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Dubai 7 star hotel

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Interested information and Guide about 7 Star Hotel in Dubai. Our company try to place positives and help you decide. Whatever you would like to visit our best Hotel in Dubai. Hope you do, give us a chance and motivate you a little bit why our Hotel is the best in the world.

Dubai 7 Star Hotel: Complete guide with detailed information. Crafted by Neowise.org – Dubai City Company guide for foreigners and local users.

There are several things you should know about The World’s Most Exclusive Hotel in Dubai City. You can always have a look below on a tweet from Jumeirah and see what’s on in Dubai!.

There are so many myths and untold stories about this amazing place. The Burj Al Arab is Dubai’s generally speaking is an iconic sail-shaped hotel.

This place is in the heart of the Arabian Gulf business centre.

This huge sized hotel becomes the fifth tallest hotel in the world and part of Jumeirah top hotels in the Gulf Region. So, Dubai based international luxury hotel chain, Jumeirah is making its mark as a top hospitality organisation.

Well, generally speaking, there is a lot of Dubai hotels. However, there is an only one that is having 7 Stars rating. Quickly become super luxurious and mainly for VIP guests. It is definitely over the luxurious place in Dubai.

Having 7 stars rating?
Burj Al Arab is a way to get VIP treatment at a hotel

Our company will try to explain to you a little bit why the Burj Al Arab deserves every bit of 7 stars rating and more…

We love the Dubai 7 star hotel – Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai

What they are offering?

Whatever you like, this hotel looking forward to provide a dream services!

No.1 Dedicated Executive Team

Their CEO is having more than 30 years of experience in the hotel industry. And that is giving you amazing hotelier experienced executive team. They all are actually very dedicated to providing over extensional customer service experience for their visitors. And generally speaking, you will be having anything you would dream about in 3 days!. In reality, all you have to do is just request Burj Al Arab managers and for sure it will be done!.

Management board in 7 Star Hotel

No.2 Excellence Dining Experience in Dubai

There are 11 Restaurants in one Hotel!

Are you looking and gastronomic king style journey?. This Dubai restaurant provides those services!. Not only you can explore global cuisines from all over the world. You can literary order any food you like at the award-winning restaurants of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai. Yes, we mean it any meal will be delivered to you with freshness guaranteed!. This is just wow!.

The hotel serves quite amazing meals, from traditional Arabic, Pakistani and Indians cuisine up to far-east Asian and modern European dishes.

Since you land in Dubai airport, the driver will take you to the hotel. Then you can visit the restaurant and experience an exciting combination of best world man-made flavours. Moreover, you are able to request to make creative culinary masterpieces that generally speaking its designed for you personally. So, across Burj Al Arab eleven signature restaurants and bars.

Said true story this hotel it’s having their own distinction of luxury. Honestly, all you have to do is just make a good amount of money. Then you will begin the life adventure story at the world’s most luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab.

The Jumeirah kitchen chefs aways create memorable dining experiences that can be served at your room steps. And that stay a little bit longer after the meal is over. Simply because it’s their location.

A real photo of Restaurant

No.3 Best Wellness and Spa in Dubai

A luxury world in the United Arab Emirates. This wellness and spa it is made 150 metres above the Arabian Gulf.

The Burj Al Arab Spa is the ultimate luxury in the Emirates. Most of the people who are visiting this amazing destination looking to get luxuriate, relax and rejuvenating experience.

However, each of the experiences delivered to the clients has been carefully crafted and double-checked by the supervisor and then management.

On the other hand, these services are exclusively developed for rich customers. While maybe using the world’s most luxurious products and services from top shelves of Dubai luxury market. And you are able to leave Dubai in relax state of mind.

Spa is just amazing in this place!

No.4 Burj Al Arab Business Meetings and Conferences

Travellers and visitors not only eating and sleep in Dubai. Places such as this 7-star hotel in Dubai offering much more:

Venues – That is a Jumeirah’s brand proposition of Luxury. There is even a lure for that, no even one of the events at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is designed the same. Each of the Venue is modified for clients needs.

Personal Lunch Service backed by authentic Arabian hospitality. Mostly used by Hollywood stars and business owners. However, award-winning cuisine and state-of-the-art amenities make every lunch an occasion to remember or just make important deal closed in a high-value place.

Weddings in Dubai, this is a love and beauty part. Well-managed and with breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. Your wedding day will be one of the best in your family.

Business Meetings – This Dubai 7 Star Hotel has a lot to offer.
Large VIP loges and amazing spaces are ideal for private business conferences. Moreover, Top corporate managers using this hotel advantage for new conferences and business symposium.

Events – They are core services in Dubai 7 Star Hotel. Amazing international event spaces made on request. Are much more than just ideal for private corporates meetings.

Visit 7 Star Hotel in Dubai

No.5 Burj Al Arab Bonus and Benefits

Well, this is another service that they are offering. Start collecting Blue, Silver or Gold point on your special card. To make that happend you must apply to become a Jumeirah Sirius Member.

The system is quite amazing. Simply when you start collecting two Jumeirah Sirius Points. Then generally speaking, for every USD 1 you spend in a hotel, restaurant, spas. You will be reworded as well as private access to exclusive privileges in Dubai 7 Star Hotel at some of the world’s finest resort on the planet earth!

Have a look on benefits with Sirius Membership. Hope you will get one when you get there.

Visit Burj Al Arab

No.6 The Burj Al Arab Development

We all know that this company is developing in the right direction. The Jumeirah group owns a lot of properties. For example Living Marina Gate, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They are planning to raise a bar for Jumeirah Muscat Bay as well as Oman Jumeirah Atakoy Hotels & Residences.

The company also present a plan for Istanbul, Turkey that the new hotel will be built in the next few years. Then Jabal Omar Jumeirah Makkah. And of course, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia few projects is on the way in a development mode.

A company moving into North Africa!

No.7 Partnership Business Advantages

Jumeirah has signed up with some of the world’s most prestigious international brands. Most of the companies in the Middle East market would like to have a connection with this Dubai 7 star Hotel.

This Hotel, generally speaking, looking to provide also their guests with a variety of business opportunities. So, just to make each visitor every happy and make their stay or visit a memorable one.

Managers and supervisors in the hotel lunch several high-class propositions, For example, airline Flyer programmes. This is enabling visitors of this Hotel simply to earn miles for every stay, as well as benefit from exclusive offers.

There is a lot of Airlanes companies that you can have a discount. For example Emirates, Etihad Airways, Japan Airlines and many more.

Jumeirah Hotel also has fruitful relationships with many other organisations in the United Arab Emirates. They co-operation portfolio including financial and luxury brands in the UAE.

No.8 Career Opportunities in 7 Star Hotel

This is a section where our readers will be interested the most. Simply because we are helping expats to get work in Dubai. You can apply online for a career in Dubai 7 Star Hotel. For example, you can look at the Jumeirah Restaurant Group or Corporate Office in Dubai. There is a lot of vacancies in the hospitality sector in Dubai and Even in Abu Dhabi.

Well, working in the best hotel in the world. That may be a hard deal to manage. But, generally speaking, there is a lot of expatriates in the United Arab Emirates. From all over the globe. So, you will be not alone.

However, you must never give up. Try your luck and drop your updated resume. Because you never know when HR managers may give you a lucky call with Interview!.

Apply here with your CV

Dubai 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab Jumeirah - Careers
Jobs in Dubai 7 Star Hotel

Conclusion for Dubai 7 Star Hotel

Arabic culture is just amazing and full of hospitality. For European and American tourists may be quite different. However, this company only has 5-star reviews and a majority of their visitors are definitely will be back to visit this amazing Hotel.

There is also a lot of TV’s programs how this hotel was built and how much is that was in total. As far as we consider this place as the best place to stay in Dubai if you can only afford their prices.

Hope we have helped you decide to take your holiday trip to our pearl of Dubai City. And generally speaking, you will be able to come back and visit our portal again.

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