On this episode we’ll be discussing Disney’s Golden Recollections NFT drop taking place on a regular basis, between November 7-12. We’ll be breaking down the NFTs and discussing our technique for buying probably a few of the most dear NFTs in historical past.


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Music is by NineFinger
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Daddy Daughter Disaster Preparedness

Unfortunately, there was no better chance of getting any of those unless you're one of the cheaters that lands multiples using bots. Infuriating 😡👎

Blue Coded
16 days ago

Just found out about this channel , great content!! I just grabbed a partners statue which I'm holding foreverrrr

16 days ago

Wall-E NFT is the most ironic thing ever this is a joke right

16 days ago

Purchased a partner statue at 6.5k gems. I’m long term holding though. I only put $200 usd into the app and built up to 20k+ gems. So it’s not a huge investment for me.

Alex Heffron
16 days ago

Been missing my comic and crypto fill. Need to know if I’m suppose to hodl or sell this green goblin drop or not 🥲

Business Financial Network


Roland Lao
16 days ago

So what do you think about the prices now?

16 days ago

Walt & Mickey is an Ultra Rare and already cost over $5,000.00 as of 11/14/21

Kunal Nadkarni
16 days ago

Veve made it super hard to get them so many app issues

Kerrigan Clark
16 days ago

Holding my partner statue. Definitely feeling lucky

Frosteria Franceia
16 days ago

Happy with my Queen Elsa and R2D2 🍀✨❄️💙⭕️

Elliot Young
16 days ago

First time listener but already a fan. Good show guys keep it goin👍

Jimmy Graves
16 days ago

They all sold out in less than a second

Esiason Rodriguez
16 days ago

So do they get bought for $60 then resold for like $300 or is it an auction basis starts at $60 then goes up in a bid format ?

Big C⭕llectables
16 days ago

I would like to gift you a few NFT'S (Gas Free) so you can keep and give away on your channel. I also am having a huge collectable giveaway. If Interested in a collaboration and or free NFT'S for you audience please hit me up! This I a video of the NFT'S I made: 
Veve: https://youtu.be/pWjDRlZn0lo 
Opensea: https://youtu.be/JcFvOrxAoiA 
If not interested I completely understand and I will continue to enjoy your content.

Ferdi van Erkelens
16 days ago

Do you already have to buy gems in the app to purchase a nft?

Reza Hajializadeh
16 days ago

How can I sell them for real money?

16 days ago

I don’t understand it says list price is 60? What do you mean floor prices as like 300?

Dedekind Music
16 days ago

Disney Competition Maybe's NFTs launching today

16 days ago

I’m new to this. I just purchased a pizza delivery truck, can someone explain to me what potential this has long term with price.

Max Mustermann
16 days ago

how can you sell the nfts and how to cash out the coins?

Khush Parikh
16 days ago

How many boxes can I get? If I put in 1200 dollars, can I get 20?

16 days ago

How much do you think the marvel golden moments will be worth?

Jonathan Yara
16 days ago

Where do we buy them and how much is it?

Daniel Tascu
16 days ago

does anybody knows when we ll be able to cash out from the app?

Theo Mayhew
16 days ago

Great video but when it comes to selling them back into cash how will you do it?

Hayden Long
16 days ago

Can you sell them?

wiley sayers
16 days ago

What does blind box mean

Bob Bob
16 days ago

If you took this advice you'd be pissed right now. Homer was selling for 190 before Elsa dropped, now it's at 400 in the space of 10 hours. You snooze you lose. I do like the channel though

NST Dreams
16 days ago

Disney owns fox, that’s all they mean by it but yup same page!

David Reyero
16 days ago

I proudly own the first Simpson ❤️ holding long term

Guile Gadel
16 days ago

HAHAHA i loved the ending line ** F*ck the moon, let´s go to DisneyWorld**

arman mehakovic
16 days ago

love this program, you gonna be famous soon guys, when mass adoption, stay consistence that is key

NFT Pirates ⭕️ 🏴‍☠️

Amazing video like always!

16 days ago

LOVE BLIND BOX. All drops should be that for now on.

16 days ago

It is the first disney because its part of the collection