The video you all have been ready for is right here! On this video, I present you learn how to take your generated artworks and construct a Dapp for minting them onto the blockchain and have it present up on Opensea utilizing metadata. Hope you benefit from the video and please be at liberty to assist others within the feedback if they’ve questions.




Github repo:


My pockets deal with simply incase 😉

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Please notice, I’m not a monetary advisor so do not take my phrase for any monetary recommendation, I do these initiatives to point out you learn how to code and have enjoyable.


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Asaf Bahar
1 month ago

How can i mint nore then 20 nfts??

John Smith
1 month ago

Does anyone have any spare Rinkeby Eth? Its so hard to get a meaningful amount from a working faucet right now

1 month ago

Hashlips you are a great human being, you helping humanity a lot. Your accent makes me wonder, you aussie? Greatings from Argentina <333

Walid Riachy
1 month ago

how to keep the NFT hidden until after the public sale ends ? same for the traits

1 month ago

You sound like you eat boerewors 👀

1 month ago

With this contract does the buyer pay the gas fee when they mint one of my nfts? If not how can i make this possible?

1 month ago

Hi!!! This video is amazing, thank so much for using your time making this!!!!
I was wandering if it is possible to mint them on Polygon blockchain (using WETH so I don't have to pay gas fees) that instead on the ETH blockchain??? Thank you!!

Timmy van Nes
1 month ago

Dead Protest Society Letssss Goooo!!!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Roshan Wadekar
1 month ago

It will work with 10000 nft on polygon chain?

Feras Saad
1 month ago

Can i use a different host other than clientzone? Plz help

Van Duo
1 month ago

how to recieve the ethereum from this smart contract?

Hữu Lộc BrianN
1 month ago


Michael Stark
1 month ago

Awesome!!! Thank you so much. That's what I was searching for!

Are you from germany, too?

1 month ago

Hello, is it possible to add a gif animated image?

Alberto Grassi
1 month ago

Very very impressive and deep video thank you sooo much.
Just a quick question: if i've any kind of problem with my repository, let's say my server goes down, what's happen to the images and to the NFT minted?

Thank you if anyone reply me!

Pace Plant
1 month ago

When I try git clone I get error no developer tools found…

Jaron Crespi
1 month ago

Hey guys, do you know if it’s more than a 1 time fee to list all 10k of your artworks on the eth blockchain?

Vance Psota
1 month ago

when i open up visual studio and paste the link that i copy nothing happens but a red text that says it is not recognized pops up, if anyone can help it would be appreciated

1 month ago

Hi, it is an amazing tutorial! Fantastic job. I have just one question: shouldn't you set up royalty fees in the smart contract itself? Or this can be done only on Opensea?

Lukas Robausch
1 month ago

hey guys can anyone give me an estimate on how much gas fees there are when I want to mint an 10k collection with this method? do i pay 1 gas fee or 10.000x gas fees?

Guilherme Rossi
1 month ago

Hi I was trying to do the first part to add the .json file for each image but it shows me that addMetadata is not defined. I index.js was modified after this tutorial…

Joshua Bugarin
1 month ago

how to edit the rarity on version 3?

1 month ago

Question. im currently using remix. But i wish to use ipfs to hold my metadata. Is the tokenURI in the smart cotract a link to your Json file?

Laslo Tuvieja
1 month ago

I really can't appreciate your videos enough, thanks for everything you upload

Bailey Forsten
1 month ago

Could someone point me in the direction to a script to use for 3D models? Or can you use the file type for hashlips?

1 month ago

Hi man i can't seem to find the v3 branch? you know how to add it?

1 month ago

Hi I noticed that if you switch accounts and attempt to mint, it will not work unless you are whitelisted, So i went ahead and removed the whitelist check but am still getting an error saying the gas estimation is incorrect. Any ideas what I need to update?

The Sabanrab MME
2 months ago

how do I change the out put to Gifs

2 months ago

How much gas does it costs to publish a OpenSea Samrt Contract?