I Found what I consider to be one of the best Solana tasks to purchase for the most important positive aspects in 2022. I used to be fortunate sufficient to attend the current Solana Breakpoint convention to get an inside take a look at some of the explosive ecosystems in Crypto.

Right this moment sick break down which tasks I believe are one of the best Solana tasks to observe and which altcoins to purchase in 2022!

Video Chapters:
0:00​ – Intro
2:28 – Solana NFT Tasks
4:24 – Audius Evaluation
6:29 – Star Atlas Evaluation
7:22 – WEYU Evaluation
8:48 – FTX Evaluation
11:55 – Solana Abstract

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Craig Percoco
20 days ago

🚀 Join My FREE Crypto Training: https://bit.ly/3yvzbYU
📊 Premium Crypto Course: https://bit.ly/2ZIbOiX
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Naphis Torres
17 days ago

buy solpunks FIRST proyect ever minted on SOLANA

Abraham Benedict Nelson

Weyu all the way

Lluís Bertrand
18 days ago

Weyu we Will see x1000. 😍🔥

Peter Imade
19 days ago

Nice videography, what camera do you use

madhan kumar
19 days ago

Hi mr. Percoco, pl post a video about how to apply for new ido presale in weyu launchpad.

19 days ago

Noel out here living life

terry mardons
19 days ago

To be successful in life, all you need to do is do something that will make you money while you sleep no matter how much. The pandemic was a perfect eye-opener to really see how life can be without the usual income stream and everyone had to sit at home. Well I've never felt it because of my investment in a crypto trading company where I earn 4 digits per week. The best that can be done for itself is to invest more and spend less.

Ikenna Ihe
19 days ago

What do you think about Cardano projects like MELD_labs a DeFi banking protocol?

Connor Miranda
19 days ago

red panda squad!!!!

Rahul Mehra
20 days ago

Tlm alSo announced in 1 Dec they are entering in metavers

Rahul Mehra
20 days ago

Obviously this is an Best Indian project I hope it's not be like easy COIN 😅

Dominique Yggdrasil
20 days ago

Audius was very inflation-sensitive. Is it still?

20 days ago


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crypto is the go to

good content

Nathan Buell
20 days ago

I love you didn't name this "Solana invited me to Portugal, omg" lol. Props dude

20 days ago

So glad to be apart of this community 🙂

20 days ago

$Spell to $1

Borat Sagdiyev
20 days ago

About WEYU. They f*cked up Diamond hands distribution. This, including IDO distribution, being late with development, lack of communication with community makes a big issue for them.

sage irene
20 days ago

Did you say NEO? Or did I misunderstand? It seems to be alive and well

Mohamed AboReeD
20 days ago

What do you think of the Aurora (AOA) project?

iloh henry
20 days ago

<What's the best way to make money from crypto trading?

Syed Jawaad Ali
20 days ago

hey Craig what do say about OBORTECH? got in at 12 cents now its 50% down?

Parish Parsa
20 days ago

Thank you I hold star atlas

Ismail Abumuhfouz
20 days ago

Thanks for keeping up updated

Gladys Barnabas
20 days ago

How can one take part in this NFTs as a beginner?

The Underbelly Group
20 days ago

I appreciate your point of view and research