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Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies
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Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies become another way to get employment in the United Arab companies. The best companies to work in Dubai you can find on the Forbes top companies. With this in mind, our company created the best companies to work in Dubai.

Companies in the Gulf region managed a slight of growing experience in 2016. At some point, the economy has raised in 2018 and following years 2019 and 2020. Also, the gas prices picked up again compared to the previous years.

As a result, the new projects helps to grow stock markets across the United Arab Emirates region. The Expo 2020 also began to raise new hirings. Especially for, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Although some of the parts of the countries in UAE are growing much faster. And more Jobs in Dubai Companies are still facing new hiring requests. Expo preparations bring new challenges and implementing planned new constructions projects in the UAE.

The total market value of the top 100 companies in the Arab world reached $772 billion in April 2017, gaining 12% on the previous year. UAE growing extensionally because of the total market value for Gulf Business.

Moreover, most of the companies from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are on top 100 companies in the Arab recruitment world. And job seekers reached for jobs from $772 billion Dubai’s companies in April 2017. So most of gaining 12% on the previous year.

Why is worth to start working in Gulf Company?

The Dubai companies aggregate net profits in the United Arab Emirates. They have also decreased spending on HR by 9.7% in this way they were able to reach $52.9 billion, sales in the United Arab Emirates. With this in mind, the new project has grown within the total hiring positively. One if the places are the telecommunications and industrial sectors. Job seekers should consider this sector as an opportunity. One of the examples is Etisalat. This Dubai company being the biggest telecommunications industry company in The UAE.

Moreover, all metrics showing that most of the companies growing within Industries in Qatar. Jobs in Dubai can be taken by the biggest industrial companies on our list. The companies in the Middle East increased their assets increased by 2.8%. And the Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and managed to get more than 3.8% to reach $288.3 billion sales in Dubai and Doha. The companies manage their performance to get more than $2.7 trillion sales in, 2008 and looking forward to growing respectively during 2019.

Generally speaking job seekers in the Middle East, trying to get work in these companies. Because while working for operational performance Dubai companies, was a relatively stable job. Especially for new expatriates in the Middle East. Under those circumstances, read our guide for Gulf jobs in Dubai Companies.

Why best companies in the Middle East?

One of the best companies for work based in Saudi Arabia and Qatar with Kuwait. On the other hand, the companies from Dubai still dominates the list with 36 companies. Most of the jobs seekers moving from Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the U.A.E. Dubai Companies are growing within 4 continents. And they are having a business presence in more than 50 countries. The companies in the Middle East respectively managing high-value assets.

You can find jobs in Dubai companies easily with good experience. There are more than 59% of financial companies in the UAE who are hiring. For example, if you are having experience with the banks and financial services sector. And you are having MBA in finance. You should definitely talk with hiring managers in the UAE Banks. Moreover mergers and acquisition of HR departments in the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait. For sure will be interested to receive your CV.

Another good company you can think about to manage your career is Qatar Morocco and Egypt. And most of them still hold a strong position among business in the Middle East. As the top listed companies, we have placed the bank in the GCC region. The best careers are financial and Oil. Most of the companies in the Middle East are amazing to start working with uber. As a best in UAE, we have placed an NBAD and FGB merger. And then a First Abu Dhabi Bank with high class headquartered in Abu Dhabi in UAE.

Gulf Career and Companies in The UAE

Most of the companies in the Middle East are moving way up. Although the Egyptian currency was hit hard last year off the back of the devaluation. So some of the Egypt companies in Dubai holds its business value in the top 100 companies in the Arab world list.

Dubai City showing as the best city to work with top-rated companies. Because the United Arab Emirates stock exchange gained more than 175%, due to the growing bitcoin market. The companies from UAE making it the biggest gainer in the business world. In the foreground Gulf jobs in Dubai Companies in the long run growing for expats.

For example the Global Telecom Holding corporation. The corporation was the top gainer on the list of top performing companies also in America. On the other hand, this year Abu Dhabi and Dubai are welcomed few new firms: Omantel, National Bank of Bahrain, Emaar The Economic City and Saudi Ground Services. Most of this company on our list is hiring new candidates from all over the world.

Top 100 Companies to work in the Middle East

No.1 Gulf Jobs Careers in SABIC

Let’s start with the largest company SABIC. The management always believed that SABIC takes special executive management. And you can really make a difference. To work in this company you need integrity. Smart and brilliant thinking. But in advance, you will receive the freedom to turn their ideas into reality. SABIC company is the best and No.1 company in the UAE.

Companies such as SABIC having is own working culture. This corporation looking to find open-minded management. Especially gifted with high operation skills and questioning people.

SABIC create the conditions for new freshers. And especially for talent international job seekers. So if you are looking at fulfilling work environments. Have a look at the career website at them in 2019.

It is worth taking a time with this technology business. Try to get the empowerment they need. It is not so hard to start work for SABIC. Especially if you are an expat and you’re the person who can find new solutions. Moreover, place the possibilities in the Arab Business that change the world for the better.

Careers in Dubai Companies SABIC - Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies

No.2 Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies CBI

Qatar National BankThis is another company to try to get a job. The Banking sector is a growing industry. This business strongly manages the people of the UAE vision. The CBI vision and mission is to serve international and local customers. CBI Company training people by helping them prosper in their personal and business lives.

The CBI get their hands in support of the new employers. Gathering vision from the UAE Government. Each of the sectors within CBI manages diversity and inclusion. On the positive side, a company investing in their people. They are having proven records of prospects who was promoted to senior management positions.

If you are able to connect with and build a professional report. You should join this company. and be proud to help customers meet their needs. Of course, this company also invest in the latest technology in the United Arab Emirates.

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies CBI

No.3 FAB Jobs in Dubai Company 

First Abu Dhabi Bank Bloomberg first Abu Dhabi Bank as a top employer for jobs in Dubai Companies. This company firmly believe that developing strong relations with the employee. Definitely, change the world for the better. Management of FAB having tadeeper personal understanding of our customers’ needs.

The FAB and the common knowns name are First Abu Dhabi Bank. And what really matters to them is a employment retention. The company always enables managers to build long-term relationships with employers.

To be the successful company in the Middle East this company are building a diverse team of Gulf Jobs in Dubai. If you are looking for young, dynamic, energetic and ambitious people who are will be working with you. With this company, you can find it.

Gulf jobs can be passionate, especially with this company and what they do and strive for service excellence. As a new expatriate for Gulf Jobs, you should be getting ready to take new challenges. Start to supercharge of your career in the Middle East with FAB. You should be interested in joining this bank on their mission. The jobs offer you can get from LinkedIn.

The First Abu Dhabi Bank

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies

N0.4 Gulf career with NCB Bank

The NCB offers an advanced career in The Middle East. Jobs in Dubai Companies such as NCB Bank can be an amazing work environment. As a new expatriate for Gulf jobs in Dubai Companies. You will definitely need to put it at the top of the ideal employers in Gulf.

Because this company having greater options for career seekers. Especially for careers in all banking fields in GCC jobs. The career with NCB Bank can be for either by fresh graduates or people with experience. NCB bank is at the top of the list for new managers with MBA education.

This GCC employer has a view of the ongoing expansion. Especially for Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the UAE. They are growing within operations and building everyday new branch network. The company management always offers job opportunities for those wishing to join this Bank.

This corporation having a good HR team. While they identify the new potential employer and their actual needs in different businesses. The new positions come across that creates new jobs in the Gulf region.

A new career development has the strong work cycle. Generally speaking, some of the Indian and Pakistani expats working within the Bank sector with this company. Moreover, the company get sets the job description for each position.

The NCB careers website is easy to use. Most of the expats having an interactive jobs offer available for international careers. From male and female jobs seekers you can get good employment. Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies and opens doors to fresh graduates Making this company well looking for joining to NCB.

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies - NCB

No.5 Etisalat UAE Careers

Another good company to work is Etisalat. Because this company uses the best technology to source candidates from all over the world. Etisalat firm provides the best opportunity to work in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Especially for new expatriates from Asia and South Africa.

If you are looking to build a strong career in the United Arab Emirates. You should use their career transparent employment posting system. Because career with this company gives a new employee stability and the flexibility.

Very easy job page to apply for a job. And you can have a look for Gulf Jobs vacancies. Good company for future growth and excellent choice and developing a career. Especially in Gulf countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies - Etisalat

No.6 Jobs in Al Rajhi Bank

Al Rajhi Bank definitely is one of the largest Islamic banks in the world. The bank Al Rajhi has begun its activities in 1957. Since then massive improvement has come over to this company.

An employee of Al Rajhi Bank enjoys 50 years of experience. And more than 90% of them are happy to continue the career. Most of the managers in the GCC with financial experience starts the banking industry with this company.

On the positive side, the Bank relies on Islamic Shariah principles. And this is quite positive in the Arabic business. This bank set up a strong base for all its activities for new workers.

As you are looking due to a long career and its forward-thinking vision in banking. You should forward your CV to them. Al Rajhi Bank hires fresh graduates and job seekers from India and Pakistan. On the positive side, if you enjoy a high level of professional ambition. This company is for you.

Inan, addition, to the Bank career and Gulf Jobs offers. This company providing attractive starting salaries, and due to a high respect for Arab business. You can get regular salary increments, allowances, and bonuses. As a matter of fact, this company creates competitive packages for their employee. As well new projects together with unrivalled opportunities in the Gulf Region.

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies - Alrajhibank.

No.7 Banking on the people Emirates NBD

Do you have what it takes? To work in Emirates NBD. Do you think you have what it takes to work and grow with this Bank?. With Emirates in NBD, ore you ready to succeed with this Arab company? But before you start applying for the new position. Have a look and decide what you would like to do and what sector would you like to be manageable. This international company is a growing firm.

Dubai City Company has managed to check this amazing firm. And most of the expatriates who are working in Emirates NBD is saying it is a good company to work for. So make sure you have a qualified Resume for this corporation. The company several times offered jobs in recruitment websites. So, it will be worth it to have a look on popular hiring companies in UAE.

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies - Emirates NBD

No.8 Saudi Electricity Company

The Saudi Electricity company considers bringing your dream job. Start the adventure of human resources. Saudi companies managing the basis of its development projects in UAE. Saudi Electricity Company showing the growth of its business. Especially in 2018 and 2019.

Most of the companies in the Middle East. Generates amazing income every year. On the other hand, Saudi Electricity Company is keen to develop human resources through specialized programs for their new employee.

This company is an excellent choice for mapping out career paths. Especially for Gulf Jobs seekers. Because you can include your raising career with this company. This company placing Indians for Gulf Jobs in Dubai, Qatar and of course Saudi Arabia. Every time when you ensuring their management that you agree looking for long-term careers.

You will have a chance for competence. Especially to take on all positions in the Company. From fresh graduated up to senior managers positions. These efforts resulted in significant growth in the field of localizing jobs, boosting career as an Indian worker.

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies - Saudi Electricity Company

No.9 A career with Saudi Telecom

Another good company for Gulf Career could be Saudi Telecom. Your excitement and aspirations can be unleashed with Saudi Telecom. This company helping people from all over the world.

STC is a place for a career grows in the Middle East. This company generates a bright future for their marketing employee. STC is the inspiration for development in the Middle East and the whole Gulf.

STC strives the innovation in everything you will do. From basic tasks up to senior management level. In a way for your dream life career. You should join the firm to embark on a journey for a better tomorrow.

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies - STC

No.10 The National Bank of Kuwait

National bank of Kuwait looking for motivated and innovative individuals. The company recruiting for Gulf Jobs. So with this in mind, are you are looking to join a team?. Before you do make sure you will have a strong performance report on your hands.

Every time you start position with this Bank. Your career will start performing and you will make your performance much higher than you ever think about it.

at your finest. Join an engaging workplace and active community at NBK – tailor-made to Kuwait’s bright minds and ambitious drives.

We have a Talent Management Department that will make sure you’re apply placed so that you can thrive. At NBK you can apply your hard work to a rewarding setting and get results – you’ll come to work with pride knowing you are contributing to one of Kuwait’s biggest achievements.

Become one of the best, become an NBK team member.

Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies - NBK

No.11 Welcome To ADCB Bank 

Another company from our list for Gulf Jobs is ADCB.  The company main objective is to become the most valuable bank in the UAE. The company starts its formation in 1985. And from there the bank has grown exceptionally. Moreover, their presence in the UAE is well known for expats. Apply to this company by yourself and grab a good job opportunity.

This company has gone from strength to strength for a Gulf jobs in the Middle East. ADCB Bank allows all international job seekers to find opportunities across the organization. This perfect company is for anyone interested in pursuing a fulfilling career. On the other hand, they enable you to work with international colleagues and customers from across the world.

Welcome Gulf Career at ADCB Bank 

No.12 Explore a Career with Samba

Next good company is Samba. They are a premier banking institution. Moreover, management has operated with a presence in the Gulf and India Mumbai region. The Samba company has been globally recognized with amazing jobs opportunities for expats. So searching for employment with this kind of company can be a pleasure. Especially for new people with good recognized experience in the Middle East.

Samba personal banking services its innovative banking products and private banking company. The Samba’s world-class customer service is well known. So with this in mind, try to have a financial position with them or either the customer service opportunity.

Explore a new career combined with its desire to excel in the banking sector. Definitely working with Samba will result that your profile will be recognized as a top-tier banker. And career progression is for sure possible within the banking sector in KSA.

Gulf Jobs for Samba Company

No.13 Emaar Career Opportunities 

Another company is Emaar. They are a large organization in Dubai. Working in many fields even for International workers. GFor example Iranian expats as well as Indian workers. Loving Emaar company. Because the Emaar ’s business is its biggest asset in the UAE.

Emaar is a good company, they are looking for enthusiaan stic, energetic, flexible team players. Company recruiting in the Gulf region. So if you are a very passionate person. You can enjoy the challenges of working for a rapidly growing global organization.

Emaar Properties business in reality not must be introduced. They are a large organization and generate huge income. So with this in mind, getting employment with them should be much easier.

Emaar Career for Gulf Jobs

No.14 DP World Global Trade 

Welcome to DP World Company. They are a leading firm in global trade. The company is hiring within several sectors. DP World is having an amazing integral part of the supply chain management structure. DP Global Trade is a worldwide company. And one of the best for new jobs seeker.

DP World has a portfolio of 77 operating marines. Generally speaking, they are good enough for an International career. Try to get it done, grab the opportunity with DP World.

Management of this company, having extensions experience son managing terminals. DP Word Global Trade is supported by over 50 related businesses in 40 countries across six continents. In this way, you can reach career globally.

DP World for Gulf Jobs

No.15 Riyad Bank Jobs 

Start working with Riyad Bank. Because they are managing the best workers in the Gulf region. This Bank company is the largest financial institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. While working with this company, you can get a security position.

The company is a homeland for international business. Riyad Bank Jobs having a strong corporate and retail franchise. So worth to have a detailed look at their positions. This company also moving cryptocurrency jobs in UAE.

Riyad Bank Jobs in Gulf

No.16 Ooredoo Company

Ooredoo is a growing telecommunication organization in the MENA. They are growing extensionally both locally and internationally. And definitely having positions for their expats.

Ooredoo company looking forward to hiring dedicated employees. While continuing to move closer towards their vision. Ooredoo company looking forward being to be among the top 20 telecommunications companies in the world by 2020. New expats getting employment with them every day. Under those circumstances, try to upload CV.

They are hiring Senior managers, analysts specialists and telecommunication staff. Worth to visit their career website. Especially if you are searching for fast hiring opportunities with telecommunication industry.

Ooredoo Gulf Jobs

No.17 Careers at SABB for Saudi British Banking

SABB financial company is a growing successful organization. SABB British banking is a company with high aspirations for the future. Moreover, this organization has a strong connection with HSBC.

This means that Saudi British Banking Company. Are always looking for talented individuals. Especially for International job seekers who are looking to grow their careers and succeed with HSBC part of the business organization.

You should definitely learn more about employment at SABB. Check on their website for some of our current career opportunities, and how to apply. Get your updated CV up and running and contact Saudi British Bank.

Careers at SABB Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies

No.18 KFH Personal House Banking 

Kuwait Financial House Banking is another company on our list. Generally speaking KFH Career in Gulf it is worth to get. As a future expat in Gulf Jobs sectors, you need to send CV to them.

The Kuwait Financial House working on private sectors. One of the good stuff is that they are hiring in the Gulf. And searching for employment with them is good enough for expats in UAE. Even the expat woman is able to get a job in Kuwait. Under those circumstances, KFH Personal House Banking is good for expats.

KFH Career in Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies

No.18 Dubai Islamic Bank 

Dubai Islamic bank, very interested firm to work in the Middle East. The world’s first Islamic Bank has opened its doors across Malaysia workers and Pakistan. But they just start in Pakistan, they are now all over the Gulf Jobs Region.

The bank is ambitiously rising standards in finance. Pakistan upon its journey providing “World Class Banking, the Islamic Way”. This is why Dubai Islamic Bank inviting talented career specialists to join DIBPL.

Working within a Muslim environment is not all about work. You must trust yourself in listening to others. Living as a Muslim person with life innovation fun and social responsibility. The bank managing core values that shape our working environment.

Dubai Islamic Bank Gulf Jobs

No.19 Banque Saudi Fransi

Banque Saudi Fransi is a full-service commercial bank. Very recognized company for serving the local and international banking needs of its clients. Our company reviewing this firm as one of the good financial employers for Gulf Jobs.

This firm It is a leading provider of comprehensive financial services. Many expats looking forward to working with them. A lot of people loves the financial products from this company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So it is really worth it for their vacancies in the Banque Saudi Fransi.

This bank also trying to hit other markets. BSF’s high performance and wide customers base are reflected in its strong financial position. Try to start a Gulf Career with them, definitely, it is worth it.

Banque Saudi Fransi - Gulf Jobs

No.20 Attijariwafa bank 

The Attijariwafa Bank is the leading bank in Morocco. For sure not in top 10 companies for Gulf Jobs. The Attijariwafa Bank is a quite interested employer. This company is included inking Mohammed VI’s holding company the SNI.

The Attijariwafa bank was established after a certain time of communication. The manageable deal between Banque Commerciale du Maroc and Wafabank and is headquartered in Casablanca. Has been done, and the Marroco bank start operated. Gulf jobs in Dubai companies are good with Attijariwafa bank.

Attijariwafabank Career and Jobs in Gulf

No.21 Arab Bank in Jordan

The Arab Bank in Jordan is a good company within the bank and financial services. Surprisingly is not operating that much in the UAE. At Arab Bank,  a lot of people found interested in employment. This is why they take pride in being one of the leading financial institutions in the region.

Over the years, we have managed to attract professional talents and we continue to invest in building the skills and capacities of our workforce, which we consider to be one of our most precious assets. We constantly provide our employees with outstanding career opportunities, excellent work environment, competitive remuneration and development opportunities.

Arab Bank in Jordan for Gulf Jobs

No.22 Careers at Arab National Bank

The Careers at Arab National Bank. The company promotes themselves that they will take you to the highest level. If you are searching for a job in GCC Area. This company may be a good choice for you. National Bank is good among Gulf jobs in Dubai companies.

Very good company for graduate students. Especially if you would like to submit CV or register Quickly. On the other hand, while you do vacancies searching in the Gulf with this company. You can always drop your resume into their global database. On the other hand, Careers at Arab National Bank will be a smart option for you.

Careers and Gulf Jobs in Arab Nationak Bank

No.23 Mashreq Bank Careers

Another company is Mashreq Bank.

There is a lot of ways and opportunities for professional development at Mashreq. The company main focus is on attracting the best team players. The Mashreq Bank developing each employee, moreover retaining the best business. Generally speaking, starting a business position with them id good.

This bank offering a market-driven compensation and benefits package. So with this in mind, expatriates should match resume with them professionally. Company offering a challenging environment for existing workers. And with new joiners to state-of-the-art opportunities in the Gulf.

The culture of this company was built on time-tested values and beliefs. Gulf jobs in Dubai companies.

Gulf Jobs Mashreq

No.24 Bank Audi in Lebanon 

The Bank with a long story of financial progress. This bank has a full and diversified range of products and services. Also, Lebanon is a good place to work an life. Especially with your family.

Bank Audi ranks first among Lebanese banks in terms of total assets. Moreover, they are hiring a lot of shareholders. The best equity, customers’ deposits, loans and advances with this bank is it just a beginning. Audi Bank having high-quality online systems. This is a Bank Audi’s free. Super popular in Lebanon.

Working with this organization. The very good company, with fast and flexible e-banking platform. New expats are allowed to monitor your CV account with this company. Selling loans and cards’ activity, to make high-quality products company.

Bank Audi - Gulf Jobs

No.25 Ahli United Bank

Ahli United Bank is committed to delivering service excellence at all levels of the organization. All over the Gulf Country, this bank is recruiting for new employees.

This is why we staked our success in attracting, recruiting and developing the best available talent in the market. As new people looking for jobs in such companies as Ahli Bank. Dubai City Company is committed to adding this company to the best companies to work in the Middle East.

This company having strong status as an employer for Gulf Jobs. It is worth to manage your employment application. On the negative side make sure your CV is written good enough.

As a career seeker, you can choose the vacancies in the region. Dubai City Company reviewing this company for international employees. Because with this company you can really get the opportunity to pursue and fulfilling careers in the Gulf Region. Become experienced and supportive staff that know what it takes to lead and succeed in the global market.

 Ahli United Bank - Gulf Jobs

No.26 Zain Telecommunication 

Find your role with zain telecommunication.

The very interested company in the Middle East to work for. Zain offering good long-term careers. One of the places where you can find employment with Zain is Linkedin. In reality, there is a lot of places where you can get a vacancy with them. As a matter of fact, Zain is one of the best Gulf jobs in Dubai companies.

Definitely, this company is really worth for submitting a CV. Jobs vacancies with Zain are opened in Maroco, Jordan, and Kuwait. On the positive side if you are having a good experience you will find employment with them all over the Middle East. Employment with Zain you can manage as Cal Center operator or acquisition expert.

Zain Telecommunication - Gulf Jobs

No.26 Banque Centrale Populaire 

Try to find your role with Banque Centrale Populaire.

Headquarters Casablanca, Morocco this company provides products financial services. New expatriates searching jobs with them from all over the world. Not only from Marocco. Because Banque Centrale Populaire SA operates as a commercial bank. And with that kind of companies, it is worth to apply for a dream career.

These bank activities include the management o the highest level. Our company definitely advising job seekers to manage career application with this bank. With good cash payment as a worker with the Banques Populaires Régionales. You can get interested jobs offers.

Searching for employment definitely in a banking sector is a good choice. The career, and management services of interests to the organizations of Crédit Populaire Maroc. On the other hand, The company was founded on February 2, 1961, and is headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco.

Career in Gulf Jobs in Dubai Companies

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