About Dubai City

About Dubai city is a shortcut. This category is all about the capital of United Arab Emirates. Dubai with about 2.1 million people, is located on the emirate´s northern coastline. Dubai is to host World Expo 2020. Category related to guide for living and working in Dubai City. On the other hand, the capital of the UAE is just best place on earth. Not to mention other amazing places in the Middle East.

This amazing place has a lot of positives. As a matter of fact, raising their awareness on Dubai Airports. As a result, this city created. A major transport hub for passengers and cargo. Moreover, become one of the famous Airports in the Middle East. Another economic fact was Oil revenue. Texaco Oil first discovered gallons of petrol in 1969. Since then starts to flow to America and Europe. Dubai´s oil revenue in effect helped accelerate whole UAE market.

There was also the early development of the city. On the beginner were just a street and few blocks. No homes and luxury life. Simple desert and few old cars. Generally speaking, this city began on a clean desert. On the other hand, This city reserve is limited. Moreover, because its production levels become lower. To put it another way, The emirate´s western-style of expats and local citizens. The model of Arabic business drives its economy. For example hotels and luxury lifestyle. Quite fastly become the main revenue of Dubai Government.

About Dubai is it an Amazing place in UAE?

This City now coming for tourism luxury. The government also invested strongly in aviation as well as real estate business. Not to mention the main source the financial services. The Dubai City has recently attracted world attention. New people visiting this town from many places around the world.

The main investments have done years ago. Through many innovative large construction projects and sports events. The United Arab Emirates become famous. The capital city has become symbolic for luxury lifestyle and rich Arabs. The sports cars and fancy expensive flats.

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai. Building its skyscrapers and high-rise business buildings. And in particular, ways become the best in the world. To the end that, and to point out, why is worth to visit this place?. Important to realize there is the world´s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai is welcoming you all the time. Become happy visitor of UAE. With this in mind believe in yourself and in the UAE. Good luck guys. And have a good time.

August 7, 2018
job in dubai mall

Job in Dubai Mall – Apply for Top Career in the UAE! 🥇

Job in Dubai Mall Job in Dubai Mall it is another place where people would be able to work in Dubai. The career in Dubai Mall. it is like no other. Always coming a new day, with new challenges. From the nothing else only sands and Dubai deserts. Definitely, a new legendary shopping rises. And for sure new projects definitely rises ahead. Specially designed for a people in the UAE. The project was called A mall. And after a while, someone named it The Dubai Mall Shopping centre. Since then, a lot of people searching for this company Online. Moreover, even they career section become popular. This could be your future workplace. Moreover, the place is located in the amazing localization. Because in reality,  the business centre. Seems like an of the […]
July 1, 2018
Dubai for Kids - Apple Seeds

Dubai for kids – Living working and parenting in Dubai

Dubai for kids a guide for expat parents Dubai for kids no only for expats kids. They are having a good place to play. Especially when bringing up children to the playground. We all know that UAE is the best place for our children. One of the examples is the million-dollar lifestyle. Definitely, our children looking start in life in Dubai. For sure to have a nice life in Dubai. We are sure that every Dubai woman. No matter if they are an expat or not. Always has been asked. The same question all over. Generally, how is it living and working?. Moreover, parenting in Dubai?. How often do you move to your own country? And what do do with kids?. How to play with them?. In the Dubai, there are some many places […]
April 19, 2018
Abu Dhabi to Dubai - A complete guide for moving to Dubai

Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Abu Dhabi to Dubai  Most of the people who are living in the United Arab Emirates. Trying to figure out how to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. On the positive side, travelling between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is extremely easy and very affordable. Especially for new expatriates currently searching for work. Because in some cases, you will need to travel for Interview. For example, you will get a call from a recruitment agent. Then you will need to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. There are several possibilities for new workers and UAE visitors. You can choose from several ways to transport. On as a matter of fact, whatever mode of transportation you will choose. Should be more convenient for your travel plans. Every one love UAE from Abu Dhabi to […]
January 6, 2018
Dubai is the best place for work

Why Dubai is the best place for work? 🥇

Dubai is the best place for work? Dubai is the best place for work?. Why has that happened?. As a matter of fact, Dubai is one of the best places on earth. No question asked, every career hunter looking to be placed in Dubai. And on top of that career in the UAE is a good way for best tax-free wages ever. But to get the job in Emirates. You need to have in place a Dubai career advice job search and ways for market yourself complete guide. Dubai is also very commercial place. There is a lot of politicians, Royal family members, and business owners. This amazing place its most and best cosmopolitan city for international expatriates. On the other hand, Dubai City has been identified as the most attractive city […]
October 16, 2017
Dubai City Area

Dubai City Area 🌴

Dubai City Area Dubai City Area is the most amazing place to visit or work? Now, Dubai City Area having amazing places and is well known for amazing Dubai City pictures and career truly. For example, every expat would love to find a job there. In fact, career and jobs website in Dubai surely is amazing. Our firm, in essence, tries to explain in summary, recruitment and job application on visit visa in Dubai.  Generally speaking every month Dubai job seekers spending a few days or weeks in hell when they do a job search in UAE. For the purpose to find for example marketing jobs in Dubai with salary city. To put it differently, if you are my fellow friend and that was your third trip to this Emirates. I have to say to you at first […]
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