What you should be doing in Dubai
What you should be doing in Dubai?
May 24, 2019
Come to Dubai!
May 26, 2019
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Dubai is known as the city of business

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Dubai is known as the city of business, whereas it’s been said that Millions of people fly down to Dubai for jobs or small businesses and will never feel lonely naturally becomes their second home. People are very hospitable, educated and there is so much to look for in Dubai.

What makes Dubai so popular?

Dubai is growing day by day, over the years it has transformed drastically, Expo 2020 is ahead of whereas more than 190 countries will participate by next October 2020. Having built a Metro in Dubai makes travelling a lot more easier, heavy traffic on roads leads to boredom and people opt for metro rather than catching a bus or a taxi, other than that Dubai has ultra-modern architecture and lively nightlife scene, plenty of restaurants to choose from people in Dubai are big-time foodie, you can get to try as many as cuisine from all over the world.

The Dubai is also known as one of the safest cities in the world, whereas crime rates are comparatively less, and Dubai is the only city in the world to have Exclusive Supercars, it goes back in time where people in Dubai have so much of love for cars, to make it more interesting.

Super Cars in Dubai?

On the other hand, the Dubai police have added supercars to their fleet which includes Buggati, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, and lot more. Our amazing Dubai is also known for Celebrity hub, whereas lots of Movie Festival, Award Ceremony happens every quarter.

Dubai Super Cars!
Dubai Super Cars!
Dubai is known as the city of business
Dubai is known as the city of business

Actors all over the world shower love for Dubai and addresses as their second home, they come here for shopping, meet and greets with fans and for movie shooting especially in Breathtaking locations like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Jumeirah Beaches, Apart from the showbiz, Little of us know that Dubai does charity on a larger scale, people in here believes sharing is caring, they tend to help Poor’s on the go, whenever they come across any mishaps they reach their within no time to make sure they are safe.

Expats in Dubai earn more than any other city in the Mena region! 

Job seekers in Dubai can live and eat for free in some places, whereas people of Dubai has extended their arms to help job seekers as much as they could, people would start imagining if it’s really for free,  it’s not for everyone when I say free, there are some specific community people who treat job seekers well, This shows humanity in people who try to help needy.

Or even if you have to live in bachelor space you have many options with cheap prices with mess service, there are hostels located also at some places whereas jobseeker can leave temporarily depending upon your Visas,  before you fly down to Dubai, must do the proper research specially for people who finds themselves a stranger in the city, for those who have friends or family can easily get along.

Dubai is known as the city of business
Dubai is known as the city of business

You should also be aware of Dubai traffic rules, be cautious while crossing pedestrian you could end up paying hefty fine for not following the rules, dumping garbage on the road, spitting on highways could land you up in trouble , so be alert and avoid  such activities, always must carry a visa copy to be on the safer side as police might take you in their custody for not keeping your necessary documents until you have an Emirates ID, which you will be getting it after you land a job, these are some do’s and wont’s.

How to search for a job in Dubai?

To start  with job hunting could be a little hectic, because of the competition in today’s market led people to choose position wisely, there are people from various countries with lots of talent, skills and people who are well experienced will be given more preference, and whereas fresher will be hardly entertained, so if you are a fresher prepare yourself well, be at least work ready so that some companies can offer a lump-sum amount rather than putting a hefty amount in hiring mid professionals, and some recruiters also track down a Freshers specifically, apart from that when you hunt for a job in Dubai be sure of the genuine websites.

Because some bogus websites might trap you under their wings and ask for money, whereas no companies would ask for money for any sort of recruitment if you find yourself in one of this situation be alert. To avoid such activities you have to make sure you Google their offices and read reviews online so that you are rest assured and you will also find some job agents whereas they arrange an interview for the qualified candidates as per your background related jobs and ask for some percentage of your first salary only when you sign an offer letter, that is something good to be honest, as they also have tie-ups with company’s they make your job a lot more easier, so they are genuine people do not worry about fraudulent here as they are here to help Freshers.

CV Distribution Service?

You will also come across CV Distribution Services in UAE , I personally recommend not to opt for that one because they just distribute your CV to general email ids of random company’s which will be found on their websites or LinkedIn accounts, whereas you can also do such things by finding email ids on their following websites.

Nowadays in UAE Creating  fake portals have become  a thing, generating  income through innocent people, those people who come from different cities they fall in their trap easily, without even thinking once they  pay hefty amount to frauds expecting a job in return, little do they know about this fraudsters Dubai always track those people and send an alert messages across UAE to save people from fraudulent activities. 

Dubai is known as the city of business
Dubai is known as the city of business

Conclusion for jobs in Dubai

Above all, I would say it’s not easy to land with the desired job, rather take up an entry-level position whichever industry you prefer, after you finish your first contract with them try to apply for another position and start your research you will definitely get your desired position.

The experience teaches you many things, it will boost your confidence, you will be developing your work skills and much more. Likewise, help others, make a network, meet new people every day seek help from them and you will definitely land a job in Dubai, UAE.

Written by,
Name: Mohammed Aymen Sunheri
Place: India

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