November 27, 2019

Participate in the Top 5 Biggest Celebrations in Dubai 

A harmonic federation of seven Emirates, the United Arab Emirates attracts millions of people every year with its abundance of specialties. But to embrace the full essence of its most popular city Dubai, you need to take a glance into all major festivals of Dubai to select the ideal season for your upcoming trip. These Global celebrations in Dubai not only gather the locals but all the foreigners from worldwide making it more mesmerizing to be a part of. The following are top 5 biggest celebrations in Dubai that you can’t afford to miss out upon.
November 20, 2019

Would Legalizing Gambling Give Tourism a Boost?

You can do many things in Dubai - shop with some of the world's most exclusive names, dine in style and luxury, you can even go ice skating when it's 40°C outside. But the one thing that you can’t do is pay a visit to a casino.
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