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November 21, 2017
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Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jobs in Dubai For Indians

Jobs Opportunities for Indians in UAE

It’s Safe to Move to UAE

Career Opportunities for Indians in the UAE, as a matter of fact, is a big deal for Indian expats. UAE’s economy is growing fast hence the unending employment opportunities. If you are in India and seeking employment, the Arab world is a great option. It is much easier to find a job in India than you can imagine. Most people shy from making application abroad because of logistics and fear of unknown.

Recently, the Indian government has come up with new strategies not only to process but help maintain the safety of its citizens while working in foreign countries. One of the prime destinations for employees in the UAE. It is renowned across the world as a land of opportunities for professionals in all fields.

Since the beginning of the year, Indians are required to register at an online platform run by the government before they depart to UAE for work. This is applicable to non-ECR passport holders that are travelling on the basis of employment. Very few Indians go to UAE for visiting or vacation, the easiest visa is for employment. The government requires any Indian citizen interested in moving to the UAE to complete the registration process at least 24 hours before the actual departure time. The sole aim is to protect the welfare and interests of Indian citizens while working abroad.

Finding work in the UAE

UAE is an equal opportunity employer market. You don’t have to worry about your nationality. In fact, the Arab region has close ties with the Indian continent hence easy processing of documents if you qualify for a job. Just like citizens across the world, you have to research extensively on available opportunities and make suitable applications that match your interests.

It is easier in India than most other parts of the world because of the government initiative to help skilled and unskilled citizens to find work within and without the continent. The population of India is among the biggest in the world. With adults making part of the huge workforce, very few of these have stable jobs hence unreliable income.

Am sure you understand the economic situation in India with regards to household income levels. It is not a secret or embarrassing to the government; the Indian government has come out boldly to help its citizens find work abroad in prime destinations like UAE. Of course, this boosts the GDP of their native country. It is a strategy by the national government that makes it easy for Indians to find work in UAE.


It is easy to process a student visa from India to UAE. The costs related to student travel are also relatively low. It guarantees you a place in the UAE. The goal, in this case, is to set foot in the country. You can study for 4 years or a few months as you find employment. With the high employment rate in UAE, you can’t miss a job; whether casual or professional depending on your qualifications.

A scholarship is a tip to help you get to the country. Most employers in the UAE will help you process a temporary work permit. If you manage to get the employment for a longer period, the permit will be extended and end up being permanent. Obtaining citizenship in UAE is a big achievement, but you have to be patient and consistent with your activities. You should gain trust with the natives; trust is vital in Arab culture.


The Indian and Arab culture have similarities hence the easy interaction between natives form both cultures. You should take advantage of the established relationship based on religion to find any kind of work. You should be open-minded when searching for employment in the UAE. Most employers seek to observe, evaluate, and establish trust and confidence with an employee before they assign specific roles and share core strategies of a company. This applies in all aspects of a business.

Be open with your intentions, and you can easily get a referral from a friend or relative of a colleague back in India. Moving to UAE on employment visa is not hard, but first, you have to work on finding a suitable job. The living standards in the Arab world depends on the city you will choose to reside in.

Nevertheless, you should be focusing first on finding work, and the rest will follow.

UAE is a prime employer; anyone would take an opportunity to go to Dubai even only for a weekend. The Arab region is fast developing which means more opportunity for business and employment. If you have any skills, you can find great work opportunities in Dubai. The wage level of in Dubai is also impressive; besides, the housing and utility bills are not as high as other prime countries across the world. The combination of oil abundance and Arab culture makes it the best place to be for Indians because of the understanding between the two cultures.

Can I find a job? – Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE?

Dubai has a low skilled taskforce and is always looking for competent individuals to fill this position. The natives are rich because of oil and do not have a problem with paying employees as long as the business is running as per their expectations. The only issue with finding a job in Dubai is the integration of culture. The Arab natives are strict on their beliefs and would easily be offended if you act otherwise; while you may not share or approve their beliefs, they expect you to act in accordance with the beliefs. It is fair considering you are in their country at the very least, they are the employers.

While it is a challenge for many people seeking for jobs in Dubai, Indians are better placed because of the cultural mix. The staunch nature of each of these religions makes it easy to live together. You won’t have a problem as an Indian to go along with the Arabs. Indian is also strict on its values, which is vital for Arabs. They have a sense of discipline just like the Indians.

It is the obvious reason that the two regions are in close ties. The understanding of social and religious elements makes them long lasting friends. If you were a team of interviewees with similar qualifications on the basis of skill level, you would have an advantage over the rest because of your origin. While this can be criticized on various fronts, Dubai employers have a preference and right to it.

So yes, you can easily find a job in Dubai if you are from India.

How do I find the job?

The opportunities are endless, the odds are in your favour, but you only have one task, finding the right job for you. As mentioned, Dubai has lots of employment opportunities but not every job fits your skills, experience, or preference. Also, you need to know the channels that advertise such jobs in Dubai.

If you are specific about your qualifications and want a specific job, you might want to research the top firms in Dubai and if they are hiring. You can be bold and send a cold email to advertise your skills. This can be interpreted as desperation or confidence. Whichever means you use, you are unlikely to miss an employment opportunity when you make direct contacts. Specifying your interests and career objective is an easier way of finding a job in Dubai while Expo 2020 is coming.

Dubai is among the top cities with a stable internet connection. The technology level in Dubai and the whole of UAE is also growing fast. Most companies are using digital platforms to employ or engage consumers. Focusing your job search on online platforms can easily lead you to a Dubai based firm. The enthusiasm with digital techniques also makes it easy to impress the employer. Contacting the potential employer in Dubai through email or through channels on their website or social media handles influences their employment decision. The Arabs here are enthusiastic about technology and showing your prowess will trigger their decisions.

Benefits of working in Dubai

As an Indian, this will be a life-changing opportunity because of the high economic level in Dubai. The quality of life is also relatively high as compared to India, but the cost remains low. The tax rates are friendly; utility bills are standardized; electronics and fun cost is also regulated. The wage rate in Dubai is also favourable as compared to most parts of the world.

Remember, you have a great opportunity if you are in India. The Indian government is also supporting the fast processing of employment visas to Dubai.

Jobs in Dubai for Indians in the UAE – Very informative Guide. Now job seekers from India can now upload a resume to our company. Our job site portal called Dubai City Company now hiring in the UAE. With this in mind, our team is helping Indian expatriates to find employment in the Gulf region. As a new career seeker from India. You can use our service to find a dream job in the UAE. Especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Cities. Generally speaking, our recruitment team manage to have some interesting jobs in Dubai for Indians. And our HR services are mainly dedicated to Indian career seekers. Become expatriate with our firm it is now very easy. Our services are free for new professionals. You can Upload resume below and find dream employment in the UAE. Generally speaking, Indians are having the biggest chances in Dubai City.

When I apply with your company would I have the assurance that jobs offer will be made?. Our answer is Yes, as long as you send us your application. One of our representatives will get back to you with information and details. Some cases we need to talk with you over Skype or WhatsApp. But after the application, you can expect a job in Dubai as an Indian person.

Can you provide jobs in Dubai from India?

Yes, our company helping Indian job seekers to find employment in Emirates. One of our HR managers is always helping to get a job in Dubai for Indian 12th pass as well as Dubai jobs for Indian 10th pass workers. So, generally speaking, there is a huge possibility with Dubai City Company for finding employment in the UAE. Our aim is to help workers from India to become one of the expatriate workforces in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

The only negative side our team is always facing a hard deal in the application process. This is must be done on your side, and you must be 100% sure that your application for employment become made with strong attention to details in Dubai. Our team always try to push your application a little bit to place you asap and of course on the best possible wages.

There is always a level of the jobs offers that we can provide:

  • Entry level ( Freshly Graduated Students ) Not less than $3,000 up to $4,5000 a month.
  • Middle Management ( 3 up to 10 years experience) Not less than $5,000 a month, some cases up to $8,000 – $11,000 a month without a bonus.
  • Senior Management must have over 8 years of business experience in Dubai business, engineering or team management specific experience. Wages at this point are much more than $10,000 up to $25,000 a month.
  • Highly educated managers, Directors, CFO, CEO can expect more than $25,000 a month. But for these jobs offers please inform us in private.

However, if you are looking more than that, and that wages are a way to less for you. Please make your application with our company because Dubai has all things. Then our HR manager will look into your files and help you rise a bar with wages.

Do I need to have a visa to find work in the UAE?

No, one of the main points with our company is fast and easy relocation services. So, generally speaking, with our company you can have employment letter while you are sitting in India. Most of the Dubai jobs for Indians are manageable online. So, your answer is no, our company can help you get employment in the United Arab Emirates. One of the biggest mistakes our HR team can see every day is lack of experience. For example, Indian people searching for a job on visit visa in the UAE. And there is less than two per cent chance that this job searching becomes successful.

So, how to get a job in Dubai as an Indian in the call centre then? Well, the only way for employment in Emirates is simply having all things sorted. The first application for jobs, then employers must issue a visa and then flying ticked can be booked and coming over to Emirates in a legal way.

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Jobs in Dubai – Middle East relocation guide for Expats

Career Opportunities for Indians in the UAE, as a matter of fact, is a big deal. However, relocating to the United Arab Emirates is a big but at the same time an excellent choice. Dubai City is still the best location for India expats. In terms of job search for candidates from India to Dubai is the best option. But at the same time when you make a decision to go to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Every job offer should be checked very carefully before you even send your CV.
After careful consideration of a job adverts UAE Government portals, please check it on scam advisor website. On the other hand, you should also do the groundwork for a location of this opportunity it is not a fake advert. Furthermore, you can get hands-on career offer. Every expat from India can be placed for Dubai jobs. No matter what you have heard, if you do your marketing for a career in Dubai. You will definitely increase your chance of getting an employment letter.
Another key point you must know about career opportunities for Indians in the UAE. Is that following years in the Gulf countries definitely brings a new career to the board? For example, Expo 2020 career and Fifa World Cup in Qatar is also a growing opportunity in GCC. So almost every expat will have own chance to find employment in the Gulf Countries.

How Jobs in Dubai for Indian can be offered?  

One of the good points that Dubai City Company offering for their candidates is a fast response. Our recruitment team, generally speaking, having jobs offers within a week time. But the longest time we have manage was around 6 months time. It all depends on the candidate’s experience. Moreover, our organisation always needs to be sure that all aspects and needs will be provided as customer request.
We are helping people to find a job in Dubai. In reality, we are helping with visa and getting a job offers inside Dubai tips. Our company provides transferring job searching services to Emirates. So, candidates from India definitely can go to Dubai. We are here to analogize significant career research with deep Dubai, the UAE job market knowledge. Base on that trying to place candidates.
That information will support you for potential career movement within the UAE. Our firm becomes very popular based only on services that we are providing an amazing service for Dubai jobs for Indians.
With this in mind, our WhatsApp mobile phone recruitment system helped place international job seeker especially from India. To put it another way Indian employed executives in the Dubai region. Gives them deep insight into tax-free salary jobs. With this in mind jobs in Dubai give you turn over into living in Middle East territory.

Career Opportunities for Indians Expats in UAE

There is a lot of places where Indian can find employment. Dubai City Company writing the blog with detailed information. And the smart way is to use a job site to connect with other expats. Also, there are few good ways for Indian expats such as jobs groups and the possibility to invite others as well as adding own profile to interactive Dubai map.
On the other hand, you should also look at hiring companies in the United Arab Emirates. One of the best in UAE is a Recruiter called a Careerjet and Company who is well known in India as a Monster Gulf. They are really worth to apply with your CV. More than 100,000 candidates are registering there every day, you should also follow that lead.
While you are searching for jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You should definitely have a look at our guides for international expatriates. Also and always making sure your career opportunities for Indians going the right way. Because Emirates is not an easy market to get into if you are not having a proper guide and Information.

Jobs for Indian in UAE 

You’ll find valuable advice for people from India about job vacancies in Dubai. For example, you should know secret information on business etiquette in the Middle East. Additionally, you should know exceptional accommodation information and how to get a job in Dubai fast by using mobile.
By the same token competence and useful information on school for your kids. Together with banking pieces of information, and basic leisure amenities such as gym and fitness. Not to mention that information provided on some of the sites are not helpful news. You should use the only best website for Dubai jobs.
As a matter of fact, our company is the best way to use in recruitment services and other companies do not provide such services. In addition, Dubai City Company does make 60 days on any services on paid job searching. In other words representations of our company helping India career seekers with regards to using our Jobs in Dubai for Indians services.

Have a look on Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE

Relocating to the United Arab Emirates with Dubai City Company. More amazing and well done Middle East relocation guides you can find on our Dubai blog.

That is to say over the past years, as an illustration, the United Arab Emirates job market has been transformed from an expatriate outpost into a vibrant and cosmopolitan destination for many Western professionals. To put it another way, the UAE is composed of seven emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. The two main business centres of Abu Dhabi and Dubai offer superb lifestyles and excellent career opportunities.

With this intention, the United Arab Emirates is a cosmopolitan, first world country with a long history of political and social stability for Indian. In the hope that it boasts a large, highly educated, multilingual, multicultural workforce of skilled professionals from India, with excellent communication links within the region and to other financial centres. Most compelling evidence for Indians in Dubai has a proven record of over 30 years of delivering ambitious business projects such as technology, trade, sport, travel, and security tourism.

Why move to  Dubai?

On the positive side, the Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE has an un-bureaucratic approach to business, with some of the best tax and other financial incentives anywhere in the world. Also must be remembered that Dubai City has high-level career opportunities. And the best for teaching career for Indians.

To point out safe living conditions for Indians make it a popular place to locate for business executives and their families. Most of the Indian expatriates are getting promoted fast. So, it is worth to move to Dubai.

Another key point: within the UAE you are likely to experience true diversity amongst the people you encounter from India. Under those circumstances, only 11% of the residents are nationals, approximately 21% are Arabs in effect of the relocation of international career seekers to Dubai. From other countries, 57% are South Asians and the remaining 11% are East Asians and Westerners. A real mix of cultures, languages, and religions are present, with expats from a variety of countries filling skill gaps at all levels.

For this reason, we are trying to show you the way for new jobs in Dubai. On the negative side of our advice for expats, the job search in Dubai is a very long process. But the first thing to remember we will try to make that easier for you. So most compelling evidence that will help you grab mobile phone vacancies in Dubai. It is social media in Dubai.

For example, career opportunities for Indians in UAE and job search in the Gulf. Is a dream deal for them. Just to clarify the best tool to be placed in the capital of the Emirate is WhatsApp Groups in the Gulf and the whole United Arab Emirates

Why not move to Abu Dhabi?

There are a few points why you should move to capital instead of Abu Dhabi. For example in the capital of Emirates is always growing, new contracts are placed there every day. For example, even Linkedin and Facebook has recently opened an office there. On the other hand, Abu Dhabi is a very good place for car sales managers, engineers and Oil and Gas workers. So, generally speaking, it all depends on experience and your personal status.

Abu Dhabi city is very good for good stable settled people. The one with families and own homes. Because there is a lot of announcements park and fewer noises. There are always new opportunities in Abu Dhabi, but must be remembered that this city has own structure and mini-government deals on a side of the business. Our company always advising the biggest cities because they are the one for future careers such as CEO and CFO career opportunities.

Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE

Expenses in Dubai: For a person of influence who wants a job in Dubai. The point often overlooked is simply going alone. Of course, it is possible to live on a very low level like working-class life for 6500AED. Not to mention travel expenses already paid to come over to Dubai. So in the light of cheap life in Dubai, you need to include the cost of rent in Dubai Area just to travel on time to your workplace. As well as petrol for your car, car insurance, and maintenance fees with renewal fees for a car.

Very good option to start a career super fast is to searching for Automotive job opportunities in UAE. With this kind of employment, you will have a chance to receive a free car and driving to your workplace. On the positive side, you will pay only for petrol and insurance.

Of course, there is a huge difference between Indians and other nations. For example, Philipino workers relocating to Dubai. And they are also living in this amazing place. But most of them are not living as an Indian. They are getting much lower wages. And most of them not getting good employment and job searching services in the UAE.

We are helping expats with Career Opportunities for Indians in the UAE.

With is it cost of living in Dubai?

Household bills together with water, electricity, phone to be able to talk with friends, of course, internet, moreover food, and groceries additionally or even restaurant from time to time. In addition, you can be coupled with family/dependents who would like to be with you in Dubai. Comparatively to your spendings you should add around AED 2000 for each person in Dubai. Uniquely to other countries, standard labour workers become very cheap. However, in the light of very good wages in Dubai, you can hire a maid for part-time jobs in Dubai from some of the local Dubai companies if you would like to keep your home clean.

The career opportunities for Indians in the UAE become amazing new options for expatriates. So no matter what position you are currently looking to get. Dubai City company is working hard to provide for your detailed information. Moreover, we are managing our blog for Asian career hunters where new candidates can find very valuable information about the hiring process for Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE

Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE and Career in Dubai City

Identify the requirement for jobs in Dubai for Indian!

Although this may be true our company in Dubai point out the best hiring strategy in the United Arab Emirates for a woman. At the same, we are trying to get basic of the number of positions in Dubai City. And we are working always with teaching jobs in Dubai and IT jobs in Dubai. So as much as we want you to get job opportunities in Dubai we need to take care of employers profiles that you need.

On the other hand, Dubai City Company always trying to achieve a high rate of placement for job opportunities in Dubai. So we are trying to put it differently Recruitment in Dubai and always keeping India executives happy with new emirates careers.

Reaching out career opportunities by recruitment agents

Another key point is International Recruitment Agencies for expats they always keeping requirement shared with career seekers in Dubai. On the other hand, Dubai City Company instead of reaching out simple jobs offers. Always connecting job hunters up to the present time with the relevant set of people such as Headhunters, Recruitment Agencies, and HR hiring manager.

Furthermore, very hard any event obviously we are reaching them through multiple sources even from Pakistan. So in the first place, you should reach the best recruitment agents in Dubai, to do that, of course, Google it for Career in Dubai and try to find top recruiters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

As a matter of fact, unquestionable recruitment agents always will be on Google for Jobs. Additionally you can search for international recruitment agencies in Mumbai, or local headhunters in Hyderabad who similarly to UAE agencies can help you with online jobs in Dubai. Dubai careers agencies specializes in finding talented people in India and of course experienced candidates and then placing them for example for accountant jobs in Dubai or any other emirates jobs.

Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE

Sooner or later you as a job seeker in UAE. Definitely will smooth along through the fight for a career in Emirates with different profiles. For example, hotel jobs in Dubai is a good way. At the present time, you should also fight for security jobs in Dubai shared with our company on LinkedIn. And in the long run driver jobs in Dubai because they are very easy to get. Then screen the prospective candidates and line up bulk interviews. Dubai job hiring managers in the United Arab Emirates always looking for people fresh from India. Obviously to sum up and they are easy to find in Dubai and always ready to work hard for exceptional wages.

Ok, to begin with, you are from India and most of the expats from Asia are organized. Consequently detail-oriented in short very intelligent, of course talented, and comparatively to others enterprising oriented. We accomplish much placement from India to Dubai. As a matter of fact our firm it is always sure that we deliver the exceptional result of recruitment coordination for our clients from Asia. Not to mention that for us equally important is to close in the designated number of Dubai city positions in the unquestionable 60 up to 90 days timeframe. In reality, our company in UAE always trying to place India job seekers and expats only for latest jobs in Dubai.

Why Jobs in Dubai for Indian become so popular?

Start Career and get massive success in UAE

Dubai is namely by international job seekers as a top prosperous place to take revenge in a career in the summary for jobs in the UAE. For this reason every month so many executives from India come over for sales jobs in Dubai. Because important to realize that made of money position can help you to make money in the United Arab Emirates.

Under those circumstances, Dubai becomes one of the most expensive and wealthy cities in the world. Generally speaking jobs in Dubai for Indian where most of the Asians are living a luxury life. As has been noted when you visited UAE is also the country full of rich persons.

At the same time if you will know where to hit you can be easily provided for jobs in Dubai for freshers. And eventually, you will connect to a large number of rich personalities who can help you with the Dubai job search.

Sooner or later when you will be the candidate who finally got a job on the spot you will start living a luxury life. As long as Dubai city get a hold on a large number of skyscrapers. By the time when expats including gorgeous hotels for a job opportunity. Occasionally accommodation penthouse and shopping malls as an available career in UAE.

Then the career in a city and you become possible. In the background, this amazing place is also acknowledged as one of the outstanding shopping destinations for your wife in the world. You will know that when you get there and you start making money. So, in the centre of looking for a job in Abu Dhabi and Dubai let’s have an eye at the life and available career in the Middle East.

Jobs in UAE for Indian and none experience workers?

Everyone looking for a career in the first place has in mind is Dubai. As a matter of fact, there is also Abu Dhabi where you as a career seeker should hit. Every Indian in UAE is honest looking for a career change. So at the same time Don’t come for career hunting in the United Arab Emirates on visit visas. In reality, so many Indians told that they will get a job on a visit visa. The 7th Emirates are looking for all kind of workforce, from none experience workers up to managers.

The easiest way to get employment in Dubai is to start at a low level. Because management jobs offers are not advertised that much in the UAE. Most of the well known well-known are not advertised that jobs offer. The offer and fastest way for none experienced people is to get low-level jobs.

For the purpose of career searching in DUBAI CITY: Indians who are come over to UAE. And especially seeking hotel jobs in the Middle East, not just Emirates.  Never ever should come on visit visas above all. With this in mind, every Indian job seeker must authenticate their employment offers on working visa in Dubai. Base on that people from India coming in the hope that permit visas will be provided by the recruitment agency. For one thing, do it right and before arriving in the country try to get a working visa in the UAE. To put it another way, even Indian consulate in Emirates has said that there are growing numbers of duping new International career seeker and very common visa frauds schemes.

The career in Dubai and Visa for Indian

Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE

For instance, in 2018 Gov advisory follows a high number of visa frauds. And generally speaking, calls and visits that Indians become the victim in the final analysis of bad career searching. In either case, Asia people who are looking for work should talk with the consulate. Because there are many other Indian workers who have been faked international by career agents or employers on a regular basis. In the long run Asia workers not get a work or wages has not been paid to them.

Up to the present time, UAE has a huge problem with Visa for Indian. From time to time career seekers from Mumbai were promised some very good sales jobs in Abu Dhabi and all of a sudden got nothing in return. But in the background on arrival that career seeker was told to work as labourers for minimum wages at a construction site and then he added that he would make more money in India. You can also join our jobs groups for Pakistani workers in Dubai just to have a clear vision. How other nations managing career opportunities. Even how to find a career in Saudi Arabia and much more news and bits of advice.

Up to the present time in the first half of 2017, the India consulate received a report from UAE. Saying that in the final analysis a total of 540 labour complaints from Indian people has been resolved in UAE and they got a job in Abu Dhabi or Dubai City. On the positive side, the report said that Asia expat workers in UAE are very happy when they got a well-paid career in the banking industry in Dubai or India.

Best-paying jobs in Dubai City?

Another key point we would like to reveal with you is Best-paying jobs in Dubai City and Career Opportunities for Indians in the UAE. This kind of work is more than famous!. CFO and CEO career opportunities are still open for Asian expatriates. So, if you are having good experience and well education with a high degree level.

Dubai City Company reviews for wages in Dubai and Abi Dhabi reach more than 300 job titles. In this case, the main industries in the UAE are the best one to get a job. And generally speaking, you should find out which career pay the most and try to be a new dream candidate from South Africa. Under those circumstances, there is a lot of consideration of aspect to consider. When choosing a start a new dream career in UAE.

Major attention that you should focus on is there an in case of low wage a work-life balance that I can have to search for more opportunity.  On the negative side is the essence of work adjustable or manageable for me?. Does it offer good career growth expectation as well as a possibility for better tax-free income? Or does it will make me earn a lot of cash on hand?. So have a look at Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE and Gulf and what is the best career option.

Top employment opportunities in Dubai for Indian

The best one of course Chief Executive Officers Career in Dubai

As a matter of fact, marketing experts are also good to work 

  • To say nothing of average monthly pay including pension: Dh85,000
  • Comparatively Salary range: Dh60,000 to Dh100,000

Comparatively top accounting and finance professionals career in UAE

  • Together with other best jobs and similarly to other average monthly pay including pension: Dh75,000
  • Comparatively Salary range: Dh55,000 to Dh90,000

In addition senior bankers together with average monthly pay including pension: Dh70,000
A with this in mind they are having salary range: Dh53,750 to Dh99,500

Coupled with amazing bonus payment Lawyers career in Dubai

Not to mention doctors career in the United Arab Emirates

  • Average monthly pay including pension: Dh70,460
  • Together with other top-rated Gulf jobs Doctor Salary range: Dh70,000 to Dh220,000

Salary relevant to Specialist neurologists, not to mention heads of obstetrics and gynaecology, equally with child psychiatrists/psychologists and vascular surgeons.

Are you ready relocate from India to Dubai?

There are more than 600,000 new applicants on our database. Every day new jobs in Dubai for Indian expats are flowing to our website. Our company having a lot of new happy followers and new job seekers not only from India. Because we are believing that every person should have a chance to prove for the busiest market in the world.

We’ve built a different kind of hiring company in Dubai. Up to the present time, we have helped more than 1,400,000 visitors from India. As has been noted for the services we are open when it suits you the most, always 7 days a week. In the long run, you can walk into our recruitment company without an appointment.

At the same time, you can walk out with a working job searching account. Generally speaking about career searching for Indian we are the best at what we do. Definitely, in the final analysis, we are waiting for your candidature in the United Arab Emirates. For sure you can get good valuable information from our other members. You can go to the Members section and connect with thousands of expatriates.

Work in CEO position as an Indian expat 

Do you know that there is so many Indian expat CEO working in Emirates? For example, Google jobs in Dubai are now available for International career seekers. So, for example, new career opportunities for Indians in the UAE are way open. Indian expats are mostly welcomed in Emirates. And large organizations are hiring every day new people from India.

Another example of senior management vacancies for Asian expatriates is WhatsApp. In this particular company, new Asian executives are working with a high level of experience, especially in IT departments. Very important to realize is that our company also hiring on WhatsApp. So if you are having a good sense of the experience you can find employment with Dubai City Company. On the negative side, we do not provide a CEO or senior management position because we have already taken senior managers into the business.

Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE – They are for you in Dubai.

Now is a time for a conclusion is really worth to search for employment in Abu Dhabi or Dubai?. 

Career Opportunities for Indians in UAE 

It is worth it really to get a job in Dubai as an Indian?

Definitely Dubai, this is the main advert on TV. There is now a lot of new projects coming to the Gulf region. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has now done some restrictions for Indians working for Saudi Companies. Qatar on the other hand, never giving anything more than 2-3 years contracts. So, as a smart choice our company advising Emirates. There are more than 30,000 new jobs added to several employment portals only to employee new people in the capital of Emirates.

Another information that should convince you to get a job in Dubai is the amount of Indians in the UAE. There is more than a few millions registered Indian expatriates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This should give you a bit of assurance with your decision. Because if millions of people have managed have to get a nice life in the UAE. You should also consider yourself a valuable person for good employment.

With Dubai City Company you can always be sure that when you apply over our social network. You will be definitely placed and career opportunities for Indians in the UAE are always will be available and manageable by our HR team.

Conclusion for every Indian who is looking for a job in Dubai

We are assuming that together with all pieces of information you have detailed information about the marketing career in Emirates. So, as a matter of fact, you are from India and looking for a job in Dubai important to realize that reaching a recruiter it is not an easy thing to do.

On the positive side, we are here to help you, we are managing a WhatsApp Groups for jobs seekers. Linkedin connection with recruitment managers system, very unique upload resume to Dubai option. With this in mind finding a career from India to the United Arab Emirates should be much easier.

Based on Dubai City Company experience. As an illustration of jobs and career search in the Middle East, we have to include salaries in Dubai advice, ratings, and some of the advice how to find a job in UAE if you are from India.

To put it another way, we trying to place every expat from India and make them become good employees in the United Arab Emirates. Generally speaking, always search out for careers with MBA and save your search in book or laptop in case your future employer will try to call you with a job offer.

We are having hope to see new Indian person walking in the fame of the best lifestyle and Arabic dream. We are only having hope that will be you!. Wish you good luck and hope you make your application with Dubai Company.

Multilanguage Guides for Expats

Dubai City Company now providing good guides for Jobs in Dubai. Our team decided to add information for each language for our Dubai expats. So, with this in mind, you can now get guides, tips and employment in the United Arab Emirates with your own language. 

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