Google Shopping Provides New Promotion & Deals Features

, Google Shopping Provides New Promotion & Deals Features
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, Google Shopping Provides New Promotion & Deals Features

Google announced a number of new Google Shopping features across both Google Ads and free Merchant Center to help merchants enhance and showcase their promotions, deals and sales in Google Search. Google said the company is making it easier for you to showcase your promotions across more surfaces on Google, customize your seasonal promotions and make better merchandising decisions.

Showcase: Deals Related To Your Search

Google added a new “deals related to your search” highlight prompt that displays the most competitive deals and competitively priced items. Google said you can upload your promotions in Google Merchant Center, and Google will show the relevant products automatically with this new deals experience.

Here is what it looks like:

Key Shopping and Deal Moments

Google Search starting in October 2021 for US searchers wills show deals related to seasonal moments—like, For example Black Friday deals and the searcher can then swipe through and discover the most popular web-ranked deals for major retail sales moments. I have a story publishing in a bit from now, I think around 7:51am, on this over here with more details.

New Ways To Customize Promotions

Google now allows you to indicate if a promotion is only available to customers who have not previously bought from you. The title of the promotion could now say, for example “20% off for new users.” Google expalined that while these promotions will still be shown to all, shoppers will only be able to access the promotional price if eligible (e.g. they are making a first-time purchase with the retailer). Google also now allows you to highlight your promotions on free listings on the Shopping tab. You can navigate to the promotions tab in Merchant Center to choose which promotions you want to be indexed through organic traffic and appear on free listings or, alternatively, supported with ad spend.

More Merchandising Insights Reporting

Google is adding two new features to the best sellers report to give you more relevant and timely shopping insights: (1) A historical best seller data and (2) a relative demand report.

The best seller report in Merchant Center with the new relative demand column on the left-hand side. You can access the best sellers report once you’ve opted into market insights within Merchant Center or Google BigQuery.

, Google Shopping Provides New Promotion & Deals Features

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