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Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019
June 20, 2019
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June 21, 2019
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12 common mistakes passengers shouldn’t make whilst on the Dubai Metro

12 common mistakes passengers shouldn’t make whilst on the Dubai Metro

12 common mistakes passengers shouldn’t make whilst on the Dubai Metro

12 common mistakes passengers shouldn’t make whilst on the Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is a popular means of public transport for residents and tourists in Dubai. Ever since it started operations in 2009, the convenient rapid transit rail network has a route system which grants easy access to most of the tourist, residential and business areas in the city. This makes it a valuable transportation choice for beating the traffic in the city. To use the metro, you’ll need a valid Nol card which you can buy or top up from the metro station ticket office, vending machines and RTA approved agents. Metro users with valid Emirates IDs can enjoy several discounts to some of Dubai’s famous attractions such as At the Top Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall F&B outlets, Emaar Entertainment attractions and Dubai Opera.

However, all the perks come with caution and responsibility. Do you know you can be fined between AED100 TO AED2000 for violations and offences whilst using the Metro? You can even have your Emirates ID taken from you in some cases.

From sleeping to chewing gum, here are twelve things that may seem trivial at first but could actually lead you to dishing out monies for fines outside of your budget.

Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking is not allowed inside of the train and other areas shown on the metro signs inside the stations. Violating this could lead to a fine of AED100. To avoid these fines, there are areas designated for eating and drinking at all metro users inside each station.

Chewing Gum and Littering

Chewing gum may appear a casual thing to do, but not inside the Dubai Metro. This rule has been instituted to ensure cleanliness inside the metro, so be prepared to pay a fine of AED100 for non-compliance. Aside from this, littering or spitting in the metro is an offence which carries a penalty of AED200. Already, Dubai Municipality has listed chewing and throwing of gum in the streets of Dubai as a violation which attracts a fine of AED500.


Smoking at any time is strictly prohibited inside the Dubai Metro. This is important to ensure the comfort of all passengers. Failure to comply will attract a penalty of AED200.

Selling or promoting goods inside the metro

If you are looking for an avenue to sell and promote your goods and services, the Dubai Metro is a bad place for business as you will end up paying a fine of AED200. Such a loss is one that no serious business person would like to incur, especially for choosing the wrong marketplace.

Sleeping in passenger shelters and prohibited areas

There is a fine of AED300 for sleeping in passenger waiting areas. Avoid sleeping on the trains altogether as well. Aside from the fines, you may waste more time travelling by missing your stop!

Standing or sitting in the wrong compartment and unauthorized places

The Dubai Metro has a compartment for Gold Class as well as for ladies and children. You cannot be in the Gold Class compartment if you are not using a Gold Card to travel, neither should you access areas designated for ladies and children obviously if you are not. A fine of AED100 awaits you if you choose to.  Also be sure to avoid sitting on floor, sides of the escalator or stairs to prevent you from paying this fine when caught.

Causing inconvenience

The Dubai Metro is designed to ensure the comfort of all passengers. Playing loud music, resting your feet on the seat, bringing pets, carrying materials that will cause inconvenience are all violations punishable by a fine of AED100.

Misuse of emergency button

Dubai Metro trains are equipped with emergency buttons to be used in times of urgency and emergency situations. Using this button for wrong reasons such as for fun is an offence that will land a hefty fine of AED2000!

Carrying alcoholic beverages

There are several laws regarding possession and use of alcohol within the UAE. The Dubai Metro prohibits carrying of alcoholic beverages, and if caught there will be a fine of AED500.

Using expired, invalid cards or not swiping your card before using the metro

The Nol card is the ‘currency’ of the metro. It is an offence not to swipe it before using the metro. Using an expired or invalid card is also not permitted because these practices allow passengers to travel without paying. It is also an offence to use someone else’s Nol Card. The penalty for all these kinds of violations is a cool AED200.

Blocking access to luggage areas

The Dubai Metro plies the route of most business districts in the city as well as granting access to its international airports. It is very common to find passengers with luggage, and there are designated spots for them inside the train. These areas are not meant for human access, and so standing, sitting or blocking them in any way will attract a fine of AED100.

Vandalizing, damaging and destroying devices, equipment or facilities

Any form of lawlessness is not allowed on the Dubai Metro. Engaging in activities that will vandalize, damage or destroy any equipment or device inside the metro will lead to a fine of AED 2000.

The Dubai Metro is very convenient to use and a quick way of travelling from one point of the city to another. It is designed to ensure the safety and comforts of passengers. Residents and tourists can attest to this. It is therefore important to be respectful and compliant to all of its rules to avoid embarrassments or paying fines you may not have planned for.

It is easy to find information on the metro online or inside the stations. There are signs displayed at vantage points within the Metro giving directions and showing the do and don’ts. These signs are displayed in English and Arabic and also through illustrations. There is very little chance that you’ll end up paying a fine if you are careful not to violate any of the rules whilst using the Metro. The rules are initiated in the interest of passengers, so be sure to heed to them to enjoy your travel on the Dubai Metro. Checkout the RTA website for a full list of all violations.

By: Theresa R. Fianko

Dubai – UAE

(Marketing Communications, Writer, Content Creator)

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