Hot Tips For Amazing Summer Hair

, Hot Tips For Amazing Summer Hair
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, Hot Tips For Amazing Summer Hair

Love the sea and sun, but hate what they do to your hair? Try our pick of products that will protect and nourish your crowning glory, right through the summer, and beyond.

Stem Cell Scalp Serum


, Hot Tips For Amazing Summer HairUsing its signature cold processing system, which enhances the potency of plant-based ingredients this shampoo is specially designed to promote full, healthy hair at the scalp level. It is blended with soothing Aloe and Bamboo extracts as well as rejuvenating stem cells sourced from apple extract to help reduce signs of thinning and breakage.

Follicle Booster by RAW AFRICAN


, Hot Tips For Amazing Summer HairLoad on this follicle booster to help boost hair growth. Rich in flaxseed and rosemary oils, both known for their amazing properties, the results are impressive.

TRESemmé Conditioner Botanix Curl Hydration


, Hot Tips For Amazing Summer HairSpecifically formulated for curly hair, this botanical blend of shea butter and hibiscus come together in a professional quality hydrating formula that hydrates and nourishes curls to restore their natural strength and definition.

Hold Shine Twist Curl Gel by JUST PURE


Add a natural gel-like definition to create curls, waves and ringlets. This formula delivers weightless hydration and hold for glossy, defined curls in one step.

Curl Charisma Chia + Flax Seed Coil Custard


, Hot Tips For Amazing Summer Hairsummer hair treatmentCruelty-free, leave-in ‘Coil Custard’ treatment is enriched with protein-rich moisturizers like chia seed, flax seed oil and rice amino acid to strengthen strands while shea butter locks out frizz.

L’Huile Original Hair Oil


, Hot Tips For Amazing Summer HairThis leave-in hair oil provides deep nutrition to dull hair with heat protection for up to 230°. It seals split ends and smooths the hair fiber for long-lasting frizz control.

Anti-Hair Loss Scalp-Balancing Targeted System Densifying Treatment


This Anti-Hair Loss Scalp-Balancing Targeted System Densifying Treatment will strengthen the hair follicle and promote a healthy hair cycle. Fortified with ingredients that accelerate the process of hair growth, this treatment will result in strands that are thicker, longer, and stronger in 120 days.

Natural DIY Hair Masks for Healthier Hair

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