Burger, Fries, and Everything Nice: Pleo

, Burger, Fries, and Everything Nice: Pleo
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, Burger, Fries, and Everything Nice: Pleo

Intimately tucked away in the Al Nahda neighborhood, Pleo is a small yet cozy burger joint with limited seating.

From the moment you walk in, you can feel the intimacy in your dining experience, where you can watch your food being prepared from over the counter. We ordered BBQ Chique Bites alongside french fries and sweet potato fries for appetizers, and we were not disappointed. , Burger, Fries, and Everything Nice: Pleo

The chicken bites were nicely seasoned, topped with just the right amount of sauce, and garnished with herbs that gave the dish more color and added a nuanced freshness. First of all, if you are a lover of literary puns you are going to love the names of their dishes. We ordered their signature burgers, namely the Pleonasm, Alpha chicken, and Hell’s Chicken. , Burger, Fries, and Everything Nice: Pleo

The Pleonasm consists of a mature wagyu beef patty with Pleo sauce, vino-infused confit onion, cheddar, and homemade pickles in a pretzel bun. The ingredients go very well together; however, the meat was slightly underseasoned, leaving the flavors in the burger rather unbalanced. , Burger, Fries, and Everything Nice: Pleo

The Hell’s Chicken, as its name suggests, truly makes you feel the burn. Warning! This burger is not for those who do not prefer spice. Incorporating a strong red chile flavor within the breading while additionally peppering on top, giving you a lingering sensation on your tongue. Once again this burger is not for the faint-hearted as it packs a punch.

Finally, the Alpha chicken. We will admit that this one was our favorite. Crispy fried chicken, smoked mayo sauce, cheddar, Le French Slaw & homemade pickles in a pretzel bun combined in perfect harmony. A classic chicken burger that will surely satisfy your cravings. , Burger, Fries, and Everything Nice: Pleo

For dessert, we had their only option, which was the Ice Cream Sando. It consists of vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce in deep-fried brioche sliders. The toffee sauce lingers in your mouth and is slowly washed away by the vanilla ice cream for a great balance of flavors. Although a slight mess was made, it was definitely worth it.

Overall, Pleo is a small yet intimate burger joint with excellent service that will make you feel like you’re at a local burger joint in the midst of New York. , Burger, Fries, and Everything Nice: Pleo

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