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May 26, 2019
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My time at Dubai
May 27, 2019
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Bollywood Park & Resorts

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Visiting a theme park dedicated to Bollywood, in Dubai: Bollywood Parks & Resorts

Why you should visit Bollywood Parks in Dubai?

Bollywood Park & Resorts in Dubai, Think India and you think of songs, celebrations & vibrant colors. So when you think of bollywood, there’s lots of masala, no bollywood is complete without a mix of emotions drama thrill the dances and songs are cherry on the cake, some of them are so peppy that you can not stop your feet from tapping and grooving to the rhythms & beats.

I am going to talk about my experience I had at bollywood parks and resorts this week. It was a fun filled day in one word “Dhamakedar” (mind-blowing, splendid) as they call in bollywood.

You will be awestruck from the moment you enter into Riverland, main entry for all the five parks and resorts over there and you will see cultures coming to life in this place. There is soothing music all along, even during summers you will not feel hot wind gushing through, you’ll feel this place has some kind of open Air Conditioning system instead and that’s delightful…

Visiting a theme park dedicated to Bollywood, in Dubai: Bollywood Parks & Resorts
Bollywood Park & Resorts

Bollywood the jaw-dropping beauty!

Coming over to the entry of Bollywood parks, there’s jaw-dropping beauty in first glance, (check out my instagram for that). There’s a huge peacock glass painting which symbolizes India. Stepping inside, there are two massive elephants shaped pillars adorned with colourful motifs, leading into a Jumbo Cafe, unbelievable right?

Bollywood Park & Resorts
Bollywood Park & Resorts

Once here, you’ll relate to the Indian way of living, where you have colors for every celebration, songs for every emotion, dance forms for every mood & glamour throughout the route.

Infact, if you haven’t visited this place because of the pricing, please have no qualms, buy your tickets & go Explore!!! The Dabang themed stunt show is a total paisa wasool, you’ll recall whole movie there… in the Sholay themed theatre, there’s a fun ride which will remind you of your school days Video game arcades.

I was a part of living the magic of movie making, that too one of my favourites, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, infact I was so amazed to know how all the special effects, sound effects are done in movies, that I pushed my husband for the role play experience 😅. (There is a video in my profile). On the way, you’ll find the Victoria station, which is a cafe themed like Mumbai VT and Aamchi Mumbai ki local train.

Then we moved into the rollercoaster simulator ride with the nostalgic feeling of Lagaan, the best of these rides were in Krishh…where you fall down from cliffs, feel that you’re being pulled down by cyclone & torrential winds in the Simulated ride.

Bollywood Park & Resorts
Bollywood Park & Resorts

Bollywood in Dubai having live performances!

Coming to the live performances, the most Spectacular one was Dabangg of course, followed by a non stop dance on theme of Dream Girls of bollywood. There were various kinds of Dhol performances from different parts of India and it was mind boggling! Due to mild hot weather these all were done inside the Rajmahal, otherwise all these dance and sound shows happen in the Bollywood Boulevard.

We ended our day with the Iftar buffet at the Mughl-e-azam cafe and the place was remarkably beautiful.

We ended our day with the Iftar buffet at the Mughl-e-azam cafe and the place was remarkably beautiful.
Bollywood Park & Resorts
Bollywood Park & Resorts
Bollywood Park & Resorts

Experience: 5/5

Cost: Package start AED 89 onwards, Rides are for AED 10, there are various offers available on their website from time to time.

Ambience: 5/5

Rides: 4.5/5

Suggestions for the trip:
  • Wear comfortable clothes & shoes
  • Carry sun screen, hats & sun glasses
  • You can book your tickets online to avoid queue or in case of confusion, ticket are also sold on the counter.

To get a video tour and review, visit my Instagram profile in the link below

Visiting a theme park dedicated to Bollywood, in Dubai: Bollywood Parks & Resorts
Bollywood Park & Resorts

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