DIY Electrical Repair: How to Safely Change a Light Bulb

, DIY Electrical Repair: How to Safely Change a Light Bulb
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, DIY Electrical Repair: How to Safely Change a Light Bulb

As it easy as it may sound, changing a light bulb is not a laughing matter specially if god forbid you receive an electric shock while doing it or a bulb has broken in the base and needs to be removed before replacement with a new bulb. Lets learn how to safely change a light bulb.

Basic Tips for Changing a Light Bulb

Now lets begin with the process of changing a bulb. First off always check the correct wattage of the bulb in compatibility with the fixtures in place. Most fixtures are stamped with an instructional label, like “Caution: To reduce the risk of fire, use a 60-watt type A or smaller lamp.” This instruction label shows the maximum amount of wattage a fixture can hold. Do not ignore the instructions as it is found by the US Fire Administration that approx. 30000 electrical fires per annum are caused by light bulbs that are incompatible with the fixtures and are too hot for them.

PPM & Bulb Replacement

  • If the bulb is out of reach, get a ladder to reduce the risk of a fall.
  • To ensure safety, turn off the power at the fuse box.
  • Make sure the light bulb has cooled down before touching it.
  • Twist the light bulb counter-clockwise to release it from the socket.
  • Align the replacement bulb in the socket and turn it clockwise until fixed tightly. Do not try to over-tighten the bulb as the glass is delicate and it can easily shatter in your hands.
  • Safely dispose of the old bulb.

Removing a broken bulb from a socket

  • Turn off the power at the fuse box.
  • Place an old blanket or a towel on the floor to catch any shards of broken glass.
  • Put on a pair of leather gloves to protect your hands, and wear a pair of eye goggles if you’re doing this electrical repair on an overhead fixture.
  • Insert a pair of needle-nose pliers as far into the base of the broken light bulb as you are able.
  • Rotate the pliers counter-clockwise. If you lose your grip, simply start again and continue turning until the base is released.

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