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Why We are charging for CV Uploading to Dubai?
April 26, 2019
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All About Offshore Business Setup in UAE
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Call Center jobs in Dubai

Call Center jobs in Dubai

How to get call centre jobs in Dubai?

Call center jobs in Dubai the United Arab Emirates are one of the greatest employment. Can find a very good for you while working in organizations such as call centre companies. Of course this kind of job it is not easy to manage and of course, it’s taking a lot of efforts from their employees. But in reality, this kind of employment can be done not only in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can be actually don’t mean any place in the world.

Our organization is writing this article just to show you the way to get this kind of employment. We are generally speaking placing every good for a valuable guide for Poland workers and people who are actually living in the United Arab Arab Emirates.

How to get call centre jobs in Dubai?

Call Center Jobs in Dubai?

Below you would find at completely of call centre firms where you can apply and get a job. In some cases yes, of course, they will be hard to upload your CV but will put it an option to contact them. So you will be heading a very good way to come back there much faster than the standard way. Call center jobs in Dubai are 100% worth to go to the UAE.

Services that Call Centre Companies Offering in Dubai

Most of the call centre companies are back-office operative organizations. And more than 80% of them runs as advanced customer interaction companies.

These days much more firms become international and topped with features such as extensive computer-telephony integration. And social media marketing and advertisement operatives related firms.

This allowing firms to adopt customer databases into their customer’s relationship management system. Especially if we are talking about the United Arab Emirates companies. They are love to develop a project according to the frameworks and launch projects in Dubai. And partners companies looking to achieve that within a short timeframe.

On the other hand, call centre jobs are enabled customer interaction facility on the highest possible levels. And companies such as customer cold calling firms are now able to deliver a range of solutions for their customers. Mostly designed to meet the Abu Dhabi or Dubai corporations needs of modern day businesses.

Call Center jobs in Dubai

Cold Calling and Call Centre firms including the following jobs vacancies:

With our comprehensive customer interaction solutions, businesses can measure the performance of their processes, provide customer assistance, perform outreach, and gather data for operational improvement, without allocating the commensurate resources.

TeleServices.ae company in Dubai

Email: contact@teleservices.ae

Call Center jobs in Dubai

The first company on our late it is at Dallas Services Company in Dubai. This organization is one of the most reputable and mostly known by Arabic people in Dubai City.

While working with companies in Dubai. The Size it matters will help you to get promoted much faster. So, we strongly encourage you to upload your resume to this company. And give them a chance to interview you in Dubai or any place in the Gulf region.

They are not heading at any point to carrier section on their website. But what do you can actually do to get work there is to contact them in person. Send them quick info on a contact section. And this is the way you can get employment by sending them details in direct to the firm. And in Dubai that is actually sometimes worth a giving chance. Most of the big companies are calling back to their people who are sending direct resumes on a contact section.

Contact Centre Back office

Email: Enquiry-ContactCenter@backofficeme.com

Call Center jobs in Dubai

It is a second size organization according to Google. And this company is actually providing very good services and very extended services for its clients in Dubai. However, this company do not head at the employment section on their website. But as used to you can send them quick information about your resume and your experience.

So you would have a good chance of getting a job with them and of course your chance of talking with the human resources department with the biggest brand such as this company.

Call center Jobs in Dubai are a great way to make money!

And eat you are having previously experienced in telophase or even cold calling services. There was definitely should give you a callback and of course this way it will help you to get call centre jobs in Dubai.

City Services Consultancy


Call Centre Safety Services Company has been funded in the United Arab Emirates and starts operation in 2006 as a leading company. This company is at one of the greatest inventions of cold calling firms in Dubai.

However this company is has managed to get their employment section on the front of the website in the top corner for job seekers. Generally speaking this company it is based on quite a busy place in Dubai. They are having over 20 reviews which are more than enough. For example, four-star reviews and you can call them to send your CV. And at any point, you can contact them to a person get employment with them.

Call Center jobs in Dubai

Data Direct Groups of Companies

Email: info@datadirect.ae

This company is heavy over 500 employees a lot of work station about for hundreds of them and you can really get a job with them. On top of that, this organization is running in over four countries in the Middle East searches Dubai Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And did this company would increase essays in any place in the world.

So definitely have a look at the reviews online and on top of that manager says to check their services. And tried to contact their human resources department with your updated resume. And you will definitely get interesting jobs offers. Or at least you will get introduced yourself to the company that is hiring in Dubai.

Call Center jobs in Dubai

Emirates DOZ Contact Center

Call Center jobs in Dubai

Emirates is another good company to work in the Gulf Region. They are having a call centre jobs in Dubai the United Arab Emirates. You should definitely have a look at their website.

This company is will be at the end of our list because getting employment with them to take time. The Emirates company is hiring expats ocasionally but in most of the cases, you need to have a visa in your hand to have employment with them.

This is why Dubai city company offering Emirates company to our own clients in the UAE. This company for sure it will allow you to get more information about this call centre jobs in Dubai the United Arab Emirates.

Raya Contact Center

Careers Email: cv@rayacc.com

A company with over 3 branches all over the globe. They are having an office in Warsaw – Poland, Dubai, UAE and Cairo, Egypt.

This company one of the greatest companies in the Middle East Market. And operate only the highest level. You should have a look at their website and apply with your updated CV or give them a point of view about your experience and wait for magic happens.

Like we said it is worth it sometimes to just pop in and drop to your TV experience to the potential company because of most of the companies that we over a hundred people in their fields. So you should definitely move your ass app and try to get much more information, for example, selling cryptocurrency.

Ingres Call Center Company

Contact: http://integres.net/contact/

Not so popular organization in social media not even popular on Google quite good employees. This company is a growing the organization and definitely, you will find yourself a very valuable person to this company if you having experience in the sales department.

Please contact this company indirectly and try to get deer eyes on your CV. Definitely, you should manage yourself to more information about Management in this company you can find them unlink it in or on Facebook unlink it in or on Facebook. Try to heat directly there a human resources department and offer your services to them there might be able to help you to get a new job in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Ziwo just give them a call

Contact: https://www.ziwo.io/careers/

Ziwo company is operating in several countries Europe, Middle East and Asia. Definitely, one of France and UAE top companies to work as an executive manager. Where you can start your employment and become a successful person in the sales and cold calling setting environment.

For sure you should consider this organization as one of the top rated companies to getting their employees. This Company hiring thousands of employees all over the world and at the moment they’re looking for It and sales executive person.

So you should consider your application your resume with your updated motivation application form or just give them a call because they’re actually hiring in Dubai.

This organization is on our list of one of the best companies to work with. They are actually hiring non-experienced workers as well as managers and senior managers. So you are the executive can get that job very nice company where you can increase your career Development to the Hyatt International level. 

And as a student, you can also give them a call because they’re actually looking for students and people with no experience. They would train you and help you become a good person while you’ll be calling to the customers call calling them and of course you will have a chance to increase your future value inside a company.

Concentrix Global Company

Contact: https://careers.concentrix.com/careers?&lang=en-us

Infinite possibilities This company is an international organization for management opportunities. So if you are having good years of experience behind your back. You will definitely get something from this company. They are not actually hiring in the United Arab Emirates at the moment. However, they are more like an international corporation. So it will be worth it in terms of international career development.

If we would have a company to choose definitely this organization it will be one of the smartest movement in your life. So have a look at there on the website. Apply with your updated CV.

However, if your updated resume and it is not on the management level send them your updated resume anyway. Join a diverse, top management global organization.

Because this company is worth it to go and they’re heading jobs offers to look at the in Dubai. Concentrix is also hiring in Europe Asia and the United States.

Process Call Center Company

Contact: http://www.processuae.ae/careers

A very good company to work within the Arab Emirates. Generally speaking, if you are looking to work for a Dubai based company. This organization seems like a very smart idea for getting jobs offers. On our list that is a hundred different companies. But this company is a hundred per cent based in Dubai and it would be very easy for you to pop into the office and contact the human resources manager from India in their Dubai office.

You going to have a job in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. They hiring even with a basic experience or you can have a chance for more supervisor or senior management jobs opportunities. We decided to put this company as a good company to work in a call centre environment.

Dubai city company always do reviews. We can definitely say this company is also a great place in Dubai or even Abu Dhabi if they will have a chance to place you in one of the greatest cities united the Arab Emirates.

We are having hope to see your CV. And for sure you can get something interested from such Dubai-based organizations.

Fujusoft in Dubai

Email: info@fujisoft.net

One of the biggest companies in the United Arab Emirates. This company is carrying office not only in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. They are growing and heading offices in India and the telecom office in many places in Dubai.

If you are looking to manage yourself the best way to get a job. This company definitely it will help you achieve success in your life. Simply because they are having almost 5 Stars reviews on Google map. And that is giving them an amazing opportunity and a very professional approach for the clients and employees.

So as a job Seeker you should definitely try to get a job with this company. Or at least you send your updated CV on their website. And just wait up to that is the time to receive jobs offers.

Ejadah Call Center

Email: info@ejadah.ae

The pure Emirate business company. This organisation is running multiple community operations in large districts in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, managing over 116m sqft of developments in the UAE. This company has been running by multiple organization and community operations in large districts.

Organization having two offices. The first office is in Dubai and the second one is in Abu Dhabi. The smart way it will be to pop in and give them your updated resume. And by a lucky chance, you will have very interesting jobs offers or at least you will have deep information about their vacancies.

Another smart idea will be to giving them a call. As they’re based in the United Arab Emirates a good chance to talk with management the representatives inside the company. And convincing a person who will provide you with a job or will it will give you a 50% chance for getting a new job offers from companies such as that one.

Intelligent Business Technologies

Contact: https://www.ibtevolve.com/contact/

This company has struggled in the beginning. And now they’re a good company. Saving thousands of customers every week. Providing solutions for data protection and international technology development services.

The company is 100% worth for applying with your employment details. You should have a look at their website. And have a look at their contact Section and send them your CV or call asap and talk over the phone.

Simply as fast as you can apply to this company because looking to working in Calling Center department taking time. You need to have a very good language and you need to know how to sell yourself and your product to the potential clients.

So keep in mind with the organization on this level such as this international company. You will get a very good value and you’ll achieve a lot in Dubai. And this company having Arabic culture for sure. Which is a very smart idea to start working with Arabic people. You will get a view of the culture in the Middle East

RTA Call Center

Contact: https://www.rta.ae/

RTA company in Dubai it is having own call center. This company is hiring executives and call centre managers as well as new workers in the training department.

Road Transport Authority in Dubai is having a lot of employees. So, finding employment in a call centre may be good for expatriates. For example, job seekers in the UAE can register on their portal and choose an option for the customer service department.

ContactTopia Call Center

Contact: https://www.contactopia.com/contactus.html

A good Outsourcing company where you can get an employment offer. You should have a look on their website and more information.

This company helps other companies with revenues and improve customer service relation. They are actually providing phone email support and even web chat support. They are actually a very good complete company. And seems like a job it will be flowing into your email box while you will give them a call or ask them for jobs available for you.

Don’t be Scared about their website. They seem like very simple company but in reality, they are actually having extensive support and very good services. So working in this organization it seems like a very good investment in your time and your life development.

International SOS

International SOS company it’s not kind of standard call centre organization. However, they are having their own call centre department. And you should send your resume there and wait for magic happens. Because this company actually hiding all over the globe and they are heavy thousand all jobs offer around the globe.

So definitely it is worth it to give them a chance and register your updated CV on the website. Because they are hiring even in China Europe and for international career development all over the world. This company is much more related to Medical covered call centre. But if you are having a good experience in selling people that your product or even net services this company will help you achieve your future develop not only in Dubai.

Service City Company

Contact: http://careers.axiomtelecom.com/

A very expert organisation in terms of business. So if you are looking for a good trade company. This organization seems like a very good company. You can advise others interested job seekers in Dubai. You can have a good offer with this company because they’re providing a lot of good opportunities in the Mena Region.

However, this organization it is a part of a big Robes of companies who are actually hiring and getting interested jobs offers not on the United Arab Emirates but also in the whole of the Middle East region.

Du-Mobile Company in Dubai

Contact: https://www.du.ae/personal/helpandsupport/contact-us

This company is also in an interesting place where you can get a job. For example, they are setting and Mobile plans and TV packages, as well as broadcasting services for their clients in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So if you’re looking for prepaid or postpaid. You should definitely have a look at their services and applications of the company website.

Du mobile is a well know mobile phone company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, they are also building part of their business in a few other countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

VocalCom Company

Contact: https://www.vocalcom.com/contact-vocalcom/

Very Good company where you can talk over the chat. The company working of course with top rated companies, for example, Mc Donald, Ikea, Vodafone and many more.

Dubai City Company strongly advising expats and local workers to apply to this organization. This firm having so many services. Of course, you can have worked as a call centre agent and as a customer service executive.

EROS Group Call Center

Contact: https://www.erosgroup.ae/careers/

A call centre jobs with Eros Group. The good group was starting operation in 1967 and then Eros Group was set up in the trading hub of Deira in Dubai. Moreover, since that time the company has moved to another level. Become a big company where you can find work. Moreover, Eros Group is a fully a reputed distributor and retailer of Consumer Electronics in UAE and GCC.

This amazing Dubai organization has managed to work within a handful of employees on one single brand. This company is really worth your time and over the years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi market they have grown extensionally. The company added multiple brands, products and amazing services to their lines of businesses. Moreover, Eros group is about to come up to its current projects in the UAE.

HSBC its also having a Call Center

Contact: https://www.hsbc.com/careers/where-we-hire/united-arab-emirates

The famous HSBC Company is also a good organization. However, they are not a typical call centre, they are a baking and financial related business.

HSBC Banking system is one of the world’s best-rated banking and financial services organisation. The company manage to serve more than 39 million customers not only in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The HSBC Bank and merchant services company are working through four global businesses in the GCC region. For example, personal and business retail banking services. Moreover, wealth management for special customers in Dubai.

HSBC is focusing on commercial banking in the UAE. This huge corporation runs for Global Banking and GCC Markets. However, the managers are worth to talk in terms of work for Global Private Banking. HSBC network covers 66 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.

Who is working in call center departments?

Indians workers and Call Center

Well, the main group who are actually indy call center departments are Indians. This group of people are the main nation in the United Arab Emirates. So generally speaking if you are coming from India to Dubai. Call center Department jobs or customer services are the fastest way of finding employment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Dubai is an amazing place for people around the world. And Indians are taking advantage of working in Dubai. They are not making a huge amount of money. However, if you get a standard decent job and you start helping people. Moreover, advising people and motivate people for getting a product that they need.

You should definitely a walk among Indians in Dubai. Simply because they are the people who are getting to do this kind of jumps offers. And while you will be having some experience. You definitely understand a little bit more about Dubai and Abu Dhabi cold calling Center market. And for sure it is a great place for expats.

You can start as well as starting position and as well as supervisor position in the United Arab Emirates.

Filipinos Expats and Call Center

The second group of the majority of workers in call center departments are at Filipino workers. Generally speaking, having a very good English language. As they have learned a lot of skills in their school and their English it is actually very well understood for Arabic speakers executives. So there are actually having a very good outcome of this job and they are making decent money even some times better than Indian does in Dubai.

Filipino on the other hand, actually having a very good market to sell their product. Because they are having a lot of friends and connections in the United Arab Emirates. So for Filipino is easy to get the connected majority of groups as a Filipino expat in Dubai.

And of course, by that, Filipino expats will have better options for future development. And like we said the English language it is on the very high level which is a huge advantage in and Abu Dhabi. Filipino expats as well can work in Europe or the United States and Canada. They’re actually able to sell over the phone to a lot of people and Filipino as a nation are very nice people and very communicative as a population.

Arabic Speakers in Dubai

Another Nation that is also in the Middle East is the Arabic speakers. There are a thousand people who are living in Egypt Syria and Saudi Arabia. And a lot of them are actually foreigners. And they are coming to Dubai for work.

So this is another very popular nation. They are actually already having experience in the Middle East Market. For example in Qatar Kuwait and few otters Arabic countries. And they are actually working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But the Arabic speakers having extensive experience so they are actually working in the management level or at least supervisor level positions.

So definitely get yourself and familiarise with Arabic language. It would help you to get better job offers. And of course, it will allow you to work as a manager in a different field for example banking or hotel department in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Why you should get call center jobs offers?

Well, the jobs of top firms in call centre environment seem like a smart idea and if you are searching for a proper long-term environment. And involve yourself customer service jobs such as cold calling and service appointment.

There’s a simple reason why you should get those jobs to offer. The first reason it is to the aesthetic way of progressing in your professional life as a basic science man and then getting promoted to the next level it will be a supervisor and after around three years you can even hit a management level jobs opportunities.

The second reason why you should choose this career as your main way of making money will be a possibility to change your job in the quiet faster way. For example, you can just drop your experience to another company and without any training, you can start on the spot and become a food fast way.

The third reason why we suggest you become a professional assessment is money. Most of the servicemen’s for example on the stock market they’re making quite good wages based on their own experience you can even have a look at several movies on the TV.

Stock Brokers are cold calling masters?

A lot of stock Brokers and people who are actually to sell services to the potential clients are making a very good income based on investment or even on the percentage of profits from each product.  Paragraph

So you should definitely think about it why not to try because in the worst cases it will take you up to five years to reach Pfizer level become a manager. So you would not lose five years in the total body will have good career opportunities with long-term possibilities.

This is why Dubai city company offering today clients this article and it allows you to get more information about this kind of employment in Dubai.

Conclusion for Call Center Jobs in Dubai

So yes I’m getting a job in a cold calling environment it is a quite a daunting task. However, working several companies such as customer service and cooling system analysis for sure it will help you get a better job in the future. Another good idea to join ink companies such as call centre films it is to lobster promotion. Companies such as call centres are promoting their supervisors and managers much faster than standard companies who are operating in the Middle East Market for example in Dubai Abu Dhabi or Doha.

So generally speaking if you are you go and you are thinking about moving the best way it will be to getting yourself for the best possible job offers in the call centre in Dubai. Then train yourself and how to use the script to a good salesperson because this kind of job it is summer service instead of selling a product to the potential clients.

And in this way, you will definitely and much successful starting a job in the banking field which is going to take around 10 years to get promoted to management level.

Expats based on Dubai Market

So in conclusion based on Dubai Market, it would be a smart idea to starting over in this field and getting your experience because these companies are actually a good way forgetting yourself, especially in the Middle East.

Call centre jobs seem like a quite hard and rough job but in reality look at every mod sense of why are, you be working and selling product of the potential clients.

That will definitely help you achieve your personal success you will learn a little bit better how about the process for a much bigger organization and you’ll get a link four companies you saying at the product and they are growing companies so anytime you can pop in and contact them by yourself and offering your own services to them.

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Dubai City Company - Upload Resume Baner

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Dubai City Company now providing good guides for Jobs in Dubai. Our team decided to add information for each language for our Dubai expats. So, with this in mind, you can now get guides, tips and employment in the United Arab Emirates with your own language. 

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