On this video, I’m going over the brand new updates on the HashLips Artwork Engine. Hope you benefit from the video.




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Thanks for everybody’s assist. See you within the subsequent video.

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Tahir ML
13 days ago

Is there a way to generate metadata from the file name only? As I have a load of images I want to upload to Opensea.

Lukáš Gabčo
13 days ago

hi i would like to ask how can i recovery my images from pinata to my computer

Aliosman Çambunar
13 days ago

I want to make 3D drawings with the Blender program and reproduce them with software. For example, I'm going to make a character, save it, then make a lot of hats and save it. I want to combine them. Please help me. My head exploded for 2 weeks. I couldn't find a solution.

13 days ago

Would you be able to run this with 10 second animation videos?

Cognitive Dissident
13 days ago

Can't thank you enough, Daniel. I just generated my first collection tonight, after 4 months of work on the art, and a couple of weeks learning from your tutorials. Going to upload to IPFS and get my replacement address tonight, hitting remix tomorrow, then starting on the website.

You're a life-changer, and a true crypto legend, sir. I am eternally grateful.

Acid Tone OG
13 days ago

im getting this error

PS C:UsersrmaivDownloadshashlips_art_engine-main> npm install

npm ERR! code ENOENT

npm ERR! syscall open

npm ERR! path C:UsersrmaivDownloadshashlips_art_engine-main/package.json

npm ERR! errno -4058

npm ERR! enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:UsersrmaivDownloadshashlips_art_engine-mainpackage.json'

npm ERR! enoent This is related to npm not being able to find a file.

npm ERR! enoent

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:

npm ERR! C:UsersrmaivAppDataLocalnpm-cache_logs2021-11-23T01_36_49_610Z-debug.log


Young Canz
13 days ago

What does the “error dlopen failed” mean

13 days ago

im not the only one that got lost when it ocmes to rarities and meta data in this new tutorial either way i love this guy!!!1

13 days ago

Hey, I was wondering if you perhaps could show a way to do this with 3D art from Character Creator 3?
I think Python is what needs to be utilized, but if you have your own way, could you make a video about it?

Pixel Penguins
13 days ago

sorry hashlips but unfortunately you didnt tell us the command to change base uri ipfs

13 days ago

Possibilty to up for elrond?

mehmet Topaloğlu
13 days ago

hey! no matter what I do, I can't change the number of productions. even if I change the number, it constantly produces 5 pieces, please help.

Ivan Kitanovski
13 days ago

Hey, glad that I found your channel!

I was wondering particularly what does it do the commonly met method setApprovalForAll ?

Michele Girardi
14 days ago

I created 4 folders with 10 images for each one but the program never generates 10000 images, it stops much earlier.

The error is: You need more layers or elements to grow your edition to 10000 artworks!

The images are all png, they all have different names, there are no rare or outdated images.

What could be the problem?

O Muhie
14 days ago

All of your videos are amazing!!!
My friend i have 1 question, how can i integrate the minting code in my page with a domain? i'm going to create a page with WordPress, i don't know if i can integrate all this code of minting or i need create my page since 0 with HTML.
I just started learning code, that's why I have these doubts, thank you very much.

14 days ago

can you nft game video ?

14 days ago

Does anyone know information about Luna? How to create an nft on it ?

Key Executive
14 days ago

Check out this one

14 days ago

Hello Daniel, thank you for this video…I did everything right from generate the art until verify the smart contract…so what's the next step? My collection is not showing up on the Opensea, how can I display it? 😵