Hello guys.

That is the brand new cryptogame that I simply invested in. Nonetheless do your personal analysis on a regular basis and make investments what you’ll be able to afford to lose.

I’ll do a tutorial afterward learn how to purchase their Devicoins(DVK) so please subscribe and activate the notification button. Thanks! 🙂

Tips on how to purchase DVK – https://youtu.be/yJYfpwLUfoA

Right here is my referral hyperlink to create your Klever Pockets: https://klever.io/rewards/Wx4aWXZxMfKYC4VEA

Binance referral hyperlink: https://accounts.binance.me/en/register?ref=173300688

Take pleasure in! 🙂

Web site – https://devikins.com/
NFT Whitepaper – https://devikins.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/whitepaper-nft.pdf
Devikins Whitepaper – https://devikins.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/whitepaper.pdf

Please let me know what different belongings you prefer to see on my youtube channel.

Keep protected! 🙂

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Mistborn TV
25 days ago

How to buy DVK – https://youtu.be/yJYfpwLUfoA

lester john batalla
25 days ago

may naka lock ba silang token ?

lester john batalla
25 days ago

ilang DVK token or Ilang Char need para sa PVP idol ?

streb cajeda (ninja)
25 days ago

merun nab ato sa mobile po salamat

Ariel Fajardo
25 days ago

Magkano ideal investment dito Sir? Very interested.

Jepherson Allarey
25 days ago


Frosteria Franceia
25 days ago

Devikins will be the most popular cryptogame in 2022! ❤️🥰

25 days ago

Inaabangan ko talaga 2. Lapit n.

Hey Sunnyside Up!
25 days ago

gawin mo na main topic to sa channel mo pustahan pag nagboom to literal dami mo subscribers pioneer channel…then gawin mo english pag napansin ka devs nako panalo channel mo boss… nag subscribed ako sundan ko pagboom ng channel mo

schizo marn
25 days ago

sir pwedi ba mag live ka kung malapit na ang nft presale para naman makasabay kami s pagbili ng nft. wala kasi kami idea kung saan at paano bibili. maganda 2 hours before maglive at sasabay bumili sayo. dadagdag viewers at followers mo nun sir kasi im sure madami n katulad ko ang walang idea kung saan bibili

Ozfortis 12
25 days ago

Idol kapag nag launch na ng nft saan pwede bumili? May naka imbak nako dvk eh wala lang akong idea kung saan bibili sa klever din ba?

Vingie Ojeda
25 days ago

question sir. regarding leveling up an NFT. ok lang kung yung ibuburn ko ay yung hindi pa na hatch?

Mistborn TV
25 days ago

Guys eto yung kung ilang Devikins need i burn para ma release sa level cap ang Devikins at mag level up pa.

Adult = Level 10 max
Adult promotion 1(1 nft burned) = level 20 max
Adult promotion 2(1 nft burned) = level 30 max
Adult promotion 3(1 nft burned) = level 40 max
Adult promotion 4(2 nft burned) = level 50 max
Adult promotion 5(2 nft burned) = level 60 max
Adult promotion 6(2 nft burned) = level 70 max
Adult promotion 7(3 nft burned) = level 80 max
Adult promotion 8(3 nft burned) = level 90 max
Adult promotion 9(3 nft burned) = level 100 max

Miguel Bonete
25 days ago

Oy Kasama natin to sa gc Ahahahah

marimar montezon
25 days ago

So good hahaha 😂😂