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This isn’t skilled recommendation that is my opinion and take it as that! Do NOT make investments with out consulting an expert adviser and don’t make investments on the only indisputable fact that I made a video about one thing. Everybody ought to do their very own analysis and spend money on what they imagine in. That is JUST my opinion and NOT skilled recommendation and am not liable for any losses or cash spent due to an affect this video might have.


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Kevin Clark
27 days ago

Thanks for the vid Just bought my first 100 coins really working on my portfolio

27 days ago

If you had one choice; would you buy DErace or GALA?

27 days ago

THIS COIN Is down AND down down and down. All through the bull round .

SkyBlue Learner
27 days ago

The problem with GALA tokenomics is the 50B tokens which is ridiculous. They don't have burning plan so far. I have 12k tokens GALA bag.

Dan A
27 days ago

Gala is a hidden gem. If they get more metaverse games going this will 100x.

Rathwulven Bushcraft
27 days ago

Gala will be big, yes. So will Sandbox – people just sold off at the all time high today which is insane. Buy and hold.

27 days ago

Should I buy now at 0.11 or wait for it to dip? I bought some back at 0.09 a couple days ago.

Xent Point
27 days ago

first minute of the video hurt so much I had to stop, yikes

DC Funhouse
27 days ago

the world, or universe, or metaverse is moving quickly in Gala's direction. ATM, gala nodes are hoovering up tokens and some portion of them are getting sold so there is a short term surplus on the market. As the games roll-out, the demand on the token will spike and that, along with the continued market speculation, will push Gala into the top 5 of all blockchain projects.

27 days ago

Loved the video!

syed azar
27 days ago

Gala is the future of gaming

Robson enfermeiro
27 days ago

QBIT and DOGE DASH is moooonnn



Ramvir Sharma
27 days ago

What is your price production. Mana going up sand going up

The Crypto Analyst
27 days ago

GALA Games is a longterm play and I cant wait to see what they do!