#Ethereum #halalInvesting

On this video I give my solutions for the next questions:
What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?
Are NFTs Halal?
What’s decentralized finance (Defi)?
Is Defi halal?
What’s Ethereum?
Is Ethereum halal?
Am I shopping for Ethereum?

Let me know what you suppose within the feedback!

Let me know what you suppose within the feedback!

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Disclaimer: Something you hear on this video is an opinion. It’s not to be thought of customized monetary recommendation. Be sure to do your personal due diligence earlier than making any funding selections.


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Gulam Hussain
11 days ago

brother great work .
may allah give u success in here nd hereafter

Adeel Qayum
11 days ago

Hi brother, I wanted to ask if it's halal to play sorare

Ross Allan
11 days ago

very nice video 🙂 got a sub !!

Ehsan sarshar
11 days ago

Hi brother.
is doing opensource and working on some projects like ethereum source code itself, which people can build anything on top of it. is it halal to work and contribute to these projects?

Yusuf shaikh
11 days ago

Thanks for this piece of information , so can we invest in companies whose one of the sectors is NFT? just curious

11 days ago

Litentry token is harama or halal to invest because it going to partnership with treasureland

Opi Opi
11 days ago

Assalamualaikum brother make videos on halal defi coin

Stanislav Chernev
11 days ago

ya have a nice voice. It's a pleasure to watch ur vids. It would be even better if u'd say smth about Continuum World. They're great!

11 days ago

wonderful video, friend! Btw, what do u think of DOGE DNA? Pre-sale begins August 30th!

Rth Rahmathullah
11 days ago


Fikri Faris
11 days ago

Dear Brother Rakaan, thank you, I've learned a lot from your videos. Talking about bitcoin, some scholars dispute the gharar that arises from bitcoin investment due to its high volatility. What is your view on this?
Many thanks. May Allah rewards you with barakah

11 days ago

Can you do a video on which crypto currency’s coins that are haram?

AHR Tuts
11 days ago

Sir,Can you please explain me if speculation or hedging in stocks or crypto market is haram or halal??

Dal qani
11 days ago

There's no halal for this crypto industry. There's no assets backed and as you say greated by unknown entity so how you can buy something which you didn't who is selling. In Islamic finance you can't sell something you doesn't own.

jaz thayyil
11 days ago

if i borrow 5000 dai for 10 eth collateral, i should pay 5000dai+ stablity fee in maker dao,Did it considred as riba?Please explain it bro

11 days ago

It's a great pleasure listening to you brother. Thank you

Aziz Rashid
11 days ago

so are they halal or nott ?

Muzakkir Miah
11 days ago

We need all the halal crypto videos please make a video upon that

Kashif K
11 days ago

Good to have you in my YouTube feed!

Musharraf Hamza
11 days ago

Salams Brother, I want to know whether Trading in Crypto Futures is halal or haram? Of course without leverage.

Rakan Alhajaj
11 days ago

hey rakan! Do you mind making a vid about your thoughts on the halal-ness of SPACs?

yussuf mohamed
11 days ago

Welcome bro miss

11 days ago

Salam Rakaan, hope you are well. how can I get in touch with you directly? We need some advice/assistance with a musharaka banking dispute

Nadir Laib
11 days ago

welecome back

okkally xie
11 days ago

the Arabian Camels NFT items are good?

Suvada Arnautovic
11 days ago

Welcome back brother Rakaan. Glad to be able to listen to your content again. I greatly appreciate the video content.

LBD box
11 days ago

What halal non-interest base platform do you use to buy crypto

abderrazak ouldzmirli
11 days ago

It's been too long akhi. I thought for a second I might have accidentally unsubscribed

Khalifa MBA
11 days ago

I am watching because I am currently building Setheum. With on-chain governance and an off-chain Jury to decide on what's halal or haram under the network governance. Have been building it since 2019. Soon launching.
NOTE:- I am not advertising and not selling tokens and also "I will never ask anyone money or private keys or even contact any individual first". I was just letting you know if you want to contribute to the development, advices are crucial from intellectuals in Islamic Finance like you. Joining the Jury (sort of like Setheum's Shura council) will be amazing as we want to have a great number of great islamic minds that are intellectually correct in their school of thought and understanding of DeFi.