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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
0:09 Welcome
1:24 Overview
2:53 NFT & Metadata Storage
6:40 NFT Sensible Contract
11:46 Compile Code
13:46 Testing Domestically
16:02 Deploy to Testnet
18:51 Viewing Contract on EtherScan
20:21 OpenSea Testnets
24:25 Verifying MetaData
28:18 Promoting NFTs on OS
29:48 Altering Base URI
31:08 Viewing NFTs on OS
32:59 Outro
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Luis Pina
14 days ago

When would you use the publish to ipfs checkbox?

Nightowl Motivations
17 days ago

Nice video, but I need help with planning or creating my NFTs, but I’m no good in designing NFTs but do have a lots of projects by creating them, and going into the market but my mean issue is that nobody is willing to partner with me just to make the project happen

Aleksandras Levcenka
20 days ago

Thank you for the amazing tutorial! Can anyone explain me this. We specify mint price in the contract, then we need to pay using real Polygon tokens in Dapp to buy each NFT? Meaning we need to spend lot of real money to publish 1000 NFTs for sale? Or can user buy it from the Dapp but it be randomly selected image from metadata file which means user cannot select a specific image to buy? And lastly, why do we need to set a sell price in Opensea once again if the contract has the initial price already for each NFT? This is a bit confusing can anyone explain this please – thank you in advance! 🙂

Samantha Raye
24 days ago

So, the only hiccup i had was because he was using his own server I didnt know i was suppose to use the Json CID as the baseUri in the contract. I was using the image CID and couldnt get them to load into testnet opensea.

George Stamatopoulos
25 days ago

Is it the same for using the eth opensea with the polygon opensea? Thank you for your time

29 days ago

awesome video

Amyr Samman
1 month ago

Can you do one for .sol?

William Gibbs
1 month ago

I've seen people do this on Opensea and it seemed much less complicated. Is this way your doing it have to be done since it's a collection of more than one?

Samantha Raye
1 month ago

my tokenUri is showing up as the IPFS url without the / before 1.png or 2.png, how do i fix this?

1 month ago

Same for polygon?

Isaac Garcia
1 month ago

any tutorial on how to list them all at one time? especially if i have 3333 to list haha.

1 month ago

what i don't understand is about the pictures. i upload this to my webspace. as soon as a picture has been bought i see it on open sea? how does it get there? In the video it is only said that after the minting the images will be visible on the open sea, but how does that work?

gamena gamena
1 month ago

Okay i minted 10 of my collection. But how to mint the other ones till 10000 now?

lucas susin
1 month ago

GREAT vídeo. Alread subs e like. May a ask 3 questions. 1 – Can I create and deploy a Smart Contract in a collection that was already created by me on opensea?

2 – After the deploy of Smart Contract on Blockchain, can I "send" more NFTá to the collection?

3 – Are there conditions for the NTF to be priced via Smart Contract, or do I need to put one-by-one to sell?

Nishant tirkey
1 month ago

any idea about how much eth it would take to deploy a smart contract on the eth mainet for 10k nft?

Boris Louboff
2 months ago

Hi Kyler ! (sorry if I misspelled your name)…
Thanks for this great video !
You are talking about a third and last part. Do you know when it will be available ?
So curious to see the end ! ahah

Abe Forehand
2 months ago

thank you:)

Felix OPunkt
2 months ago

Great tutorial nice help! Do you have any suggestions how to mint 1000 pcs at once on the eth main net? I get an error of insufficient funds. Regards and thanks in advance.

Star Patrick
2 months ago

it cant set all price???

Grubby Pandas
2 months ago

Nice vid. pls how do i upload 4000 manually created jpeg nfts from folder to opensea

2 months ago

Make a part two pleaseee

2 months ago

Such a good video, I watched about 4 videos all of them 1 hour+. You killed it in 30 minutes. 👏

Rich Meltz
2 months ago

Love your content. I would absolutely love to see you do some tutorials on how to actually set up a public mint. I can’t seem to find any info that’s easy to follow like your videos.

2 months ago

Hey thanks for the tutorial, everything worked perfectly, just wondering is there a way to see how many of each trait was generated?

Stav T
2 months ago

Amazing bro!!!!!

f chong
2 months ago

How much is it costing right now to deploy a smart contract?
somewhere I read that it was the same as rinkeby, but then i read it was like 300 – 700 this really scares me

2 months ago

Can you please make a video how to setup traits-rarity and make a traits- rairty tabele for our nft project.. also setup a minting button on a custom webpage

El Roi Pablo
2 months ago

Hey Man, this is a very helpful video especially for noob coders out there. I'm actually stuck on the part on verifying the contract on rinkby, my contract has compiled in remix and is is just missing that part, hopefully you'll show us in your next video on how you verified this contract on etherscan! thanks again for this video it helped explain alot of other stuff i was not aware of!

2 months ago

Hello, My storage for the .png is on my wordpress but when i mint a NFT there is no image. Any advice ?

2 months ago

Can't wait for Part 3! Thanks again for making this so easy to understand!

Moiz Khan
2 months ago

Hi. Can this be used for solana ?

Sanjay Sub
2 months ago

Great video! Curious, what program do you use to make your art/layers?

2 months ago

Thank you so much, I've been looking for a video like this for 3 days