Create Your Job-Winning Resume Proposal with an Online Utility

, Create Your Job-Winning Resume Proposal with an Online Utility
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, Create Your Job-Winning Resume Proposal with an Online Utility

Resumes are a very important part of your career. A resume is actually a document that is created by a potential applicant in order to itemize and highlight skills, qualifications and other specific details that are required for a certain position. If you are planning on applying for a job then you have to make sure that you are creating an attractive and appealing resume.

A resume is just like a logo that represents you as a brand. You have to make sure that the first impression that you make is powerful and effective. Today there are many online resume builders like the one offered by SmallSeoTools that can help you create a powerful resume.

Before we tell you about the best online resume makers that can help you make a powerful and job-winning resume, we would like you to know about the features that you have to highlight in the resume. These features would surely win the interest of the audience.

Top Features to add in a job-winning resume proposal!

Here are some of the important features that we would suggest you add a resume:

  • Communication skills

Communication skills are important, period! You would be dealing with a lot of people on a daily basis while you are on duty and so the employer needs to know that you have good communication skills which would help you handle clients and customers. You should understand that your growth solely depends on your communication skills.

  • Creativity

Creativity is another feature that you have to highlight in your resume. Your ability to create and work on new things would simply please the employer. An employer doesn’t only need a person who can find mistakes in the workplace but a person who can find creative solutions to the problems.

  • Positivity

Positivity is important for you as a person. When creating a resume you have to make sure that you highlight this personal feature. Now you cannot simply add this feature as per se in the resume but your words and hints in the resume can show what a happy and positive person you are in the workplace.

  • Commitment

Employers are always looking for candidates who can strongly commit to their jobs. If you show that you are committed to your work with the help of your resume then you can simply win the interest of the hiring manager.

Online Resume Builders To Create A Job-winning Resume

Today employers are interested in short and well-designed resumes that have maximum information featured in them. Creating this kind of resume manually is close to impossible and this is why we would suggest you use the online resume builder tools.

There are dozens of resume maker tools on the internet but not all of them are reliable and easy to use. This is why we have listed the most reliable options for you. Before we list out the tools we would like you to know that a resume builder tool/app is an online utility that can provide you with pre-designed templates as well as multiple design elements/options which can be used for creating an attractive resume design.

1.   Online Resume Builder by SmallSEOTools

The resume builder by is among the leading utilities that can help you get an attractive resume design. This resume builder is based online and is absolutely free to use. If you have never used a resume creator before in your life then you should opt for this free resume builder utility as it is very easy to understand and utilize. You just have to pick the category of resume which suits you the most and from that particular category, you have to pick the template design which intrigues you the most. You can edit and customize the free resume templates as per your choice.


If you want to create and submit a resume proposal in less than twenty minutes then this is the perfect option. If you think that resume building is difficult and boring then it is time that you give this tool a fair chance. This resume builder offers template designs that would have all the featured information indexed in them. You just have to pick the template which wins your heart and edit it as per your choice. One of the most important features of this resume builder is that it can help you search and track different types of jobs.

3.   Visual CV

This is another website that can help you create new resumes and edit old ones. This is among the perfect utilities that you can use on any of your devices as long as you have a browser on them. The dual-window features of this resume builder make the customization process quite simple and interesting. There are different versions offered by this resume builder. The free version of Visual CV offers three unique templates which you can use after editing. If you subscribe to the pro version of this resume builder then you would get access to 15 more unique template designs. The resume creator doesn’t only provide you with template designs but would also suggest you customize them according to your choice.

By using either of these online resume builders you can create a job-winning resume within minutes!

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