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April 11, 2018
Jobs in Sharjah for expats
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April 17, 2018
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Dubai airport jobs for International job seekers

Dubai airport jobs 

Dubai Airport Career for international job seekers

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Dubai airport jobs 

Dubai airport jobs, as a matter of fact, become very popular. Especially in the Middle East. So, if you are searching for a good position in Dubai. You should consider Airport as a good place to work in Dubai. Searching and applying for a career abroad in Dubai it will take your time. You can take your time and search for new vacancies. Or have a look at our guide for employers for Dubai airport companies to work for in Dubai. One of the interesting things about airport jobs in UAE. Is that you can find them purely online on their website pages.

For the most part, searching jobs in UAE. Should be done with the high level of knowledge. Most of the opportunities in airport business are government related. On the other hand, you can find also a quite established career in local shops in Dubai. Or as well as Airport local bank branches who are hiring job seekers. Because just to get to airport government vacancies, in reality, takes a decision. You need to provide a lot of documents before you receive employment letters.

One of the best companies who is hiring for airport jobs is Emirates airline. You can definitely get a career in Dubai Airports. Dubai City Company now has created a guide for cryptocurrency job seekers. Generally speaking about finding employment in Airport industries. On the other hand, you can search jobs over our Guide for expats in Dubai. So you should definitely read our tips and guide for Dubai and Abu Dhabi airport career.

Jobs on airports in the United Arab Emirates

One of the interesting points in your employment searching in Dubai. Could be not only Dubai with Abu Dhabi but also Al ain, das island, Shariah airport. There are many places that you can, in reality, find a job in 2018. There are 22 airports in The United Arab Emirates. Where you can find a job. You can visit online the main airports. You should, to begin with, the professional approach. Sending your CV to the websites we provide. Try to register yourself for jobs alerts. Will definitely help you to find employment in airport industries.

Dubai airport jobs are one of the hot topics in the Middle East. Especially for Indian expatriates in call center. Every year there is much more vacancies created in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Airports. You can find completed list of airports on Wikipedia. Most of the people applying to get this kind of career from Pakistan and India. But we are seeing trends from Kuwait Indians workers. Then Saudi Arabia as well as South Africa. Given these points, you can find the career as sales assistant, day shift worker, supervisor, retailer sales executive. Or even senior managerial level position. Inside the Airports in the Middle East.

Dubai Airport jobs opportunity

Apply here for Career at Dubai Airports

Ok, Let’s start with the main airport. You can get one of the best careers in Dubai Airports. One of the best places for Expat woman in Dubai.¬†The Dubai Airport is recruiting for several vacancies. From the sales positions up to the head of the operation in the UAE. You can search for several vacancies for¬†Dubai airport jobs. With the Airport, you can find from time to time walk-in interviews. So it is worth to follow their social media channels.

The Airport was founded on 30 September 1960. And their mission is to create world-leading airports. Especially new tourists looking for work on local job sites for Dubai Airport. On the other hand, management looking forward to enhancing the prosperity for expatriates. Especially for new job seekers they are rising global standings of Dubai. The career with Airport business is a super exciting adventure. So it is good to have this kind of experience on your resume.

Over 80% of Dubai Airport jobs are taken by foreigners workers population. The new workers are coming in from all over the world. For example South Africa expatriates, moreover the people from India become workers in Dubai Airport. That means you can start working with international colleagues and an international mindset. To be honest with you at the Airport you will have a lot of international guests. With Dubai Airports you can find work as a sales assistant or project manager.

The career in Airport in Dubai do is worth it?

You can find general information about openings on their recruitment website. Dubai Airports jobs opportunities are owned and manage the operation of Dubai International (DXB). And also part of the business is with Dubai World Central (DWC). So if the highly experienced managers managing this business, you will have a good chance for a long-term career.
For sure this is one of the best places to get work. And by looking at top Google revies. Dubai Airport jobs are worth to take. 

Dubai Airports Jobs

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Apply here for The career in Abu Dhabi International Airport

The website of this airport in Abu Dhabi offering quality job searching option. You can simply get the option with all jobs. And have a look at what position you can really go into. Very interested in this employer is that Airport is Located in the heart of the Middle East. The airport important to realize is hiring local job seekers. Moreover, the global people who are looking for a job with MBA.

Moreover, the Abu Dhabi city is a strategic global business place for commerce and travel for international people. Abu Dhabi is also the best place for International Indian expats. If you decide to move to one of the world’s wealthiest cities. You should consider this Airport as a good place to work. Also this airport it has a strong, resilient and ever-growing economy.

Al Bateen Executive Airport generally speaking is a dedicated mainly to executive business people. One of the best place if you have business jet flights. The airport located 6.5 nautical miles 12.0 km; 7.5 miles south-east of Abu Dhabi city centre in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. The airport is on the Abu Dhabi island. Moreover, you can easily find a career in the Middle East with this employer.

The Abu Dhabi International Airport also, include tenants from aviation assets of the UAE government. Under those circumstances, you can find a job and work closely with VIP hotel executives in Abu Dhabi. Because management of the Airport having extensional experience. The government has opened this Airport in 1969. One of the best Abu Dhabi International Airport who has replaced the older airport.

Dubai airport jobs for expats

Fujairah International Airport

Apply here for The Career in Furajah International Airport

This airport is located 1¬†nautical mile 1.9¬†km; 1.2¬†miles south¬†of¬†Fujairah. The United Arab Emirates Department of Civil Aviation. Wit this Airport you can’t really find a job in Dubai with visa. They are more oriented for new business development. Open space and leasing wit FBO and VIP services for businessmen. On the positive side, you can be searching for Airline catering services vacancies.

On the other hand, Executive people who are Landing at Fujairah International Airport. Rate this place as one of the best to get a wonderful experience in Fujairah. And one of the quality places to land quietly in the UAE. One of the best Airports to find employment in Dubai.

As you fly in over the pristine oceans, the mountains come into view on your approach. Fujairah International Airport, it is one of the places for work for Pakistani expatriates. Because the management in Airport having Pakistani workers. And most of them have high achievement. With this in mind, we have provided all the necessary information for expats. All you need to do is just click the website. And we start your flight career in Dubai.

Dubai airport jobs  - FUJAIRAH

 Jobs in Ras Al Khaimah International Airport

Apply here for A career with Ras Al Khaimah International Airport 


Another amazing place to find Dubai Airport jobs. Definitely, it will be Rak Airport, the company offering jobs vacancies in several positions. Make sure you know how to market your profile for HR managers. Because you will need to have amazingly made resume. Our company strongly clearing state this is the easiest airport to get a job in the United Arab Emirates.

The Ras Al Khaimah Airport have opportunities for great expats. Most of the people who are working in this Airport are expats from Indian and local Arabs. To join the team of Ras Al Khaimah International Airport you need to have experience. You can find an interesting career at this airport. This Government related Airport is hiring every month.

You can find marketing related positions at this Airport. The career within Dubai airports is offering a full benefit. Moreover, you can expect high paid packages and when you become a new employee. You can start on-going training on the spot. To get a career with them you should apply asap, but to get hired you need to give them a time. For a career in RAK International Airport. You should send an email with CV to them and cover letter. Make sure to highlight your professional experience.

Ras Al Khaimah International Airport Dubai Jobs

 The career in Sharjah International Airport

Apply here for The career in Shariah International Airport 


The Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA) it is a highly recognized organization. The management of this airport is committed to managing Sharjah International Airport (SIA). This amazing Airport is hiring none nationals, local candidates and fresh graduated for training. Use your phone and drop your updated CV to them. Because they are really worth it to get a job.

You should also check our famous jobs guide where you can find job posts. Especially some manager posting new employment offers from Sharjah  International Airports. New job seekers from a highly professional company moving to Sharjah. Simply because it is much cheaper than Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In like a manner if you love to meet people from Qatar and Dubai you should have a look at their career website. Most of their employees seeking to achieve a high level of safe career with a long-term contract. Moreover, If you love to serve customers. As well as managing high level of customer satisfaction. You should consider this Dubai Airport job.

If you like to deliver service products through the application in Shariah. Most career hunters continue improvement programmes for freshers. They are having one of the best implementation of a formal Integrated Management System (IMS). Another amazing place to find Dubai Airport jobs.

Dubai Airport Career at Sharjah International Airport

Ground handling work in Dubai Airport 

Apply here for The dnata company looking for expats

The career in Dubai Airport can’t be managed without dnata company. One of the smartest way to start and find Dubai jobs on Airports. From around the globe, from India to Bangladesh. New¬†job seekers are finding employment within services that company provide. The dnata company recruiting for several positions. For example, catering, travel services, cargo and ground handling. The Dubai Airport jobs are almost always in needs of ground handling workers.

This company is not only operating in Dubai. They are managing cargo within 6 continents. As well as working extremally well in 84 countries. For example, working with companies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They are serving over 256 airlines all over the Middle East and Internationally. This is the biggest company and definitely hiring international candidates.

Working with an international company. Where serving 7.0 million passengers annually is a smart idea. With this in mind, if you are searching for a career in Gulf you should apply for dnata global positions. In the Middle East, the company operates across four countries. Their work schedule including the base office in the UAE. And as a worker for them, you will work hard. Because the company covered many services for their clients. You can start work from cargo to flight catering career in the UAE.

Ground handling work in Dubai Airport

Jos in Airport in UAE at Etihad Airways

Apply here for The career at Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways it is also recruiting for Abu Dhabi and Dubai Airport jobs. Moreover, with this company you can find a job in Sharjah in the UAE.

The Cabin Crew jobs.¬†Let’s start with that. The career with Etihad Airways on that position. Definitely will take you all around the globe. Etihad Airways looking for new cabin crew members. And they are truly recruiting global job seekers. They are looking for local citizens and international expatriates.

A pilot and SFI Jobs. One of the airlines best jobs. Etihad has started operation a long time ago. These airplanes flying to over 100 destinations across the Middle East. As you know they are also operating in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North & South America. So, explore available flight operation with Dubai Airports jobs.

Etihad Cargo & Catering Jobs. You probably do not know that but they are hiring Algerians. But you can get established a career in cargo since in 2004. Moreover, the Etihad Cargo is the fast-growing business division of Etihad Airways.  The company mainly operated with this sectors at Abu Dhabi International Airports. Generally speaking is an ideal solution for international job seekers in Gulf. Or if you are looking for employment across the globe. You should definitely try expanding international career network in of state-of-the-art fleet.

Strategy & Planning Jobs Etihad on Abu Dhabi Airport. Etihad’s tremendous growth in UAE. Definitely cannot be achieved without international expats. As an operation and revenue manager, you can establish a long or short-term career. Their network planning team manages running the fleet of 110 planes. And Etihad is responsible for 110 destinations. On the other hand, they working with nearly 500 partners. Etihad carried over 14.3 million revenue passengers every year.

The career at Etihad Airways Dubai Airport bobs can’t be boring!.

Dubai airport jobs - Etihad Airways

Emirates Group for Dubai Airport jobs

Apply here for The Emirates Group Career

The largest career provider in the region. Finding Dubai jobs on Airports can be done fast. For sure with Emirates Group. The Emirates Group employee more than over 160 nationalities. At the present time, the company is truly a global organization. Employing people from India, Africa, and Europe. The management of the company. Definitely looking for talented professionals. As well as people who can be employed from every continent.

The business of Emirates groups is a government-related company. The company aiming to work with the best companies in U.S and Europe. As you visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi for work. You can see a constantly growing investment in the business. The Emirates Group investing millions in the latest equipment and employee training. The company makes the difference in the Middle East region. If you are successful in joining the Emirates Group for Dubai Airport jobs. Definitely, the management team will be looking forward to working with you.

In the long run, if you chose the role you will be interested to start working in Dubai. Emirates Group offering the great career in aviation industry. The Emirates offer a competitive total package for their employees. Moreover, in order to help you start they adding good benefits package. With the best range of the opportunities for International job seekers. The Emirates Group generally speaking offering varies vacancies. With this intention get a role as customer service or cargo staff.

Grab the opportunity and ensure management. That you are not a one-shot person. For the purpose of career attract the attention of HR manager. And by the same token retains yourself. Then become a happy talented employee within Dubai Airport and automotive industry. You can definitely to continue Emirates Group success.

Dubai Airport Jobs in UAE

Career at Marhaba for Dubai Airport jobs 


Part of the Emirate Group company. On the positive side, it is worth to send your CV. Especially if you are looking to find Dubai jobs on Airport. The Marhaba team comprises managing more than 600 employees. From specialty selected expatriates from Pakistan and India up to expat women. The company representing the business in over 50 nationalities and languages.

The Marhaba company, on the contrary, are specialized in taking care of passengers. From all over the world. While you will work with them. You will need to ensure the journey through the airport and commercial building Making sure.all is as smooth as possible. One of the best company to work as an expat woman in Dubai.

Jobs in Dubai Airport Marhaba Group

Employment with Transguard Group 

Apply here for Dubai jobs in Airport at Transguard Security


Careers at Transguard a security company. Also part of the Emirates group. On the positive side, you can apply by their own website. The Transguard company is always looking for highly-motivated people. As a matter of fact new international career seekers finding a job with them. This jobs it is only for hard-working peoples who are physically fit. On top of that, you need to look good. Because the security guard should look presentable.

The company looking to hire well-presented workers. On the negative side, must have excellent written and verbal English skills. On the positive side, the company looking forward to promoting their employee. And they can even join operational teams. Company post several jobs offer on Monster website. So, it will be a smart idea to have a look there.

Dubai jobs in Airport at Transguard Security

Dubai Airport jobs Freezone

Dubai City company writing about working at Dubai Airport jobs. And we need to mention this time Freezone jobs. For this company the greatest assets are professional employees. The Dubai free zone main objective is to build an exceptional network. While they are hiring in UAE. The new Management always supports a new member of the team. Working with a loyal and productive team is a pleasure.

New candidates need to encourage teamwork. The Dubai Airports career individuals. Definitely will learn and develop within the company levels. As a matter of fact, the senior management of this company. Are different from others because recognizes good performers. Although this may be a true giving reward for achievements.

Dubai jobs in Airport at Dubai Airport Freezone

Conclusion for Dubai Airport jobs

Finding Dubai Jobs on Airports takes time. From around the globe, expatriates moving to Dubai on Airport. There are more facilities, will be available for expo job in 2020. There are several events, shops, activities where you can find employment.

When you send your application to the job sites we provided. You could definitely come over and start a lifetime career here with Dubai Airport jobs. Whether you prefer working environment such as air-conditioned luxury.  Or the great outdoors work, there are plenty of job vacancies on Airport. With this in mind, you can really enjoy Dubai lifestyle.

One of the places you should check for work in UAE. There are affordable metro buses where you can get a job. You can start as a taxi driver. keep in mind that some months are too hot to walk in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Up to the present time, choose one of the many working alternatives for expatriates. Dubai City Company wishing you good luck in your employment within Dubai Airports.

Also Check On: Multilanguage Guides for Expats

Dubai City Company now providing good guides for Jobs in Dubai. Our team decided to add information for each language for our Dubai expats. So, with this in mind, you can now get guides, tips and employment in the United Arab Emirates with your own language. 

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