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Guidelines for Job Seekers

Guidelines for Job Seekers Below for Best Jobs Portals in Dubai, UAE

Guidelines for Job Seekers Below for Best Jobs Portals in Dubai, UAE

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Guidelines for Job Seekers

Guidelines for job seekers in the United Arab Emirates. Seeking the desired job in Dubai is never an easy task for those who are new in this country. The traditions of employees and employers are much different as compared to the countries we belong originally.

Dubai is the fastest-growing city and the job seekers must pull their socks if they want to compete thousands of competitors. What I have observed during viewing resumes of new job seekers they have they adopted the old pattern of resumes where an employer who gets less application might go thru it, otherwise, I don’t feel the employers will waste their time on going thru the outdated and irrelevant resumes.

Majority of job seekers always had one common resume and pasting the same to any job wherever they find any vacant position, even most of the position are totally against their qualifications and professional experiences.

One can’t force a job seeker to adopt his experiences and suggestions, but He/she may get some fruitful suggestions to achieve their milestones.

Being a facilities Manager and based on my previous experiences I will glad to share my suggestion with job seekers, and I hope it will help them to get close to the employers.

Guidelines for Job Seekers in Dubai with top rated Company in Dubai
Guidelines for Job Seekers in Dubai

Personal analysis:

Set your previous experiences and qualifications as a baseline and completely interpret your personality and define your career objectives, that where you want to see yourself after 10 years. Even if you are taking start as a salesman you must look forward to expecting yourself Head of sales in a reputable company. Only those individuals can achieve their career milestones only if they have a set career objective.

Selection of career industry:

Keep prioritize your job seeking industry, always search for a job to an industry where you want to build your future in. job satisfaction very much matters if one looking for a bright future. One can only have command over a job where he/she meets job satisfaction.

Career Counselling:

Frequently meet career experts in your friends & families and get their expert opinions. Keep analyzing your gapes and fill the gaps with sincere bits of advice.

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Guidelines for Job Seekers - Kingston Stanley

Career time management:

Sit in a pin drop silence and give 100% attention & concentration before applying for any job. Its never like to drop an online application and applied job will kiss your feet. One can only be shortlisted or to be called for an interview if he/she understands the requirements of an employer and applied accordingly.

Daily task for job applying:

Set a definite limit of daily job applications, I would personally suggest and recommend that applying for 10 career-related jobs are far better than easy applying for 100 irrelevant and without getting into the requirement of jobs on web job portals. I witnessed the majority of Job seekers only applying for online easy jobs applying.

Online job applications:

Apart from time savings during applying for a job it becomes very hard these days to be shortlisted among hundreds of applicants for few jobs advertised. Most of the young generations and new job seekers only trust in online web portals. I would personally suggest hunting of the industries where ones are interested to get a job and find vacant positions on their website. Applying from their website is comparatively much better as compare to online job portals.

Always apply with a wide-ranging covering letter to any job and be honest to yourself that you are the right person for the required position.

Analysis of feedback form employers:

If fortunately, an applicant gets feedback from a recruiter in rejection of his application with valid reasons, He/She must fulfil the gaps if they really exist.

Apart from the career gaps in job seekers, I do have some constructive criticism on online job portals and recruiters of different companies who deals in below reservation I have.

Online job portals:

I am never in a fever of easy application procedure for jobs, it also welcomes hundreds of unwanted & Inappropriate applicants, where a deserving applicant application sometimes never reviewed. I would personally suggest there should a pre-interview procedure or jobs related questionnaire and that will only catch the real and deserving applicants.

Same as before applying to a job “filter of requirements” shall be implemented, where a wise and real job seeker will only apply for a job where he/she feels fits her selves. Secondly only interested and real applicants give time to pre-interviews.

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Jobs in Dubai expats - Guidelines for Job Seekers Below for Best Jobs Portals in Dubai, UAE

No-feedback from employers & recruiters:

These days what I have observed that most of the employers & recruiters’ companies only reply with one common AUTO email “thank you for your application, we will review your application and will get back to you”, but they never get back.  Being jobless in past I had this experience that I had applied for most relevant jobs, but I have never received a single message from employers with a valid reason my application was refused.

It’s my humble request to all employers to revert the applicant with one single sentence with a valid reason for his/her application was refused, Your sincere reason of refusal with motivate the applicant in two ways, i.e One (1) the applicant will never feel pity for the time he spent during his application  and secondly the applicant will get a chance to build his/her capacity where needed.

I have a single query and I would be very much thankful if I can get its reply “Compensations and benefits are based on professional expertise of an applicant possess or Just his/her Nationality matters?

Thank You

Sheraz Shah

Guidelines for Job Seekers

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