site to visit. The walls are constructed from coral blocks, which are joined with lime. The ceiling is made from palm leaves and branches, plaster and mud while the top floor is made of wooden poles.

Dubai Museum has a rich history; it was once the home of the ruling family, a prison, and garrison. You can learn about the expansion of the region from the maps present at the entrance. There is an exhibition of traditional boats on the courtyard as well as a wind tower. The right side hall has weapons, while the left one displays traditional musical instruments.

The ground floor features numerous display halls, which showcase different exhibits and representations of traditional lives of the people. You can also view various artifacts as well as graves dating over 3000 years.

When planning a trip to Dubai, there are numerous places to visit that you cannot exhaust all the sites. Whether you love food, adventure, shopping, sigh-seeing, or hiking, there is something for you. There are also travel attractions in Dubai for solo travelers as well as families. Even if you are on a business trip, you won’t fail to notice something that captivates you. The presence of a variety of unique sites and activities makes tourist flock in the city and also return numerous times. Next time you visit Dubai; don’t forget to check out one of these sites.

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