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Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Do I need a visa for Dubai?
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Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Do I need a visa for Dubai?. This is a question you should answer. Moving to Dubai with our detailed guide for expatriates. With years of experience in the recruitment market. Now has put a detailed guide on how to find a job in Dubai. There are so many International job seekers. All of them are seeking to get a job in Dubai. With our detailed guide, you will increase your chance.  There are so many little things you need to follow. Generally speaking, searching for a job in the Middle East will take your effort and time. Our team prepared for you very detailed guide.

With this in mind, our team is helping new expatriates to recognize UAE. Generally speaking, you will need from A to Z information when you moving to Dubai. By all means, if you would like to become expatriate in the Middle East. You will definitely need to follow our 10 step guide for searching and moving to Dubai. Our team always giving hand to job seekers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

There are several outdated pieces of information online. Especially on old blogs how to moving to Dubai for work. Our team of specialist is looking forward to helping you with your job search. The Dubai City Company managed to get information about career searching in Dubai. As long as how to get a visa from UAE Government. Moreover how to book flights and how to find a flat to live in the United Arab Emirates. This detailed guide is mainly for people who are living abroad and looking for work in the UAE.

Step No.1 Getting to know Dubai guide

Dubai is one of the places on earth. Especially for job seekers. You need to know where the City of Dubai is located. What is the most likeable in the Middle East?. Is it a hotel industry or Oil and Gas, our the whole structure of the town?. On the other hand, you need to know that Dubai City. Is well know of amazing cultural heritage. Moreover, the Middle East local people are welcoming every visitor to the UAE. And of course, Muslim job seekers from Pakistan. In Dubai generous approach is a culture etiquette for new visitors. Another thing you need to know is that UAE is at the top.

Dubai is Islam religion and every new expat should adopt this in year-round sunshine lifestyle. Click on the picture below. And find out what you need to know about DubaiDo I need a visa for Dubai?. It really all depends where are you from. Most of the people from Europe and Canada are able to get a visa. Much harder it is for Indian expatriates.

Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Step No.2 The UAE and visa information

Equally important to knowing Dubai. Is to know if you are eligible for entering the United Arab Emirates. On the other hand, before you even to plan travelling to the UAE. You must check your passport and visa requirements. At the same time, it will be the smart move. Be more than a hundred per cent sure that you can travel safely.

Do I need a visa for Dubai with Emirates?. Yes, you need to have a visa ready in your hand when you land in UAE. Moreover, you should apply and have a look at UAE visa information. The Emirates airline has placed all the information for you. So you should read it very carefully, and find out what do you need in terms of travel.

Most of the countries required to have a valid visa if needed. And to have a valid passport for a minimum of six months. On the other hand, there are also holders of non-standard passports such as politicians. For this reason in this step always make sure you have a good job application. Please check what travel documents may need to move to Dubai. As has been noted Emirates also have they own different entry requirements for career seekers. Under those circumstances, in this step please check it out also walk-in interviews in Dubai. What you need to apply for a visa to be eligible to enter UAE. Also, read other passport requirements for UAE.

With Emirates - Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Step No.3 Check types of visa 

In step No.3 we need to find out a type of visa we can have. For example, we can have – Long-term single entry visa-tourist for 90 days. And on working visa in Dubai. As well as 30 days and 14 days for simple holiday purpose. Given these points, visit government.ea official portal. Have a look what visa you can acquire and what is all about. Bellow, you can have a shortcut for a visa duration.

What pater should I have, or Do I need a visa for Dubai? before I go?. All of that questions you can find with website. You have several options, and you should have a piece of detailed information. Especially the best one is from good reliable sources. And there is nothing more reliable than UAE Government. You can also find other information related to your job searching in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Because of the website is helping new visitors with MBA to stay and work in the UAE.

UAE Government - Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Step No.4 Now you can book visa before moving to Dubai

Ok, we now know if you can enter Dubai. You know what is all about with visa even for woman expat. The next step we should follow. Book a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates. Our company did long research on that. And the easiest booking system is Etihad UAE visa system. On the positive side, if you are from of the countries from the UAE Government list. Generally speaking, you do not need a visa prior to entering the UAE. For example, if you land at Abu Dhabi International Airport. In a few minutes, the airport staff will proceed with an Immigration process for you. And in a moment you will receive a visa on arrival.

While a plan to fly Etihad Do I need a visa for Dubai?. Since you only planning to fly you do not need to have a visa. When you book a flight, then you need it. But on the positive side, you can do it online. That is not a problem even to start security jobs in the UAE.

But also have a look at other websites. Be smart and compare the prices.

Etihad - Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Step No.5 Find a place to accommodate in Dubai 

Before you go to Dubai. You need to search and focus on serviced apartments in Dubai. For this reason, you should look for a very cheap room. Moreover, the spacious room is not the type you will be available to take. Of course, you need to move without the taking your Family. In the long run, they will generate only spendings. At the very beginning, you need to save money when you moving to Dubai. Especially from countries such as Malaysia or India. Spend as less as you can for flat or room. You need to search preferably shared accommodation. You can call the flat owners or contact by email. Make sure you will have everything in place. Before you will move to UAE. Also, good tips are to search for a room in Abu Dhabi and Shariah. There are many cheaper flats to rent in.

Do I need a visa for Dubai?. Yes, you will need it, and there is a tip. To get a faster working visa. You may apply for Management jobs in the UAE. Because this way you increase for finding nice accommodation. Simply because companies will invest much more funds to hire you. And with this in mind, possibilities for new accommodation will become the real deal.

Expat - Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Step No.6 Moving to Dubai and Book discount flight to Dubai

We all know that flights are not cheap for new job seekers. So try to keep your spendings as low as you can. Find a discount flights to Dubai. On the other hand, Dubai still remains the main ground for the Middle East jobs vacancies. But you can search flights also to Abu Dhabi. Moving to Dubai it is always expensive. No matter how long you will be searching for bits of advice. On the negative side, you will need to save some money. Because when you land in UAE. You will need to have it in place. Living in the United Arab Emirates. Is not a cheap deal to take.

Do i need a visa for Dubai?

Expedia - Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Step No.7 Just arrived now get mobile ready!

Since you arrived at Dubai Airport. You need to get your mobile phone ready to go for job searching. For this reason, we guide you a little bit. In the United Arab Emirates are the two main mobile service operators. They are available for all expatriates. Etisalat and du, both are good for you as a new expatriate when you moving to Dubai. All it depends what you need to manage to get pre-paid mobile service.

There is not much difference regards mobile in UAE. The main difference between the two operators is is that du mobile provider. Charges users only by the second. And on the other hand, Etisalat charges per minute every user. But you do not need to worry. Both mobile operators are governed regulated and save for users. Another tips is that they are working not only in UAE. There is also a lot of Indians workers in Kuwait who is currently using that.

Having phone Do I need a visa for Dubai?. Yes… here you have a 2 main operators.

Do I need a visa for Dubai? Get a mobile phone

Step No.8 Preparing your Resume and Cover letter for Dubai

Hiring managers in Dubai looking for each CV. But on the negative side around 2-5 second on each Resume. So you need to have the amazing and spotless resume to elaborate your professional details. In few words, Your CV should be no more than 2-3 pages. In your perfect resume must include only professional information. The basic resume writing has been posted by There is a large discussion around career seekers in 2018 and 2019. What should be done in a resume writing and what shouldn’t later in this article.

But there are some exceptions in CV writing. For example, if you are applying for a senior-level position in Dubai. There is the unique way for every career hunter. For the most part, if the circumstances for a job is needed. You should extend your resume up to 3 pages. From time to time in some of the countries in the world. Having their own way of creating resumes. Some of the CV’s generally speaking are too short. You should also have a look at Forbes in the Middle East a perfect resume guide for job seekers.

On the other hand, you can hire professional executives for CV writing. For example Peopleperhour CV writers. You can hire for around $30 for a very good CV writer. But if it is way too much for you. You can get new CV as less as $5 on There are many ways to get proper your CV. But you can write it yourself. Below you have detailed guide how to do it in right way.

Do I need a visa for Dubai? Independent

Step No.9 Creating social profiles 

Before you go to the next step and start moving to Dubai. You need to create professional social profiles. Our company created a complete list. As long as a detailed description for each recruitment portal. Moreover, we have placed Dubai top-rated social media companies. Where you need to start creating your own profile. There is no magic key in your career searching for foreigners. With this step, you need to do a very detailed profile on each website. So do it right and go to the next final process in your job searching. Do I need a visa for Dubai? even on Linkedin?.

Well, there you can find a lot of companies. For example, Emirates Group is hiring on Linkedin. On the other hand, automotive corporations looking for expats. There are almost endless opportunities for anyone. So, our company advising job seekers to have a very strong profile. Because in reality, you may ask yourself do I need a visa to Dubai?. And then opportunity come along. And you may be left with nothing.

Do I need a visa for Dubai? Linkedin

Step No.10 Using Dubai City Company

Dubai City Company we are here to help you move to Dubai!. With our amazing recruitment services. You will definitely land a dream career in UAE. As a matter of fact, our aim is to help you be placed in Dubai. Our ultimate goal is to manage job searching for you. But we are having hope that you will use our service. And you will like our company. The services we are providing are really helpful. In fact, they are all free of charge.

Our well-known company in Dubai for international workers. Helping already over fifty thousands of new foreigners to become a worker. Providing free tips and answers. For example, do I need a visa to Dubai, or how to find a work in Dubai and a proper legit job site?. All of that we can manage for you.

Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Connect with Recruiters and Hiring managers

Linkedin has a large recruitment community. Within the social media network, you can connect with recruiters indirect way. On the other hand from Dubai career seeker’s perspective. It is the best way of finding a job. Using our service properly help you connecting with hiring executives. With our services, you can connect with over 5,000 recruitment executives in Dubai City. You should definitely connect with a world of social media recruiters. Searching for a new career in a word of corporate headhunters. It is a very smart way.

With our LinkedIn service, you can certainly boost your career. Double the chances of finding suitable career opportunities in Emirates. At this instant as long as you actively searching for a new job or career opportunity or just keeping your career open within UAE. 

Do I need a visa for Dubai? With our company

WhatsApp Groups for Jobs in Dubai

You can definitely searching employment. Surprising in the Middle East. Join the WhatsApp Groups in the foreground. Add your mobile phone number to hiring managers. Connect with other job seekers, expatriates, and professional executives. Generally speaking who are highly motivated. To get a job in the United Arab Emirates.

Our company created several groups of job seekers. Up to the present time WhatsApp limited groups. But we are having hope you will be able to post your request to recruiters. Moreover, our recruitment team will be more than happy to help you get a work in Saudi Arabia. If you receive a job offer on one of our groups. So, at this instant, we are waiting for your professional details. In view of your personal customer experience please do not post spam comments.

Do I need a visa for Dubai? With our company

Send Resume to Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

Dubai City Company, for one thing, has putten in place all recruitment companies in Dubai. You can now send your CV. To top rated recruitment companies in Dubai. You can also have a look where they are base. To help you, to be employed even faster. We have placed email and phone numbers. On the positive side if you are using this list of recruitment agents correctly. Definitely, help you to find dream employment in the United Arab Emirates. Without delay, you need to update recruiters and hiring managers. That you are open for new career opportunities in Dubai.

Do I need a visa for Dubai? Recruitment Agencies

Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Steps for getting employment as an expert?

Do I need a visa for Dubai? steps for getting employment as an expert?. Hope you are now having detailed guide to work in Dubai. Do I need a visa for Dubai? from A-Z Steps to getting employment as Expatriate. Find out how what you really need to have a visa, flights, and accommodation for UAE. Hope all of that pieces of information give you enough information. Because we are having much more to offer. Don’t forget that you can get a work in Banking and financial companies. And they are offering a visa work permit in the UAE.

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Dubai City Company now providing good call center Jobs in Dubai. Our team decided to add information for each language for our Dubai expats. So, with this in mind, you can now get guides, tips and employment in the United Arab Emirates with your own language. 

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