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A few of the high marketplaces by quantity and gross sales. An ideal primer to new folks desirous to become involved in shopping for, promoting and creating NFTs.

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1 month ago

So I can sell the same NFT that I own (also I created) on different platforms ?

Hale Kautzer
2 months ago

i love your video, its a fair review THEOS is the coolest marketplace and an instant liquidity protocol for non-fungible tokens😊😊

2 months ago

Octanscrypto dropping NFT marketplace 4th october big news

Hanz Hernandez
3 months ago

This is really helpful mate! I am currently looking into making NFT art and getting into NFT seems intimidating. That's what made me interested on Xircus because you can make your own marketplace with ease, really newbie friendly. Keep it up on this helpful content!💪

Johann Van Gabrielle Largo

Great content, theres a lot of marketplace out there and you cover most of it. What you think about an upcomming NFT platform called XIRCUS where most of NFT project will be cater they can buy and sell there NFT and they also offer non NFT people a chance to join the platform.

3 months ago

Thanks for this awesome tutorial and I love the comments in here for extra input

Maria Lopez
3 months ago

Really awesome video. Getting into NFT can really be intimidating and really broad when you're just starting. This video is really helpful. Also I have read about Xircus. What dou you think about this project if you're into NFT art? Thanks sir!🙏

joshua binnie
3 months ago

There are a lot of NFT projects now! and I think NFT's is a great project to bag #xircus is one of it. It is a NFT Marketplace creation platform where creators will have a marketplace for creators and collectors to buy, sell, and collect NFT's ❗🔥

Mari Love
6 months ago

I found cute NFTs BNBPuppies, and they are giving away 1500 free. Sooo cool 🙂

6 months ago

wow thanks you answered a lot of questions I had that I couldn't find elsewhere! Appreciate all the research sites as well

Caryl Surmion
6 months ago

For me, NFT.Tech because it's a unique NFT Marketplace where they develop Liquid Matching Engine. You can be a liquidity provider too and earn rewards. Mint free plus you can transfer minted NFTs from other chain via Bridge Technology. I never heard Rarible, Opensea, Nifty Gateway offered what NFT.Tech has.

Casaandra Nicole
7 months ago

Very well explained, I think you should check out Blockverse on NFFT ‘

Cristina Lodriguito
7 months ago

Awesome content! NFFT will be a great way to showcase NFT’s. you should explore it!

Michelle dela cruz
7 months ago

Great content. Maybe, can you put NFT Tech in your next video? They building the first liquid engine. You can show your opinion about this good project.

Jin Kazu
7 months ago

Rarible took my money and the art never showed up. After that i still went and reupload another art but the art is blank. No display no nothing. This scam is worse than the lottery. I paid 96$ to upload the arts through gas fees. If you are a new artist, people can't even search for your art. When people search or type your art it shows zero results. I had 4 other people who tried and they said their problem was worse. 2 other people told me it's been 9 months since Rarible took 102$ off them and they never got a reply including myself. Never. They would write Rarible about the problem till now but still no reply. Rarible has the worse support team to ever exist. Plus if you are a new artist they try their best so you won't make a sale. I'ts true. SO TRUE. scam scam scam. con con con. money money money.$$$. BECAREFUL BEFORE YOU UPLOAD AND BUY. BE-CAREFUL.

Erick Viteri
8 months ago

If I have a Makersplace account how do I sell my NFT on the website makersplace?

Anjaneya Goud
8 months ago

I want to sell the digital arts I have, can you buy them.

Eanna Meritt
8 months ago

Thoughts on I'm undecided which platform to start with as Mintable is no fee (gas) to list new NFT offerings, but… no vetting for artists? As a gallery owner looking to open a NFT "shop" to feature my artists, Mintable seems ideal but not as popular as Nifty/Super-rare/Known origin (ie not as worthwhile to get involved with) Love to hear what others think?

Bobby Boe
8 months ago

Hi, thanks for your shared Information.
As an artist I try to evaluate exactly what you say in the video: Where to start, which platform to choose.
I didn't find any overview yet where I could see which platform supports "roylties" (important for me). I understood rarible – yes, superrare – yes, niftygateway?, – no, opensea-minted – no?
I found that on unfortunatly only after subscribtion, that they only accept artists with Instgram or Twitter account showing your art for at least one year. I use my Insta for other pictures and so I cannot participate. It is still difficult to get your information togehther.

8 months ago

Great Video!

8 months ago

all the videos you jump right in. What can you do whit a crypto punk ? What NFT's are here to stay ?

Rob F
8 months ago

Veve app! So many licenses!

Jeanne Chase
8 months ago

Would appreciate a compare and contrast of the top four marketplaces that have coins, excluding MANA.

Would appreciate information on the founding team as well.

Matthias Reinelt
8 months ago

WAX – King of NFTs! Lot´s of potential as I see it. Much lower gas fees then on ETH market places!

8 months ago

Wax Atomic is where its at! Best projects by far

8 months ago

Great info really helped the 2 dislikes need to rethink their life

Howard Dlugasch
8 months ago

You’re the man! Great content!

9 months ago

Most MFTs are way to expensive to be interesting for the general market. 3 eth doesn’t sound like much, but it’s 4500 dollars

Teo Pirgaru
9 months ago

what are NFT file specs required? format, file size etc… there any video from you where a sale/transaction is explained in details?

9 months ago

hello mr. nice to meet you, can you help me to sell some of my art? I think this is really good

9 months ago

Just don't lose you password , place it in a water proof fire proof burglary proof safe , so you don't accidentally throw it away , or your wife , bc seed phrases kinda look like gibberish on a paper…

9 months ago

What if someone says they are selling a single edition but then sells 10 more copies somewhere else? Are there any systems in place to prevent that?

9 months ago

You should make a video on Earth 2!!!

Meet Krissyj
9 months ago

I need help. I think I lost my NFT. I bought an Art token on Niftygateway and tried to send it to Superrare. The withdraw on Niftygateway says success but it doesn’t show in Superrare(I used the address list on Superrare for for receive). 🥴 Anyone know how to get this in my MetaMask Wallet or back to my Niftygateway acct?

alex joupa
9 months ago

OMI 🚀🚀

Brazell Assets
9 months ago

Now when one buys an NFT do they just get a digital form of that NFT or do they also get a physical item? sorry for sounding stupid

Red Panda
9 months ago

NFT Live now shows your NFTs that are being staked on RPlanet so you don’t need to log in to RPlanet to check if you have something already or not.

Davis Bailey Gaming
9 months ago

Hi dcl blogger. I love your channel! 🏆 I have a question. I set up an account on decentraland and I transferred my mana from binance. The gas was very high like 50 bucks which is so expensive. Then I found land in the market place under the name decentraland figured cool so I clicked to buy at full price but then it showed I had to pay 5 ethereum, which must be a mistake or scam??
I had to accept or reject so obviously I rejected and now my balance is down 200 bucks in wasted gas fees. So basically I just don't understand what I did wrong or if this was a scam but now I a'm scared to try again if people can do this without knowing before.
Please help me Matty your my only hope.

9 months ago

Bondly let's go

Beto Yang
9 months ago

What do you think of NIF/Unifty? It's also a NFT platform with major progress and updates coming.

9 months ago

Great vid brother, appreciate the info

todd koelmel
9 months ago

So helpful. Thanks!

Austin Imbastari
9 months ago

how do you sell these and where would you sell them if you purchased them through niftygateway