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How to Get a Job in Dubai in 2020?

How to describe a practice in a CV?
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You even either start searching or you just got some news about Dubai jobs. And you are new for the employment market in the UAE. You should hit the biggest company first. And the best employer in Dubai is still the Emirates.

Dubai City Company always provides good information. This time we provide information on how to pass Emirates Cabin Crew Open Day / Assessment + Interview ( Recruitment tips + questions)

Finding employment especially in the United Arab Emirates it might take some time. You must remember that people who are hiring heading around hundreds of resumes every day. And for sure people who are actually working in the Emirates company. I don’t know too much about you. So they’ll have to check your CV your experience and of course, your personal education and that will allow them to find out a bit more about yourself and what do you do in your life.

So always make sure you will follow our guide below. Because what we actually do for a job Seekers we are trying to help you to get as much as you can in terms of job searching in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are providing some tips and information about jobs and how to manage the application for potential Employers in the United Arab Emirates and even sometimes in the Gulf region.

Just to make sure you will have good and complete information. We are providing for your information on how to make your application to the Emirates in the right way.

In this video, you can find an example of How To Fill the Emirates Cabin Crew Online Job Application on their Career site (the link is –…).

The application process is very important in your job searching. You always need to be 100% sure that your application is almost spotless in terms of recruitment needs. Have a look Below on YouTube movie. This guy is made for job seekers and people from around the world who do not know how to fill out the application of the Emirates company. Simply because it is a very hard thing to do so some people actually helping other people to manage them self and providing for you guys good information about how to do that in the proper way. And that will allow you to get your application in front of recruitment representatives in the biggest company in the United Arab Emirates.

First, Make a Good CV

A perfect CV, or what?

Do you send an identical CV, even if you apply for different positions? “Wholesale” responding to ads can reduce the effectiveness of your search. The key to success is the selection of information and the display of facts that are most important to the potential employer.

The resume is one of the most important documents. In Emirates, at the start, this is the only document that may save your life. Well, expats generally speaking do not pay attention to resume and proper cover letters. This is why Dubai City Company placing guide for how to Get a Job in Dubai in 2020?.

Your response to the offer may be evidence of commitment and professionalism. It is important that you prove that you meet the expectations of a potential employer in Dubai. During the analysis of the advertisement, you have the opportunity to decide if you have the proper preparation and if you are satisfied with the conditions offered by the employer.

You must remember that in the UAE. There are thousands of expats who are looking for jobs in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. If you think that you are the right candidate, present information about yourself in a clear and thoughtful way.

Before you answer the ad, consider whether you have the right skills to take a specific position. When doing the analysis, you may come to the conclusion that it is worth to start a career, eg as an assistant.

Always make sure you are applying for a proper job advert. For example, sending your CV to the thousands of Employers who may look for dentist specialist and your experience is in marketing do not help you at all at any point.

Responsibilities while you are searching for work

By analyzing the scope of tasks assigned to the position, you can verify whether you will be able to perform your duties efficiently with your experience and competence. If the actions taken in previous companies coincide with the requirements set out in the announcement, then you have a chance to meet your new job. It is important that you show in your CV that you have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Emirates jobs - How to Get a Job in Dubai in 2020?


A minimum of x-year experience in a similar position. It happens that employers do not expect an experience. In this situation, it is worth focusing on the description of education and skills. Most often, however, practice is crucial.

To demonstrate that you have previously held positions similar to what you are currently applying for, describe your employment history by providing the job title, employment period, and responsibilities. It is important that these contents coincide with the tasks indicated in the job offer.

Education … / permissions …

A nurse, a construction engineer, a teacher – these are examples of regulated professions, i.e. those that can only be exercised if you have the rights. Also in the case of other professions, such as a PR employee, trader or programmer, the employer has the right to expect a particular education from the candidate.

It is not only important what course of study you have completed. It is also worth mentioning the courses and pieces of training during which you have gained and developed the necessary skills at work. As a graphic artist, you can write, for example, about program handling courses, such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign or Corel Draw. When you apply for the post of a personal trainer, postgraduate studies in the field of dietetics, etc. will be useful.

Knowledge of computer programs such as …

Certificates can be used to provide specific software skills. The portfolio attached to your CV can also be used to confirm your competence.

Knowledge of a foreign language at the level …

It is important that you specify the level of advancement – this applies not only to language competences but also to the knowledge of computer programs. To get confirmation of language skills, it is worth passing the certification exam. As part of the preparation, you can attend a course during which you will learn, for example, exam strategies.

Communicability, ability to manage yourself in time … – soft skills It is worth taking care that, as a result of analyzing your CV, the recruiter has found out that you are, for example, organized. Confirmation of such competence maybe even the organization of conferences or combining work and studies. It is important to distinguish the ones that are most in line with the company’s organizational culture from the soft skills you have.

When creating a CV, it is worth referring to additional, optional requirements mentioned by the employer. This will be an asset that can decide that you will be admitted to work.

If you will see – We offer a job vacancies in Dubai …

When you read the last part of the announcement, you have the opportunity to see if the conditions offered by the employer help you achieve your goals. If you think yes, it is worth mentioning in the professional summary.

A refined CV can provide you with an interview and consequently contribute to the fact that you will be admitted to work. The number of CVs sent in response to advertisements is not valid; what matters most is their quality. Searches are more effective if your CV is personalized. When creating a document, it is worth taking care not only of the content but also of the form – neat and transparent. You will create a professional document using the Dubai companies CV creator.

What CV ensures success in 2020?

Creative and yet concretely. Modern, but in combination with the traditional form. Originally, but with simplicity. Surprisingly, but not embarrassingly. Correctly, which does not mean boring. We advise you how to refresh your CV in the new year to attract the attention of recruiters.

You send applications every day, but no response?. You do not know what the problem is? Perhaps you should look more objectively at your CV, and ideally if you give it to someone to read or know the correct English language well. According to HR specialists, this practice is very valuable. Often, the application documents are full of language, stylistic, spelling and typo errors.

Particularly, the Y generation now focuses on a creative resume, but forgetting to keep the rules of correct spelling and making basic grammatical mistakes – say, John Smith, CEO of Dubai City Company

Something more than a document

A CV in the form of an advertising leaflet, comic book or video. Contents expressed by means of icons, signs, pictures. Emphasis on infographic. Such fashion has now appeared in applications. More and more people treat their CV as an offer than as a document.

  • Such creativity is very welcome, but on condition that besides ornamentation and lose style, there will also be important information. For a recruiter, transparency is important, specific data about where and when someone worked, what he did, what duties he had and what experience he had gained.
  • The tendency to shorten the CV does not necessarily bring beneficial results – explains John. In his opinion, an interesting idea is to prepare a CV in a traditional form and include a link to your projects, portfolio or website where you can see the graphics development of the document, eg as a comic.

HR specialists also sensitize over-charging with technological novelties. – Not every recruiter can, for example, use QR codes and mobile applications that allow reading CVs. It is better to treat it as an addition, something extra than standard solutions – emphasizes John Smith.

Application trends

How can you stand out from the crowd?. What, besides infographics, is on top now?

Own website – we can put more information on it than in a traditional CV, show your passions and skills.

Accounts on recruitment portals (such as the My Work account) are one of those places on the web that connects us with potential bosses. It is worth updating your documents here with the new year.

The CV in the form of a video – this is an interesting way to present your dream company, but if we feel fright in front of the camera, we have problems with diction and fluent, free speech – do not force yourself to this form of application.

Social media – are visited by headhunters, so it is worth taking care of a professionally run profile. Not only industry social media can be helpful in looking for a job. Some of their career stories are also presented on Facebook portals.

Describing the events or projects in which we participate, sharing professional successes – we can download the recruiter’s eyes. Nothing by force

The observations of the HR’s of Dubai Jobs Market show that creative, unusual resumes occur in various industries. They can be scored by applying for positions requiring creativity and ingenuity, such as a marketing or advertising specialist, a specialist in customer service or a mobile application programmer, who will present his CV, for example in the form of a computer game or website. Equally, the infographic will work in any other creative field.

However, if we do not feel strong enough to talk about our professional experience in a video or drawing a comic book – let’s just let it go and let’s not just follow the trends. – Sometimes a resume is just an inept copy, a duplication of a template. Poor workmanship only plunges the candidate – John Smith observes.

Crazy But True – Leaflet instead of a CV!

Handing out leaflets does not have to be an occasional job! It can be a way to find a job in Europe. It was proved by Dawid Dąbrowski a Polish businessman who handed out leaflets presenting himself as a candidate for work under Warsaw office buildings. asks David if the idea turned out to be a hit and did he find his dream job.

Creative ways to find a job can be different. When some people hang billboards with their likeness or create fanpages on Facebook, David decided to … flyers! It worked?

You were looking for a job in a non-standard way …

Dawid Dąbrowski: I do not know if it’s completely non-standard. I have the impression that the method I used is widely known, although in fact people who use it to look for a job are not often seen.

How exactly did it look like?

David .: I just handed out leaflets (laughs). But not just any leaflets. I was shown to them in professional photographs, additionally I put contact details to me and QR code on one side of the leaflet redirecting to my professional profile, and on the other hand to a multimedia resume. Well, I was giving away not just any, because between 8 and 9:30 in the morning at the entrances to the largest office buildings in Warsaw, sleepy employees with a smile on their lips. Many of them, after receiving the leaflet, also smiled.

Where did the idea for this form come from?

David .: I like to do such things! I was looking for a job in marketing. With this action I wanted to show that I am creative, think conceptually, my ideas are focused on achieving specific goals and generating specific emotions. The form was supposed to prove that I am a dream employee of every company. In addition, there is nothing worse in looking for a job like inaction and waiting for emails that do not flow. I wanted to do something creative, get out of four walls. It was a great experience.

However, you have to invest in such a solution …

David .: The leaflets were designed by myself, the photos were taken by my colleague photographer after a discount, I made a professional profile and I also did a multimedia CV myself, but the print had already been commissioned by the printing house. Also, the cost was not particularly high, although it was an investment at PLN 1,200. I can not deny that the process of preparing leaflets alone took me almost three weeks of daily work after a few hours. But it was worth spending this time.

What were the results?

David .: The results were fantastic. Apart from the direct feedback from the recipients of the leaflets, which was mostly very positive, I received a lot of e-mails with congratulations for the idea. It was important to me because if a person is looking for a job, he usually does not feel well.

That was the motivation needed. I made a total of 1000 leaflets, I managed to give away five hundred in a week and a half, and then I did not give away any more, because a few days after the beginning of the campaign I started to be invited for interviews. There were a total of a dozen of them, some of them in the largest companies in Poland.

How did you finally find a job?

David .: It may seem surprising, but I found a job thanks to Dubai City Company (laughs). Although I received several job offers thanks to leaflets, it was through Dubai City Company that I came into contact with my current employer. It was he who offered me the best conditions and I did not hesitate to make a decision about working for my current company.

If there was a need, would you repeat this experiment?

David .: I will do everything to prevent this need, but if I am forced to do so, I will do something even more spectacular. I like to do things that others do not do!

What advice would you give to those seeking work in Europe today?

David .: If I had to deal with something, that would be it. Do what others do not, believe in themselves and that if you put all your enthusiasm, talent and time into something even the simplest one, you can do a lot.

8 things that make it difficult to find a work

An obstacle to getting a job may be insufficient or inadequate qualifications. A lot depends also on your attitude. Consider also if the lack of messages from recruiters is not caused by sending a non-personalized CV.

1. A small commitment to job searching

Problems in finding a job may be due to too little involvement, for example, irregularly sending your CV. It is important to systematically check job offers, eg on the portal – using the mobile application allows you to browse ads anywhere, anytime. Before sending a CV, be sure to read the employer’s requirements and personalize your CV so that it is tailored to the specific offer. If your qualifications are not enough for most offers, this is valuable information – you should focus on developing competencies to find a job in the industry you are interested in.

2. Errors and mistakes in the CV

A potential employer can scare off errors in your CV. Please check the content carefully before sending the document. Please note that there are no typos, spelling or stylistic errors.

3. No necessary data in the CV

Difficulty in finding a job may also be the inability to contact you. The phone number and e-mail address should be included in the CV. If you forget about it, the recruiter will not be able to respond to your application.

4. Invalid recipient address of the document

Before sending your CV, always check that you have entered the correct email address. Perhaps the company is not responding to your application because – for example, because of the wrong letter – it has not received the right documents at all.

5. No enough skills required

An obstacle in finding a job may also be a failure to meet formal requirements. If your company requires knowledge of German and you only declare English, your candidacy may be rejected. Before you send your CV, make sure your skills match the expectations of the employer.

6. Lack of experience / too high qualifications

Difficulties in finding a job may result from a lack of professional experience or too high qualifications. If the recruiter is looking for a person with a minimum of 3 years of experience, he probably will not invite a candidate who has just finished his studies. Sometimes, too much experience is a hindrance.

An employer who knows that your qualifications exceed his or her needs will be afraid that you will quickly quit working to look for greater challenges and professional opportunities.

7. Improper behavior during the interview

It worked – your CV interested the recruiter enough that he invited you for an interview. Its result depends primarily on your attitude – if you misbehave, you will lose your chance of employment. Your punctuality, knowledge of the company’s activity and precise career goals are important.

You can also be asked to solve a task, so be prepared to do it. If despite your efforts, you do not receive employment offers, draw conclusions – it will be helpful to ask the recruiter for feedback on your candidacy. Maybe another person applying for a given position showed a better fit to the company’s organizational culture.

8. Lack of faith in own abilities

If your skills and experience have interested the recruiter, it means that you have a chance to take the position. By showing your uncertainty, lack of self-confidence and fear of projects, you may miss your chance to work. To increase your self-esteem, think about your competences and qualifications – it is thanks to them that you can embrace your dream job.

How to summarize me and your professional life succinctly, but succinctly?

The CV should be a summary of your previous achievements. It must take into account the description of professional experience and skills. Three terms are key: specifically, succinctly and on the subject.

The most important elements of a career CV

CV is your showcase. It should be not only transparent and as compact as possible, but also free from all kinds of errors – substantive, spelling and stylistic. The most important elements that you should put in your resume have been added below.

Personal data

The CV must contain the name and surname of the candidate, as well as the details that will enable you to contact him: phone number and e-mail address. It’s important to use a professional e-mail address.

Experience in CV

The CV should contain a list of previously occupied positions – especially those that prove the knowledge of the industry. It is worth briefly describing them, mentioning the scope of duties. Occupied positions should be presented in the reverse chronological order – starting with the last job done.

A description of skills

This part of the resume should contain information about, among other knowledge of foreign languages ​​and specialist qualifications. It is also worth mentioning soft skills – especially those that will be useful in a potential job.

List of completed courses and acquired certificates

If you participated in additional courses and training – write about it in your CV. Focus mainly on those activities that may be useful in the position you are interested in.

Mention the professional goal

If you are in the process of creating a CV, you can write a few sentences about your career goal. Present what are your plans for further development, describe what you are aiming for. Thanks to this, you will show the potential employer that you have an idea for yourself and know what you want to achieve in the future.

Important rule – Update data

The professional’s CV should be updated on an ongoing basis. It should be adapted to a specific job offer, emphasizing the features and skills desired by the potential employer.

Honesty in Dubai above all any of others

No false information may be included in the resume. Do not enumerate skills that you do not have. A lie will come to light when the competencies described by you will be verified.

Helpful tool – CV creator online

A CV creator can help you prepare a complete, readable resume. Thanks to it you will not forget about placing important elements in the document. You’ll also take care of its visual side. Remember that your CV is your pass to find your dream job.

How to stand out and create an original CV?

The biography you provide to the employer says a lot about you. You can read from it whether you pay attention to details, whether you are precise and … creative.

An unconventional resume of a marketing specialist or interior designer can attract attention. Check how you can demonstrate ingenuity by applying, among others, for the position of a babysitter, cook or hairdresser.

Original and nice-looking CV, or what?

Infographics, a resume in the form of a video film – in some industries an extraordinary biography can distinguish us. However, you should be sensitive and consider whether this solution will actually be appropriate.

Not every candidate should opt for an unconventional CV. Do not forget that content is more important than form. Professions in which a bit of courage and creativity will not hurt, for example:

The marketer CV

The marketing specialist is expected to be able to charm the client. To convince your employer that you can sell and promote … promote yourself. For example, you can provide a CV in the form of a video clip.

Interior Designer CV

Creativity is a key feature also for interior designers. When looking for a job in this profession, you should bet on a functional resume with an unusual content layout. The document should include professional photos of previously completed projects.

Carer / teacher CV

Are you a foreign language teacher conducting classes for children? Or maybe you are applying for a job as a pre-school teacher? You can show a creative approach and, for example, create a CV in the form of handicrafts (embroideries or decoupage).

Cook CV

Creativity is an extremely important feature also for professionals who devote themselves to culinary arts. To show your ingenuity, you can provide your employer with a CV with professional photos of dishes made according to your original recipe. You can also try to write a biography in the form of … a cookbook.

Confectioner CV

Or maybe it is worth sending a potential employer a big cake where you can “write” your skills using icing for that purpose? You can also bake cookies with a surprise in which you hide your CV.

Make-up artist / makeup artist CV

The make-up artist’s CV can be colourful and effective, but at the same time clear and transparent. It is worth to attach to the application a link to the portfolio, in which the employer will be able to see, for example, films on which you make make-up and make-up.

Hairdresser CV

Multimedia materials can be attached to your CV also when you are applying for a hairdresser’s position. You can allow yourself to put a photo of you at work on the document. It is important that the photography is professional, i.e. properly lit, trimmed, etc.

Make sure that your creativity does not obscure professionalism. A valuable CV is not only memorable, it is also legible and contains key information about experience, skills and professional goals. Create a professional resume using the wizard.

What to write to your CV when you have no experience

Writing a CV for the first job is a big challenge for most people. To do it right, you need to find the time and calm your head – the article will help you in the rest

Good news for the start – most of the things necessary to create a resume are in your head. When creating a CV, you have to reach into the nooks and crannies of your memory and think about yourself, your life and professional experiences and your strengths and passions.

Start with Education – Finished school

In the “education” section, we place ongoing or completed studies (bachelor, master, postgraduate studies, etc.) or a completed vocational school. We can additionally include here information on foreign exchange.

We do not enter previous schools – high school, junior high school or elementary school. The exception will be the high schools, whose profile and level indicates acquired additional skills, for example, a high school with a lecture Spanish language.

Professional experience in a CV

If you already have work experience, describe exactly what you have learned and what skills you have acquired. You can experience your internships, internships and odd jobs with your experience.

However, if you already have a wider experience related to your studies or future career, you may not enter odd or seasonal jobs in your CV. Focus on describing previous professional achievements.

Your activity during your studies is a kind of experience gained. Highlight your achievements in the “Additional activity” section.

Strengths and interests in the CV

In job advertisements, the candidate’s soft skills requirements are most often given. What kind of person a given company is looking for, you can also deduce from its organizational culture and philosophy, which are described in the Employer’s Career tab and directly on the website of many job sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Your strengths and passions, which coincide with the expectations of the employer, enter in the relevant sections of your CV.

After thinking about yourself, the time has come for the last step, which will prepare you to create a good CV. Collect these things, sit down to the computer and … ready :)!

Professional photo for CV

A good CV photo shows the candidate from the shoulder up, on a smooth background and with a gentle smile. You should wear a shirt or a smooth, neutral blouse for a business photo. Remember high-quality photos. If you do not have a photo yet, do not worry – you can send your CV without a photo. Being at the beginning of your career, it’s worth taking such a photo – it will be useful for the future. You can use the photographer’s services or take part in a business session free of charge, which is a frequent element of student events or job fairs.

Certificates of completed courses, received certificates, prizes and distinctions in the CV

Collect the ones that really have developed you and will be an asset for the employer. If you remember the date of the end of the course and the organizer, you do not have to look for the originals. If you’re unsure, then go to the collected documents.

Write the dates and thematic scope of the course, training. Highlight those things that actually have developed you and point your acquired skills.

A good example of a CV includes the name of the training, organizer, date and thematic range you have taken at the school in Dubai.

How to get the first experience and enrich your CV?

What does a hobby that devotes to free time have to do with getting the first job? What is the relationship between recruitment to your dream company and casual activities during the holidays?.

What is the importance of organizing a charity event, student festival or scientific conference for business? It turns out that all this plays a big role! Employers value candidates who are active, committed and full of energy.

What elements will spice up your CV in Dubai?

Do you have unusual skills or interests? Or maybe you’ve won an award in the industry competition? When creating a CV, please inform your potential employer. Make sure your image is consistent with recruitment documents.

The more you know and know, the greater your chances of finding your dream job. It is important that you know how to present the strengths you have. To make your CV more attractive, include elements such as, for example, that is important in the UAE.

Special achievements

Participation in international competitions, gained industry awards, implementation of interesting projects, work alongside the best specialists – mentioning such experiences, you will present yourself as a person involved in professional development. It is important that the information you provide refers to the requirements of the employer.

Foreign Languages

Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Czech, Russian, Dutch – these are examples of foreign languages ​​whose knowledge is much less common than the ability to use, for example, English. Knowledge of a niche language can be a big asset and increase your chances on the job market.

Volunteering and other activities performed outside of working hours.

Are you a volunteer in the foundation? Or maybe in your free time, you organize sports activities for children or do you act for the benefit of the local community? Taking such activities proves that you are able to get involved and empathic.


It is also good to mention the interests that help you develop skills. Chess teaches logical thinking. Travel is conducive to learning foreign languages. Model making testifies to patience, etc.


It is important that the font that will dominate your life be presented aesthetically and legibly. Thanks to this, the CV will become more expressive. Better to give up fonts like Courier, Comic Sans or Vivaldi. You can bet on, for example, Calibri or Arial.


Placing a photo in a document makes it easy for the recruiter to associate achievements with a particular person. Professional photography can also make the document look better. A photo can also cause you to be remembered if, for example, you will be shown to him in a T-shirt with a hashtag: #task me.

Additional graphic elements

Icons for CV, infographics, timeline – presenting content in the form of pictures and schemes make it easier to find relevant information, such as contact details, qualifications, etc. Drawings can make the document look more attractive. At the same time, it is worth remembering that this content, not the form of a resume, is the most important.

Colors in your CV

No matter what colors you choose, your CV should be clear and transparent. For example, if you are applying for a job in the fashion industry, you can use the Pantone reports in which the hottest colors in a given season are listed.


Attach certificates to your CV confirming that you have the skills you mentioned. You can also place a portfolio or a link to a website with samples of your work.

Readability above all

When placing additional creative elements in your CV, be careful. The biography can be extraordinary and stand out from other applications. It is important, however, that it is legible and clearly confirms that you are the right candidate for a vacancy.

How to write a modern CV in the Type of Emirates?

Aesthetic, legible, with distinctions and specific information about the duties performed, the level of foreign language skills and other competencies. Such a CV should be prepared in the new year.

The document does not have to have a creative form to attract attention. It is important that it responds primarily to the requirements set in the job offer.

The CV should not be too long. I will ask for more detailed information at the recruitment meeting. Seeing the most important information highlighted at first glance – I will definitely stay for a long time with such a document. I appreciate very much when the CVs are matched to the job offer I placed in the advertisement.

I am then sure that the candidate is trying very hard and does not send a resume on a large scale to any offer, but is looking carefully for the right employer.

Do you focus on development? Do you achieve your goals? Are you analyzing your professional experience? Do you have no difficulty adapting to new conditions? Write about it in your CV using specific words.

Thanks to this, you will present yourself and make your chances increase. It is important that what you write is supported by examples, i.e. it refers to professional experience and indicates that you have competencies valued by employers.

What does the CV say about the candidate?

Your CV can inform you that you are a person who can engage, have unusual ideas and is motivated to pursue your professional plans. In order for your CV to provide you with a good certificate, do not forget about key aspects such as:

Updating the information posted in your biography never goes out of fashion. When starting a new year, take care of your CV and add freshly acquired skills and qualifications. You can do it even if you do not intend to change your place of employment in the near future. It’s a great way to summarize your career achievements throughout the year.

It is good that when the name of the company in which the candidate has worked or worked, write a piece of brief information about the industry in which the employer is specialized, eg a steel producer or a distributor of mobile phones.

I would also like to read in a CV about the duties that the candidate performs or performed with previous employers and which correspond to my job offer. There is no need to write that someone was working as a waiter 15 years earlier if he is now a candidate for a service technician.

Image coherence and professionalism. Do you want to make a positive impression on a potential employer? Consciously create a personal brand. Be consistent in professional choices and develop in a specific direction. Also, ensure the coherence of recruitment documents and other sources of information about you. The idea is that your CV, cover letter, portfolio and your attitude complement each other.

Content indicating “competences of tomorrow”. Can you work in a team, demonstrate a proactive attitude and have the ability to use new media? Do not forget to mention it in the CV, describing your previous professional experience and activities undertaken.

Readability of CV

CV graphic layout is one of the most expressive elements. If it is consistent with your image, you can place graphics in the document or describe the experience using the timeline. It is important that such treatments have a positive impact not only on the attractiveness but also on the readability of the life story. – When reading a CV, it is important for me that the most important information contained in it should be highlighted in order to use bold and underline.

The authenticity of your CV in the UAE

Do not create an image that has little relation to reality. Develop yourself, improve your skills and be yourself.

Is your CV tailored to the expectations of the employer?

Creating a remarkable, very creative document can bring you benefits, but only under certain conditions. Remember that the content and its relevance to the requirements of the potential employer are more important than the form. It is also important that the CV is tailored to the profession. If you are applying for a position in the accounting department, it is better to avoid flashy colours and artistic photos.

Such elements will look unnatural. It’s good to stand out but in a positive way. In the case of professions requiring creativity above all, one can slightly deviate from subdued classics and put on stronger means of expression, playing with colours or changing the layout of the content.

When looking for a job, it is worth being open to modern tools and making use of them. For example, you can discover the potential of the mobile application, which allows you to instantly respond to the offer and give you the opportunity to monitor the status of your application.

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