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Dubai for kids – Living working and parenting in Dubai

Dubai for Kids - Apple Seeds

Dubai for kids a guide for expat parents

Dubai for kids no only for expats kids. They are having a good place to play. Especially when bringing up children to the playground. We all know that UAE is the best place for our children. One of the examples is the million-dollar lifestyle. Definitely, our children looking start in life in Dubai. For sure to have a nice life in Dubai. We are sure that every Dubai woman. No matter if they are an expat or not. Always has been asked. The same question all over. Generally, how is it living and working?. Moreover, parenting in Dubai?. How often do you move to your own country? And what do do with kids?. How to play with them?. In the Dubai, there are some many places for kids. Moreover, the new play space is still opening every day. Every day new kids having nice times.

One of the examples are the little ones in Dubai City. Who mums can come and play with the kids. One of the examples is an indoor playground. Where new kids taking a class. Learning new things. On the other hand, you can manage a host or a birthday party. And even get a coffee or just hang out with others. From the day they enter primary school, children start learning Arabic and, with 200 nationalities living here, they play with friends from all over the world.

Dubai as an expat with kids?

As a Dubai expat. You can have a nice time with the kids. Your child for sure will be defined as a foreign. On the other hand, you can have a good time with them. After several years of living in Dubai. Others who will call them foreigners. And treat them this way. They’ll have no idea what they’re talking about. Because if you take your kids to the city centre. Definitely, it will help them. Don’t try to be an alien foreigner. As long as you are working in Dubai. You will have funds to spend. Your own kids will start speaking Arabic. And many versions of English.

For example the five-year-olds kiddo. Already can speak 2-3 languages. And they are peppered with thousands of words. On the positive side, therefore Hindi and Arabic. Moreover and sometimes can learn other languages too. There is a population of South Africans. Irish and European and Indian expats kids. And they all will be learning from each other. On the negative side, you need to focus much more on the family. Because of kids around 3-5 yrs old. May need much more attention. The only negative side, is kids are away from family. The downsides at this stage for them are huge.

What Schools for Kids in Dubai?

Sooner or later, kids will get the fact. That they’re living away from grandparents. Their closest family members. For example aunts and uncles. And the closest family are way off the home. And no matter how good the school become. Kids in Dubai still will fill this way. No to mention a private primary school. For example, the Dubai Best Schools ratings. Maybe a smart idea to look in the long term. Because sending your child can cost up to AED 89,000 per year. And for sure it is expensive to deal with. On the positive side, the handful of well-established good private schools. Can be found quite easily in Dubai. On the negative side, not-for-profit schools in Dubai. Are also very good. And definitely give amazing skills. And of course, do charge a little less. Still, they are, over-subscribed. And even hard to find.

Things to do with kids in Dubai

What can exactly expat do with kids in Dubai?

Well capital of the UAE is a city of dreams!. The amazing United Arab Emirates. Offering the best deals with top entertainment for Kids. And it’s a big adventure for them. With this in mind, you need to make them busy. And then just wait for magic happened. And up to the present time, kids still saying wow to Dubai!. There is so much thing to do in UAE. One of the examples is to travel. On another hand, this relatively new hotspot coming to Dubai City. So, our team gives you a good guide. How to manage time with kids in Dubai.

Of course, if you have enough time. Don’t just pass our guide try to read it. Because you can spend time in the shopping mall or in a playground. What can exactly expat do with kids in Dubai?. Well, the list below is huge. If you have enough time. Please read it here, our guide is the best to start with. The things to do in Dubai. Especially with kids are in no particular order. Simply because we loved them all. And looking forward to providing Dubai for Kids.

As long as you love the UAE

Please don’t disappoint kids with bad activities

The Dubai city is one of the best for youngsters. And definitely offering best activities. Moreover, the big-name playgrounds and attractions. As a matter of fact, a lot of them can be super enjoyable for children. Because at his point they parents will spend time as deserved. On the other hand, the ultimate playground is for everyone. For example the family and friends. Because Dubai activities are good for anyone.

No.1 Playtown in Dubai

Ok, Let’s start from Play town in Dubai. You can book that Online. And the cost of it is ok. On the positive side, a Play Town. It is for good kids. Having an indoor educational play area. And easily accessible place located in city walk. Moreover having, more than five designed zones especially for local kids. And in the centre of focus for different social skills. Your time may be very educational and much as fun elements. Generally speaking, you can go through so so much fun. As well as imaginative play with bob builder. Because the Play Town is the ultimate children’s playground for 2-10-year-old. So, have a look below at their website. And book online Dubai for kids adventure.

  • 1 Hour pass Child 2-16yrs: AED 59
  • 2 Hour pass Child 2-16yrs: AED 89
  • Full day pass Child 2-16yrs: AED 99

Dubai for kids – click on the picture to see activity 

Dubai for Kids - Play Town Dubai

No.2 The Dubai  the only one Legoland

Another place for kids it is the famous Legoland. Kids can start playing and enjoying a lot of new things. A lot of people from all over the Middle East. Moving to Dubai just to see this amazing place. There is a whole playground in the Legoland. Specially designed in Dubai City. On the other hand, this is the ultimate theme park. Added with a lot of super toys and of course adventures. Generally speaking, this place it is designed for children 2 up to 12. So, their families can play with them at any point. And so far it is one of the best in the Middle East.

You should come and enjoy Legoland in Dubai. Have a look yourself, and start themed adventures through amazing interactive rides. We are having hope that you will enjoy that place at Sheikh Zayed Road. This is opposite Palm Jebel Ali. Of course in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. So, under those circumstances, Dubai for kids can be yours. Have a look below for more!.

Dubai for kids – click on the picture to see activity 

Dubai for Kids Legoland

No.3 Theme Park in Dubai

Another interesting place is a theme park. Because it is having a 1 water park and 3 others. You should definitely spend a day at IMG Worlds of Adventure. Because it is one of Dubai’s newest adventure places. On the other hand, it is having the most exciting sub places to visit. And for sure you will see your kids smile. At the beginning of the entrance door. On the negative side, this place is huge. So, a new person needs to put good footwear. Simple because there are a lot of leisure and entertainment destinations. Where you and your family will be having life experience. On the positive side, if you love football. There are nearly 28 football fields. So, definitely kids with kind of ADHD. Will get a lot of spaces and filled to make you busy as hell.

Generally speaking, there is a lot of attractions for the whole family to try. The most popular are Thrill rides at IMG. Simply because can bring your favourite characters to life. And you can enjoy and minute of it with a huge smile. And in that case, meet and talk with friends such as Powerpuff Girls. And kids in Dubai, for this reason, calling this place a dreamland. On the other hand, Dubai for kids presents the heroes of Marvel. Generally speaking, if you spend a day at IMG Worlds. Definitely you and your family. Start feeling like a memorable family vacation for everyone.

Dubai for kids – click on the picture to see activity 

Dubai Parks

No.4 Kite Beach Dubai coolest beach

Kite Beach in Dubai. Over this place, you can definitely feel the energy of Dubai City. Moreover the coolest beach in the UAE. For sure you can grab your board and amazing wawes. Everyone can have an amazing time. Also, you can include the kids at Kite Beach. People can now complete amazing tours with a Skate Park. As well as outdoor trampolines for adults and kids. New visitors can start an adventure. Generally speaking, using a gym and an amazing play area for the little ones. For sure can help you to become a happy user of Dubai coolest beach. And for sure this Dubai for kids adventures. It is the healthiest experience ever. As a matter of fact, Kite Beach is the perfect place. For sure you can swim with the little kids. Moreover, start collecting shells and then enjoy breakfast or lunch at the famous food truck.

Dubai for kids – click on the picture to see activity 

Dubai Beaach

No.4 Oli Oli play and learning centre in Dubai 

The new playground. As well as one of the best learning centre in Dubai City. The parents and children love this place so much. On the negative side, this place it is quite expensive.  There is the best time to reach them in the early morning. Because the OliOli playing ground is even busy in the early morning. On the other hand, this place is open in the early morning. Even more than that. They are popular in social media. Because of parents since reaching this place. Start posting updates on Facebook with their kids.

The team is having the strong building acumen and dedication. Another negative side for them is quite bad. They are having parking spaces but smaller than you ever expected. Moreover, the car park is almost always already full. So, since you reach there. You have to park outside the building. And the best place is the side of the road. The place is for 3 up to 11 years old. But the older one also can manage themselves well. So, have a look below and visit their website. For sure you will like it. And your kids will say more and more.

Dubai for kids – click on the picture to see activity 

Oli Oli Dubai

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