May 30, 2019
From P.H.M Fashion and Lifestyle Innovations

Good & Positive Energy from Dubai

Good & Positive Energy from Dubai As we are one of the companies who is always to help people and trying to entertain them a little bit in social media. So, our beloved followers started responding to our team and at the same time, we get so much positive Energy from them. Our social media channels are very popular in India, Pakistan and in the United Arab Emirates. Every day thousands of expats sending amazing stories and photos from Dubai, Abu Dhabi or even Sharjah. A message with a passion for Dubai City Company and our followers. Simply another nice person has managed to send to us Good & Positive Energy from Dubai. As she manages to send to our team a few photos in Dubai. We are happy to post them Online for you. From P.H.M Fashion and Lifestyle Innovations. Happiness in Dubai The Government of the UAE is […]
May 29, 2019
Dubai city is holiday hot spot

My name is Sanni Gnankpe

My name is Sanni Gnankpe 22 years old I come from the Benin Republic in West Africa, I did 2-time visit in Dubai, the first one was. From October to December 2018 and February to April 2019. Now I’m planning to move there for a long time, I’m trying to get flight attendant job with Emirates airlines the biggest, safest and powerful international brand which delivers world-class products and has been recognized within years winning overseas hundreds of awards.  I would really love to work with Emirates airlines as a crew and I would appreciate all person who could help me to make it right  Sanni Gnankpe is ready! Sanni becomes our follower on Linkedin and Facebook for a long time. And always providing valuable tips for others. He manages to present himself in an amazing way that touches our team. Dubai City Company always receiving pieces of information about […]
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