Emirates announces flash sale to over 30 destinations

, Emirates announces flash sale to over 30 destinations
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, Emirates announces flash sale to over 30 destinations

Emirates have announced a flash sale for over 30 quarantine-free destinations across 19 countries.

Which really is the good news we needed this summer.

The flash Emirates sale is running until July 6 and features flights to Spain, Italy, America, France, and more.

To be honest, any of them sound good!

Some of the best deals include Barcelona for AED2,395, Istanbul for AED1,695 and LA from AED3,335.

This should be just the start of the re-opening for Emirates this summer, however.

They’re adding another 12 destinations in Europe, North America, and Africa soon. And in total, will be flying to 124 cities through July.

Flights between India and UAE to resume from June 23

The UAE has opened up its borders to India once more, with flights between Dubai and India set to resume from June 23.

There are some strict measures in place for those wanting to fly, however.

Only passengers with a valid residence visa and those who have had both doses of a UAE-approved vaccine are allowed to travel from India.

Flights have been suspended between India and the UAE since April 25 due to high Covid-19 rates in India. But cases have dropped across India with recoveries now outpacing new infections for over a month.

As well as being double-vaccinated, those wanting to fly must also take a rapid PCR test four hours before flying to Dubai. And another test on arrival. They must then quarantine until that PCR test arrives within 24 hours.

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