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May 9, 2019
Road Safety

Dubai & Road Safety?

Dubai & Road Safety? Dubai & Road Safety – An Opportunity for Change and World Leadership in Driver Safety Training. Although I have never visited Dubai, I understand it can be a wonderful experience, however, the very nature of its expansion and development in such a relatively short space of time has also led to more and more road vehicles, perhaps driven by a new local generation and also an increase in a multi-national workforce mixed with visitors. I am unaware of the current basic driving school training, assessment and testing requirements in Dubai but I suspect at best it may only conform with similar requirements to the EU which themselves could benefit from improvement. While that may be similar, perhaps, with such a multi-national mix, large and fast cars, […]
May 9, 2019
Become Blogger With Dubai City Company in the UAE!

Become Blogger With Dubai City Company!

Get Your First 100% Free Blog Post Here! Are you a Content Writer? Become Blogger With Dubai City Company! Do you have a pictures from Dubai?. Amazing Story that you would like to post on our website?. Or even you would like to writer article about your trip to Dubai. Our company is looking forward to hear from you!. Become Blogger With Dubai City Company! Please Help us and Promote Your Brand the UAE! Do you love Dubai? 🔥 Dubai Blog on Fire! Would you be so kind and write an article for us about Dubai City?👳 We will post it 100% Free! Are you able to help job seekers and other expats from all over the world? Write your personal experience of visiting Dubai. If you have travelled to […]
May 9, 2019
Dream Big! Dream Dubai!

Dream Big! Dream Dubai!!

Dream Big! Dream Dubai!! Dubai, Land of Opportunity, Land of Great Leaders, Land of Diversity, Land of discipline, Land of Innovation, Land of constant change, Land of fun and happiness, Land of peace, Land of love and care, Land of Equality,  I can go on…… They say “my heart lies there”, but for me “my Soul lies there”. My journey to Dubai was unexpected and not dreamt of. It happened like a magic at the time I was badly in need to a job and income, and I was the most fortunate to work with great Organizations like Jumeirah International and Al Ghurair Investment, the landmark and hallmarks of Dubai. I couldn’t be more blessed. The land showed me what is happiness, after leaving a life of stress all through […]
May 8, 2019
All About Offshore Business Setup in UAE

All About Offshore Business Setup in UAE

All About Offshore Business Setup in UAE Offshore businesses are formed for the purpose of operating outside the country where it is registered. An offshore business can be located in a country with high tax rate or one with low or zero tax. Some countries, especially those in the United Arab Emirates, have very few corporate regulations and moderate management costs – this makes them desirable to people who would want to set up offshore businesses. According to the law, an offshore business should have an agent who acts as the link between the government and the business. Many people start offshore businesses because of low taxes, freedom from state regulations, the ease of making international transactions, and multi-currency funding of accounts out of the country. Regulations for Offshore Business […]
April 28, 2019
Call Center jobs in Dubai

Call Center jobs in Dubai

How to get call centre jobs in Dubai? Call center jobs in Dubai the United Arab Emirates are one of the greatest employment. Can find a very good for you while working in organizations such as call centre companies. Of course this kind of job it is not easy to manage and of course, it’s taking a lot of efforts from their employees. But in reality, this kind of employment can be done not only in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can be actually don’t mean any place in the world. Our organization is writing this article just to show you the way to get this kind of employment. We are generally speaking placing every good for a valuable guide for Poland workers and people who are actually living in the […]
April 26, 2019
Why We are charging for CV Uploading to Dubai

Why We are charging for CV Uploading to Dubai?

Why We are charging for CV Uploading to Dubai? Why We are charging for CV Uploading to Dubai?So many people asking our team why we are charging for uploading resume to Dubai?. And the other question is if it’s worth it to upload a CV to Dubai City Company. Definitely, If you are Looking to achieve Success in your life is the friendly way a Dubai City Company. A good Way of finding New employment in the UAE. Other companies are working with us to provide the workforce in the UAE. We are having our own costs and we have to follow some rules which there are not actually cheap in the United Arab Emirates. This is why we are charging people extra money that only for $4.99 just to […]
April 26, 2019
Find work in UAE with


FIND YOUR DREAM JOB IN UAE WITH The UAE is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it has managed to increase its economy by several dozen times for the last 50 years, At the early stages of its history most of the profits were received from sales of petroleum products, but now trade and small business take precedence, mostly in free economic zones. This greatly influenced the structure of the labour market and job vacancies in the UAE. The country’s population is mostly formed by expats who came to the country looking for jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other cities. About 85% of the people of the UAE are the citizens of other countries. Foreigners are assigned an essential role in economic development for the next […]
April 23, 2019
Dubai City Company Login

Gulf and Dubai 2020

Gulf and Dubai 2020 Jobs in Dubai 2020 with Dubai City Company. We are giving a helping hand to expats in the Gulf region. Now jobs in Dubai can be found with our recruitment company in the UAE. We provide a lot of free services in Emirates. The first thing to remember is free of charge for anyone to add details to our company. Because we are placing job seekers from abroad for Middle East jobs. We are always helping job seekers to start a new career in Dubai. Moreover, our company is operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Providing top rated services in the recruitment market. On the other hand, our Dubai job website helps more than 1 Million visitors already all over the world. Because getting a job in […]
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