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Dubai one of the most significant cities nowadays

Dubai one of the most significant cities nowadays

Dubai one of the most significant cities nowadays

Dubai one of the most significant cities nowadays!

Dubai – one of the most significant cities nowadays. It is a combination between modern, futuristic and innovative environment and diverse population. It is incredible to see so many different cultures in one place and get to know the Arabic culture at the same time. There are so many places in the city for exploring and for fun.

The first thing you see when you arrive in Dubai is the Dubai international airport. One of the largest and most glamorous airports in the world. One tip I can give you is to book Marhaba service before arrival. This is a very useful and valuable service at this busy airport. It will save you time and avoid the confusion you might have when arriving.

Dubai one of the most significant cities nowadays!

An airport assistant will wait for you at the gate upon your arrival and take care of all airport formalities. You just need to give your passport to the agent and he or she will take care of the rest, while you have the time to observe and “sightsee” the airport.

Since the distances there are quite big, you will be provided with a buggy car, which will transfer you from the gate on arrivals to the famous ELEVATOR, which takes you to customs and baggage claim area. This elevator is so amazing that leaves the WOW feeling, while travelling in it because it is so big that it can take up 60 people and also there is beautiful waterfall behind it to watch while travelling in it.

Usually, the queue on customs is long, because you first need to do eye scan and then after that passport check. With Marhaba services, you can escape from the queue, because you have priority on a specially designated sector and pass faster than others. Also on the baggage claim area, there will be an agent with a trolley, which will take care of your baggage, transfer it for you to the exit, and even put it in the vehicle for you, without you even bother. This service includes visa issuing on arrival as well and special lounge where you can rest before departure on the way back. So that is a good tip to have in mind when visiting Dubai especially when it is for the first time.

Today we will discover this city and will reveal its environment

One of the very interesting areas is Dubai Marina. An area is full of nice restaurants and bars with a beautiful view of a beautiful hotel Burj Al Arab. You can feel the Arabic exotic environment trying typical Arabic meal while having shisha -a local smoking device with different flavours.

A first fun activity you should not miss is visiting the Desert. If you have not been to the desert then you have not been to Dubai. 

 The desert safari includes activities like: Dune Bashing with a buggy car in the sands. Camel riding, having dinner, sitting on special carpets down on the sand while observing typical Arab belly dances -an incredible show where you can see only in Dubai. One of the most dangerous and beautiful dances is a dancing woman with a sword in her hands, under the rhythm of oriental music. She is playing and dancing with it so smoothly like a toy, but at the same time keeping the observer in intense mood and leaving them feeling like is in a time machine transferred into those magic Arab fairytales.

She is playing and dancing with it so smoothly like a toy, but at the same time keeping the observer in intense mood and leaving them feeling like is in a time machine transferred into those magic Arab fairytales.

The other activity is Henna Paintings- beautiful drawings normally made on the hands and wrists. It looks like a tattoo but with a brownish colour, which lasts for about a week or two, it depends on how you treat it and how often is exposed to water. Normally the local women wear it like an ornament added to their national outfit.

There are many shops and bazaars in the desert, where you can buy souvenirs and the outfit that the dancers wear- it’s a two pieces outfit in different colours designed with little golden colour pennies on it, which creates that noise while dancing- typical oriental style. That may stay as a memory in your wardrobe. Desert safari is an unforgettable experience which is a must-do when visiting Dubai You can easily book this adventure with one of the local companies Desert safari Dubai  where you can get the best pricing offers and different combination of packages.

The tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa

Next place for mandatory sightseeing is, of course, the tallest building the world Burj Khalifa. The fountain next to it is beautiful dancing water under the sound of different music styles and light effects. There are many restaurants, shops and bars in this area where you can explore.

Shopping malls, there are many, but the most popular is the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. In Mall of the Emirates, you may see the ski area where from hot weather outside you may experience skiing in the mall.

Dubai mall has the largest aquarium where you can see sharks and other different sea creatures.

Shopping can be a little bit more exciting too. Besides all stores and large malls, there are other hidden areas where you can do shopping in one a little bit different and untypical way. Well, we all know the scene in the second movie Sex and the city, where the girls are going to the hidden shops to buy bags of fake brands. That’s right – I am talking about the hidden stores. These are places where you can’t really see because they are situated in buildings for a living.

If you meet a seller on the street who is inviting you to have a look in the hidden store, don’t be afraid and go to see and experience this exciting way of shopping. And remember to negotiate!. Sellers like barging, so you have to have really good barging skills otherwise you may end up spending a ridiculous amount of money on fake brands.

We all know how glamorous, innovating and shiny is Dubai. But even the country’s young age, this country has a history too. You can take a glimpse and explore the Old city of Dubai. To go there you have to take a boat and cross the river for only 1 or 2 dirhams. This is an incredible experience because these boats are so small and short that the feeling of travelling in it it’s like you are about to fall in the water any moment.

The boats can take up to 4 or 5people and usually there is one person who navigates the boat. When you reach the other side you enter a completely deferent magical world – the old souk of Dubai. Small streets are full of bazaars. The biggest diversity and abundance of spices you can ever see in your life. Big sacks are full of so colourful spices, some of them even unfamiliar and exotic. And the smell and aroma in the air you can sense from them is so sweet and incomparable which will be captured in your mind forever. This is another place which takes to “Ali Baba and 40 thieves” fairytale.

Dubai City – Conclusion

This is where our adventure ends, but this city is hiding so many other places that are more surprising and events to explore. Dubai is one of the most interesting and vibrant cities in the world, which you need to visit.

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