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April 22, 2019
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April 26, 2019
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Gulf and Dubai 2020

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Gulf and Dubai 2020

Jobs in Dubai 2020 with Dubai City Company. We are giving a helping hand to expats in the Gulf region. Now jobs in Dubai can be found with our recruitment company in the UAE. We provide a lot of free services in Emirates. The first thing to remember is free of charge for anyone to add details to our company. Because we are placing job seekers from abroad for Middle East jobs.

We are always helping job seekers to start a new career in Dubai. Moreover, our company is operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Providing top rated services in the recruitment market. On the other hand, our Dubai job website helps more than 1 Million visitors already all over the world. Because getting a job in Dubai it is not an easy thing to do especially in 2020 and 2021.

The Hiring Process in Dubai

As a matter of fact, Dubai City Company is one of the most popular UAE job finders. Our firm provides excellent service for Indian expatriates. And with our company provide employment tips and tricks. And of course, a huge possibility for a quicker way to find job vacancies in the United Arab Emirates.

We are aiming to be The No.1 company for new international workers in the Middle East. Moreover, we working hard to prove it over the United Arab Emirates. Uploading your resume to Dubai Company is a simple and effective way of finding employment.

It is one of the greatest things that you can do for yourself in terms of employment searching. It is topped up with new work in UAE or Qatar. Your future and your family future will be secured. And Dubai jobs 2020 and 2021 are just around the corner for you. Because with our help you will find work in the UAE.

We are providing Dubai Jobs 2020 for expats!

Within several recruitment websites in Dubai. We are definitely top rated and working fastest. Our company provides information for expats in the Middle East. So, in fact, if you are looking to find a job in UAE. Our company is here to provide employment in the Middle East.  As a matter of fact, you can find a career in Dubai or either way, find out more about Dubai City. And for sure Upload Resume for Dubai Jobs in 2020 new vacancies. Whatever happens, our company help you reach the success of your career in every step. Whether you are a new job seeker, or just starting a job in Dubai. As a matter of fact, you are an experienced employee. And you need to market yourself in Emirates. You can definitely find valued information about the career.

Our team day to day activities on Dubai Jobs and Recruitment Groups. Helps millions of job seekers to get a job in the Middle East. Our aim is to focus on getting your name out there and building a strong business presence. For the purpose of job activities that you can get with Dubai City Company. We will take your job searching to the next level. Our hiring team always find a way to market your resume and to help you get a job in the UAE. So, Dubai Jobs 2020 has become now available for foreign professionals.

Jobs in Dubai in 2020 now become available for expats

Well, in the following years, thousands of companies in the Gulf. Looking to hire new potential job seekers. With this in mind, our company has signed a contract for new employment offers. The best companies from the Forbes 500 list of employers are hiring in UAE. So, if you are looking for Dubai jobs 2020 we are here to help you. And generally speaking, our company provides jobs for almost all kind of people. For example manual workers as well as educated managers.  So, using our company it is a way for career development in the Middle East. And as well as a much better way of finding jobs in Dubai 2021.

Fight the good fight for Work in Dubai

You must remember there is hundreds or even thousands of companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So there is no actually excuse if you will fail in your job searching. Even if you will use our company in a proper way you increase your chance of finding employment in United Arab Emirate by over 80%. Simply because you would be able to connect with other expatriates who are leaving in the capital of the United Arab Emirates area.

Every day we are creating new employment opportunities in our country. This is why thousands of people around the world are watching our news and information on TV. And definitely, we are growing with hundreds of new project every week especially before 2020 where much more jobs office will come along.

We are placing all nations for work Abroad in Dubai

Dubai Jobs 2020 – 2021 has become available for foreigners. Especially for international expats in the Gulf Region. So, you should consider working with a top rated company in the UAE. There are 2 best services we have for International workers. Career help with finding opportunities in the UAE. Dubai City company is famous firm for all kind of nations. But so far we are having a very high impact on social media. Moreover, our clients placing a very good opinion about our company online.

We are placing not only Indians and Pakistani for work Abroad in Dubai. Our recruitment company placing people from all over the world. So, for example, we are having clients from South Africa and Indonesia. Moreover, Egypt and Turkey. So, as you see we are placing workers in the Middle East from all over the world. Dubai City Company, generally speaking, managing jobs offers from the Middle East. With this in mind, we are working on Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. So, our company looking forward to helping you get work in the UAE and build Career in the GCC.


Jobs in Dubai - Upload CV to Dubai Companies
It’s Safe to Move to UAE

UAE’s economy is growing fast hence the unending employment opportunities. If you are in India and seeking employment, the Arab world is a great option. It is much easier to find a job in India than you can imagine. Most people shy from making application abroad because of logistics and fear of unknown.

Recently, the Indian government has come up with new strategies not only to process but help maintain the safety of its citizens while working in foreign countries. One of the prime destinations for employees is the UAE. It is renowned across the world as a land of opportunities for professionals in all fields.

Since the beginning of the year, Indians are required to register at an online platform run by the government before they depart to UAE for work. This is applicable to non-ECR passport holders that are traveling on the basis of employment. Very few Indians go to UAE for visiting or vacation, the easiest visa is for employment. The government requires any Indian citizen interested in moving to the UAE to complete the registration process at least 24 hours before the actual departure time. The sole aim is to protect the welfare and interests of Indian citizens while working abroad.

Finding work in the UAE

UAE is an equal opportunity employer market. You don’t have to worry about your nationality. In fact, the Arab region has close ties with the Indian continent hence easy processing of documents if you qualify for a job. Just like citizens across the world, you have to research extensively on available opportunities and make suitable applications that match your interests.

It is easier in India than most other parts of the world because of the government initiative to help skilled and unskilled citizens to find work within and without the continent. The population of India is among the biggest in the world. With adults making part of the huge workforce, very few of these have stable jobs hence unreliable income.

Am sure you understand the economic situation in India with regards to household income levels. It is not a secret or embarrassing to the government; the Indian government has come out boldly to help its citizens find work abroad in prime destinations like UAE. Of course, this boosts the GDP of their native country. It is a strategy by the national government that makes it easy for Indians to find work in UAE.


It is easy to process a student visa from India to UAE. The costs related to student travel are also relatively low. It guarantees you a place in the UAE. The goal, in this case, is to set foot in the country. You can study for 4 years or a few months as you find employment. With the high employment rate in UAE, you can’t miss a job; whether casual or professional depending on your qualifications.

A scholarship is a tip to help you get to the country. Most employers in the UAE will help you process a temporary work permit. If you manage to get the employment for a longer period, the permit will be extended and end up being permanent. Obtaining citizenship in UAE is a big achievement, but you have to be patient and consistent with your activities. You should gain trust with the natives; trust is vital in Arab culture.

Referrals in Dubai

The Indian and Arab culture have similarities hence the easy interaction between natives form both cultures. You should take advantage of the established relationship based on religion to find any kind of work. You should be open-minded when searching for employment in the UAE. Most employers seek to observe, evaluate, and establish trust and confidence with an employee before they assign specific roles and share core strategies of a company. This applies in all aspects of a business.

Be open with your intentions, and you can easily get a referral from a friend or relative of a colleague back in India. Moving to UAE on employment visa is not hard, but first, you have to work on finding a suitable job. The living standards in the Arab world depends on the city you will choose to reside in.

Nevertheless, you should be focusing first on finding work, and the rest will follow. There is a huge Indian Community in Dubai city. And yes of course you know going to be the only one who are searching for jobs in Dubai. So the smart way it would be connecting with other Indian people. There is a lot of people who are using our profile there are actually can help you to start the new employment offer in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai.

Generally speaking Indian people are very friendly people and people from this country are helping each other. For example as soon as you land in the United Arab Emirates. You can come back to our parts house and Heather look on updated profile fresh from India. There are might help you to become an employee in the United Arab Emirates,

Now it is Easier from India!

UAE is a prime employer; anyone would take an opportunity to go to Dubai even only for a weekend. The Arab region is fast developing which means more opportunity for business and employment. If you have any skills, you can find great work opportunities in Dubai. The wage level of in Dubai is also impressive; besides, the housing and utility bills are not as high as other prime countries across the world. The combination of oil abundance and Arab culture makes it the best place to be for Indians because of the understanding between the two cultures.

Our company is really heading with hope that You will become one of our premium members. You can choose from basic account and you can also become a premium member and that would be a brilliant idea if you are looking for new opportunities in the middle East countries. For example if you are looking for a Qatar jobs or jobs in Kuwait.

Are Indians welcome in Dubai?

You should definitely get a value when you will register your profile and you can always post that profile into the different social media for example LinkedIn or Facebook. And much more recruitment agents would be able to see your profile and with that hoe that will provide you a new job opportunity opportunity where you can we show your skills and of course your hard made it education profile.

We are quite different than any other companies. Simply because we have translated our company into a hundreds of languages. And that was giving ice people who are searching for jobs from all around the world. For example we are become a top company in Indonesia, India and Philippines. So as you can see that is thousands of people who are searching our company in Google. We are very good in promotion of Dubai because that’s how we get the people. We are actually helping people showing them how great it is our Dubai.

Here are some tips that will help to secure your employment

Simply when new job Seekers are browsing for jobs. They’re actually looking for interested jobs offers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. And with this in mind our company has started position ourselves as one of the best company jobs in Dubai. We are having five stars reviews in Facebook and Twitter. Our aim is to help as much people as we can and play stem in the United Arab Emirates. Of course we are having hope that you will also come along with our company and you will get the job with us. That is a lot of recruitment agencies who are sitting in our website looking for a new job Seeker.

Our company is really heading with hope that You will become one of our premium members. You can choose from basic account and you can also become a premium member and that would be a brilliant idea if you are looking for new opportunities in the middle East countries. For example if you are looking for a Qatar jobs or jobs in Kuwait. You should definitely get a value when you will register your profile and you can always post that profile into the different social media for example LinkedIn or Facebook. And much more recruitment agents would be able to see your profile and with that hoe that will provide you a new job opportunity opportunity where you can we show your skills and of course your hard made it education profile.

Can I find a job in Dubai?

Dubai has a low skilled taskforce and is always looking for competent individuals to fill this position. The natives are rich because of oil and do not have a problem with paying employees as long as the business is running as per their expectations. The only issue with finding a job in Dubai is the integration of culture. The Arab natives are strict on their beliefs and would easily be offended if you act otherwise; while you may not share or approve their beliefs, they expect you to act in accordance with the beliefs. It is fair considering you are in their country at the very least, they are the employers.

While it is a challenge for many people seeking for jobs in Dubai, Indians are better placed because of the cultural mix. The staunch nature of each of these religions makes it easy to live together. You won’t have a problem as an Indian to go along with the Arabs. Indian is also strict on its values, which is vital for Arabs. They have a sense of discipline just like the Indians.

Do Indians are welcomed for Work in Dubai?

It is the obvious reason that the two regions are in close ties. The understanding of social and religious elements makes them long lasting friends. If you were a team of interviewees with similar qualifications on the basis of skill level, you would have an advantage over the rest because of your origin. While this can be criticized on various fronts, Dubai employers have a preference and right to it.

So yes, you can easily find a job in Dubai if you are from India. Jobs in Dubai are pretty much for everyone. All you have to do is just looking hard everyday and never gave up while you be doing your job searching.

How do I find the job?

The opportunities are endless, the odds are in your favor, but you only have one task, finding the right job for you. As mentioned, Dubai has lots of employment opportunities but not every job fits your skills, experience, or preference. Also, you need to know the channels that advertise such jobs in Dubai.

If you are specific about your qualifications and want a specific job, you might want to research the top firms in Dubai and if they are hiring. You can be bold and send a cold email to advertise your skills. This can be interpreted as desperation or confidence. Whichever means you use, you are unlikely to miss an employment opportunity when you make direct contacts. Specifying your interests and career objective is an easier way of finding a job in Dubai.

Dubai is among the top cities with a stable internet connection. The technology level in Dubai and the whole of UAE is also growing fast. Most companies are using digital platforms to employ or engage consumers. Focusing your job search on online platforms can easily lead you to a Dubai based firm. The enthusiasm with digital techniques also makes it easy to impress the employer.

Contacting the potential employer in Dubai through email or through channels on their website or social media handles influences their employment decision. The Arabs here are enthusiastic about technology and showing your prowess will trigger their decisions.

Benefits of working in Dubai

As an Indian, this will be a life-changing opportunity because of the high economic level in Dubai. The quality of life is also relatively high as compared to India, but the cost remains low. The tax rates are friendly; utility bills are standardized; electronics and fun cost is also regulated. The wage rate in Dubai is also favorable as compared to most parts of the world.

Remember, you have a great opportunity if you are in India. The Indian government is also supporting the fast processing of employment visas to Dubai. How’s the Indian Life in Dubai?. Don’t worry you will find a lot of valuable places to work. So don’t be scared we will help you to achieve your career success in The United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is just a great place for foreigners!

Dubai however it is quite hot Market to get employment. This is why you need to have a good experience and of course we need to have a lot of proven documents. For example, you will need to have that good education before you even start thinking about finding employment in the Middle East. The UAE there is no different then other countries. We are only looking for a very well-educated people whom are highly experienced in the business.

If you are serious about career searching in the Middle East. You should definitely have a look on Dubai city company social Network Services. We are really good company providing necessary who is for job Seekers who are searching for jobs in Dubai in 2020. Generally speaking as you can see that is it over hundred thousand job seekers on our portal. And of course we are not able to hide all of them but we are trying to place as much people as weekend for jobs in Dubai in the following years.

Have you ever been to Dubai?

Okay if you never have been in Dubai. You need to know there is a few rules that you have follow. We in Dubai don’t like people who are using two drugs and drinking alcohol. United Arab Emirates are under Sharia law. And we are Muslim country however we are supporting and we are respecting different countries. But when you come along to our country and you going to start working in Dubai. You need to follow our rules that is no exception. And we are believing in our culture around me dream is this is what we actually building in the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, generally speaking you can come over to our country and you can learn a lot of you interested skills. United Arab Emirates are always looking forward to educate people and help them raise the bar in their experience. So as long as you come over you would start as a standard worker and that’s the majority of expatriates. But on the other hand, when you will start getting experience you can find a better jobs offers in the city centre. However to do this you will need to have a solid years of experience in Dubai city.

Entrepreneurship, leadership and lifestyle in the UAE

The Middle East has one of the fastest growing top 100 Forbes Companies. And we are at the top 10 in the Middle East and that is a fact. A majority of people who are registering in our website are expats like you who are looking for better opportunities and better salaries to help their family.

No matter what you were herd we are still still rising and growing country with a top Industries. You can find employment in a many business fields. For example media and marketing. Moreover, healthcare, education and information technology. We are created this job site for hundreds of people around the planet. To connect with each other and get interested information and support each other in job searching process.

Dubai Delivers the Dreams for Expats

In our country that is also a lot of places where you can start your own business build your wealth and really become a very satisfied happy person. Because Dubai city offering a lot of leadership and lifestyle kind of opportunities. You don’t have to just work in one of the companies in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. You can choose your own way and become successful businessman.

With our company you will not only find a jobs in Dubai. You will have the opportunity to make your dreams come to reality. And Dubai city company generally speaking will help you to get the best opportunities in your life. Have a look on our forums and introduce yourself to other people in the Gulf region. And hope that will connect with you and you guys will make a business together.

Is it Dubai the best place for work?

Work in Dubai for all expats who are seeking employment in the international labor market. Our company is an international recruitment agency for expats. Our management board have more than 22 years of experience in the Gulf region. We are recruiting employees for the UAE market since 2009. And generally speaking having that many years of experience in recruiting in the Arab market. Makes us one of the top 10 hiring portal in the Arabic business world. Our many years of experience, It has helped thousands of people to find a job in the United Arab Emirates.

There is a still Tax Free Salary in the UAE?

This year, we are entering the Gulf job market. We help expats find a job in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our company is a well-developed organization. Which helps young professional expats who managed to find a job at a high level in Dubai City. The monthly salary that you expect its depends od experience. Of course, if someone was in Dubai will make much more dirhams.

And It will knows that the withdrawal will be affects the entire account. And Of course, without tax and pension contributions. Yes Dubai it is still Tax-free. Anyway, in the Emirates. You can find even sports cars related jobs. Moreover, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi they are uber drivers in ferrari. And, of course, employers finance health care. And private education for children are the best!.

Persian Gulf Region |The Emirates 

The Persian Gulf it is one of the best places to work ever. Not only because you will get amazing opportunities such as jobs in Dubai, but you would definitely have an option to work in different countries and most of them are one of the best for expats. Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). All of these places are greatest place ever for procession for work.

You have came the right especially if you are searching for employment in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. So our company is having hope that he was staying to buy and you would make a great career opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. However we are not limited to the UAE. So if you’re looking for work you can connect with other people from Persian Gulf area. And definitely make your dreams come true.

How to find a job in Dubai?

We have noticed for several years of recruitment business in Emirates. That almost any nation is very much interest in work in Emirates. Especially outside the borders of our country such as Indonesia and Poland. Poles are bravely going abroad. In order to find a new jobs in Dubai. The UAE offers many perspectives for expats. In various categories and in different age groups and experience.

A lots of people who come over to Emirates have been appreciated to word abroad. In particular places such as the United Arab Emirates. Dubai’s people on the other hand are appreciated that the expats are working with them. Some times Dubai employers are paying too much. You can find a lot of offers on the job market such as overpaid with bonus extra hours.

What we can offer you?

Our company the Dubai City Company offers foreign workers a wide range of tools for finding Dubai jobs. Many people decide to go with their families and start new Arabic lifestyle. Our company has proven job offers to employees and long term co-operation to employers. Each offer is checked by us. Thanks to that it is safe for the state.

Dubai City Company offers only proven job offers. We help Poles, Indians, Pakistanis and Indonesians to find the best job offers in Emirates. Always trying to fit to their perfect career preferences. The Resume of each candidate is checked by senior hiring managers. And then sent to the appropriate companies. Thanks to our services, you can find the best offer for yourself also in Abu Dhabi . Every job and employer is checked and verified. That is the only way to help you get work in Dubai. This is a great place for managerial grooms.

Who we are looking in Dubai?

We are looking for new job Seekers from all over the globe. So let us browse you’ve little bit what we actually have been doing for a couple of years in Dubai. Our company was actually based in London several years ago. And since then we have grown for several places around the world. We’ve been managing to take people from India and from Pakistan and then we just send them over to our lovely Dubai city. In the first 3 years of operation in the Middle East. We have been struggling a little bit to get appropriate people and of course proper business partners to get along with. So far we are one of the very popular companies in the Middle East.

At the moment we are helping people with experience such as a manager’s director and office workers. However that is hundreds of new jobs offers every week so you should definitely upgrade your account and upload your resume to our company. Because we are moving forward to help you and place you as fast as we can.

So there is no matter we’re actually looking for work. At the moment Saudi Arabia is letting all of the expats away. So generally speaking if you are looking for very very interested jobs opportunities in Middle East. You should get register your profile because it is anyway for free. Dubai city company taking job Seekers from all over the world. Our recruitment representatives are more than happy to help you with your job searching process in Dubai. Zobacz także nasze serwisy SEO 

My name is Konrad and I’m the CEO of Dubai City Company.

Now let me introduce my business to you the job searching is only the beginning. You’ll also be interviewed by recruiters and employers around the world in our program, and I can promise you that if you think the strategy you have is good this is at a whole new level. And believe me if you do even half as well as the rest of the people who’ve gone through this program, you’re going to be very very impressed.

Sounds fair enough?

OK, our basic system it’s a cash outlay of only $4.99 for a basic package and that includes the job searching in major cities around the Middle East, and like I said this will be the best investments you’ve ever made. If you will join our program the only problem you’ll have is I didn’t call you six month ago and sign you up then.

I mean let me say this one of the true beauties of the program is that program actually comes with no refund guarantee, but if you go through the program and don’t think it is the best investments in job searching you’ve ever made then you can get a job in Dubai!.

The package I suggest for my clients is Premium because based on the UAE job market. The majority of my clients are having a Management experience and you can hit a Global Market, for example, I can recommend you to VP of J.P Morgan and CEO of manpower recruitment in Dubai.

On the other hand, you will get full support in job searching, what I mean is:

✔My team will be searching for a job for you in UAE and Qatar if you requested.

✔They will also manage to contact Head-hunters and recruiters with your CV.

✔My team also will call to employers before they send your CV so we do not spam them as rest of the companies do!.

✔Our HR director will personally have a look at your CV and cover letter to make sure you have every details and spelling are correct.

✔We also add you to the International database like Bayt.com and Gulf Talent

✔We also set up minimum 2-3 Interviews per month with employers for you within 2 or 3 months’ time.

✔Managing process for your visa, immigration or citizenship documents for a new job.

✔In case is we need we will do the interview over the WhatsApp or Skype with our senior manager to settle down what you expect with job searching.

✔You will have a tailor-made professional application and that will set you head and shoulders above your competition in the Middle East.

✔Our team will send your CV to all jobs offers that we have on the website of course within your career experience.

✔We will send your CV to Top Headhunters in the Middle East so they will review your Resume accordingly.

✔Your profile on our portal will become premium with highlighted options for new and existed employers.

However, If you will be not happy with senior management jobs we provide for you then we will refund money.

I have personally built several personal brands and works with CEO’s millionaires from all over the world, for example, the jobs I can have manage for you: 

  • Senior manager Careers at Goldman Sachs and DFC
  • Vice President of Sales in Marketing in the Hilton Hotel
  • Amazon IT Marketing Director for Echo Alexa project
  • Intelligent Specialist for Government and Business projects in the U.K
  • Build a career as a CEO in the Cryptocurrency exchange market in India!
  • Placed HR managers in the International recruitment agencies in UAE 
  • We are working with Sheikhs of the UAE and Qatar managers.

And many more senior managers…

Let me know if you would like to try we can always speak over the phone and I or my manager can always contact you.

Also Check On: Multilanguage Guides for Expats

Dubai City Company now providing good guides for Jobs in Dubai. Our team decided to add information for each language for our Dubai expats. So, with this in mind, you can now get guides, tips and employment in the United Arab Emirates with your own language. 

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