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Why build your own business in Dubai?

How I build my Business in the UAE
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How to Create a Life as a Marketing Manager?

How and Why Build Business in Dubai 👳 Man With Turban

Johne West – Dubai City Company

Hire or Become Growth Marketing Manager? Hello, my name is John West. I am ready to develop your company. I will help you get customers from the Internet and Linkedin!.

Who is John?

He is a co-founder of the Dubai City Company. Significant international companies call it the leading Growth Hacker of Internet Marketing in Dubai. The most popular social networking sites claim that it is one of the top 10 marketers in social media.

Over a million people are watching social networking sites of John West It is known for leading Facebook and Linkedin pages. This is my company and our Aim is to promotes Dubai!

Many businessmen from Dubai and London say they have created one of the top 100 marketing companies in the social media in Dubai.

John is the author of bestsellers in the field of social media marketing and was recognized as one of the best entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

What can I do for you?

Is positioning SEO, Marketing in Google and Bing and generally speaking, marketing is cheap?

  • Yes, I can do it for 50% of the price.

What are you paying for Growth Hacker?

  • For Effects

SEO and Time?

Positioning is a continuous and time-consuming process, which is why it requires many investments. By choosing a service in my agency you will receive, among others:

  • Analysis and comprehensive optimization of content,
  • Adaptation of headlines, meta tags title and description,
  • Optimization of the structure of website links and source code elements,
  • Actions regarding the correct access to search engine robots to the website.
  • Google Tool Configurations (Google Analytics, etc.),
  • Activities related to the link domain profile (link building).

Internet Marketing is a fast and very cost-effective process. We invest in advertising and on this basis we get new clients. They get advertisements, we keep their data, we go back to them, they buy our product.

  1. Conducting advertising campaigns on the Internet in Social Media.
  2. ROI (return on investment, return on investment).
  3. Email Marketing.
  4. Marketing on the Phone (Notifications).
Growth Hacking – Only Effective Growth Methods for Your Business
We will arrange at the meeting.
  • Do you have a small business? – Call me I can help you! (Proposes a small rate)
    I will check your business + Enjoy new customers
  • Do you have a medium business? – We will develop it together! (We will focus on overcoming competition + Email Marketing +)
  • Do you have a big business? – You’re out of luck, you’re going to delete a lot!
    (We will develop it internationally – among others I fought in Dubai, London. India, Indonesia – We work harder 24h – 7 days in the Whole Week.

Check me, Enter on Google: Dubai City Company

And then you will see how and what I have built on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Familiarize yourself with the sales analysis slides on the Internet & data helpful in my assessment and development of my clients’ business activities.

Ok, Get to the base thing. You’ve come to my site because you would like to learn a little bit how to start living in The Gulf Region, especially in the United Arab Emirates.

My company is called Dubai City Company and I have been making good money for many years and very good money in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In fact, we earn money to help other people. It may seem strange to you, but if you are able to help others, you will really achieve success in life. 

Starting your marketing company you should remember a few things. The first basic thing you need to focus on is your private time, rather its lack. 

Unfortunately, marketing has it to yourself that it is not your friend. We marketers sometimes work sheep for over 18 hours. I have worked many times when I was sick or no longer had the strength. And for sure you as the future president of a marketing company, unfortunately, you will have to do the mummy what I have been doing So far while building Dubai City Company.

Of course, the marketing company has its ups and downs. Do not expect any coconuts for the first year of your company. Only after a year you will see this money purely earned in your pocket. 

You will see that your company will become a bit more popular on Google. More people will search for your name and search for your services on social networks and on social media.

In the third year of your virtual world, you can expect a profit of, say, USD 10,000 a month. That it seems to be quite a good money, but the work you put in this company if you divide it for an hour will be about 2 USD an hour. That is more or less the average price in which a supermarket operates in Romania.

Unfortunately, you can never count on working good money for one hour at your own marketing company. Rather, you should expect hard work for a really low salary. To start a business, you really need only domain hosting and a little bit of oil in your head. 

Become Own Boss is Hard Deal to manage!

Positioning your business and building your brand is a tough undertaking. The main plus of online business is that you can do what you really like at any time. You do not need to work during the day you can work at night. If you manage to position your business with Google, of course, you will be able to fly overseas tours.

Visiting the world and playing around are pros and cons. In order to build a company on the internet very well, you need between 5 and 10 years. 

Realities are such that you do not work a year at the computer and then buy yourself Bentley and beautiful villas, unfortunately, it is much more painful you will work all your life and the beginnings will be phenomenal you will not sleep any night, you will buy a double-sided tape in order to glue your upper eyelids to inhibit and drop them.

So honestly it is a very hard work to do and that is never enough and your company it will be never enough to make the money probably. You are looking to get. Another point will be a time and a possibility of improvement. You have to work hard and you have to manage yourself and of course, motivate yourself in a very hard way.

For example, is being Dubai city company. I have built this organization for a long time. I had started this business a different name it was cV forwarding services international. Then the company change the name and the way as business continuity. This business has been billed for at last 10 years.

So you can only imagine how hard it is to get yourself up and running availed yourself on a daily basis. There are huge outcomes with time with your family and of course houses of jobs that you have to follow and you have to do it yourself at the beginning of course.

I remember myself years ago I have filled this business laptop and since then is moving ahead in a good direction. I’m looking to make much more money than I can’t even imagine. Of course, I have invested thousands of medium facebook and Linkedin adverts. That, of course, makes me do you have a company that is stable on the Dubai Market.

On the other hand and that business such as recruitment business and marketing business, it will help you to build your own time and your own future. You want to be able to get things, Done, the time you want to do love the time. Someone will schedule for you.

So that is positive and negatives in building business Online. Do you have to remember those Arab Emirates it is not an easy Market to do business?. So before you even start your own business you always might doobie hundred per cent sure dad you know your niche and you have enough experience to get up and running your start a business.

Generally speaking, the fastest way to start your own business is to start from social media. You can promote your product today larger audience of customers or even your friends. They will a product so and other potential customers they might get hit your company and asking for more information.

This is the fastest and the smartest way to building the future and you’re nice life. As you can follow my company online you will see that our main part is Facebook and Linkedin. And from there we are actually getting a very good customers that we can coach and help them to get employment in the United Arab Emirates.

How much you can make online?

online business honestly it is not the most profitable business. But it will how to make around $5,000 a month if you would work around eight to 10 hours a day. So if we take that and we will compare this kind of money to standard job. It is definitely one of a good ways of Imani and heading a nice life.

Online business such as marketing business or recruitment business it is not the way to make millions of dollars if you are not heading today the good idea of helping people solve their problems.

This company has managed to make around hundreds of dollars every week. Then has moved to thousands of dollars every month. And then it’s become a very profitable business. So far and now this business is going super well and that is not much work to do on a daily basis. Always has to be done is just serving customers with dignity and helping them achieve personal and employment success.

How Bad is it to Run own Marketing Company?

Most of your time, your wife will not be satisfied. Beginnings will be innocent, you will stop eating breakfast wrote about 15:00 you will have a bath and you will realize that you have not even left the dog since yesterday. Then the meal will be at 18:00 and it will be half board but your dog will not be left out the next step is not sleeping at night, neighbours will stop telling you Good morning and the children will shout at you on the street that you are Zombie.

And for sure no cream will help any woman’s power will not help and what we say. You almost have no wife. When your beloved spouse to ask yourself?. What whats stinks in the house after 15 messages to the clients.

And you still need to issue an email in your direction when you finally squint your eyes to see it at the beginning of the corridor because unfortunately you already have problems with the eyes also from the computer.

On the other hand, you collect thoughts to buy starting from the virtual world you begin to slowly become aware yourself what question your wife asked you your head begins to verify what it may be the first answer.

It can be rubbish from the week answer second socks behind the bed and actually everywhere answer number 3 You are the dog.

Each subsequent stage will only be worse, but the moment will come and you will not have to wait long for him when you see that the state of your account slowly starts to move, surprisingly, it is not money sent from your mommy, you begin to see the meaning of your work and see that it is sitting at computer and yet is more and more fruitful. After some time you do not see your work see it reads to me with you that your product and your website are starting to gain a better position in Google rankings.

And for sure people are looking for you and then people you want what you suggest that there are more and more people like you. And they are like you I do not mean Zombie. So, people who are looking for a product that you are able to give them or service and you will make money online in your own business.

And this is the moment when you finally wake up from this computer. You get up from the computer, raise the blinds in the room you feel like the sun’s rays suddenly touch your face and you realize that it was worth it every min. 

You have a really great website, well-positioned business, and most importantly you are the boss everything you did what you created only your wife and no one is able to take it away, you will even lose the page, your knowledge of the skills you already have will allow you to create another great business.

Why Dubai is So Great for SEO Jobs?

Dubai is the greatest place ever made it by human beings for another human being. This is why our company is helping what are those workers to get new possible employment within the United Arab Emirates.

Our team so far has helped thousands of people around the globe. Mostly we are working with Indian peoples and people who speak the Arabic language and Farsi language. So if you are living in Europe or in the United Arab Emirates we are able to help you and provide your employment in the Gulf region.

Dubai city is a great place because you can really get an amazing employment and get promoted quite fast. Another good point that is the best place for expats is that this place is really good for getting a job match faster than another place in the Gulf.

That is a thousand of companies well you can really get a job and connect with other people. For example you can join our LinkedIn profile and I will Facebook company page. By following our company profile you can really get interesting jobs offers and connect with match more people who are also looking for a job as you do.

Company in Dubai

This company is also a good brand Dubai on their website you can a good contact and you will also hey boo 2 see what they’re actually doing in terms off business. Working with this Automotive companies in Dubai different face in Gulf region it will give you a head approach for your future kind of development senior sales or engineering department.

Atwell based company in Dubai city. This brand is a huge white playset international business. Moreover this organization is actually hiring people around the globe. So no matter where you are actually came from you can still get a job with them. As we all know 80% of workforce it is coming from India and Pakistan. This is why no matter which if you are actually trying to get from to Dubai. You still have a chance and please apply on their website. So that will give you Haygood new art in Dubai.

This brand it is actually a very exclusive brand and most of the workforce I’m not able to get the job with them. However, if you are having a good experience then you’re definitely will have a choice and you will be able to get a job with then. These companies actually hiring channel executives professional directors and CEOs.

So if you are having experience you would get the chance to work with companies such as this. There is a link provided on the top and please speak on it and then they will take you further on the job section. Hope you will get an amazing job united States with this company.

Super well-known organization. The internet reviews just love at this company. So you will get the chance with top brands like this. Generally speaking, automotive companies are always providing high valuable wages for their employees. And you can always expect on the other hand a good training and well positioning its training.

So finding our new tool is a good point for job seekers and people who are actually looking for networking systems. Generally speaking, if you are looking to connect with people inside Dubai. Use our tool and invite keep poop from your email list. We have created quite an easy system. So all you have to do in the reality is just go Gmail or Hotmail. Then exporting emails from your email list.

After you will applaud the least of connections into our company invite anyone tools. You will automatically send invitation knowing you vice City company. So other people you to sign up to Dubai or you are actually living in the United Arab Emirates.

There is a huge possibility. Other people might be interested to join Dubai city company. And all you have to do is just give them the opportunity to do it in a Smart Way by using our company services. If we take 4 example a standard person who is having 300 up to 500 people. The person would invite their own friends to our website. Then it would be at definitely worth it person to join our website.

However, the smartest way to get and invite your friends to Dubai. It is going to LinkedIn profile. And then that is an easy way to export your friends BTS members and then simply sending over an invitation to them as well. So in this way you will not only get your but also from social media. That would help you definitely build your brand and show up in social media as well.

Dubai city company aim is to help people to get connected gulf region. So generally speaking if you are looking to connect with the people who are interested the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Our company it is a perfect fit 4 for your needs.

Living Hope is a key in success. So hopefully you invite much more to our company and help them to find a job to make some social media connection in Dubai city. Please don’t forget to share and like our post. So is this way your friends will also be able to see what you are doing online and how hard you are trying to achieve jobs in Dubai.

Career in Marketing

SEO and Work in Marketing in your own business?. I started my marketing career very young. At the age of 21 and a half years, I started my first online business. 

Do you know what was my first company?

It was Led Multimedia. I created a company because I could not find a high-paying job at this age. Nom, I tried to find a well-paid job in Europe and in the Middle East!.

As you can guess, it failed, reality got me and I finally invested in Led screens.

We needed LED screens to play commercials on large screens. And promoting big companies in Marketing … the list goes on.

Then I lost about 250,000 USD

But if I had to start everything from the beginning, what do you think I would do?

Before I get to that, let’s talk first about what I found out late in my marketing career in Dubai …

What did I learn too late in my career? Website positioning so-called SEO. So I’ll admit I’m really good at one thing and only one thing. In Internet Marketing

Now I am directing website traffic to my clients.

It all depends on the industry in which the site is located, I can attract traffic to it and make it popular. And best of all, I can do it without advertising.

But because I can do one thing, it does not mean that I can create a successful business. I found out about it in 2015. I still need amazing people around me.

Well, after the first collapse of my first marketing company. I decided to become a manager, I went to the US.

I got a manager’s post in Ireland, then I moved to London. In one of the financial corporations, I got a training in marketing.

People who created Disneyland came to us. I learned then how to build the company’s brand internationally.

For example, when I started working with Dubai Marketers, my mini business began to grow.

Then I earned about 350,000 USD

Following this lead, I built an online company in Dubai. However, I did not know how to promote it ?. John West came up with the idea to find people interested in my service.

I built the Dubai City Company on Linkedin

I managed and started with Online Marketing. It lasted for about 6 months. And against the natural course of the matrix. My company started to earn specific money.

Then I earned my First Million USD

I have made much money in over a year. What can you spend such cash on? expensive restaurants, sports cars, foreign trips, Quads and a private place in the SPA for the family.

But earlier,

I became the general manager of a part of a financial corporation, usually no one what I want to do.

In short,

Rich people if they do not have time, they will find someone who will do it.

You see, many marketers, business managers have no education and these are not typical general managers.

Most of them are really good at building strong teams and hiring the right people.

And best of all, they can do it with a limited budget.

This is his best skill!

I was working with top managers from London and Dubai

Working with the best managers from London, Dubai, New York. I quickly realized that no matter how smart you are, you never build a large company unless you have a talented team.

Of course, you can get to millions yourself, it’s not a giant feat in marketing. But it is difficult to get, say, 500,000 dollars, or even 1,500,000 dirhams a year in revenues without an amazing sales and marketing team.

Of course, people will help you and quickly develop your business. Say openly, with more brainpower, assuming you choose good people, solve problems faster and see income from income.

So what would I do if I had to start again?

Well, the above life lesson is one of the most difficult lessons I had to learn. And I learned it too late in my career.

Should I do it at the age of 18 years?

It’s obvious, but when you start as an entrepreneur too young or old, you make mistakes (sometimes huge) that you would probably not do if you started your entrepreneurial journey a little later.

So what would I do?

Well, I would spend the first 9 years of my entrepreneurial journey among growing marketing companies.

For the first three years, I would spend my time in a good incubator of Entrepreneurship and Technology. And it’s best that I do not have too much additional funding. Because such projects are difficult and do not start like a rocket ship.

The reason why I would not choose a fast-growing small business is that the most difficult part is the functioning of the company.

Because of the next step in its development. Working in a company that has incredible pressure due to projects of time or unhappiness.

You can not like or control something, which can only be controlled in a medium-sized company. The starting form teaches you creativity and the fight for victory.

Starting a business you will learn business life.

After the first 3 years spent in a small company, I would spend the next two years working in a medium-sized company in the US or London, which earns at least DH 10 million and grows like a party in the government after the election.

This will help you understand what a fast-growing company looks like. So let you be the first player. But. for sure he will tell you that business is not ok, it is very dirty and difficult.

Then there is the canola for depression

So many things fail, older to become a manager and you break down because you are growing so fast in ambitions. Skills require time and struggle.

Of course, you can still learn things like economics, or you can work with people like sales and management. But here you have to start doing a lot of work.

After the next 2 years, you should spend 2 years working in a medium-sized company. More or less, a company that generates at least one hundred million revenue per year, but less than a billion Dirham.

Medium Companies are different from startups!

The projects facing medium-sized companies differ from small companies and large corporations. But being in the mix in one of these companies, for a few years you learn everything from dealing with politics, how to make a slow company develop, even to think about a big picture.

So how larger companies, for example, Dubai and London look for big markets, because they know that it is easier to own 10% of the industry worth many billions of dirhams for example in the UAE than having 50% of the industry worth many millions of zlotys in Europe.

Last years of my professional career, I would spend in a large corporation as a Manager or Vice President. When I say “big company”, I am talking about a company worth more than 10 billion Dirhams, Orlen, and potentially the best even in the public market and stock market.

What would I do after 10 years of work as an employee?

The whole goal of work for other companies or very intelligent people is to get the right mentors and learn the real business world.

Entrepreneurship is not as effective as most people think. Success is easy to achieve and it looks like you can think of so many “successful” influencers on Instagram. Often they are also seen in TV, they try to sell themselves on social media or on television.

The point regarding a career in Marketing

Entrepreneurship, own company and positioning websites in UAE looks great and is amazing. I would not exchange it for any other dream.

But before you leave and become an entrepreneur, learn from companies of all sizes.

Being a CEO is not an easy way, and the last thing you want to do is a failure because of your laziness because your reputation is all you have.

Working in difficult conditions for a few years in other people’s companies, you will increase your chances or succeed in your company.

And when you’re ready to go out on your own, let’s hope !.

It was a wise option to start with some amazing co-founders when building a company because it takes too much time and capital to do it all by yourself.

What would you do if you started all over again?

A career in Marketing and SEO

Call today and arrange a free quote we will talk about your Experience!

Let’s talk about your business!

The positioning of the Dubai City Pages on a local market. Our beloved Dubai’s people are living in quite a specific city. Well, practically divided into two zones of inhabitants. The first zone of residents is a group that works in uniformed services in Dubai, for example in military units of the fire brigade and police. 

This social group is moderately prosperous so you need to consider what product and how you want to position your website.

We are a leading marketing agency that will help you understand how internet marketing works on Google. You will not regret it if you give us a chance and call the phone number below.

Website Marketing – I will help you Promote Positioning and SEO in Dubai City

Our company professionally deals with the positioning of websites practically all over the Gulf Region. Dubai and Abu Dhabi is quite a good city for us because we’ve spent many years here, we know what’s going on in the grass.

 Currently, a lot of new companies are developing in the UAE market, for example, the gym, fit bars and clothing stores.

Also if you would like to hit the first pages in Qatar and Kuwait. The competition will not be so big and the possibilities of your business will be diametrically larger as soon as you give us a chance to position your website in Top 10 Google.

Dubai is a very good market when it comes to customer service. Our clients often ask us for information on how to position a website in Abu Dhabi on local Arabic marker.

Because this market is not far away and how everyone knows whether Dubai is the largest city when it comes to technological development in the UAE. 

The largest companies have their offices here, for example, Orange and Microsoft. Also positioning your brand in the UAE is just one part which we always offer to our clients. 

And the second part helps in promoting their products on the Dubai Arab market. Our company successfully promoted hundreds of companies in Poland, U.S and Canada. We also operated on the international market, including Dubai, England and Latin America.

Positioning of Dubai Sites – With Us You will be in Top 10 Google!

Our positioning is a series of tools thanks to which your website in Dubai will be visible in the search engine. By employing our company you will have a really professionally performed positioning service for websites. 

If you were wondering how to make your company appear in Top 10 at Google, ask us to position your website. Our company has its headquarters in Dubai and offers the best positioning of websites not only in the Gulf region but also in Poland, the United Kingdom and also far abroad like Indonesia.

How we can do SEO for you in Dubai?

Our company uses only proven safe methods of positioning Dubai. We always guarantee you high results and maximum effectiveness in positioning on the best phrases in search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google. Our company is also trying to help its clients in promoting their products on social media.

On the other hand, Dubai gained a green light for the Maxima expansion, new projects for more clients. Our new local plan includes cinema in our new location.

We invite you to check our company on Google. Just enter the Dubai City Company and jump out a lot very well in the positioning of websites.

For example, we operated on such portals Naukri Gulf as Facebook or LinkedIn and even Twitter. Dubai City Company has helped hundreds of clients near you every day, receive information and new designs for positioning websites in Dubai.

We will build a great business for you on the internet!

Our team of experts on Dubai Career Market. Will create a Google Map business card for you, of course. We will create your website on Facebook and Twitter. We will help you send a basic email package to your customers who have already bought your product.

If you decide to cooperate with us, we offer you a range of solutions so that you are satisfied and that your company finally starts to bring profits and which you are considered to be a hard job. We always offer custom solutions to our clients, for example, advertising campaigns on Facebook or even help in acquiring followers on Instagram.

Our company was founded many years ago by John West in Dubai. Since then, we have a really extensive portfolio of companies and our business partners with whom we work. Among other things, in Krakow, Wroclaw and Poznan.

We hope that you will give us a chance to help you expand your legionary business. You found us in an internet search engine so assumptions can say that we are reliable and hard-working. Dubai jobs are constantly developing and over 30% of new companies open their offices outside the Dubai district.

Marketing School – You can find me Online!

Our Dubai has a really big business and economic potential. According to Google and Facebook, during the week, over 150,000 people are added to the city as a user of social networks. Also, it’s worth thinking about dominating the internet before another company does it for you. So in Dubai, it is still possible to take over the market because the competition is not as extensive as for example in the districts of Sharjah or City centre. For 5 to 10 years since you read this blog. Most likely, companies that offer their products will dominate the market.

Expand the company in the UAE with us!

So you as an entrepreneur need a well-motivated company who knows how to build a business online. In Dubai, a lot of new sports and cultural events are being created all the time. 

So not only the so-called locals and they will be interested in your product. But also people who come here for a match or boxing fight that very often take place in the UAE Arena.

Also, the time perspective is really worth taking a bull by the horns and putting companies on the Internet in Dubai. The main goal that our company will be doing is positioning you as a leading company in the UAE market. In Emirates There are many places you can reach via the Internet, for example the Arena Dubai sports center. Then, the city station where there is a quite powerful communication centre and Historical Museum where often young people come to school trips.

The positioning of the Dubai Parties – Give yourself a chance to appear in the virtual world. Transfer your business to the internet and start winning customers online. Increase sales maximize profits. 

Minimize losses in Dubai. Become our business partner in Dubai.

Positioning of the Dubai Pages? – Only with our company!

We are a reliable company that you can trust in one hundred per cent. If you want to talk and find out more or have some special expectations that we should know about. Dubai City Company cordially invites you to contact our company representatives or even the owner.

We will definitely answer all your questions. Our SEO and Marketing team will help you choose a very extensive or basic marketing strategy for your company’s development. John West will advise on How to get clients from the internet. We’re throwing a bit of online advertising on the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Online advertising market. And you’re certainly enjoying new customers.

You will not be disappointed in cooperating with us. We can only add to you that we are not young IT specialists, we all have families and we know what it means to be responsible and reliable in working with clients. So if you want to entrust your company with the right hands, we encourage you to cooperate with people over 30 for obvious reasons.

SEO from our team? Call today and arrange a free quote!

Let’s talk about your business!

Managed with John West – Google Marketing – We start SEO in 2009!

Marketing on Google! – The Dubai City Company blog has just started. Our blog will be entirely about SEO and Internet Marketing on Google and Social Media. It will allow people involved in positioning websites for exchange of opinions and brainstorming regarding SEO.

We invite you to add comments, questions and curiosities. What are we going to write about on our blog ?.

About everything that the Dubai City Company deals within Europe, London, Emirates and U.S. That is all about positioning pages on Google. Paid AdWords marketing, modifying pages in Google maps. We will talk a little bit about the news from the world of social media.

We will try to explain to you a bit of information about the nature of search engines in Poland and how Marketing works on Google.

Our specialists will use simple information and well-tried methods and tips for positioning websites locally, eg how to position a website in Legionowo ?. And about information related to internet marketing and online advertising. In summary – about what we love the most

Below you will learn how to use professional marketing tools and How to promote your business online on the local market and internationally. We will provide you with information on the positioning of websites. And we hope that you will understand how internet marketing works and what tools you must use to really start your adventure with marketing on Google.

Start positioning the website!

Build your own marketing career in Dubai!

Marketing on Google?

Google Marketing must be divided into 13 different departments. But before we get to this I will write to you a little bit about what Google is and what an Internet search engine is. So Google, despite the wrong concepts, is the Search Engine for articles and not the business search engine. Google’s marketing is also not the manipulation of rankings on the search engine. So if we are talking about pure marketing at Google, it is promoting the right content to the recipients who are interested in it. And that’s what we call Google marketing.

Marketing at Google is also an analysis of user data. For example, How to analyze data and use Google Analytics. To increase the rankings of your online business. The next issue of the marketplace at Google is to collect and analyze user data to turn it into useful information that can affect the development of your business.

No. 1. Google Analytics and data analysis

You heard information about Google Analytics is a tool used by marketers to check traffic to your site from a variety of sources. Google provides a tool where you can check the number of people currently on your website. Among other things, real time, and so you can check the overview, location, sources of visits, content, events or conversions that come from Google’s positioning or ads or other websites.

To add your website to Google Analytics you must have Google Gmail. You can create it below just click on the picture.

Then we log in to our Google Analytics account and create a new account to add our site.

Once we create an account in Google Analytics, then click administration. To download the code located on the Google Analytics website and connect it to our website. This will help us to integrate and track our clients to retrieve data about their stay on our website.

And based on the results we get in Google Analytics, we are able to see if the client likes our website or just to look and leave. Google thinks that on average a customer should stay about a minute or so on our site in order for the search engine to recognize it as a valuable customer.

Next, we download the tracking code that we will download from Google Analytics

Okay, so we have Google Analytics code that will track everyone who visited our website. Now it’s time to add this code to your website. Most webmasters use WordPress as a platform on which to build a website. Mainly because it is very well protected and practically constantly updated.

Always remember marketing in Google, it is also the analysis of data from the search engine.

So, we click the main WordPress menu. Add a new plugin. Then we search for one of the below selected plugins.

Best is: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP)

We install and activate the plugin in wordpress

Congratulations, your plugin should now be active in wordpress. From tomorrow you should be able to follow all people who visit your website.

Thanks to Google Analytics, you can check where exactly customers are coming to your website. They do not necessarily have to be from Google, they can also be from other search engines or from so-called direct sources, for example from email marketing or someone wrote the name of their company in the search engine and directly entered the link.

No. 2 Business Strategy worthy of Google’s attention

So you are able to track how many people will enter and leave your website. Now we have to choose the right marketing strategy for your company. Dependencies on what you sell or What services you offer to your customers. You can choose from direct marketing, online advertising, social media or an article promoting your business on other websites.

The best marketing strategy ever created is very simple. Have a better product than other companies. Even if you have the best marketing in the world And your product is really poor quality Google will know it. Why because people will search for your company, for example based on phrases. I bought a car from the company and how to return the car back to this company. It will already signal the search engine that something is wrong with your company.

Secrets of Elon Muska: to build Tesla, he undressed parts of the Mercedes CLS

So before you start promoting your business Consider very seriously about improving your website or products. My company, that is Dubai City Company years ago, fell on the fact that it was not able to solve any problem and only invested and money in internet marketing. So as you suspect at the very beginning, it did not give me much. Super marketing everything is nice, but unfortunately the product sucked. After some time, the number started searching for other search engine companies and those companies went higher on Google.

Also, summarizing the Google product is just as important as the product on the market. Think of Google as much as the Stock Exchange. Will a company enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange that has just begun cooperation and develops the so-called start up. In fact, the odds are 1-1000000. Of course, there were companies that practically became very popular because we have a very special product such as Uber and dropbox. Of course, this company found its investors very quickly and Google gave one of the first pages in the search engine just as quickly.

Nr.3 Marketing Content on Google

Content marketing at Google is really writing the right articles and information for a potential customer or the average person who visits our website. Most people think that content marketing is writing texts typically under internet search engines which later will actually put this text on the first page. Of course, this is a wrong concept because it really has nothing to do with it. So content marketing is creating the best possible content and content on a given topic.

For example, this is describing information and thoroughly checking a topic that has not previously been included in any Internet search engine or any other website. So content marketing must be a unique text that you write in person or your company has added online and there has never been a change before. Very often, content marketing is used in forbes corporations and social media.

Currently, content marketing is dominated by artificial intelligence. Which checks virtually every text and is cheaper to read and understand it at the level of human functioning and understanding. Also, even if you would like to build your website that does not have good content And is quite popular it is practically still impossible.

In online marketing a statement like content is the King is often used. So in Polish, content reigns on the Internet. The best companies that have top rankings have practically the best content possible for their recipients. This content is of course well-written and well-received by the recipients and is always on the subject on which the potential visitor of the website I am looking for.

Types of texts in content marketing According to Wikipedia

Wikipedia here very well illustrates What should be the marketing of content on the internet and what to look for below the pinecone we have developed this topic See what you should focus on before you start to write articles and information on the Internet.

Corporate blogs – should be a strong part of the website or operate under an independent address eg wordpress poland. These blogs are of course very often updated and sometimes parts of the text are often thrown out of the Internet. Because they are outdated information and large companies pay attention to the content they publish.

Peronal blogs – This is a description of events that took place in your life, for example, trips abroad or observations or your own thoughts. And many bloggers, for example, make their own videos on YouTube and add to this blog.

Online Tutorials – content very closely related to the products, services and online services offered. Frequent advice for buyers on Allegro or OlX. So these are very specific information that you can give to your recipients, for example about cooking or car repair. They are very well positioning content because they bring very interesting information and describe in great detail what the author wants to focus on.

Content written by experts – articles written by people who have been in the industry for many years. These contents refer only to reliable information and only information that is checked and very often linked to reliable and verified content. For example, government information sites or foreign embassies. These are very often information that already describe a given topic. However, they try to explain the topic in depth and in most cases it is described by experts in a given field with reliable references.

Internet interviews – Very often, these are promoted content on the internet. Most of this is important when it comes to companies that promote their product. Very often, for example, Kim Kardashian is a brand ambassador or, for example, redbull employs sports stars to promote the brand. Presentation of the brand in a conversation Famous and known people, e.g. an interview with the president of Microsoft or Apple published in the industry magazine.

Internet Podcasts – Podcasts do not belong to the content of written marketing. However, very often search engines pay attention to podcasts that are made by people who know very well on the industry, for example, youtubers or a TV man. However, a podcast can be signed and very often people who post podcasts on the web add translation in many languages, so this is part of the written marketing.

Reviews on the internet – the most effective on Google. If they are made by trusted people and are tested. For example, by bloggers. Very often, unfortunately, this is not true information. Because many companies employ to add untrue information about the company. This is unfortunately all the time found on the internet. You need to pay special attention when it comes to the authority of a given article or a given podcast on the internet. Of course, big companies like Business insider Polska. Would not the Polish bank expose itself to fake references. So it’s worth checking who wrote it or who signed it.

Product descriptions – texts and information about products, eg in online stores. In most cases, they complement the parameters and characteristics that are listed on the product card, which are characteristic for products such as WooCommerce Poland.

Reviews on Google maps – At present Google has created Google My Business in Poland. Thanks to this tool, we are able to check enterprises and small businesses on the local market. We are able to read a bit about them and what the real users of an internet search engine say about a given company. A very fast developing marketing tool in Poland.

No. 4. Advertising on the Internet

So most people think that advertising on the internet is just AdWords. Of course, this is a misconception because online advertising is a very broad concept of promoting products.

Ads can be divided into practically two categories. The first of them will be a free advertisement. In this category, for example, we think about someone’s blog. For example, a blogger made a movie on YouTube and wrote an article about a product you own.

Later, he added this to the website and added your link and you get free advertising from the machine. Often, free advertising is also information from someone’s website about your company. And most of it is not paid because a company which, for example, offers bikes for sale. And your company offers parts for these bike models.

Will add information about your company where you can get these spare parts for their bikes is a free advertisement from their website in the direction of your company.

The second part of the ad can be called paid advertising. These are advertisements that other companies provide the marketer so that they can promote products for their clients. For example, Facebook promotes OLX posts gives you the opportunity to try your services banners. Linkedin creates direct ads that can be sent to a given group of customers who are interested in this product. For example, Twitter does advertisements for a given region, for example India or America. Paid advertisements really differ in how many people will receive information about your company. For example, so-called pop-up or sub-manual. All those who receive information about your product or your company and you pay to another company for promoting your product and sharing information about your brand is called paid advertising on the internet.

So in conclusion, is it worth investing in paid advertising ?. It depends on what product you sell and what price you propose for this product. The next issue is of course the competition if she also promotes the same product on this market as you and how big and there is competition. Because sometimes paid advertising and do not give big results if courting is really big companies. In this case, we would recommend that you invest in other marketing channels, for example Facebook or email marketing. Because if a given company invests, say, over PLN 100,000 in AdWords, and every month that their site becomes very popular and your product will go below any standards. Unfortunately, even if your product is highest, customers still have to see what you offer. And in a very competitive market, unfortunately, it is quite heavy.

Nr.5. E-commerce on the Internet

E-commerce marketing tool to reach the customer. However, in the hands of a very good marketing manager, it can be used as a reminder of your product. E-commerce has a lot of very advanced marketing tools, for example, aborted Cart – that is, if the customer enters your website and adds something to the cart. This ecommerce can be used as a free remarketing system for your online store. So for example, the customer enters I add and exits after some time he gets a return email with the product that he has already added and all you have to do is make a payment.

This is a very good marketing system that works in almost 90% on every market. E-commerce and many interesting properties that can be used in a small company. For example, adding to the shopping list or creating a new shopping list that you can use later. Most people do it very well because, as everyone knows, the day has only 24 hours. And there are a lot of duties so most people really need reminders about your product even if you wanted to buy something and someone called him for example when buying your product. It is worth to send from the machine after a few days information on the topic Hello, you would like to buy a product you forgot to add payment You are cordially invited to purchase in the future.

It is also a form of good marketing, but it is not a form of direct marketing. So before you have to get a client from the Internet and then remind him that we exist. Very often, many companies use such reminders, for example,

No..6. E-mail marketing

This is still the most effective method of internet marketing ever created on the internet. Most people think that no more marketing does not really exist, people do not read e-mails from ads and so on. Unfortunately, we have tested it many times and we can all say as marketers who operate in the markets in Poland that email marketing is still number one. How does it happend?. Most people do not really have time to check the information on the internet, watch TV or sit with children. And suddenly, I receive information by e-mail notifying me that some offer has come.

How to create a Newsletter using Mailchimp?

See online How to create advertising campaigns by email. The best program, of course, is the mailchimp which sends email marketing very well and the clients who receive e-mails from this program always get to the mailbox not to spam, we invite you to see this program and configure your email inbox. This company, of course, offers free sending of two thousand emails per month.

The average Kowalski enters the website by clicking on the advertisement on the phone. And if it was previously on this website which got advertising in the form of email marketing. From the machines, the company that sent it knows that the customer was probably interested in the product that this company offers. So the customer will come in for the first time, he will not buy it a bit, but he will be with my brand. After some time, he will get an e-mail again, for example at a discount of minus 20%. So I’ll think about it. Nice product I saw a few times now I got the diskant it pays to buy I enter, I buy a business dealt.

This is how email marketing works. It is a super effective marketing tool that has ever been created by IT specialists. Because I do not really interfere in a person’s life and our recipient who buys a product from us does not need to enter the website or read information. Only from the machine gets an email about a new offer from our product or online store. The machine adds to the basket the product that we sent him in the mail. And let’s say fifteen seconds since the email is going to buy a product that we’ll send it to you.

In summary, email marketing is different from content marketing that you can return to the customer many times. For example, we have a product that we want to sell later, we have another improved product that we have in our offer. And we come back to this client many times what really helps him to understand what our company offers. Well, as you know. If the customer saw the second time the third time. It will be more interested in this product than the first time it comes in when you read about our website. Very often you can see it on the Adidas or Nike website.

Nr.6 Local Marketing

To do local marketing you really need to know where to add your website. Below you will find over 30 websites where you can add your business for free and raise your rankings on the local market in Dubai. Of course, some of these websites are foreign parties but you can direct Google’s eyes that you have added your business to foreign websites. But you are a company that gains customers in the UAE and you would simply like to promote your business on this website under the slogan of for example carpet cleaning in Gulf region in Dubai.

If you’re already creating a Google map. It’s a good idea to position your location in Google search later. Unfortunately, like any other undertaking in positioning websites, it takes a lot of time. 

See yourself on the link Below you can not only position your own website but also add your map to position yourself locally. For example, below, as you can see, we have added links where not only you can add your website but also add a map with your website which will later go higher in the Internet rankings.

Also, as you can see, Google marketing can be done in many ways. Locally adding your company to websites such as Wirtualna Polska or Onet. Ask bloggers to add a link to your website with your mother who will increase the location or reach of your business. All of this is really Google marketing.

Nr.6 Marketing on Google and Mobile Devices

Mobile devices and telephone marketing is of course quite a difficult topic. Because in order to promote your business to someone on your mobile phone, you really have to focus on many factors.

We must remember that we can not exaggerate with the ads because our users’ phones Well, unfortunately, they do not have super-large screens. So we can really add one or two ads that will pop up and for part A these are so-called pop-ups. For example, our company uses a different Patel tool. This is of course a great free tool to remind customers about your business.

Subscribers is a great tool to remind your clients about your business. You can send them information called so-called telephone notifications directly to their phone at any time. In fact, within a few seconds I am able to reach dozens of customers who have already visited your website but you can be reminded at any time.

All you have to do is log in to the website click send I from the machine sends information to them on their phone at any time of the day. We really recommend installing this application on your website because it will definitely help you increase this traffic on the website. Your clients will not only return to the website but also get information about your new product you like and would like to share something new about our company at any time you are able to contact directly bypassing all other marketing channels.

Nr7 SEM – Selecting keywords

EACTIVE He wrote a very nice guide about this subject. Here is practically explained everything about and how it differs from SEO and how to use this tool. 

On our part, we would like to add only a few details about how we search for so-called keywords. When it comes to positions on Google. We must always remember that the most important is the competition with which we fight. If we are a new business, we do not really exist on the internet, we have to reckon with the fact that companies that have been operating on the market for many years, unfortunately, surpasses us.

So how to really check if we have a chance to exist on the internet at all. The best tool for checking key phrases that we would like to appear in the web search engine is currently Ubersuggest which was created by Neil Patel. In fact, he is the first hacker of internet marketing. He created a website positioning system in America for the largest corporations. He also collaborated with major companies such as Yahoo and Google. Also really well-made keyword search system on the internet.

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

Please remember to choose Polish when you search for key phrases. The easiest way is to write a keyword phrase that you suspect that customers search for other companies on the internet. After the selection, see how difficult competition for a given phrase will be during the positioning of your website. Of course, also in this program you can see your competitors and companies with whom you will fight for a higher position on Google.

KWFinder – Professional search engine for key phrases

The next tool you can use is KWFinder. It is also a tool that really helps the marketer to look at the competition and search for really advanced phrases. Personally, we tested both systems. And both work very well when it comes to basic versions. However, if you are looking for really advanced phrases, so-called Long keywords. KWFinder seems to be a better tool to look for the right phrase you would like to embark on in your positioning and SEO journey.

So if you want to start marketing in Google, you need to master the two tools at the really highest level,

Nr.8 SEO – Free search results

Now is the moment in which every person who reads this article would like to tell me this magic key that will help him jump out on the first pages of Google. That’s the key you need to know, it’s not a very long text. See even on our article which is now written this article you virtually scroll and scroll. That’s why because Google robots will come to our article and see that it has the right number of key phrases to which we would like to position ourselves. For example, for this article we used the phrase marketing on Google. This is not really a phrase that gave us amazing amounts of customers in the internet browser. But the majority need to remember that the readers are really our clients and we write for them.

Our company never writes articles under Google. We always try to write articles worth reading and further instructions. For example, during the tests we did in Dubai. Many of our articles have been interrupted over 1,000 times on Facebook. These articles, of course, have all over 3000 characters. They were the first top 10 Google for really heavy passwords where searches were roughly around 3,000 views per week.

“The basics of internet marketing are:”

A) Long Text

B) The text of the Worth Command Next

It is always worth taking a look at what you do on the internet from the perspective of a web browser. Okay, if you do not want to pay for advertising and do not want to spend money on it to download new customers to your website. You must have something really unique on the site. So a long, honest, exhaustive text should do the trick. Most marketers who write information on the Internet do not give shorter articles than 2000 characters. To write an article that has over 4,000 characters Well, unfortunately, it’s about 10 hours of reliable work. Google marketing is not fun, unfortunately. This is a very hard and reliable work on your project.

Nr.9. Social media facebook and LinkedIn

So social media is our favorite marketing topic. Unfortunately, social media does not affect search engines yet. The only effect that the so-called social media really has on websites is the promotion of websites to other users.

At the present time, most social networking sites such as Instagram have turned off the transmission of data to search engines. We do not really know why it happened. The only company that still sends information about the so-called amount of share of your website is Facebook.

However, there is one thing that positively affects the rankings in the search engines. This is the so-called engagement, that is, the Polish reasoning is how many people will enter and react on your website and will further recommend your website.

So what really gives you social media in Marketing on Google ?. Of course, they bring you many more clients and many more inquiries. Of course, this involves increasing the marketing budget, for example, for paid advertising. If social media and advertising campaigns are properly prepared with a person who has an idea of ​​how to do it, you can achieve incredible success. Many people have proven that at Instagram itself they have learned to acquire millions of followers. And on Facebook, he was able to earn several million dollars in a month. It seems quite unlikely though. If you have a good website and you know how to make ads, you can make a really good cash register.

Our company is a pioneer and is practically the largest on Facebook and on linkedin when it comes to promoting Dubai. You can check it by clicking on the picture below.

Nr.10 Marketing on Google and Youtube?

Do you know what the largest search engine is? of course this is Google. And the next Internet search engine immediately after it is YouTube. So currently 1000 people add a company with a photo and a movie. Why, because people do not have time to sit and read an article that has say 10,000 characters. And before they reach the main hundredth of the case, they will spend over 20 minutes reading the article. People are usually lazy anymore.

So how can you get the first Google pages. Record hundreds of movies in a month. Of course, it will seem quite difficult to record a movie and also to make a good background and so on. Currently, you can buy specialized backgrounds on the Allegro that actually cost about PLN 200. And there really is no difference in quality is almost the same as a recording studio on a professional radio.

You should also think about promoting your product and your company on YouTube. Our company has successfully promoted companies from Dubai. We achieved an amazing success, several hundred thousand people looked at our company and needed it and polajował further. And remember, every pawn up is a potential customer who will visit your website.

To fully use Google marketing, you should learn how to use online strategy videos. Among other things, create video ads Have a really limited budget and of course display them appropriately for your country. Depending on what service you sell, it may also be a region of Poland. Of course, not everyone is able to sell their services on YouTube. But the promotional video really costs below PLN 50 that you can do on, for example.

Nr.11. Optimization of websites

Okay, you’ve done the marketing you connected Google Analytics, you have everything. Regarding the advertising and you have released your first marketing campaign. Now is the time to optimize the website in the html code. In fact, to do this you need a programmer. We do not advise you to bury in the website code that you have no idea about the programming language. Because if you here at least once you make a mistake, the whole page can be deleted and everything you have done so far on wordpress or on another platform will be practically deleted.

We know from our own experience that even the smallest changes can really hurt you and your company. Because if you have no idea what exactly you are doing, you can make an amazing mistake that will cost you a page. Personally, several times at the very beginning, our company has placed the portal from the beginning. Because we did not know each other, we made stupid mistakes and we had to create everything from the beginning and it really cost us a lot of money and ranking.

And remember, there is nothing worse for a potential customer. Like mistakes on the website. Customers almost 95% leave the website if they see any errors because they feel insecure and are not really convinced that your company is reliable. Remember that marketing on Google is also really based on your own opinion.

Summary of this part

In conclusion, in this article you have learned a few basic things that help you to understand what is the positioning of websites. If you really want to sum up your knowledge completely and understand how the Internet works. You should go to Google online revolutions below. Check and complete some tests that will definitely help you in your future career.

If we can add something personal to this article from our company. It really needs to tell you that the work of a marketer and positioning websites is not an easy job. Of course, here comes the fatigue and work really above your strength. The positioning of an internet portal or store that you would like to do yourself very often is really ungrateful.

But never give up always fighting, there is no way you could not succeed. We fought for many years with our company in Dubai and it was only after the third year that we managed to get some such reliable rankings that brought us profit from Google. So the least is to aim for about three years. Remember that on average, companies position themselves from 5 to 7 years and this is the average over which you should focus. Well, unfortunately, positioning is a long-lasting process that takes a lot of time. And it absorbs even more money.

PS this article has 5,000 characters. So as you already suspect, you found us in the internet search engine. Have you read our entire article and are intrigued by what we wrote? We have just proved to you that the length and quality of the article is important in the search engines. The longer and more deeply written topic, the faster your content is positioned on Google. Greetings and look forward to your comments or phone call from you. We will definitely help you in the marketing and positioning of your website in Poland or abroad.

Several reasons why you should manage your SEO website

Today, almost 95% of companies have their website. But really only these well-promoted and positioned websites on Google win customers. In fact, making a website will not bring you any customers, nor the expected results. Nowadays even a well-made website does not make any money.

So, positioning a website is nothing but promoting your online business.

If you want to run an effective and very profitable online business, you have to get the client really only from organic keywords. We know from experience that over 85% of ads on the so-called Google AdWords is not super effective if you have a small business. Advertisements payable on Google are really used only by large companies and those that have previously positioned quite heavily on search engines.

Poland is a very good example of business development on the internet. The number of new customers straight from Google has increased by almost 55% in the last five years. Of course, since 2015, the pace of the development of the Internet and online stores is growing very fast. Currently, customers on the internet are looking for all the information they need about the product. Poles are increasingly buying online shopping, for example, on Allegro or on OLX.

New Google blogs are emerging more and more often. More and more so-called bloggers add information and descriptions about travels or clothes. Also the market sense on the internet and increases from year to year especially in large cities such as Warsaw or Krakow and even Legionowo.

What are SEO and Marketing?

Website positioning is actually increasing the visibility of your website on search engines. From English it is search engine optimization or SEO. Nowadays, every company has its own SEO and marketing department. Most companies build their brand on the Internet increases the visibility of their website, build their brand, increase the authority of the domain and, of course, try to make local positioning in Warsaw as effective as possible.

Once you start positioning your website, increase the visibility of your company and attract more customers who use your services or buy your products in your online store. You do not need to be a philosopher to see that more and more customers are buying online and checking information about the company.

In fact, most people who use the internet are not able to browse all the websites and stores where they offer a very similar product to your business.

Over 85% of people enter the top 5 positions on Google. There is even such a joke world of marketing that if you want to hide the corpse then do it on the other side of Google.

A few reasons why you should position high in Google your website?

  • Increase in profit
  • Less conflict clients
  • Increase the reach of your business
  • A returning customer from an internet search engine
  • Possibility to remind the customer via email marketing
  • Reducing outlays for customer service in the company

At the present time, the trend of observing in the store and buying on the internet has increased. Especially the youth, even my younger brother, recently went to the household appliances type RTV store. He looked at the products checked the ratings on the internet and just returned home bought this product on the internet. A smart approach because most companies display products in the store a little more expensive because they have to apply their margin. On the internet Of course, they are able to do some smaller discount there.

How to start positioning a website well?

So to start positioning your website well, you have to start from scratch. See how the site looks like and what speed is on this page and whether no one has broken the positioning and done so-called spam links.

You also need to check the brand in the search engine whether the address is correct and whether the company you want to position and your own company has good reviews. There are really many factors that influence whether your site is high in the results or low.

In fact, current times require quite non-standard solutions. Currently, all SEO relies on ever-changing Google algorithms. Of course, the systems that this corporation uses are 100% secret. So, the three specialists in positioning websites have no idea about the work they are actually doing ?.

Not entirely specialists who work with clients have very well-understood local positioning which is generally available on google websites, for example Google business cards or Google maps.

Each specialist divides the positioning of the website into so-called two main factors.

Website positioning is and improving the site internally. Improving the page code and checking the page speed.

And positioning external pages, that is, adding internal links and promoting products on other websites.

Why choose our company?

Our marketing company comes from Dubai and London. We have successfully tried and positioned websites abroad. Currently, our company helps entrepreneurs from Poland to position regional websites, for example in Warsaw, Krakow and in smaller towns such as Radzimin.

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If you are looking for a company that will help you to position your website in Emirates. We cordially invite you to cooperate with our organization. We have many years of experience in positioning websites on Google.

In these times, the positioning of websites is, unfortunately, quite a difficult task and rather requires cooperation with people who know one hundred per cent what really needs to be done to ensure that the site has a high ranking in search engines.

About the Internet business in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is quite a specific city when it comes to online business. Abu Dhabi is generally a point in eastern UAE. Near the capital of the Dubai Voivodeship is the Central Center of the Gulf business agglomeration in Emirates.

109 th the city’s largest population in the UAE and the second in UAE, over 340,000 inhabitants in 2018 were registered in the office. Also, looking at the registration statistics itself, it is worth investing money in business on the Internet in Abu Dhabi.

A lot of people in these times are looking for a lot of websites and products on the internet. Also if you are looking for your site to be positioned on the first rankings of websites, you should familiarize yourself with the offer of our site.

Abu Dhabi is one of our favourite cities and from there we have quite a few clients who position websites in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi is famous for being a student city, so SEO websites in Abu Dhabi needs to be remembered. Business starts during the academic year and it is here the hottest period where practically the city is filled with students and life in restaurants.

The rest of the months in Abu Dhabi are rather summer months and you can say boldly or you can earn quite well on seasonal in business. On this plus of business in Abu Dhabi is that it is quite an average rate of income. 

Abu Dhabi is quite a city in medium and small investments. And rather, larger investments here do not come into play even when it comes to online business. Also positioning and marketing at Google is here always possible to do.

When it comes to website positioning in local markets. Unfortunately, the customer preference system and the company’s owner prevails here. Below you will find a few companies with whom we cooperate in Emirates and we position their websites.

As the first in Abu Dhabi to show you that we are already operating on the local market, we will take bars with kebab beer sandwiches and local restaurants for students.

We have been doing SEO and Marketing websites for many years now and most of our clients are satisfied.

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SEO of smaller cities in the UAE and local Pages. We are always Welcoming our partners from smaller websites. Our company positions pages in Emirates. We have helps hundreds of smaller companies that operate in the Gulf Region. 

The smaller part of Emirates cities are quite a popular municipality, you know what a really well-located city in Emirates in the Gulf Region.

Voivodship in the Dubai district, where there are many cool companies with whom you can start cooperating. And customers where you can offer your services or services.

Smaller cities near Dubai and Abu Dhabi are actually only 25 km away from the centre of Dubai. Also certainly a rich clientele in which you can sell your products. 

In those times everyone has internet in Dubai. You have probably wondered many times how to do to reach virtually the entire city in one day. Well, the answer is simple internet marketing. Our company is able to help you position and promote your business in smaller towns in Emirates.

We are positioning your website in Dubai suburbs!

We have promoted and positioned hundreds of companies in London, London, Brussel. In Emirates, there are over 15,000 inhabitants, the city has over 24,000 square kilometres. Also, the potential to sell your product and position your business online is very good.

Is it worth positioning a website in Emirates?

So the average age in this place you can reach on the internet is between 20 and 65  years old. So practically speaking, most people are still working or have fixed income. This is quite important when it comes to the promotion of your products on the internet. Because it is best to sell products on the Internet to people who really have money and are able to spend them at any time.

People in this age in Emirates certainly also use social media such as Facebook. We are able to help you get more than 10,000 customers in one day.

So if you would like to promote your business in The UAE or even in Gulf. Our company offers professional positioning of websites in Dubai and surrounding areas. Positioning of Dubai and Abu Dhabi Pages is possible for us in Google !.

Our company has successfully cooperated and continues to cooperate with international firms and corporation specialist in marketing. And companies that operate in the Middle East. Among other things, we helped online stores and the company that needed to reach customers quickly. Of course, the positioning of websites always requires a little more than 6 months to about a year.

Commercial pavilions of local entrepreneurs, your clients who after work look for products on the internet. We will offer you everything in a marketing campaign in which we will prepare especially for you. A representative of our company will come to your office or home to talk about what you will start promoting online. Our company really helps sincerely. We want to help our clients. Our HR team are not looking for people to cheat them.

We want to help our clients in Emirates

Dubai City Company wants to help you to make your presence on the local market. In addition, we have tools to do it, we know how to help you earn extra money and build a business on the local market near Dubai. Of course, if you want, we will introduce you to the cooperation plan and the positioning of the website on the UAE market. From Dubai, it is only 25 km to the center of City. So if you have a good product or service it will take you 20 minutes to get to the city center. So we are able to help you build a business locally and move to the whole of the Gulf region in your wonderful product or service.

We hope that you will give us a chance and let us position your website in the UAE. If you would like You can also read a little more information about geolocation and Internet marketing, for example on Instagram.

After reading a few of our articles you will realize that we really have an idea about what we do in whisper marketing and email marketing. Of course, positioning websites is our main occupation. But we will do our best to make your company mark on Google’s business card and optimize your website so that local customers search for your company and find you first.

Sumarizing for SEO in Dubai

So, Positioning in the UAE – It is possible and there is a good chance that you will be in Top 10 Google if you give us a chance later this year. The competition in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is growing all the time. Unfortunately, internet marketing works so that if this year someone jumps to the first Top 3 position in the search engine and customers will start to add positive feedback. 

It’s really very hard to get this location again a new company. Also, you really should think about working with a company that positions and promotes online products.

So we hope that you will contact us, we look forward to your call. See you in the magnificent city of Radzymin, I wish you luck and further success in building a business near Dubai.

How to get followers on instagram?

How to get followers on instagram? – Have or not have here is the question !. In our time, social networking is one of the most popular forms of contact between young people. Instagram is one of the most engaging users of the platform when it comes to direct advertising on the Internet.

Instagram is not a typical platform that will help you in positioning the website or in SEO. But certainly winning more followers will increase your brand awareness and improve the so-called Internet Brand awareness.

How to find followers on instagram – Marketing Automation from Dubai City Company

Instagram belongs to the generation Y, or to people born in the 80s of the twentieth century. We are now a generation of the Millennium, the so-called digital generation. So getting to this type of audience requires really very modern marketing channels.

Thanks to the promotion of your product and service on the Instagrama channel, we can reach many potential customers and contractors. This marketing platform, despite appearances, is not just for young girls who promote their charms. However, sometimes it is worth entering and seeing to compare it.

Gentlemen’s products and third-party services! 

So where to start to get your Instagram gaining new customers. The easiest way is to start by creating an account on this social platform.

How to get followers on instagram – Start at Instagram – Dubai City Company

Such a curiosity before we start learning How to earn followers on Instagram. This platform has already been owned by Facebook for several years. So if you give advertising on Facebook from the machine, you can check that they also appear on Instagram. We know from experience that it really makes sense and a lot of people enter from Instagrama during advertising campaigns. This is quite a nice addition to ads on Facebook. This way we can reach a lot more customers.

What is Instagram?

So it is a very popular social network where currently millions of users from America and Asia publish their photos and videos about really different topics.

Instagram was created in 2010 and began his career as an apple app. Instagram quickly grew on the internet. From a small application practically in 2 years and made a social networking service comparable with a digital company.

For less than 3 years, this application has been tested in many countries especially in Central America at the very beginning. Instagram was taken over by Facebook for a gigantic cash bill of about a billion dollars.

The main factor why this platform became so popular was really great design. Of course, this company was not the first there were many more companies that already at that time offered a very similar service. However, Instagram has accelerated the addition of its photos and the ability to move the screen down at a much faster pace than the competition. And it really decided why this platform has become one of the largest Facebook advertising applications.

Instagram also very easily combined the possibilities of adding photos straight from the phone to the application. After about six months from the start of the application, the company already had more than a few million registered users. Instagram reacted very quickly and added to its application. The ability to quickly photograph pictures.

Is it worth to start marketing from Instagram in Dubai?

Instagram is quite a specific marketing platform. It really focuses on a social group that deals with fashion, travel and various services for women. As far as men are concerned, there are, of course, sporadic cases of companies that promote their services to users in the male group. But these are rather very rare one-off offers.

How to get followers on instagram – 100% Marketing Automation! – Dubai City Company

Instagram very clearly tells us that the percentage of users’ engagement on this platform is much bigger than in the case of other social networks, for example twitter. Mainly because the women who sit on Instagram simply browse a lot of clothes before they make a decision.

Why is it worth starting from the Instagram platform? Considering that the involvement of Instagrama users is much higher than on Facebook or Twitter. And the fact that Instagram in 2018 had over 3 billion active users practically told us that every third person on earth regularly uses this site.

So how to start to get followers?

1. Fill out your company profile on Instagram

At the very beginning You should consider the specific purpose of opening an Instagram account. Because on this platform you can choose between a private account or a company account. So if you choose a company account, unfortunately you have to connect them to your Facebook account. This has its advantages as it will allow you to fill in your basic personal data and allow you to choose the industry in which you will advertise.

The company’s Instagram profile provides additional access to statistics and allows you to create sponsored ads. So at the beginning you should choose a distinctive photo or profile logo so that other users click on your profile. In any case, the picture should be associated with your company or your business.

The next thing is adding something wise to your unique online business or your company’s description. Try never to copy text from other websites or other websites. Because currently internet search engines have so-called spam filters. These filters search the text copied from other sites and automatically reduce the rankings of your page on Instagram.

It is quite important that your website is written in large letters. And the name of your company looked quite non-standard. Well, unless you want to promote your brand then you can optimize it in such a way that the people who searched for you on Instagram describe the name of your company or your brand. Remember that the most important thing in promoting on social networks is for your company or your name to be catchy and easily memorable.

Another very important thing. Instagram added the possibility of adding so-called hashtags. That is, the so-called picket keywords that potential Instagram users search by adding information on this topic to their profiles. For example, our company uses: #DubaiCityCompany

How to get followers on instagram – Marketing Automation! – Dubai City Company

2. Start promoting your profile

At the beginning, we suggest that you make sure that people who have already been to Instagram learn that you have opened an account there and what it is called. An additional way to notify everyone you have collaborated with previously just opened your new Instagram account.

It is simply making a short post on Facebook, twitter, linkedin, goldenLine. Of course, do not expect super amazing effects and suddenly two thousand people who will follow your profile.

Currently, over 40% of which you have on Facebook probably already have an Instagram account. As you know Facebook Instagram are connected together, so they are sure to exchange data. So the person who follows your profile on Facebook will be definitely notified from the machine that you also have an Instagram account. So you should seriously think about a few posts on your business Facebook page.

3. Publish marketing materials on Instagram

So will the photos help me with the question How do I get followers on Instagram?

When it comes to photos and publications of the media, a good strategy and its consistent implementation are consistently implemented in relation to Instagram. And the full dedication of your time will surely pay off with the success of your new profile and the acquisition of a new number of followers.

The most important thing you should focus on here is the quality of your photos and the quality of your movies that you will publish. For example, videos that are in HD quality are more than 50% more often on instagram and Facebook. Also, the quality of your promotional materials must be at the highest level because other companies give practically everything only in HD.

The most important in the marketing strategy on Instagram is:

Share mainly companies, not photos. Instagram users are much more likely to respond to films than to photography. Nowadays, the Instagram and Facebook algorithms have changed their systems so that movies will be promoted more often. This is due to pure server economy. The film really takes 200-300 MB and people who watch other channels clicked a few times. so after some time of course the movie will be removed from the list. Unfortunately, you have to say openly, they are not as popular on Instagram as companies.

Choose only high quality photos! If you go to the top 10 movie on Instagram. You will see very soon that most of these companies post only in very high quality photos which are marked, of course, adequately to what they describe. If you start posting photos that are really low quality or medium quality. Surely people will start to leave your profile.

Editing Photos The next clever match will be the editing of photos via filters. Most of the known Instagram filters are able to improve colors and add interesting effects. Especially on the phone, most users use the Mayfair filter. However, if you’re good with editing a photo, it’s really warm subtle effects. I can help you get more followers.

Use the hashtags for each photo. The maximum amount you can add is 30 hashtas. To find the right one at work that you would like other Instagram users to search for you, we suggest you see the webstagram. This is a very simple website where you can choose the most popular hashtags. And on the basis of this, choose the most popular and of course for each post that you will add on Instagram to add your favorite hashtags.

How to get followers on instagram – Webstagram Creating Marketing Hasztags!

Publish photos 24 hours a day. At this point, you are wondering how it is possible to publish photos and videos on Instagram practically 24 hours a day. So the answer is quite simple, you have to start using marketing programs that help you automate marketing.

4. Use programs that automate marketing

The most typical Tailwind automation program. Our company has successfully used this application to increase the number of followers on Instagram. Of course, at the very beginning we used a standard tablet. But after more or less three weeks we noticed that actually adding posts must be practically every two hours to have the average number of followers in our industry.

How to get followers on instagram – Tailwind Marketing Automation!

This program allows you to really set a very large number of posts. Which without your shares will be sent to Instagrama while you are sleeping, for example. So our company started practically from scratch using this program and the buffer program. We have increased the number of followers on Instagram to over 5,000. Currently, we have the largest Instagram in our industry, so we do not put too much emphasis on developing this marketing channel.

How to get followers on instagram – Buffer Marketing Automation!

5. Comment and inform

Very often people who already have accounts look for interactive channels. At this point, your work will be helping them promote their own business. The easiest way to do this is to add a comment or brief information about his product. Thank you for sending a photo or adding information that you like it.

Most people I ask myself the same question How to get followersów Instagram? And so help others they will help you. By adding a comment informing other users that you like it too, you can also add information follow my profile or Hey See also my picture. Over 80% of users will follow your profile, of course, as you will actively comment on their website and their company. We know from experience that it really works because our human nature is constructed.

And let’s be honest that social media is to create interaction between people. In general, this was the assumption of this venture as it was assumed about 15 years ago. That human beings communicate with people faster.

And he also collaborated on the internet not only live. The easiest way is to find people locally. For example, If you are looking to promote your business in Warsaw.

6. Analyze marketing data

Data marketing analysis to position your profile is also a very important element.

Have or not have here is the question? Download data or not download data?

How to get followers on instagram by checking marketing data.

The easiest way to check data and retrieve this data is of course using the Tailwind program. The next thing to do is check Google Analytics. It is worth entering from time to time and seeing how many people enter Instagrama, especially when you set up for a marketing campaign on Facebook.

7. Mark popular users

Adding and tagging, even hashtaging, increases the ability to reach local users. For example, If you live near Warsaw and would like to expand your business to the city of Legionowo. We suggest to find the city of Dubai or the president of the city of Dubai on Instagram. Very important cultural and sports facilities.

Designation for these popular users on Instagram. It may result in the fact that these people have clicked on a picture in your photo or need your photo to people who already live in a given location. Of course, it will help you increase not only the number of people who see your publications on Instagram but also help you find people related to the topic you are looking for.

So how do you get followers on instagram in less time on your premises ?. Look, of course, for VIPs, people connected to television or advertising. Tag and add information if one of them answers and I need your picture from the machine, you’ll get a few hundred people to your profile.

8 Use geotargeting on Instagram

Use geotargeting – this is quite a good system when it comes to local positioning of your business. Because if you are looking for a company in which you would like to work or are looking for more customers. We suggest that you, for example, add a location to your in the Instagram marketing campaign. If you run a business in Krakow, it makes no sense to look for clients from, say, Gdansk. So the lovers who come from outside the designated area do not really matter to you if you have a business that works only on the local market.

If you want to move to the whole of UAE, simply add cities for example #Dubai and #Abu Dhabi or #Sharja. Geolocation is in a very good system because the machine shows the person available in that region that your company is promoting a product for this region. Also really worth checking out and adding the location you can choose it, add a photo or video.

9. Follow and follow other marketers

A very good way to increase the number of followers is to follow the traces already developed in the past. For example, the founder of our company is John West who has been positioning websites in Dubai for many years. It would be a wise move to simply follow his profile on linkedin or on Facebook. See what this guest adds and how he adds.

Technically, of course, it is 100% legal and does not require any investment from you. The next person we would recommend you is of course John West. This is of course the leading growth Hacker from America. Also successfully if you listen a bit and read about marketing and you will also know how to analyze all data and how to build a very strong brand on the Internet.

Believe us, many of these popular people on the web. Also tried to learn how to get followers on instagram by checking others. Get into their profiles checking their marketing techniques day by day and simply implementing the same systems on their websites and on their social profiles.

10. Systematics in improving the profile on Instagram

The most important thing is action. Systematicity is the key to success. The implementation of new systems and the addition of new marketing channels is simply indispensable. Promoting on Facebook adding posts on linkedin is all you need to combine the whole. It’s time to add information day by day to let search engines understand what you want them to say.

It takes a lot of time to promote your product on social media. Therefore, in addition to automation from time to time it is worth entering to read about new products in the industry. Marketing is evolving day by day, which was effective 6 months ago and may already be completely ineffective.

Always try to ask yourself if the most important is how to get followers on instagram. How do you earn money with this?

To sum up How to get followers on instagram?

Unfortunately, to get a large number of people who follow your social profile. You must have cool photos and professionally worked videos in YouTube. A very good way is also to promote your profile on other video channels, such as metacafe and pintere.

Using our techniques and counseling in depth will allow you to gain a large number of followers not only on Instagram but also on Facebook. Unfortunately, this can not be achieved with a low workload. You must really rethink your marketing strategy. Because the time devoted to gathering a huge group of followers and engaged users on Instagram will take up much of your personal life.

Also summarizing how to get followers on Instagram try to make your profile fully full of attractions and dynamic and remember to add your Instagram to email marketing and other social channels, for example Facebook and pinterest. Always try to engage and comment on photos of other users.

Try never to overdo yourself with following others. Because Instagram has spammer blocking filters. So following too many people can result in blocking your account and it’s really hard to get back.

Can we Help you in Europe?

Warsaw Sites Only from Dubai City Company!

Amazing SEO of Warsaw websites only from the Dubai City Company!

The Warsaw websites are this what you are looking for? -Over 50% of people doing business in Warsaw. And working in the areas of marketing and online marketing.

In fact, he wonders how much it costs to position the website on Google. Everyone knows that Warsaw is a clean business.

The answer is not simple at all. The more so when it comes to a city like Warsaw.

In fact, prices depend here on many factors, there is no rigid price list for SEO or local positioning.

Before we even start thinking about positioning our website or online store. Many factors have to be taken into account.

Positioning of Warsaw Parties with Dubai City Company

For example, the industry in which we want to position the company. Then the sector’s competitiveness on Google.

You also need to check results in the key words checker. Of course, only those in which we want to make the site competitive.

It is also worth checking in what condition the website is currently and how many years it is on the market.

Then it is optimized in terms of Google search engine guidelines and how much content has been posted.

First Check: Site Checker Pro

Enter and check out SEO :

Then: Neil Patel Uber Suggest

It is worth entering and checking out Neil Patel Ubersuggest:

Choose yourself a Polish language and see how difficult it is to position eg cars in Warsaw or, for example: positioning websites Legionowo

What is the cost of positioning websites in Warsaw?

It’s worth being aware that, for example, the following types of terms: Positioning of Warsaw Pages are the most crowded by SEO specialists.

So if we belong to a very popular industry like cars, nightclubs, hotels or SEO. Then not only the price of positioning on Google will be higher, but also the time of positioning will be extended.

Similarly, when we want to position a website in a big city, such as Kraków or Łódź.

The price of a good specialist on website positioning will certainly increase. So it will take our specialists more time to raise the position of your site in Bing or Google.

What to Remember during positioning?

However, it should be remembered that the positioning of a website is a process that brings long-term benefits and incurred work will certainly allow the brand to be consolidated in the users’ awareness and presence in good positions on Google even after the cessation of activities.

How much does it cost to positioning parties in Warsaw?

The basic cost of positioning with our company is PLN 350. This is not an excessive price if we are talking here about the topic type: positioning of Warsaw Centralan pages or the Old Town.

Fast Contact to us?

Warsaw Branch

05-119 legionowo, ul. Piaskowa 35/25

tel. +48 536 003 117

The policy of our company is to increase the visibility of your website in the Google search engine. Personally, talk to one of the best marketers in Poland.

SEO or search engine optimization in Warsaw is a process that requires taking appropriate action. For example, positioning websites. Warsaw is our leading project.

We always conduct website audits accordingly. E.g. activities in changing the HTML code. And as part of the website positioning process, we also try to enable very successful social accounts such as Instagram.

Over 90% of our clients will achieve very high quality of customers by positioning websites in Warsaw.

Because the position jump in the search results almost always results in new customers from Google. This, in turn, translates into a much greater visibility of your company in Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Facebook. So reaching a wider group of potential clients. It has the same advantages.

A good and effective SEO agency will always take up the challenge of positioning a website in a city like Warsaw.

Factors that will affect the price of website positioning in and around Warsaw and other parts of Poland.

What should be considered in relation to the positioning of your website in Mazovia ?.

as we mentioned earlier, the component of many factors, such as:

  • Domain history
  • Company location
  • Competition on Google

I am offering you cooperation with the best leading marketing agency in Dubai.

I always present in a transparent way the scope of my activities and how we will position your website in Warsaw.

The first part of our positioning process will be an SEO audit.

Positioning / SEO is a typically analytical stage. First, the store or website must be examined in terms of speed at Google.

Check the Speed of Page on Google

You can do it yourself here:

The most important thing is to see what authority your website has.

It is also worth checking the number of incoming and outgoing links to the domain.

Check it here:

After checking the DA – Domain Authority and PA – Page Authority. This is not a Google ranking factor but it’s worth seeing.

It’s worth checking the amount of natural search results on Google. And how many factors can affect the positioning of the page.

On average, the positioning price of a website in Warsaw also includes creating content on the blog and optimizing the site in terms of keywords chosen by the client. That is, in short, you.

What do we pay special attention to in positioning your company?

Our company is currently putting more and more emphasis on a valuable blog and content published on external forums.

That is why it is very important that the websites we position in Warsaw offer their readers, of course, and Google search engine the best and ideologies which in my opinion belong to the most valuable possible content on Google.

We must remember that sometimes websites are also burdened with “errors of positioners from the past” – for example, they were built on domains with low ranking, so they led to poor quality external links.

In such situations we have to fight very hard sometimes even weeks to increase SEO.

Our positioners will also help in hopeless cases. Where positioning on Google is extremely difficult. For sure, we will offer you the best possible solution for your business.

Which will definitely allow us to appear in search results with your company in Poland.

Our Advantages? We operate throughout Warsaw

We do only comprehensive marketing and positioning services !.

I mean, there is no shortcut in the topic of positioning Warsaw websites.

Together, we have over 150 years of experience in positioning websites in Warsaw.

We perform appropriate positioning of websites in Warsaw. So the websites of our clients are always on the highest positions in Bing and Google.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer (the exact places where we position it below) and information to start cooperation in Warsaw.

We are an agency that offers positioning also for companies with high requirements in Warsaw. Our managers successfully serve the richest clients from the capital.

You can find us on OLX in Warsaw!

See the detailed description of website positioning in Warsaw.

Positioning of Warsaw Wilanów

So positioning websites Warsaw will always be a key topic for us. So our specialists are trained for this process for many years.

We always approach each company strategically and comprehensively and to each individual individually. In the topic of positioning websites for a divisor – Warsaw. We have no equal.

Because we know the market opportunities and build individual development strategies for each business. Thanks to that we only reach the right group of recipients.

We only use effective internet marketing tools that will allow you to win more rankings on Google.

Knowledge, skills and Dubai experience in positioning pages in English and Arabic, guarantee the defeat of competition websites on the Internet.

Adequate marketing and online advertising will make Dubai City Company increase the sales of your product.

Our company is a team that will make you feel more confident in the market and will increase the number of searches for your product / your services in positioning websites in Warsaw and will allow you to enjoy the constantly growing profits of your company.

All thanks to effective and cheap positioning in Warsaw. Although it is difficult to believe, these two adjectives go hand in hand.

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